Chapter 421 – The United Voice of The Entire City

The seventh day would arrive in another two hours.

The seventh day looked to be only a day of difference between the sixth day, but everyone knew extremely clearly that if Chen Xi was capable of persisting for seven days in the Dragon Transformation Pool, then not only would he be able to completely leave the records of Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing far behind him, he’d create an unprecedented record, a miracle that belonged to him, Chen Xi!


Chen Xi’s current state was extremely terrible. Under the pressure of the violent, heavy, and vast Dragon Origin Essence, he was unable to maintain his state of being unshaken no matter what assaulted him, and his body was practically drowned in intense pain from both inside and outside. Moreover, he was already incapable of controlling his expressions, causing his features to warp together.

This sort of intense pain was extremely terrifying and indescribable, it destroyed one’s body and bore straight into one’s mind, causing it to be unavoidable, and it just so happened that Chen Xi couldn’t escape by leaving the Dragon Transformation Pool. Not only was he unable to be distracted, he instead had to converge his attention. In this way, the pain his mind and body suffered was even stronger.

Just like this, an hour passed.

The Dragon Origin Essence within the Dragon Transformation Pool grew more and more violent, and they were like numerous sledgehammers that fiercely smashed onto Chen Xi’s flesh, bones, tendons, meridians, apertures, and soul, causing his consciousness to gradually become blurred.

Anyone had a limit to the pain they could endure, and Chen Xi was no exception. He was just persisting unconsciously, and he had completely no idea to what extent the Dragon Origin Essence he absorbed had arrived at. 

He started to cough up blood without end.

He started to tremble violently.

There were even strands of light golden colored blood that flowed out from all the pores on his skin.

When looked at from afar, he was like a lone boat on the ocean, drifting on the boundless ocean that was extremely violent and suffering the slapping and blows of raging waves, and it might sink at any moment.

Everyone knew that Chen Xi was already on the verge of collapse at this moment as the wave after wave of impact had caused the line of defense in his body and mind to be on the verge of collapse.

Meanwhile, it was another 15 minutes before dawn of the seventh day! 


Zhen Liuqing puckered her lips tightly as she clenched her fists to the point her nails sunk deeply into her palm and caused blood to flow. But she entirely didn’t notice. There was a feeling of anxiousness that she’d never felt before in her heart, causing her to even forget to breathe as her eyes stared fixedly at the man within the Dragon Transformation Pool.

His entire body was flowing with blood, his face warped, and his entire body was vibrating violently without end. He was like a straw amidst a hurricane and violent waves, so weak, so tiny, yet so persistent and fearless.

Zhen Liuqing gritted her teeth tightly. How she wished to go over and rescue Chen Xi, yet she forcefully endured this impulse in the end. That was Chen Xi’s persistence, it was his own fearless challenge, and no one was capable of changing it!

Persist, Chen Xi!

Zhen Liuqing silently repeated over and over in her heart, and her eyes were filled with hope.

She knew that tall figure, that face that possessed a manly outline, that spirit of persisting without yielding even when one’s life was at risk had been deeply imprinted into her mind, and it had completely conquered her!

Silken City was perfectly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard.

The gazes of everyone had converged onto the person within the Dragon Transformation Pool, and their gazes were filled with respect.

The first in the southern territory’s Hidden Dragon Rankings, the one and only possessor of 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting, the first and one and only cultivator to have survived the assassination of the Blacksun Pavilion, the first in the Allstar Meeting…

Earlier, everyone only saw the dazzling titles that Chen Xi had obtained, and they felt jealous, envious, admiration, and resentment. Yet, now, they saw the great efforts, persistence, and sweat he paid behind this glory. Chen Xi’s challenge that was practically an action of risking his life had completely conquered the hearts of everyone!

At this moment, he was a true cultivator in the hearts of all. 

He fully deserved the title of number one expert in the Darchu Dynasty’s younger generation, and it was beyond question!

Within the crown, someone shouted out first. “Chen Xi, persist!”


Many people couldn’t refrain from shouting out as well, though it was slightly sparse.


Even more people started shouting, and the voices started becoming orderly.


The cultivators in Silken City cast away their identities and disregarded their bearing as they shouted out loudly simultaneously. The orderly and united voices were like a flood that swept through the entire Silken City, and the voices revealed anticipation, reverence, and encouragement. 


The Martial Marquis was a reserved man of few words, he was like a piece of icy steel, and his calm and composure had always been the thing he was most proud of. But he suddenly noticed that a trace of excitement and trembling had abruptly appeared in his heartbeat that was hard like steel. This unfamiliar feeling caused him to be dazed, and it felt as if something was held back within his heart. When he heard the explosive and united voices of shouting from everyone in the city, he seemed as if he was struck by a bolt of lightning, and the feelings that were suppressed in his chest exploded out with a bang. He suddenly stood up and shouted along with the others, and his icy cold and solemn face was extremely excited as well.

“Persist!” At this moment, brawny men that possessed heroic dispositions were excited to the point of tearing their shirts apart to reveal their bare upper body, and their eyes were completely red as they roared madly.

“Persist!” The faces of all the young people had flushed red as they shouted at the top of their lungs, whereas, the voices of female cultivators even carried a trace of choking.

“Persist!” The faces of Ya Qing, Yun Na, Yan Yan, Du Qingxi, and the others were covered in tears and their fists had been almost clenched to the extreme.

“Persist!” All the Earthly Immortal Realm experts stood up abruptly and disregard their identities as they shouted out loudly.

The entire Silken City was shouting loudly and inexhaustibly.

These voices were like thunderclaps that shook high above in the nine heavens, like a torrent of water that exploded out from the collapse of a mountain. It resonated in the heavens and the earth, and it was cheering and encouraging the same person.

But when it entered into Chen Xi’s ears, it became momentary and blurry, moving further and further away. He already didn’t have the strength to listen to these words, and his consciousness was tortured by the violent pain to the point of almost losing consciousness.

Under the sky, as he heard the united shouts of everyone for Chen Xi, Emperor Chu’s expression was calm, yet rivers and seas were overturned within his heart. At this moment, a trace of rare excitement appeared in his Dao Heart that had been cultivated for countless years.

Neither incurring the jealousy of the heavens or the envy of men, and he utilized a supreme will and resolution to conquer the hearts of everyone in the city. This little fellow…is really one that’s favored by the heavens! Emperor Chu took a deep breath. As he looked at Chen Xi’s body that was trembling more and more frequently and intensely and as he looked at the expression of pain on Chen Xi’s face, Emperor Chu suddenly shouted out with a deep voice. “Chen Xi!”

Chen Xi’s figure within the Dragon Transformation Pool shook.

“All those years ago, you were the jinx that everyone in Pine Mist City ridiculed. Your clan was annihilated, your parents missing, and your grandfather was killed…”

“Have you ever thought of taking revenge for your clansmen that have passed away?”

“Have you ever thought of searching for your parents that have gone missing?”

“Have you ever thought of wanting to make your enemies pay with their blood?”

“Let me ask you, have you thought of all of this? Have you paid the price? Have you persisted until the end? Are you willing to give up just like this?”

Emperor Chu had practically utilized a supreme technique in the final few words, and every single word was like the sound of the Dao and divine lightning, rumbling and exploding as it shook the depths of Chen Xi’s soul.

Chen Xi’s body froze in the spot, then his body started trembling violently as a wisp of redness appeared on his pale and translucent face, and his hands had suddenly clenched together tightly!

“Chen Xi, it’s the final 15 minutes…” Emperor Chu shouted out with a deep voice. “Persist!”

“Persist!” All the cultivators present shouted together at the top of their lungs.

Chen Xi’s body trembled even more violently like a rattle, and the dragon might and pressure from the Dragon Origin Essence that was suffused with a golden color grew even more strong and terrifying. It was even to the extent that the true dragon phantoms in the surroundings of the Dragon Transformation Pool were emitting furious roars.

In the next moment, an enormous wave that was condensed from Dragon Origin Essence struck over ferociously and ruthlessness, and it was about to drown Chen Xi’s body that was on the verge of collapse.

“Persist…” However, right at this moment, the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth suddenly trembled imperceptibly as an extremely hoarse, ear piercing, and low voice escaped his mouth.

Are you willing?

Are you willing to give up like this?

These words reverberated within his mind.

A wisp of unwillingness and fury arose along with this, and then it gushed throughout his body with a bang. It was like a surging torrent, like an erupting volcano, and energy that came out of nowhere spread throughout his body as the corners of his mouth that were warped and had turned pale curled into a wisp of a stubborn and unyielding smile.

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