Chapter 423 – Father and Son

Instantly, everyone within the room was stunned when they heard this clear, melodious, and young voice. Chen An?


Everyone surged out of the room.

Chen Xi was even excited to the point of wanting to crawl up from his bed, but unfortunately, he didn’t have the slightest strength in his body. He struggled for a moment, yet besides feeling waves of heart rending intense pain, he wasn’t even able to lift a finger.

“Wow! Such a handsome little fellow!”

“He’s handsome indeed. His brows and nose are like Chen Xi, and his eyes and mouth are like his mother. Moreover, his skin is so glistening and exquisite. He’s simply even more beautiful than a girl.”

“Let me see, let me see.”

After a short moment, waves of exclamations of admiration sounded out from outside the room, and it caused Chen Xi to burn with impatience. It felt as if a hundred claws were scratching at his heart, and he was anxious to the point of wishing for nothing more than to have another pair of legs.

Right when Chen Xi was feeling extremely anxious, everyone crowded around a young boy as they entered the room.

This young boy was around the age of four or five, and he wore embroidered white silk clothes. He had a pair of dashing brows and starry eyes, a pair of vermillion lips and white teeth, and space between his brows was filled with heroic spirit and extraordinary intelligence.

Even though he was young, he didn’t possess a mischievous disposition, and he was calm and composed. At this moment, when everyone crowded around him like a host of stars crowding around the bright moon, he wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest nor did he reveal an expression of arrogance and complacency. His disposition was calm and tranquil, neither arrogant nor impetuous, and every single move of his faintly possessed the indifferent style that Qing Xiuyi possessed.

The little fellow was naturally Chen An.

Chen Xi was stunned as soon as he laid eyes of Chen An. It was as if he’d noticed the most precious and most outstanding divine object in the world, causing his gaze to carry an overjoyed, gratified, shocked, and dazed expression, and he was unable to return to his senses for a long time.

When Chen Xi was staring at Chen An, the little fellow was staring at Chen Xi as well. His gaze was deep and lively, and it carried a trace of curiosity, yet it didn’t contain the excitement that Chen Xi had imagined him to have when seeing his father.

Perhaps, this was his most authentic reaction.

Since the day he was born, he’d never experienced what fatherly love was, nor did he know that there was another most intimate person in the world, and the person was called ‘father.’

Even though he was pulled over here by his mother to acknowledge his father and had met Chen Xi now, he was only curious, yet wasn’t really excited or happy.

When Chen Xi noticed the wisp of unfamiliarity and curiosity in the eyes of Chen An, a wisp of grief and pain gushed out abruptly from his heart for no reason or rhyme. Perhaps An’er had utterly no knowledge of my existence in the past?

“May I know if uncle is my father?” Chen An spoke out with a clear voice and a serious expression, and he was extremely courteous, causing him to seem as if he wasn’t acknowledging a loved one but was speaking solemnly to a senior.

“Yes!” Chen Xi replied without the slightest hesitation. He knew that since they hadn’t met for many years, there was an enormous unfamiliarity and barrier between him and An’er. But, he believed firmly that so long as the little fellow stayed by his side, this layer of barrier would be completely eliminated, and Chen An would feel his care and affection.

“Mother told me that you’ll take good care of me in the future, right?” Chen An opened his clear and pitch black eyes wide as he looked directly at Chen Xi and continued speaking seriously.

“Yes!” Chen Xi replied extremely firmly, and his words revealed an undoubtable feeling. After that, he seemed to have realized something, and he hesitated for a long time before he asked. “Could it be that you don’t feel unwilling to be separated from your mother?”

Chen An went silent as his eyes went red and seemed as if tears were about to drop out.

Chen Xi wished for nothing more than to slap himself when he saw this. It’s obvious that An’er had just separated with Qing Xiuyi and has a bad mood, yet I still mentioned this matter. I’m truly an idiot.

“Right, where’s your mother? I heard earlier that she brought you over.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and tried to console the little fellow so that the little fellow wouldn’t be too sad.

“My mother has left…” But, the effect was exactly the opposite. Mentioning Qing Xiuyi caused a layer of tears to gush onto Chen An’s eyes that were already red, and they were about to fall at any moment.

The little fellow’s miserable appearance when being on the verge of tears caused Chen Xi to be completely flurried. At this moment, he suddenly felt that he was simply too stupid and had completely lost his former composure and intelligence, causing him to simply be no different than a pig.

“Then…” Chen Xi opened his mouth yet hesitated to speak as he was extremely afraid of upsetting the little fellow again, and his feelings were complicated to the extreme.

Every one was both amused and felt pity towards this pair of father and son when they saw this. They’d finally met each other after not meeting each other for many years, yet there wasn’t any excitement or happiness that everyone expected, and the two of them seemed like unfamiliar people, causing it to be an extremely saddening sight.

Right when everyone attempted to speak out and adjust the atmosphere, Chen An took a deep breath abruptly, and his clear eyes looked seriously at Chen Xi as he said, “My mother said, that I should learn how to be independent and not rely on anyone even if I follow by father’s side. So you don’t have to worry about me making trouble for you, and I won’t cry and make others laugh at you as well.”

Chen An paused briefly and continued. “If I do unsatisfactorily, feel free to punish me. I’ll absolutely not get angry with you.” Chen An’s clear, melodious, and young voice reverberated in the room, causing everyone to feel into soundless silence. Exactly what sort of environment would cause a four or five year old child to know how to show understanding and console another?

At this moment, tears couldn’t help but flow abruptly from Chen Xi’s eyes, and he said with a trembling voice, “An’er, can you come over and hug me?”

If it wasn’t for his entire body lacking the slightest bit of energy, he wished so much to spread his arms, pull the little fellow into his embrace, and protect Chen An by his side forever.

“Of course. I’ll listen to everything you say in the future.” Chen An nodded before walking forward and opening his arms to lightly hug Chen Xi’s neck.

As he rested his chin on An’er’s rather thin and tiny shoulder, Chen Xi was unable to control his feelings as he repeated An’er’s name over and over again. He’d recalled his grandfather, recalled his parents that had gone missing without a trace, he’d recalled… At this moment, he wished so much that all of them were present to share this extremely great pleasant surprise with him.

Tears flowed uncontrollably from his eyes.

When everyone saw this, they left the room silently as they were deeply afraid they would disturb the intimate exchange between this pair of father and son. 


Half a month later, Chen Xi’s body recovered completely.

It wasn’t just that, after he experienced the baptism of the vast energy of the Dragon Origin Essence, he seemed as if he’d changed into a completely new body. The meridians in his entire body were broad, tough, tensile, crystalline, and translucent, his bones were snow white, pure, and suffused with a light gold crystalline sheen, his vast vital energy and blood flowed throughout his entire body like a boiling torrent, and his internal organs resonated and resounded out with the sound of the Grand Dao.

Even the golden core within his Dantian was covered in a dense layer of golden lines that looked like dragon scales, and it emitted an ancient, mysterious, and supremely respected aura of an Ancestral Dragon.

On the other hand, his soul had even attained an unbelievable height. A light sweep of his soul caused any slight movement in an area of 5,000km to be unable to escape his detection.

At this moment, his strength was more than double the amount that it was before the Allstar Meeting. If he were to go against a Rebirth Realm cultivator now, then he was confident in being able to kill the Rebirth Realm cultivator.

But the benefits of the Dragon Origin Essence weren’t just this. It was even to the extent that he’d only completely refined 10% of the Dragon Origin Essence he absorbed from the Dragon Transformation Pool, and all the remaining 90% was sealed within his body, waiting to be utilized to condense his Rebirth Wheel when he advanced to the Rebirth Realm.

Such shocking improvement in strength didn’t cause Chen Xi to feel happy in the slightest, as his current thoughts were completely placed on his son, Chen An.

After being in contact for this half a month of time, he and Chen An had already gradually become familiar with each other. At least, the little fellow had already started to slowly open up his heart and talk with his father, Chen Xi, about things that happened in the earlier parts of his life. Even though it was a mere few words, it already caused Chen Xi to grin from ear to ear.

But what troubled Chen Xi was that up until now, An’er had never addressed him as father and had always addressed him as ‘you.’

Obviously, there was still a shapeless barrier in An’er’s young heart towards Chen Xi, his biological father. Perhaps, on the day this barrier vanished would be the day that this pair of father and son would be considered to be truly on extremely intimate terms.

Chen Xi understood that he couldn’t rush this, and he required time to slowly melt the barrier.  

Unfortunately, the time he had left was already insufficient. Just yesterday, Zhen Liuqing had already sent news that three days from now, Emperor Chu would summon the top 10 in the Allstar Meeting this time to discuss the matter of entering the Primeval Battlefield.

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