Chapter 419 – Soul Core Image

As its name implied, the Rebirth Realm was a realm that allowed rebirth.

The reason Rebirth Realm experts were formidable was because they possessed Rebirth Wheels. So long as their Rebirth Wheels were intact, their Soul Cores would remain intact as well, and it was no different than providing one with the ability of obtaining new life.

But even though Rebirth Wheels were formidable, it wasn’t easy to condense. Not only did it require one to gather sufficient Yin and Yang baleful qi of the heavens and the earth, the quality of the baleful qi similarly affected if the condensation of the Rebirth Wheel succeeded or not.

In the cultivation world, Yin and Yang baleful qi of the heavens and the earth were divided according to their might into heaven-rank, earth-rank, and mortal-rank baleful qi. Every single rank was further divided into the high-grade, intermediate-grade, and low-grade, causing it to be called the three ranks and nine grades of baleful qi.

For example, the common Soulsmelt Baleful Qi and Icesoul Baleful Qi belonged to the ranks of the lowest low-grade mortal-rank baleful qi.

Baleful qi that was capable of attaining the earth-rank already belonged to the ranks of rare and precious treasures. For example, almost all the Rebirth Realm experts in the cultivation world condensed their Rebirth Wheels with earth-rank baleful qi.

Baleful qi that was capable of attaining the heaven-rank could be described as extraordinary treasures. This type of baleful qi could practically only be seen in some extremely dangerous places, and it could only be chanced upon by luck.

So those that were capable of condensing their Rebirth Wheels from heaven-rank baleful qi were one in a million, and rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns.

Moreover, the Dragon Origin Essence was strong because it didn’t just contain extremely vast amounts of Yin and Yang baleful qi, the more Dragon Origin Essence was refined and absorbed, the better the quality of the Rebirth Wheel one could condense, and it possessed an immeasurable benefit towards one’s cultivation in the future. Something that was particularly wondrous was merely one of the numerous effects of Dragon Origin Essence.

It was precisely because of this that Daoist Wen Xuan would be so moved. After all, even though he’d already cultivated to the Nether Transformation Realm now, he’d absorbed earth-rank baleful qi when he advanced to the Rebirth Realm all those years ago, and its effects were far from being able to compare with Dragon Origin Essence.



Below the sky and above the Dragon Transformation Pool.

Emperor Chu stood with his hands behind his back while his clothes fluttered with the wind, and he seemed to be lost in thought as he looked at Chen Xi and the others that sat cross-legged and cultivated in the Dragon Transformation Pool. “Xuan Xun, who amongst these little fellows do you think will be able to persist for the longest?”


The Artifact Spirit Xuan Xun’s figure suddenly shrunk to transform into an old man who wore a high crown and ancient clothes, and he drifted over to arrive by Emperor Chu’s side before he said indifferently, “Is there any need to guess? Just rank them according to their positions in the top 10 of the Allstar Meeting.”

Indeed. The battle of the top 10 in the Allstar Meeting had fully displayed the strengths of Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, and the others, so judging their ability to persist based on their positions in the top 10 could be considered to be reasonable and perfectly logical.

But Emperor Chu shook his head instead. “Some geniuses possess the trait of exploding out after thick accumulation, and they can’t be discussed in the same way and purely based on their current strength. For example, the little fatty Ling Yu had an extremely ordinary natural talent when his master took him as a disciple. But later on, he became more and more formidable, and he belonged to the group of geniuses that became more and more dazzling as they cultivated. If he’s given another few tens of years, then the person that lost in the Allstar Meeting would probably be Zhao Qinghe.”

“Then what your Majesty means is?” Xuan Xun asked.

Emperor Chu smiled lightly and said, “I’m not sure either. But what I can be sure of it that amongst Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, Zhen Liuqing, and Zhao Qinghe, one of them will surely be able to break the past record and create a new miracle.”

Xuan Xun was stunned, and then he pondered briefly before sighing. “I remember that 6,532 years ago, there was once a young man called Wan Zhenyi. He was an outstanding genius that had persisted in the Dragon Transformation Pool for five days, and there has never been anyone capable of breaking this record.”

“Indeed. Wan Zhenyi was an extremely brilliant genius indeed, a genius with an extremely unyielding and lofty character and extraordinary bearing. Five thousand years ago, he’d already become an Earthly Immortal Realm Ancestor of a great sect in the Dark Reverie. Presently, he has probably already ascended to the Immortal Dimension and become a Heavenly Immortal.” Emperor Chu sighed.

“Then your Majesty thinks that someone is capable of breaking the record he made?” Xuan Xun asked in reply.

“Outstanding talents appear in every generation. Something that ought to happen will still happen in the end.” Emperor Chu seemed to have thought of something, and he went silent for a long time before he said indifferently, “Not to mention, records exist to be broken. The three dimensions have been peaceful for too long…” 



Chen Xi had just sat cross-legged within the Dragon Transformation Pool when he felt his body sink abruptly as an enormous pressure surged over and was like an enormous mountain that pressed down upon it, and it fiercely pressed down onto his entire body.

What a terrifying pressure!

Chen Xi’s heart went cold as his expression became much more serious. He’d clearly sensed that every single drop of Dragon Origin Essence had a weight that was no less than 5,000kg, and it emitted an extremely ancient and thick draconic aura. When he sat cross-legged within it and under the condition of not circulating his cultivation, then even with his strong and powerful body, he still felt a wave of pain and discomfort.

He hurriedly circulated his cultivation technique, causing the True Essence in his body to flow, and it seemed like a shell that enveloped his entire body within it. Instantly, he felt the pressure reduce greatly.

This Dragon Origin Essence is an extraordinary treasure of the heavens and the earth that can only be chanced upon by luck. When I advance to the Rebirth Realm in the future, I don’t have to worried about searching for Yin and Yang baleful qi… Chen Xi sighed briefly with emotion in his heart, and then he didn’t hesitate to circulate the Blackhole Void Technique, causing an absorption force to stretch out from within his body.

Swish! Swish!

At the instant he circulated his cultivation technique, the Dragon Origin Essence around him that was suffused with a golden glow instantly started to boil before gushing madly towards Chen Xi’s body. The scene of it was simply like a group of sharks that had smelled blood, and Chen Xi utterly didn’t have to waste energy before this violent and surging Dragon Origin Essence charged madly into his body.

“Hiss!” Chen Xi’s face twitched fiercely. At the instant the Dragon Origin Essence gushed into his body, they transformed into numerous golden turbulent streams that were extremely hot. Moreover, they contained a violent and sharp bearing. Everywhere they passed, the meridians, apertures, internal organs, and even the flesh, blood, and bones in his entire body became faintly red, as if he was within an oven filled with magma.

What a violent force. But just this is nothing to me… Chen Xi gritted his teeth, and then his heart became empty as his consciousness was like a sword that severed all his distracting thoughts before he slowly closed his eyes.

Instantly, his expression had become tranquil once more, and he was unable to feel the pain from his body any longer.

This method of cultivation was like the act of cutting the thread of love with a sword of wisdom, and it was a technique to abandon one’s six senses. As the saying goes, wind may assault me from every side, but I’ll remain unshakeable. When one’s soul was formidable to a certain extent, one was capable of easily accomplishing this.

Once his pain was eliminated, Chen Xi calmed his heart and observed the changes in his body. The Dragon Origin Essence was extremely miraculous indeed. Not only was it capable of tempering and increasing the quality of True Essence, it was even able to enter within his flesh and blood to combine with his Shaman Energy, causing the quality of his Shaman Energy to obtain improvement as well.

It was even to the extent that even his internal organs and the meridians and apertures all around his body were similarly able to obtain the nurturing and strengthening of the Dragon Origin Essence! This sort of feeling was as if his entire body was fused within the Dragon Origin Essence, and using it to cultivate was like being a phoenix that was being reborn in flames, it was a complete transformation akin to rebirth!

When he sensed this miraculous effect that was almost like achieving rebirth, there was only a single thought that remained in Chen Xi’s mind — Go all out, take the most, and absolutely not waste a single drop!

After all, such an exceedingly great fortuitous encounter was something that would only appear every few thousand years, and it just happened to have been encountered by him. If he didn’t reap a great amount of it, then he would absolutely be mocked to death by others.

Along with the passage of time, Chen Xi was completely immersed in his cultivation, his mind was devoid of thoughts, and he seemed extremely dignified.

In the blink of an eye, three days had already passed.

Within these three days, Chen Xi and the others sat cross-legged and soundlessly in the Dragon Transformation Pool. But it had become even more bustling outside the Dragon Transformation Pool, and it didn’t seem dull and boring because of Chen Xi and the others remained there soundlessly.

“It has already been three days, yet all 10 of them haven’t given up. It’s simply a miracle.”

“A miracle? I feel that the top 10 of the Allstar Meeting this time are all peak experts of the younger generation that possess enormous potential, and they’re infinitely more formidable than the disciples from the previous Allstar Meeting. So their ability of persisting until now is within reason.”

“If it continues according to this state, then perhaps someone amongst them would really be able to break the previous record and create a new extraordinary record!”

Within Silken City, all the cultivators were gathered in the surroundings as they stared at the Dragon Transformation Pool. Even though they’d bitterly waited for three days, their expressions didn’t reveal the slightest exhaustion, and they instead seemed to be even more excited and looking forward to the results.


Right when everyone was discussing animatedly, an enormous bang sounded out from within the Dragon Transformation Pool, and then a gigantic image soared into the sky and emitted faint golden rays of light.

“A Soul Core image! Looks like someone is already on the verge of breaking through to the Rebirth Realm!” When they saw this phenomenon, a clamor instantly resounded out from within Silken City. 

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