Chapter 418 – The Dragon Transformation Pool Emerges Into The World

After a short moment, the Martial Marquis led Chen Xi and the others into the hall, and they instantly drew the focused gazes of all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts.

“Your Majesty, they’ve already selected their cultivation techniques. The Dragon Transformation Pool can be opened.” The Martial Marquis bowed and spoke while Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, and Zhao Qinghe stood obediently behind him.

On the throne with nine dragons on it, Emperor Chu revealed a rare hint of a smile as he said in a clear voice, “Alright, wait for a moment. I’ll personally open the Dragon Transformation Pool for all of you!”

Even though all of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts knew of this since long ago, when the moment really arrived, they couldn’t help but still have waves of envy suffuse their hearts, and they wished for nothing more than to join in.

Supposedly, the Dragon Transformation Pool was created within the Dragon Veins beneath Silken City, and it converged the karmic luck of the entire Darchu Dynasty. When a cultivator cultivated within it, the cultivator was capable of absorbing Dragon Origin Essence and obtaining unbelievable benefits!

Presently, a few thousands of years had already passed since the Dragon Transformation Pool was opened last. So, when they thought of how this ancient pool that contained vast Dragon Origin Essence was about to be opened today and re-emerge into the world, everyone present was extremely excited.

Being able to enter the pool to cultivate represented a supreme honor and an exceedingly great fortune. A fortuitous encounter like this was something that only came once every few thousands of years, how would anyone present not be moved by it?

“Xuan Xun, take action.” Emperor Chu spoke out abruptly, and his voice sounded out high above into the sky.

“Okay.” A tall and illusory figure suddenly appeared in the sky above Silken City. He was tall like a lofty mountain and had dense Immortal Energy coiled around him, and he emitted an extremely terrifying oppressive aura. He was precisely the Artifact Spirit of Silken Palace!

“Hmm? That’s…”

“Lord Artifact Spirit! Could it be that the Dragon Transformation Pool is about to be opened?”

“The Dragon Transformation Pool that has been sealed for a few thousands of years and was condensed into form from suppressing the Dragon Veins in the entire Darchu Dynasty is finally about to emerge once more into the world?”

When they saw the tall figure of the Artifact Spirit, Xuan Xun, Silken City was instantly in an uproar, and the gazes of everyone revealed fervor and devotion.

Xuan Xun stood proudly beneath the sky, his hands seemed as if they embraced the world, the Immortal Energy in his surroundings surged, and he instantly formed countless exceedingly profound seals.


Suddenly, dazzling divine rays of light arose throughout the surroundings of Silken City, and they were like pillars that supported the sky as they pierced into the clouds. Subsequently, numerous dragon roars resounded out, and it shook the heavens and the earth as golden lights illuminated the world.

At this moment, the entire Silken City was filled with divine lights, interwoven bolts of lightning, waves of natural phenomena, and dragon roars that shook like a tempest. Countless enormous dragon phantoms could even be seen circling around beneath the sky, and their proud roars spread out in all directions and shook the sky.

“Dragon energy taking form! The Dragon Transformation Pool is finally about to appear!” Some figures of the older generation stared their eyes wide open with excited expressions on their faces, and they seemed to be recalling past events that had been sealed within their memories for countless years.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Numerous dragon roars that shook the heart surged out without end as nine true dragon phantoms condensed into form, and they soared around an enormous and ancient pool that floated in midair above Silken City.

All nine of these true dragon phantoms emitted dazzling golden lights and emitted the boundless might of dragons, and they were like the Ancestors of all living beings. At the instant they appeared, they caused boundless reverence to arise in the hearts of everyone in Silken City, and they wished for nothing more than to kneel in worship.

On the other hand, the spirit beasts, flying beasts, and other demon-kind were terrified to the point of shivering and prostrating themselves on the ground.


The ancient pool that was circled around by nine true dragon phantoms was extremely enormous. It was like a floating ancient continent that was completely pitch black and dim, and it emitted an ancient and mysterious aura, whereas within the pool was golden liquid that surged like waves. The golden liquid was dense to the point of being like golden pearls, and every single golden pearl was completely full. Moreover, an extremely vast and surging aura of dragons suffused the heavens and the earth.

This was the Dragon Transformation Pool, whereas the golden liquid contained within the pool was the Dragon Origin Essence developed from the Dragon Veins beneath the ground, and their value was immeasurable!

Because according to rumor, a single drop of Dragon Origin Essence could compare to the value of a heaven-rank magic treasure. It was absolutely a precious treasure of the heavens and the earth that was priceless and could only be chanced upon by luck.

“The Dragon Transformation Pool had finally appeared…” As they gazed at the ancient and vast pool that floated in midair, everyone in Silken City couldn’t conceal their excitement, and their eyes revealed boundless yearning.

To cultivators, there was nothing more important than treasures that could assist them in their cultivation, whereas, the Dragon Origin Essence was a precious treasure amongst treasures, and it possessed an almost miraculous and superb effect on cultivators. So, no one could maintain their composure when facing it, and even those Earthly Immortal Realm experts were no exception. 


“Presently, the Dragon Transformation Pool has already been opened. All ten of you, follow me.” Emperor Chu stood up while ten golden lights gushed out with a wave of his hand, and the light enveloped Chen Xi and the others that were the top 10 in the Allstar Meeting.


Space was torn open, and in the next moment, Emperor Chu, Chen Xi, and the others had already appeared in the sky above the Dragon Transformation Pool.

“Normally speaking, the longer one was capable of cultivating in the Dragon Transformation Pool, the greater the benefits. All ten of you must properly seize this extremely great fortuitous encounter and go all out. Remember, no matter what, you absolutely must not advance to the Rebirth Realm!” Emperor Chu swept Chen Xi and the others with his gaze and instructed before waving his hand indifferently. “Go on. This is a great fortune. As for what extent all of you can attain, it’ll depend on your own strength.”

“Thank you, your Majesty!” Chen Xi and the others emitted a trace of firm enthusiasm from their eyes and didn’t hesitate in the slightest to flash out, and they directly charged into the Dragon Transformation Pool under countless gazes of envy.

“Alas, how enviable. I wonder how long they’ll be able to persist in the Dragon Transformation Pool?”

“Don’t be envious. Without that level of strength, entering the Dragon Transformation Pool will only be harmful to yourself. I once heard that the Dragon Origin Essence is extremely violent and exceedingly difficult to tame. If one doesn’t possess a formidable cultivation and Dao Heart to rely on, then one’s meridians and Dao Foundation would probably be shattered apart by it, and a mortal danger might arise as well.”

“Exactly. It’s precisely because the Dragon Origin Essence is extremely violent and overbearing that the longer one was able to persist and cultivate within it, the thicker and more solid one’s foundation, will, Dao Heart, and cultivation was proven to be.”

“According to what was passed on by my Ancestors, in the countless years in the past, the expert that persisted in the Dragon Transformation Pool for the longest time had persisted for an entire five days. No one has been able to break this record up to this date.”

Within Silken City, everyone looked at the Dragon Transformation Pool in midair with envious gazes, and all of them discussed in low voices. Everyone was curious exactly how many days Chen Xi and the others would be able to persist.

“Big Sister Ya Qing, there’s danger while cultivating in the Dragon Transformation Pool?” When she heard the discussions in the surroundings, Yun Na couldn’t help but ask in a low voice. It wasn’t just her, even Yan Yan, Du Qingxi, and the others had looked over as well.

“Dragon Origin Essence is a quintessence energy of the heavens and the earth. Moreover, its an existence at the top amongst the various energies in the heavens and the earth, and it isn’t inferior to Immortal Energy.” Ya Qing was from the Treasure Heaven Pavilion and possessed extensive knowledge, and she had knowledge about many fantastic stories and legend. So, she naturally knew of the Dragon Origin Essence, and she said slowly, “Besides that, I presume that all of you know that the stronger a quintessence energy is, the more difficult it is to absorb and refine. To Chen Xi and the others, refining the Dragon Origin Essence holds rather great danger indeed.”

When she spoke up to here, Ya Qing swept everyone with her gaze and said with a smile, “All of you don’t have to worry. With his Majesty present here today, it’s impossible for them to be in danger while in the Dragon Transformation Pool. At most, they would be unable to hold on and be rescued.”

“So that’s how it is.” At the same time that Yun Na and the others came to an understanding, they couldn’t help but ask once more. “Then what enormous benefits does refining the Dragon Origin Essence provide?”

“There are numerous benefits, and I’m unable to explain all of them one by one. For example, Chen Xi and the other nine are only at the Golden Core Realm now. Once they refine and absorb this Dragon Origin Essence, they wouldn’t have to search for the Yin and Yang baleful qi of the heavens and the earth when charging into the Rebirth Realm before being able to condense a Rebirth Wheel in their Dantian. After all, the Dragon Origin Essence contains extremely shocking Yin and Yang baleful qi.

“Moreover, the more Dragon Origin Essence one refines and absorbs in the Golden Core Realm, the greater the quality of the Rebirth Wheel one condensed would be, and it possessed an immeasurable benefit to one’s cultivation in the future.”

“There’re actually such benefits?” When they heard this, even Daoist Wen Xuan was slightly moved. It was the first time he’d heard that the Dragon Origin Essence actually possessed such a marvelous effect.

Condensing a Rebirth Wheel was practically a transformation period for a Rebirth Realm cultivator, and possessing a Rebirth Wheel was equivalent to opening up a place of rest for one’s Soul Core. So long as the Rebirth Wheel was intact, then even if one’s body was destroyed, one could seize the body of another and obtain rebirth! 

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