Chapter 413 – Eight Moves Combined Into One

Qing Xiuyi didn’t continue speaking, her state of mind had completely calmed, causing her expression to be as normal, like an old dry well that lacked any ripples, and she’d entered into a profound state. The air in her surroundings seemed to be fluctuating, and it seemed as if a special force was being developed there.

However, Chen Xi sensed a wave of extremely vast energies of light flowing out from her body, and it was sacred and boundless, and it contained a sense of being capable of overturning the world, causing the sun and moon to be in chaos, and be present everywhere.

This was the Light Dao Insight, it embodied the light within the heavens and the earth as its limit, and it was present everywhere!


A strange clear howl resounded out in the heavens and the earth as Qing Xiuyi’s delicate hand waved about and formed profound seals with her hand, and then the vast and sacred energy of light condensed into a seal that could prop up the sky and emitted infinite dazzling brilliance.

The arena beneath her feet shook as cracks appeared inch by inch out of nowhere. After that, the space Chen Xi was in instantly constricted and collapsed to form a cage formed from dazzling light, and it confined Chen Xi within it.

At the same time, the vast and sacred seal that could prop up the heavens smashed down fiercely!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

As soon as this seal struck out, merely the terrifying might it emitted caused line after line of rifts that were like a spider web to open up on the floor of the area, and it was horrifying and caused one’s scalp to go numb.


Chen Xi’s eyes squinted while residing within the cage. He didn’t dare dally to spin the Talisman Armament in his right hand, causing various Dao Insights to fill Talisman Armament, and it emitted a sword move that shot into the sky, emitted a fierce glow, and swept through the sky with extreme ease.

Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture — 7th level!

Not only had this strike broken free from the restraints of space, it even slashed open the void as boundless lightning, gales, intense flames, and floods of water soared up under the sword light and gushed out violently, and the scene seemed as if a world was ceaselessly experiencing destruction and rebirth.


Under the astounded gazes of everyone present, this extremely shocking sword light slashed heavily onto the seal. Instantly, the air shook violently as a terrifying collision force blasted out towards the surroundings, and it was as if a ripple that was filled with destructive force stretched out towards the surroundings.

How tough were the light barrier in the surroundings of the arena, yet at this moment, it was unable to endure the combined destructive force of the two of them, and it exploded with a bang. Only now was the destructive airflow able to vent itself, and it was like a roaring and surging wave that charged into the other areas of the Devilbane Arena.

When looked at from afar, the entire Devilbane Arena was suffused with dust and dirt while rays of light fluttered in the sky, and it seemed as a scene of the end of the world.

The defensive light barrier on the arena has been broken apart!

Everyone present was shocked to the extreme. Since the Allstar Meeting started until now, it was the first time to the defensive barrier on the arena was blasted apart! The numerous battles before this were only barely capable of causing the light barrier to tremble intensely. This obviously displayed how terrifying the destructive force contained in Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi’s attacks was.


Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi simultaneously retreated over 30m away. The collision from before more or less had the intention of probing each other, and it wasn’t their strongest attacks.

“Light Dao Insight is really extraordinary.” Chen Xi felt enormous pressure for the first time, but the victor was unknown until he fought until the end.

“The might of the seventh level of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture is formidable indeed.” A trace of shock flashed past the depths of Qing Xiuyi’s eyes, and then it vanished without a trace as she said indifferently, “If it’s the perfect sword move of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, then perhaps I would be slightly afraid of it. But unfortunately, you seem to have not attained that level. The strike from before was only a probing strike. I’ll allow you to understand what is called invincible next.” 

“This sword strike was similarly a probing attack of mine. As for the final outcome, how can it be predicted until the end of the battle?” Chen Xi replied calmly.

“Only a probing attack?”

“It can’t be!?” 

The first collision between the two of them had caused everyone to be shocked. Yet when they heard them speak of it now, it was merely a probing attack, and it instantly caused everyone to be speechless.


Qing Xiuyi seized the opportunity to attack first. Her hands fluttered about to instantly overlap countless dense palm prints that instantly caused the sky to be covered with surging lights that transformed into strands of dazzling sword qi, and they were like spirit serpents that twisted, wriggled, and intertwined together.

These strands of light energy contained an extremely terrifying blazing purification energy of light, and it shot out explosively to instantly cover Chen Xi’s body and wanted to bore into every single aperture on his body.

How could Chen Xi resign himself to death? He grunted coldly as raging storm instantly arose around his body, and then the Talisman Armament revolved like a top, causing all the strands of light to be shaken to the point they shattered into pieces.

However, what Chen Xi never imagined was that this energy of light that was shattered didn’t dissipate, and they instead instantly transformed into a translucent palm print that fiercely slapped onto his Talisman Armament.


Chen Xi was caught off guard, causing his body to feel as if it was struck by a sledgehammer, and the strength contained within the translucent palm print was actually vast like the ocean and copious to the point it couldn’t be defended against. It shook Chen Xi to the point he couldn’t stand stably and was actually blasted flying.

Right when his vital energy and blood was roiling, and he hadn’t recovered, Qing Xiuyi arrived as if she’d passed through space before slapping her palm down like a cattail leaf fan towards his head. Her fingers were crystalline and translucent, and they emitted extremely dazzling light energy that guaranteed her palm would be capable of smashing Chen Xi’s head.

Chen Xi’s body went cold as he executed the Starsky Wings with his full strength, and then he turned and flew like an unreal wisp of smoke to instantly dodge this attack.

Qing Xiuyi pounced over once more when her attack missed, light flowed around her as her clothed fluttered with the wind, and she was like a Queen of Light that wanted to purify the world as she struck out with a killing move.

But Chen Xi had relied on the extremely profound Starsky Wings to dodge it. Moreover, he’d seized this opportunity to recover to his peak state once more, and then his gaze flashed as he ferociously launched a counterattack.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

His feet stomped on the sky, causing the airflow to shatter, and he was like a charging mammoth as the Talisman Armament tore through the sky and pierced towards Qing Xiuyi with an unparalleled speed.

“You actually have the audacity to launch a counterattack?” Qing Xiuyi’s eyes squinted as the aura on her entire body grew stronger. She was unable to tolerate that Chen Xi had resolved his situation of passively receiving attacks like this!

“World Illumination!” She cried out loudly and clearly as surging flames of light lit ablaze on her delicate hands, and it was dazzling and resplendent as if she controlled two brilliant suns that leaped about. Her palms overlapped each other, and it carried a terrifying feeling of being able to purify, annihilate, and obliterate a person.


Palm and sword collided, caused boundless brilliant lights to explode out, and two figures moved freely on the arena as they fought intensely. One had Sword Insight that shot into the sky, the other flowed with light, and the situation of the battle was unprecedentedly horrifying, causing all the surrounding people to be shocked by the sight of it.

In an instant, Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi had exchanged over 100 blows, and he felt as if Qing Xiuyi’s strength was growing stronger and stronger to the point of almost suffocating him, whereas the sword moves of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture was about to collapse at any moment. Only now did he know what a terrifying strength a rare Grand Dao Insight like Light possessed.

But the more it was like this, the firmer and higher his fighting spirit would be.

Qing Xiuyi deserves her name as a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal. Her martial techniques are extraordinary, whereas her combat style is resolute and straightforward, and it carries a strong and unshakable confidence. Even I don’t dare say I’m capable of confidently defeating a person like this, and it’s even to the extent I’m not the slightest bit sure that I can win…

But it’s precisely because of this that it’s challenging. Only an opponent like this can allow me to break through my limits. Once I defeat her, not only will I be able to obtain first place and reunite with An’er, perhaps my cultivation will obtain an extremely great benefit as well.

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi’s heart was even more firm, pure, clear, and translucent. He stopped considering anything else, stopped considering success and failure. He only had a single objective — defeat his opponent! 

At this moment, Chen Xi’s soul seemed to have obtained a rise, causing his entire bearing to change. His bearing lost a trace of resoluteness and ruthless, and it gained calmness and vitality, whereas, his eyes were clear yet deep like the starry sky in the depths of the universe.

It felt as if his mind, body, and soul were undergoing a transformation, a baptism.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Countless sword lights flashed out into the sky, some were vast like the sky, some were thick like the earth, some were wispy like a breeze…

Every single sword light contained a single sword move, every single sword move contained a Dao Insight. Each sword light linked with another and were interwoven flawlessly, causing them to be filled with a feeling of perfect circulation.

Chen Xi’s entire body followed the sword move and moved front and back.

For a time, the sword moves Chen Xi sprayed out were like a surging and magnificent painting. Storms gathered, lightning lay across the sky, starry flames flowed, a myriad of plants flourished, mountains and marshes alternated… A myriad of scenes formed into a perfect and harmonious scene that was magnificent. 

Sky, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Mountain, Marsh, Lightning.

Eight types of sword moves combined into one yet were mutually separated. Every single sword light was so pure, yet once it was executed, it contained an infinite amount of variations.

At this moment, Chen Xi had fused all the comprehensions he’d obtained in the countless battles over the past few years into his Sword Dao, and everything came easily and at will.

He was immersed in a strange state. It was as if the eight great sword moves of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture were having fun, chasing each other, and combining, and everything seemed natural and utterly didn’t require him to intentionally think which sword move he should use.

All complication was shed to return to simplicity as the Dao was always boundless and natural!

“This is…”

“What a profound sword technique!”

“Beautiful! It’s natural, flawless, and without the slightest trace of being executed artificially. Such a sword technique can really be called a technique that had been derived from nature yet fused with nature, and it points straight towards the essence of the Sword Dao!”

At this moment, everyone including the Earthly Immortal Realm experts exclaimed with heartfelt admiration. Every single sword move of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture that Chen Xi executed was completely different, yet combined with each other while containing various Dao Insights, and it was simply like the tune of nature. Sometimes gentle like a whisper, sometimes loud and resounding, sometimes continuous and dense like a drizzle, sometimes vast and powerful like a great river…and it possessed an imposing aura that shook one’s heart and soul.

The Sword Dao was famous for being the first in offensive strength, yet it was exceedingly complicated and difficult.

The sword cultivators in the world were numerous like the starry sky, yet only one in a million were capable of achieving great accomplishments in the Sword Dao, whereas one that was capable of becoming a peerless Sword Immortal was even rarer to come by in a thousand years.

The sword technique Chen Xi executed now had already touched on the essence of the Sword Dao, so he wouldn’t simply achieve a great accomplishment in the Sword Dao, and he even possessed the potential to become a peerless Sword Immortal! So how could it not cause everyone to be shocked and sigh with admiration?

“Eight moves combined into one, a myriad of changes converged into a single strike! This little fellow’s natural talent is shocking indeed. Possessing such an outstanding talent is the fortune of my Darchu Dynasty!” High above in the sky, the eyes of Emperor Chu opened and closed as a trace of heartfelt praise flashed in the depths of his eyes. 

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