Chapter 422 – The Competition Comes To An End




Everyone shouted madly and inexhaustibly, and they entirely disregarded their hoarse voices as they repeated over and over again.

The man within the Dragon Transformation Pool seemed to have heard the anticipation and anxiousness in their voices, causing his body to struggle slowly and move, and his backbone that had curved from the intense pain gradually became straight…

Every bit his body straightened, the gazes of everyone grew slightly brighter, and when his back was completely straight and stopped shaking as if he was about to fall, everyone started cheering and madly waving their hands about as if they were celebrating a victory.

Right at this moment, a dazzling first light of dawn tore through the dense darkness, and the seventh day arrived!

Earlier, Chen Xi’s clothes had become extremely torn and tattered from the intense collision of energy while fresh blood and scabs covered his entire body, causing him to seem miserable and alone. However, at this moment, as they looked at his upright figure that was bathed in the first ray of morning light, no one felt he was in a sorry state nor did they laugh in ridicule, and their gazes gushed with reverence and admiration that came from the depths of their hearts.

This young man from the southern territory used his matchlessly tenacious will to persist and cultivate in the Dragon Transformation Pool for seven days, a feat that shocked the entire city, and it created a brilliant achievement that was practically impossible to eliminate or surpass!

His reputation, his will, his deeds… From today onwards, his name was bound to spread throughout the cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty and shake the world.



On the seventh day.

Emperor Chu personally made a move to drag Chen Xi out from the Dragon Transformation Pool. No matter how shocking the effect of the Dragon Origin Essence, its assistance to Chen Xi wasn’t great any longer, and continuing to persist within the pool was no different than inflicting self harm and was a meaningless action.

Up until now, the Allstar Meeting this time had ended perfectly.

No matter how grand and exciting an event was, the time where everything was over and everyone left would come in the end. On the same day, countless people left Silken City, yet they didn’t feel sorrow or unwillingness, and they were instead filled with fighting spirit.

After the witnessed the entire process of the Allstar Meeting, they seemed to have been stimulated and yearned even more greatly to become strong. Perhaps this was the true meaning of the Allstar Meeting, it gave others hope and gave others the motivation to work their way up. 


On the second floor of Silken Palace, this was the place Emperor Chu usually cultivated.

At this moment, Qing Xiuyi stood here silently.

After the Allstar Meeting ended, she alone was called over here by Emperor Chu, and she faintly and roughly guessed Emperor Chu’s intentions, yet didn’t refuse it.

“You’re intelligent and have roughly guessed my intentions, right?” Space fluctuated as Emperor Chu’s stalwart figure appeared swiftly, and he smiled lightly and spoke while looking at Qing Xiuyi who stood there alone.

Qing Xiuyi nodded, yet didn’t deny it.

Emperor Chu’s brows knit imperceptibly when he saw this, and then it recovered to normal. He went silent for a short moment before he said while shaking his head, “Indeed. As an outsider, I shouldn’t interfere in the matter between you and Chen Xi…”

“Don’t worry your Majesty, I know how to distinguish the weight of things, and I won’t make another move against him before entering the Dark Reverie.” Shockingly, Qing Xiuyi directly interrupted Emperor Chu, and if another was to have seen this scene, the person’s jaw would surely be shocked off.

But Emperor Chu seemed to be not surprised by Qing Xiuyi’s fierce reaction, nor was he enraged because of this, and he only unavoidably sighed lightly in his heart. What an outstanding pair of young people. How great would it be if they were able to bury the hatchet, but unfortunately…the enmity between the two of them seems to be irreconcilable. Even me personally standing out is unable to help in the matter. It’s obvious how much Qing Xiuyi hates Chen Xi.

“Then when do you intend to give the child over to Chen Xi?” In next to no time, Emperor Chu raised another matter.

“After I return to the sect. I want to see my son once more with my own two eyes.” Qing Xiuyi replied extremely calmly, and merely from her expression, it was impossible to discern what exactly she was thinking at this moment.

A wisp of admiration couldn’t help but suffuse the eyes of Emperor Chu. If it was any other woman, the woman would probably be unwilling in her heart when encountering this problem, and the woman would wail, cause trouble, and resort to troublesome excuses such as ‘I agreed to return the child to you, but I never agreed on a time.’

This was the difference between Qing Xiuyi and other people. She possessed her own pride and dignity like a celestial maiden in the heavens. Even if she was unable to accept losing to Chen Xi, she wouldn’t go back on her word because of this.

Or perhaps, in her lifetime, she’d always disdained to go back on her word.


Chen Xi’s expression was dull, his mind a completely blank expanse, and he heard nothing while everything before him was an expanse of darkness.

After an unknown period of time, his vision gradually brightened as he faintly heard some voices, yet his mind was still extremely dazed and blink.

Another short period of time passed, his vision grew slightly brighter, yet it was still completely blurred, and the voices that entered into his ears seemed to have become slightly louder, yet they seemed to be extremely far away from him, causing him to be unable to hear it clearly.

This state continued for an unknown period of time before the scene before his eyes finally recovered, yet the voices by his ears had vanished, and it seemed extremely quiet.

I remember countless people were cheering for me. Could it be that all of it was an illusion of mine? Chen Xi felt self-ridicule in his heart, his mind was unprecedentedly slow and muddled, and this was a slightly unaccustomed feeling to him.

Along with his consciousness awakening, the sharp pain all over his body gushed over like tidewater to assault him once more. He wanted to hiss and gasp, yet the muscles on his face seemed to have completely stiffened, and he wasn’t even able to complete a tiny movement.

As he unconsciously looked around in his surroundings, he noticed dazedly that he was actually lying within an elegant room and not in the Dragon Transformation Pool.

Everything has come to an end?

Chen Xi vaguely remembered that he seemed to have persisted for seven days within the Dragon Transformation Pool in the end, and he was the last person remaining, who’d also broken all the records throughout the ages.

He didn’t have any special feeling towards this, and his muddled consciousness caused his reactions to be stiff and slow.

After another period of time passed, more than half of his consciousness had finally recovered, but at the same time, the sharp pain grew even more clearer and intense, and he couldn’t help but let out a muffled groan.

“He’s awake! Master is finally awake!” At the side of the bed, a familiar voice resounded out and seemed to be Mu Kui.

“What? Really?”

“Quickly go notify the others, quickly!”

“Uncle! Uncle!”

After that, a wave of shouting that was mixed with disorderly sounds of footsteps rose and fell as it resounded out from outside the room.

What’s going on? Could it be that I’ve been unconscious for a long time? Chen Xi was stunned, and when he looked over, he noticed that the medium sized room was already squeezed full of people now.

There was Ya Qing, Yan Yan, Yun Na, Du Qingxi, Fan Yunlan, Zhen Liuqing, and the other girls.

There was also Duanmu Ze, Song Lin, Wang Daoxu, Hua Mobei, Young Master Zhou, and the other friends of his that he’d fought side by side with.

Besides that, there was also Daoist Wen Xuan, Fei Lengcui, little Chen Yu, Mu Kui, Mu Yao, Mu Wenfei, and the others.

All of them carried pleasant surprise that couldn’t be concealed on their faces as they looked at him, and their gazes even emitted an expression of concern. Chen Xi suddenly felt extremely warm in his heart like the time when he leaned in the embrace of his grandfather, it was so relieving and made him feel so peaceful…

He wanted to grin as even though his body ached, yet he was extremely happy in his heart, unprecedentedly happy. Unfortunately, the muscles on his face didn’t listen to his commands. He really wanted to roar with laughter now, but he was unable to, and even moving a single finger was extremely difficult.

His consciousness was slightly dazed. He knew that the pressure he suffered within the Dragon Transformation Pool was too great, and what he needed the most now was to recuperate thoroughly.

This won’t do!

I can’t rest now, there are still things I have to do!

Chen Xi forcefully bit the tip of his tongue, causing the salty taste of blood to flow in his mouth, and it caused his spirits to be refreshed.

He tried to open his mouth yet was unable to emit any sound, but he refused to believe he was unable to make a sound, and he gritted his teeth as he utilized all the remaining energy within his entire body.

“Chen An! Where’s Chen An?” His voice wasn’t loud and could even be described as inaudibly weak, it was low and hoarse, unpleasant to hear like the sound of sand rubbing together, and it seemed as if it was forcefully squeezed out from his chest.

Chen An?

Everyone was shocked and moved. Even at a time like this, this fellow is still thinking in his heart about that flesh and blood of his that he has never met?

After that, the expressions of everyone became extremely complicated. Because it had already been half a month since the Allstar Meeting ended, and Qing Xiuyi had even left Silken City trippingly since long ago, yet she’d utterly never mentioned this matter.

They didn’t know how to tell Chen Xi.

“Mother, it sounds like someone is calling my name.” It was amidst this silent and still atmosphere that the weak and young voice of a boy resounded out from outside the room.


Chen Xi’s body shook instantly as if he was struck by lightning! 

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