Chapter 417 – The Imperial Family’s Treasure Vault

On the ninth floor of Silken Palace was a strange space covered in a myriad of rays of light and auspicious qi, and there were even mountains, waterfalls, and exotic flowers and plants, causing its scenery to be magnificent and gorgeous.

The Imperial Family’s treasure vault was built within this beautiful and mysterious restricted area, and it was prohibited for anyone to enter this place, as this was the supreme sacred grounds of the Darchu Dynasty.

When he followed the Martial Marquis to enter this space that was like a paradise of immortals, Chen Xi noticed with a single glance that a vast and ancient building was standing towering ahead. It emitted an ancient and aged aura as if it existed there for an eternity, and it endured countless years.

This building was constructed from enormous rocks, and it was vast and high, whereas its tiles were like glass that were suffused with a golden sheen. As it bathed in the myriad rays of divine light and auspicious qi, it was like the temple of a god, and it was tainted with a layer of a divine sheen that caused reverence to arise in the hearts of others.

This was the treasure vault of the Imperial Family, an extremely vast treasure vault!

When facing this vast building that was like a god’s temple, Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, and Zhao Qinghe’s expression went solemn as a wisp of a feeling of reverence and tranquility arose involuntarily in their hearts, and it felt as if they were on a pilgrimage that cleansed their souls.

Even the expression of the Martial Marquis carried a trace of reverence when he arrived here.

This was the supremely sacred place of the Imperial Family, and it was naturally guarded by experts. On the stone stairway before the building was an old man sitting there cross-legged without moving in the slightest, and he seemed like a stone statue.

The old man swiftly opened his eyes when he saw them enter, and two bolts of lightning flickered within his eyes as he swept his gaze over. Instantly, the hearts of Chen Xi and the others trembled, and they felt a pressure that almost suffocated them.

This old man is absolutely an extremely terrifying expert! Chen Xi and the others became even more cautious, and they didn’t dare be disrespectful in the slightest.

“These three little fellows are the top three in the Allstar Meeting this time?” The old man spoke out with a light and indifferent voice. His entire body didn’t have the slightest might emanating from him, and he instantly seemed to have become like an ordinary person that didn’t know how to cultivate.

This caused Chen Xi to understand that a true expert sometimes couldn’t be determined solely from outward appearance. Because the more formidable an expert was, the more skilled they were in restraining their aura, and it was even to the extent that they would be like ordinary plants and rocks, without the slightest pressure emanating from them.

“Yes.” The Martial Marquis bowed as he spoke, and he appeared was actually even more respectful than when he met Emperor Chu.

“Not bad. They’re even stronger than the disciples that took the top three positions in the previous Allstar Meetings.” The old man evaluated indifferently before closing his eyes once more, and his entire aura instantly vanished in the heavens and the earth as if he entirely didn’t exist.

The Martial Marquis bowed once more, and then he brought Chen Xi and the others along to enter the treasure vault.

As soon as they entered, Chen Xi was instantly stunned by the scene before his eyes. Everywhere that met the eyes was row after row of shelves that were filled with jade slips that emitted a hazy glow, and it continued on without end. It was truly like an ocean of jade slips!

“With your standards, all of you would probably look down upon ordinary cultivation techniques. Follow me.” The Martial Marquis instructed before heading towards the depths of the treasure vault.

Chen Xi and the other hurriedly followed after him. All along the way, not only did they see various cultivation techniques that were vast like the ocean, they even saw a superb collection of magic treasures and rare treasures. Everything was of top quality and emitted a variety of bright lights, and it dazzled their eyes.

After walking for around the time for an incense stick to burn, they’d already arrived at the deepest parts of the treasure vault when the Martial Marquis stopped and pointed towards a table at the side as he said, “The best Dao Grade martial techniques and Divine Abilities are placed here. All of you can choose one. Remember, only a single one!”

Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, and Zhao Qinghe nodded.

In the next moment, their gazes descended onto the table that was covered in a dense ray of lights. Atop it was numerous dark gold jade slips, each of them represented a Dao Grade martial technique or Divine Ability, and there were at least over 100 there.

Golden Traversal

Seven Pin Arrows


Steel Cage


Qing Xiuyi was selecting a Dao Grade martial technique, whereas Chen Xi and Zhao Qinghe were looking through the numerous Divine Abilities instead.

If placed in the outside world, these Divine Abilities were all rare and valuable, and every single one of them was more formidable than the previous. But after he compared them with the various Divine Abilities that he’d cultivated, Chen Xi wasn’t really moved by them.

After looking through for a long time, Chen Xi shook his head and shot his gaze towards the Dao Grade martial techniques.

It wasn’t that he was too picky, but he was planning for the long term in the future. He had to select a martial technique or Divine Ability that possessed enormous potential and was capable of noticeably improving his combat strength.

After all, once one arrived at his level of cultivation, one had to understand what one required. Otherwise, if one selected and cultivated a martial technique that wasn’t very beneficial to one’s self, it would only waste one’s time and wasn’t worth it.

While Chen Xi was still selecting, Qing Xiuyi and Zhao Qinghe had already chosen their cultivation techniques.

Qing Xiuyi chose a perfect Dao Grade martial technique, Driftshadow Voidlight Arts. It contained a perfect Grand Dao of Shadow. The Grand Dao of Shadow and Grand Dao of Light complemented and benefited each other. Obviously, Qing Xiuyi had taken a fancy to this and choose this martial technique because of it.

On the other hand, Zhao Qinghe chose a Divine Ability, Penetrating Insight. It was obvious just from its name that this was a Divine Ability similar to the Eye of Divine Truth, and it was capable of seeing through various concealment to gain insight into the nature of everything.

As for if the Eye of Divine Truth or Penetrating Insight was more formidable, that could only be answered after it was cultivated.

When he saw both of them had selected their cultivation techniques, the Martial Marquis couldn’t help but nod to himself. He’d always been watching from the side and naturally discerned that no matter if it was the Driftshadow Voidlight Arts or Penetrating Insight, they were both one of the best martial techniques and Divine Abilities within the treasure vault. Moreover, both the cultivation techniques were extremely suitable to be cultivated by the two of them, and it could be said to complement their current ability.

It was at this moment that Chen Xi had finished selecting. But when the Martial Marquis saw the cultivation technique Chen Xi had chosen, he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned, and then he said with a frown. “This Seventh-gold Myriad Sword Technique’s first half is a qi refinement cultivation technique, whereas its second half is a sword technique. Both of them complement each other and form a whole. It seems…to not be suitable for you to cultivate.”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “I know.”

The Martial Marquis’s frown grew deeper when he saw this, and then he said, “Even though it’s a perfect Dao Grade martial technique, but as far as I’m concerned, this Dao Grade martial technique is only suitable to build the foundation of someone that has just stepped into the path of cultivation. For example, when the Young Princess had just stepped onto the path of cultivation, she’d cultivated this cultivation technique. With your current strength, there’s entirely no need to choose it.”

Chen Xi knew that the Martial Marquis had probably misunderstood him, and he explained right away. “Senior, I don’t intend to cultivate this martial technique myself, and it’s…a gift instead.”

“A gift?” The Martial Marquis instantly came to an understanding, and his voice carried a trace of shock and admiration. “What resolution! This cultivation technique is the most suitable for building the foundation, and it’s a perfect Dao Grade martial technique as well. It’s absolutely a matchlessly precious cultivation technique to someone that has just stepped onto the path of cultivation. Could it be that you want to give it to your loved ones?”

Chen Xi smiled. “Yes.”

He did indeed want to give it away. Because just moments ago when he saw the introduction of this cultivation technique, he unconsciously recalled the son he’d never met yet — Chen An.

Presently, Chen An was only five or six years old, and it was extremely suitable for him to cultivate this cultivation technique. Coupled with Chen Xi possessing a Dao Insight Origin Pill that contained the Grand Dao of Metal, he’d decided immediately that he would give the Seventh-gold Myriad Sword Technique and the Dao Insight Origin Pill to Chen An once he met him!

At the side, Qing Xiuyi stood there all alone and seemed to be indifferent to everything in the surroundings, yet when she heard Chen Xi’s reply, she seemed to have guessed something, causing her body to be unable to refrain from trembling before recovering to normal.

Zhao Qinghe seemed as if he’d thought of something, and he glanced at Chen Xi before glanced at Qing Xiuyi and thought in his heart. Could it be that this is the gift Chen Xi chose for his son that he hasn’t met?

When he thought like this, Zhao Qinghe couldn’t help but arouse a trace of admiration towards Chen Xi. After all, this was the largest treasure vault in the Darchu Dynasty, and if any one of the martial techniques within it were to appear in public, everyone would surely fight to the death for it. But Chen Xi remained unmoved and wanted to choose a good martial technique to give his loved ones. Such resolution was something he had no choice but to admire.

After all, in the cultivation world, there were numerous incidents of father and son falling out or relatives becoming enemies for the sake of a formidable Dao Grade martial technique or magic treasure.

“Alright, his Majesty has already sent me a voice transmission. He’ll be opening the Dragon Transformation Pool in another 15 minutes. You three have already selected a cultivation technique now, so swiftly come with me to see his Majesty.” The Martial Marquis spoke out abruptly.

Open the Dragon Transformation Pool?

The eyes of Chen Xi and the others lit up. Is it finally about to begin? 

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