Chapter 416 – Reigning Supreme

This battle between Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi could only be described as breath taking.

Qing Xiuyi’s strength caused astonishment in the hearts of all, but Chen Xi’s display exceeded their expectations even more.

Since Chen Xi entered their field of vision, a string of unbelievable things had occurred successively.

He’d carried Fan Yunlan and endured the pressure of two people to ascend the peak of Ascension Peak. Moreover, he’d repelled Qiu Xiaofeng who’d assaulted him in the Dao Insight waterfall and successfully obtained two Martial Dao Tokens.

For the sake of saving Fan Yunlan, he’d disregarded the Martial Dao Divine Thrones and annihilated Huangfu Chongming and another six top experts in his rage.

He obtained a supreme Divine Ability, the Eye of Divine Truth, from the Martial Dao Sacrificial Altar, shocking everyone and surpassing all.

He’d become eminent from the round after round of battles, overcome all difficulties that came his way like a dark horse that no one could stop, and he’d ranked in the top three.

Presently, he’d used a strike that shook the world to slash apart the Devilbane Arena and defeat Qing Xiuyi, seizing first in the Allstar Meeting. This battle also allowed him to become the deserving top expert in the younger generation of the Darchu Dynasty!

If it was said that a storm gathered and experts were numerous like the trees in the forest in the Allstar Meeting this time, then Chen Xi had surpassed all and reigned supreme!



“He won!”

“Hahaha, he won, he won!”

“Chen Xi is the first in the Allstar Meeting!”

After a long time, an extremely excited clamor exploded out in Silken City as witnessing the birth of the number one in the Allstar Meeting this time had caused everyone present to feel greatly satisfied and exclaim endlessly with admiration.

This was a supreme honor!

Even if another 100 years passed and a new round of the Allstar Meeting was held, it would probably be unable to attain the brilliance of today. Because there was only a single reincarnated Heavenly Immortal called Qing Xiuyi in the Darchu Dynasty, and there was only a single Chen Xi who could shock everyone with a single strike of the sword.

“The first, Big Brother Chen Xi has seized first!” Mu Wenfei was excited to the point his face flushed red, and he danced with joy like a madman.

Ya Qing and the other girls revealed happy smiles as extraordinary splendor rippled in their eyes.

Daoist Wen Xuan even sighed with emotion. “When I saw Chen Xi the first time all those years ago, he was only at the Violet Palace Realm. Yet never had I imagined that he would actually be able to seize first place in the Allstar Meeting after a short few years. He’s truly shocking.”

“The first!” The corners of Zhen Liuqing’s eyes suddenly became moist. If it was possible, she didn’t want to see Chen Xi risk his life like that. Because while everyone only saw Chen Xi’s glory at this moment, she only remembered the unyielding figure on the arena that was bathed in blood and would rather die than leave regrets behind.

“Which woman would continue hating such a man?” Fan Yunlan stood alone with an infatuated expression on her face, and her mind was filled with the figure of Chen Xi.

“Uncle is so amazing, the first, the first!” Little Chen Yu was excited to the point his tiny face flushed red, yet he entirely didn’t notice that his mother, Fei Lengcui, was crying with joy at this moment.

“Brother Hao, look, your older brother has obtained first in the Allstar Meeting and become the number one expert in the younger generation of the entire Darchu Dynasty…” Fei Lengcui’s tears flowed down without restraint as she suddenly missed her husband, and she hoped so much that Chen Hao was here as well to share in this glory and honor that belonged to the entire Chen Clan.



Silken Palace.

Emperor Chu sat upright at the central throne with nine dragons on it as he looked down below him.

Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, and Zhao Qinghe stood side by side. After the final round of the battle ended, the injuries of Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi had already been personally healed by Emperor Chu, but if they wanted to recover completely, it required a few months.

After all, both of them had fought to intensely in the last battle. Especially Qing Xiuyi, her injuries were too heavy, and even with Emperor Chu’s extremely high ability, he was only capable of temporarily protect her from having any permanent injuries.

Behind the three of them was Huangfu Changtian, Zhen Liuqing, Ling Yu, Yu Xuanchen, and the others. At this point, the top ten of the Allstar Meeting had gathered.

“Martial Marquis.” Emperor Chu spoke out indifferently. “You bring the three of them to the treasure vault to choose any martial technique or divine ability.”

“Yes.” The Martial Marquis received his orders.

“Go on. Once all of you return, I’ll open the Dragon Transformation Pool to cleanse the Dao Foundation of the top 10!” Emperor Chu waved his hand as he spoke.

At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t have the mood to choose any martial technique. If it was at an ordinary time, he would surely be overjoyed and extremely excited. But because of the bet he made with Qing Xiuyi, his mind was filled with the figure of his son, Chen An, at this moment, and there was only a single thought in his mind. Does An’er know that I, his father, exists? If he sees me…would he be very happy as well…?

While his thoughts wandered like this, Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, and Zhao Qinghe followed the Martial Marquis to leave Silken Palace and head towards the Imperial Family’s treasure vault.

All the Earthly Immortal Realm experts in the hall watched as the three of them left, and they revealed a wisp of envy.

The Imperial Family’s treasure vault was a first-rate treasure vault in the Darchu Dynasty with countless precious and unusual treasures, and the books stored within it was vast like the ocean and dense like the stars. Even if it were Dao Grade martial techniques and Divine Abilities that were exceedingly rare in the outside world, there was an extremely shocking amount of over a hundred in there.

After all, even if it were those ancient and great sects, they at most possessed a mere few tens of Dao Grade martial techniques and Divine Abilities. Moreover, the quality of them was utterly incapable of comparing to those that were stored in the Imperial Family’s treasure vault.

Supposedly, there were even perfect Dao Grade martial techniques and Divine Abilities in the treasure vault, and if one obtained one of them, it was sufficient to be passed down as an ultimate martial technique in a sect!

So how could all these Earthly Immortal Realm experts not be envious?

“Imperial Father, what’s the truth behind that strike Chen Xi utilized to defeat Qing Xiuyi?” Huangfu Qingying asked with a clear and melodious voice, and only she who was the youngest daughter Emperor Chu doted on the most that would dare ask Emperor Chu like this.

The attention of everyone in the hall was instantly drawn over when they heard this. Yeah, that final sword strike of Chen Xi’s actually broke apart the defense of the Devilbane Arena, and it even caused the defeat of Qing Xiuyi. Its might was so great that it was simply horrifying.

Emperor Chu smiled lightly, and then he glanced at the Civil Marquis and said, “Civil Marquis, you tell her.”

The Civil Marquis knew that his Majesty was testing his discerning ability, and he took a deep breath right away and said after pondering deeply, “According to my observation, that sword strike of Chen Xi’s contained an entire 14 types of Dao Insights. There were the five elements, lightning, wind, star, sky, slaughter, Yin, Yang, and another two types of Dao Insights that I’m only capable of confirming to be Grand Dao Insights, yet I do not know which Grand Dao they are.”

“Moreover, Chen Xi seems to have combined his will, body, and soul into this strike, causing it to seem like the unity of man and sword, and it had already exceeded the scope of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture. So it’s within reason that it possessed such might.”

The Civil Marquis’s voice reverberated in the hall, causing all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts, Huangfu Qingying, and the other six disciples to fall into shock.

Not to mention anything else, merely the 14 Grand Dao Insights contained within the strike caused them to be astounded, because that wasn’t Minor Daos but Grand Daos, 14 Grand Daos!

Grasping 14 Grand Dao Insights at Chen Xi’s current age and mere cultivation at the Golden Core Realm would surely shock the jaws off of countless people.

Amongst the people present, even those Earthly Immortal Realm experts that had cultivated for a few thousand years only had a few amongst them that had grasped 14 or more types of Grand Dao Insights.

The intensity of the shock that every felt when the Civil Marquis pointed out the number of Dao Insights Chen Xi possessed was obvious from this.

“He has grasped so many Grand Daos? Then how’s his Dao Insight cultivation?” Huangfu Qingying couldn’t help but ask. Her desire to excel was extremely strong, and even if Chen Xi had obtained the first in the Allstar Meeting, she wasn’t willing to see Chen Xi surpass her in every aspect.

“This kid’s Dao Insights have all attained the 6th level at the Initial Realm. Moreover, many Dao Insights are already at the verge of advancing to the Advanced Realm.” The person that replied to her question wasn’t the Civil Marquis, but Emperor Chu, and as his eyes opened and closed, they carried a trace of admiration and shock as he said slowly, “Up until this day, this kid is the most extraordinary all-around talent I’ve seen, and there’s rarely anyone that can compare to him. He’s even talented enough to be called a top genius amongst the various large powers of the Dark Reverie.”

All-around talent?

Everyone was stunned and pondered carefully. Chen Xi is an all-around talent indeed.

In qi refinement, his Sword Dao was peerless, and he’d defeated Qing Xiuyi and obtained the first in the Allstar Meeting.

In body refinement, he possessed numerous formidable top Divine Abilities, and he’d suppressed Zhao Qinghe, who was formerly the strongest in body refinement.

In terms of the cultivation of his soul, he’d even shattered Su Chan’s soul, causing Su Chan to faint from his heavy injury.

Even his cultivation of Dao Insights was something that not a single one of the few tens of thousands of disciples that participated in the Allstar Meeting could compare to.

It wasn’t going too far to call someone with such a talented person a peerless monster!

The atmosphere in Silken Palace became silent as most people were shocked to speechlessness by everything that Chen Xi possessed.

Only Huangfu Jingtian, Daoist Long He, Mo Lanhai, Lord Liu Xiao, Chong Xu the unfettered, and Zhao Zimei had an extremely dazed expression and seemed as if they’d lost their souls.

They understood that if this kid Chen Xi were to mature, then he would probably bring great trouble to them and the powers that stood behind them. Yet the current circumstances were something they were unable to change, let alone arouse the intention of taking revenge on Chen Xi again.

The reason was extremely simple. The current Chen Xi couldn’t be compared to before, and Emperor Chu would absolutely not allow such a matter to occur.

“What the Civil Marquis said about the sword strike of Chen Xi’s isn’t wrong. All I want to tell all of you is that this kid’s cultivation in the Sword Dao had already arrived at the state of obtaining an Enlightened Sword Heart. So long as he cultivates diligently without stopping, then he will surely become a peerless Sword Immortal in the future! Possessing such a genius is the fortune of my Darchu Dynasty.” Emperor Chu swept everyone with his gaze as a glint of lightning gushed as the sun and moon revolved in his eyes, and it carried an inviolable dignity as he said with a low voice, “So, I don’t want any mishap to occur to him within my territory.”

When they heard Emperor Chu’s intention to protect Chen Xi with their own two ears, the expressions of Huangfu Jingtian and the others instantly became dejected and dreary, and a strand of regret couldn’t be restrained from gushing into their hearts.

If it was possible, they would have rather not gone against Chen Xi on that day, than face the distressing situation they were in now. Unfortunately, everything was too late, and it was too late for regret.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, and Zhao Qinghe had already followed behind the Martial Marquis to go past layer after layer of grand formations that emitted extremely terrifying auras to safely enter into the treasure vault. 

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