Chapter 414 – Breaking Through Once Again

The Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture was reputed as the sword technique that was most difficult to cultivate in the world.

This sword technique contained eight types of Dao Insights and every single sword move contained the limit of variations. It was dense like a river of stars, vast like a sea of clouds, and even a Talisman Formation Master that was skilled in deduction would find it difficult to deduce all its variations. Moreover, the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture was divided into eight levels, each more difficult than the other, and one that was capable of learning its basics was sufficient to be called a genius that shocked the world, whereas one that was capable of cultivating it to the highest level was one in a million, rare to come by in a thousand years!

Even a great and mighty talent like Emperor Chu had studied it for a few tens of years yet gave up halfway in the end and was unable to completely master it to perfection, and the terrifying difficulty of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture was obvious from this.

Yet now, Chen Xi had suddenly entered into a state of sudden comprehension during the final battle and actually somehow combined the eight great sword moves of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture into its perfect state to attain the highest level, and it instantly caused an extremely great uproar.

All complication was shed to return to simplicity!

Perfect Sword Insight that returned to its state in nature!

Even all the old fellows that were spectating the battle were shocked to the point of being unable to restrain their emotions, and they sighed repeatedly with admiration. It was as if they were admiring the most grand and magnificent landscape painting in the world, and a wisp of heartfelt feelings of affection towards a genius arose in their hearts.

“There would surely be a genius that shook the heavens in every flourishing age. A genius that crushed all in a generation and reigned supreme, a genius that created unprecedented and supreme brilliance. This kid deserves such an honor!”

“He actually entered into a state of sudden comprehension in such a critical battle and combined all the sword moves of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture into a single strike. Such natural talent is indeed unprecedented and rare to come by in a thousand years. I heard this kid still doesn’t belong to any sect, my Merak Pavilion is willing to admit a genius like this!”

“If this kid is willing, my Jadepool Celestial Isle is willing to take him as a Core Disciple. Any cultivation technique, medicinal pill, and magic treasure can be selected by him, and even placing him as the Junior Sect Master is alright!”

“My Skysplit Sword Sect…”

“My Brightray Sect…”All the Earthly Immortal Realm experts aroused the love for geniuses in their hearts and intended to admit Chen Xi into their sects, and they even put forward various tempting conditions. It was even to the extent that many Earthly Immortal Realm experts started arguing over Chen Xi.

This bustling scene caused even the nearby Bei Heng to be dumbstruck. I never imagined that my sworn brother would actually become so popular in the blink of an eye. 


It had been very long since Chen Xi had carried out such a battle that was filled with pressure and allowed him to fight to his heart’s content. The pressure Qing Xiuyi brought upon him this time had allowed him to develop the enormous potential of his soul, and he’d finally broken through the final barrier of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture and combined them to attain the highest and perfect level.

It felt as if the Talisman Armament in his hand had transformed into a part of his body that was linked together like a part of his flesh and blood. Every single move broke through the barriers that caged him and allowed him to comprehend nature and its myriad of changes, and various Dao Insights were converged within his strike, causing its might to rise explosively by a few times than normal!

“Wherever light is present, all demons and evil will be crushed!” Under the sword moves of Chen Xi’s Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture that had attained perfection, Qing Xiuyi felt enormous pressure, but her cultivation rose along with this pressure, and she exploded out with boundless potential.

This was a genius!

Unbeatable and impossible to crush. They were capable of becoming stronger in adverse circumstances and exploded out with various potential that was greater than normal. No matter if it was Qing Xiuyi, Chen Xi, or even Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Changtian, and the others, all of them had such potential.

The difference was that Qing Xiuyi’s potential came from her experiences as a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, and it was practically equal to being born with it. On the other hand, Chen Xi’s potential was tempered from countless arduous battles, and it was something that was fostered later on.


Qing Xiuyi completely erupted. Light glowed brilliantly from her entire body and covered the world, the lights seemed material and formed numerous flames of light that contained terrifying incinerating energy, and it faintly emitted a sacred, vast, and mysterious sacrificial feeling that caused others to be unable to help but want to prostrate themselves in worship.

“This is the Light of Sacred Sacrifice! A sacrifice of one’s own lifespan as an offering to light in exchange for obtaining strength that’s a few times stronger than normal! Chen Xi actually forced her to use her lifespan to fight desperately…” The pupils of all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts constricted abruptly as they’d recognized this formidable and terrifying perfect Dao Grade martial technique.

The Light of Sacred Sacrifice was a perfect Dao Grade martial technique that was connected with the quintessence profundities of the heavens and the earth. It utilized a pure and sincere heart and supremely firm will to condense the profundities of the martial technique, and it combined with the spirit energy of the heavens and the earth to offer sacrifice to the light in order to draw from the terrifying might of the quintessence profundities of light. Once it was executed, one was capable of controlling light to subdue gods and bring chaos to the world!


A strand of light flashed through the sky and struck at Chen Xi, yet it was avoided by him, and then the flame of light descended onto the arena. Instantly, a bottomless pit was blazed open, and practically all the talisman formations set up by Emperor Chu at the bottom of the arena was destroyed!

“It really is the Flame of Sacred Sacrifice that’s formed from the Light of Sacred Sacrifice. It melts and destroys all. Supposedly, when cultivated to the limit, it’s even capable of summoning Light Spirits that’re formed in nature, and they were sufficient to boil seas, incinerate mountains, and destroy the stars and moon.”

“But since ancient times, cultivators that were capable of cultivating the Light of Sacred Sacrifice to the limit only existed in the Dark Reverie, and it’s utterly impossible to see such a cultivator in the plane we’re on.”

“That’s not necessarily true. By relying on her natural talent, perhaps Qing Xiuyi will be capable of becoming the first cultivator in our Darchu Dynasty to cultivate the Light of Sacred Sacrifice to the limit.”

All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts discussed the Light of Sacred Sacrifice, and at the same time, Emperor Chu personally made a move to completely stabilize the arena.

On the arena, the battle was like a raging fire.

As soon as Qing Xiuyi utilized the Light of Sacred Sacrifice, the flames of light danced about all over the sky with a terrifying might, causing Chen Xi to not dare rashly and forcefully go against these flames that carried a sacrificial feeling, and it instantly caused the pressure upon him to rise greatly.

This battle was really full of ups and downs, and it had only been carried out for less than 10 minutes, yet numerous shocking changes had occurred.

Hiss! Hiss!

The Flames of Sacred Sacrifice became more and more dense as they faintly formed into an enormous cage that enveloped the entire arena within it, causing Chen Xi to be unable to avoid it even if he wanted to.

When he saw this, Chen Xi charged into the sky right away as the Talisman Armament willfully flashed in the sky to slash out with a myriad of sword qi that sprayed out.

The two of them had finally started to go head on with full force.

Instantly, the Flames of Sacred Sacrifice that were like a raging storm locked onto Chen Xi as they covered the heavens and the earth and moved towards him. In the blink of an eye, numerous bloody holes were burnt upon Chen Xi’s body.

The might of the Flames of Sacred Sacrifice was even capable of destroying the arena that Emperor Chu had set up himself, let alone a person’s body?

The strength of this type of flames already didn’t belong within the scope of the Grand Dao of Fire, and it was a quintessence energy that was derived from the Light Dao Insight, causing it to be mysterious, sacred, and a force that surpassed the flames of nature itself.

“Die!” Qing Xiuyi spoke out coldly. “Sacred Flame World Annihilation!”

She exploded out once more, executing an extremely dense expanse of Flames of Sacred Sacrifice that were like comets that descended from outer space, and it wanted to completed purge and melt Chen Xi to nothingness.

Her killing intent was even completely expressed within this full force attack.

Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament tore through the sky as he exerted his entire strength without the holding back in the slightest as well, and he didn’t flinch even if the Flames of Sacred Sacrifice stuck through his body and melted his flesh.

Even though his body refinement cultivation was sufficient to allow him to be regrow himself, it wasn’t enough before the Flames of Sacred Sacrifice. Because this energy of light was capable of instantly incinerating his body, and it would utterly not give him the time to repair his body.

In other words, Chen Xi was charging with his life!

He tore apart layer after layer of flames as crystalline blood that was suffused with a light golden sheen flowed out from the cracks on his body, and it flowed all over his body, causing him to seem like horrifying a man made of blood.

“Risking your life? I know how to do that as well!” Qing Xiuyi’s clear eyes squinted when she saw this. She knew that if Chen Xi was capable of charging over, then she would probably fall into a disadvantaged situation.

At this moment, her beautiful face that was tranquil and indifferent revealed a wisp of a rare frenzied expression. “Chen Xi, go to hell! You’re thinking of breaking through the envelopment of my Flames of Sacred Sacrifice? Dream on! You’ve taken my purity, so you must pay with your life!”

Hiss! Hiss!

The flames of Sacred Sacrifice became even more vast, covered the heavens and the earth and causing all the cultivators outside the arena to be unable to see the situation of the battle clearly any longer, whereas after she finished doing all this, Qing Xiuyi suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood as her countenance turned pale and translucent.

The Light of Sacred Sacrifice was an extremely overbearing martial technique. If one wanted to bring forth a stronger strength, then one had to pay with one’s lifespan and offer it up as sacrifice, so that one was able to connect with the quintessence energy of light. It was a double sided blade.

Qing Xiuyi had already consumed a great deal of lifespan earlier. At this moment, she ruthlessly executed it once more, and she was unable to endure it with her cultivation, causing her to instantly suffer from a backlash.

But Qing Xiuyi didn’t care about all this at this moment. No matter what, she was absolutely unable to tolerate Chen Xi defeating her and continue living. 

Bang! Bang!

The surging Flames of Sacred Sacrifice illuminated the heavens and the earth as its might grew even more terrifying. The strands of seemingly translucent flames were like the divine flames stolen from the lantern of the gods, and it ceaselessly shot towards Chen Xi’s body.

In merely an instant, Chen Xi felt as if his body was about to be incinerated as boundless pain seemed like teeth of a saw that was swallowing every single inch of the flesh in his entire body, causing him to be unable to help but tremble.

It seemed as if he would arrive on the verge of death in the next moment.

One cannot build the new without destroying the old. I must win this battle! I must… Chen Xi shouted in his heart. He’d already held a firm and unmoving belief that he would surely win, and even if he died, he would go all out!

So what if it’s Light Dao Insight, so what if it’s the Flame of Sacred Sacrifice? Everything that obstructs my footsteps will be broken, crumbled, and shattered into powder!

Because he wanted to win, he wanted to take back his flesh and blood — Chen An!

Besides victory, he didn’t have any other thought in his mind.

He wouldn’t have any regrets even if he died.


At this moment, his will penetrated his soul, causing it to be unprecedentedly strong and concentrated, and exceedingly firm. Within his sea of consciousness, a tempestuous storm rose abruptly, the Fuxi Divine Status automatically floated up into appearance as a myriad of magnificent divine lights emerged from it, and the River Diagram fragments droned and trembled while emitting a peculiar fluctuation that flowed and spread out… Everything seemed to have fallen into a collapsing and chaotic state.

However, Chen Xi’s heart suddenly became translucent like glass as his entire body entered an eternal, tranquil, and empty state. It seemed as if time, space, and everything in the heavens and the earth had entered into a motionless state.

Various Dao Insight energies were ceaselessly being derived before his eyes. The five elements, Yin, Yang, lightning, wind, star, sky, Paramita, Oblivion, slaughter… 14 types of Grand Dao profundities seemed like 14 perfect cycles that instantly emerged in unison.

A split second was the time needed for a thought, 20 thoughts happened in an instant, and 20 instants happened in a snap of the finger!

In this moment for a thought which was short to the point of being impossible to describe, fortune had struck Chen Xi, and he slashed out with his sword. 

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