Chapter 420 – Breaking The Record

A Soul Core was a vital trait of a Rebirth Realm expert.

The Soul Core was formed from the quintessence energies of the soul, and it resided in the body while fused with the body and soul, yet it was different from the soul. After a cultivator condensed a Rebirth Wheel, the Soul Core would fuse into the Rebirth Wheel, and so long as the Soul Core remained, then even if one’s body was destroyed, would could still continue living through seizing the body of another.

It was no different than obtaining rebirth.

Moreover, the appearance of a Soul Core image represented that a cultivator already possessed the qualifications to condense a Rebirth Wheel and advance into the Rebirth Realm. So long as the cultivator was willing, the cultivator could step into the realm at any moment!

“So it’s the Silken City’s Zhou Clan’s Fourth Young Master.” Meanwhile, everyone saw clearly that the Soul Core image that soared into the air was surprisingly emitted by Fourth Young Master Zhou.

“The appearance of a Soul Core image shows that this potential in the Golden Core Realm has been completely aroused. But unfortunately, in the cultivation in the Dragon Transformation Pool, he’s the first amongst the 10 that’s unable to persist any longer, and he can only stop here and be unable to absorb the Dragon Origin Essence any longer.” Someone was really shaking his head and sighing without end.


The Soul Core image in midair vanished, and then a figure flashed out from within the Dragon Transformation Pool. It was precisely Fourth Young Master Zhou. He glanced at Chen Xi and the others that were still persisting and cultivating, and a trace of a bitter smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth. Every single one of these fellows are more ferocious than the other.

But he always had an open-minded disposition, so he didn’t feel dejected because of this, and his expression returned to calm with a shake of his head. After that, he bowed towards Emperor Chu who was at the other side before withdrawing quietly.

Truthfully speaking, he was already extremely satisfied from being able to persist in the Dragon Transformation Pool for three days. Moreover, he was able to perceive that even though the amount of time he cultivated was short, it possessed an immeasurable benefit to his cultivation in the future, and this was already sufficient.

Another day of time passed by under the attentive gazes of all the cultivators in Silken City, and it was already the fourth day since the Dragon Transformation Pool was opened.

On this day, it was like a collective explosion as numerous Soul Core images soared up from within the Dragon Transformation Pool, and then Huangfu Qingying, Yu Xuanchen, Ling Yu, Huangfu Changtian, and the others successfully awoke from their cultivation. This caused the atmosphere in Silken City to surge as sounds of exclamations and discussions practically continued for an entire day, and it was extremely clamorous.

Moreover, when it was almost arriving at the fifth day, the entire Silken City was completely stirred.

Because up until now, Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, and Zhen Liuqing were still persisting and cultivating within the Dragon Transformation Pool!

In other words, if they persisted until the fifth day, they would be entirely capable of being equal to the highest record holder from a few thousand years ago, Wan Zhenyi!

“My god, if the four of them are able to persist until the fifth day. Then wouldn’t it mean that all of them will be able to be at the height of the highest record in the past?”

“The Allstar Meeting this time is really filled with talents. What I look forward to the most is that if it continues according to this current state, then perhaps someone will be able to break the past record!”

“Who exactly would it be?”

The eyes of everyone was staring without blinking at the Dragon Transformation Pool as they were deeply afraid of missing any detail.

The fifth day.

Dawn had just arrived when a myriad rays of brilliant morning sunshine suffused Silken City.

Without exception, Chen Xi and the other three had all persisted until the fifth day, and they’d attained a height similar to the highest record holder in the past, Wan Zhenyi, causing everyone to be extremely excited.

“Your Majesty is wise indeed. This display of these four little fellows is shocking indeed.” Xuan Xun sighed with praise as he’d recalled the deduction of Emperor Chu from before.

Emperor Chu smiled lightly and said, “My Darchu Dynasty has stood towering on this land for a few hundreds of thousands of years, yet if it is in terms of the largest number of geniuses that have appeared in my Darchu Dynasty, then it’s at this present day!”

Xuan Xu smiled and said, “Ambitious people emerge in troubled times, while outstanding talents emerge in a flourishing age. It’s because of your Majesty’s contributions that the cultivators of our Darchu Dynasty’s younger generation possess their current accomplishments.”

Emperor Chu couldn’t help but roar with laughter when he heard this, and his laughter shook the heavens and the earth while emitting boundless heroism. Obviously, as the ruler of this area of vast lands, he was naturally extremely proud for being able to possess so many peerless young geniuses. 



Right when the fifth day was almost ending, Zhao Qinghe who was within the Dragon Transformation Pool suddenly opened his eyes as a Soul Core image soared into the sky. Obviously, he’d already arrived at his limit, and it was impossible for him to continue hanging on forcefully.

At this moment, it was merely less than four hours away from the sixth day.

After they saw this scene, at that same time that it caused everyone present to sigh with regret, they couldn’t help but become anxious. Would there be anyone amongst the remaining three people that would persist until the end and break the highest record of the past?

The darkness before daybreak was always very long. As they gazed at Chen Xi and the others that were still persisting and cultivating in the Dragon Transformation Pool, everyone felt anticipation at the same time they felt time had become slow. A day simply seemed as if it was like a year, and they were extremely anxious and tormented.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

A wave of melodious rings of the morning bell drifted through the heavens and the earth, announcing the arrival of a new day, and it broke the anxious, oppressive, and silent atmosphere in Silken City.

“The sixth day has come. The record has finally been broken!”

“It’s even an entire three people!”

“A miracle, a great miracle! This is a truly great miracle! My entire lifetime has been worth it since I was able to witness this scene with my own two eyes!”

The entire Silken City instantly exploded out in an uproar, and it shook the heavens and the earth.

At this moment, everyone was cheering, and they were excited to the point of being unable to restrain themselves. Even Emperor Chu revealed a smile, and his eyes were suffused with a wisp of extraordinary splendor as he thought in his heart. Since my Darchu Dynasty possesses such extraordinary children, even if it encounters an upheaval of the three dimensions, its flame would be able to be passed on for eternity!


It was on the sixth day that Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing both awoke from their cultivation.

What caused everyone to exclaim with surprise was that the two young women seemed to tacitly understand each other, and they awoke at practically the exact same time. Coupled with the Dao Insights they cultivated was the Light Dao Insight and Darkness Dao Insight, they were like a pair of twin stars that caused others to have no choice but to sigh about how peculiar fortune and the will of the heavens was.

But after that, the gazes of everyone converged onto the final figure.

Chen Xi, the first in the Allstar Meeting this time. He’d already used cold hard facts to prove his strength since long ago. Presently, he’d even persisted until the sixth day in the Dragon Transformation Pool, and he’d broken the previous highest record with the other two young women, causing him to be peerlessly extraordinary!

Until when would he be able to persist?

Time flowed by bit by bit, and the hearts of everyone tightened bit by bit.

“Pu!” Suddenly, right when it was another two hours from the seventh day, Chen Xi’s countenance went pale as he abruptly sprayed out a mouthful of blood while his figure shook, and he was practically about to be drowned by the surging Dragon Origin Essence.

Obviously, his body had already reached a critical point after cultivating in the Dragon Transformation Pool for many days, and he was about to be drowned by the boundless pressure.

But Chen Xi seemed to have no intention of giving up. He was still persisting, and his face that possessed a manly and handsome outline was covered in a firm and persistent expression, and his indomitable will that was like steel that was tempered a hundred times caused everyone present to be unable to help but be moved.

“He has already broken the highest record of the past and became the one and only person that has persisted until the end. Why does he torture himself like this?”

“No, he isn’t torturing himself, he’s persisting to surpass himself!”

“Surpass himself?”

“Right! To the current Chen Xi, defeating those of the same generation is already not challenging in the slightest. What he wants to do now is surpass his own limits and transform into a new self!”

As they looked at the tall figure that remained steadfast, a wisp of respect couldn’t help but arise in the hearts of everyone. Perhaps only a person like this that’s always more ruthless to himself than to his enemies would be able to accomplish the supreme brilliance he possesses today, and forcefully create an eternal legend of his own? 

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