Chapter 412 – For The Sake Of Victory

The Mirror of Exchange was considered a wondrous and unusual treasure. Its effect was extremely simple, it was capable of displaying all the scenes the occurred nearby to it down to the slightest detail.

Even if the other person that possessed a Mirror of Exchange was 50 million km away, the person would be able to see everything that happened here through the mirror, and it was as if the person was physically here.

A streak of light flowed, the young boy within the Mirror of Exchange had obviously seen Chen Xi and was slightly stunned, and then he opened his eyes wide as his young and tiny face revealed a trace of shock.

His brows were pitch black and like swords, his eyes jet black and clear, his appearance clear and handsome, and his shocked expression was simply exactly similar to Chen Xi who’d similarly fallen into great shock.

When they saw this scene, everyone was even more sure of the guess in their hearts, and for a time, they were shocked to the point of being unable to speak.

“He… He’s…” Chen Xi was stunned, and his mind was completely blank. The appearance of the young boy was extremely alike to him, and when he saw the young boy, it was as if he’d seen a young version of himself, it was so familiar and so intimate.

However, when he met the young boy’s eyes and saw the wonder on the young boy’s face when looking at him, his heart ached greatly for no reason or rhyme as a wisp of an extremely complicated feeling gushed out from his heart. There was happiness, shock, bewilderment…various feelings were bunched together, and it was truly difficult to be described in words.


Qing Xiuyi put away the Mirror of Exchange and said indifferently, “Yes, he’s my son.”

“No! He ought to be my son!” Chen Xi instantly recovered from his complicated feelings and spoke out excitedly. At this moment, because of the appearance of this young boy, the calm in the bottom of his heart and been completely destroyed.

Qing Xiuyi stared at Chen Xi and was silent for a short moment before she said slowly, “I admit that you’re right. But so long as you’re dead, he’ll be my child alone, and he wouldn’t be related to anyone else.”

Chen Xi’s entire body shivered and had a dazed expression on his face when he heard Qing Xiuyi admit herself that the child was his own flesh and blood, and he seemed to be delighted, frenzied, and unable believe it. I actually have a son as well?!

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, when they heard Qing Xiuyi admit that the child was born from her and Chen Xi, everyone present including the Earthly Immortal Realm experts were dumbstruck and shocked to the extreme.

No one had imagined that such a shocking scene would actually occur during the final battle of the Allstar Meeting, let alone imagine that Qing Xiuyi who was lofty like a celestial maiden, sacred, and inviolable in the hearts of countless young experts would actually have had a child with Chen Xi!

Moreover, their son was already four or five years old now.

This fact was so absurd, so brutal, causing the hearts of countless young men to shatter with a bang, and even the formidable cultivators of the older generation were in disbelief.

Doesn’t he have enmity with Qing Xiuyi, why… Zhen Liuqing’s eyes were wide open like saucers as her pure and beautiful face was suffused with a wisp of a complicated expression.

The expressions of Ya Qing and the other girls were mostly like this as well. Never had they imagined that Chen Xi had soundlessly taken Qing Xiuyi and even had a child.

On the other side, the Whitecrane Sect’s Ancestor, Daoist Long He, was angered to the point his expression darkened, and he gnashed his teeth as his face twitched fiercely. The disciple I’m most proud of has actually had a child with the fellow I wish for nothing more than to kill! Moreover, I was kept in the dark all this time, and I’ve only found out now!



“Your condition is that I must take my own life if I lose?” On the arena, Chen Xi took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the complicated feelings in his heart, and then he said slowly, “What if I win?”

Qing Xiuyi frowned and said, “Your chances of winning are extremely small, so I utterly have no need to reply to this question of yours.”

“To put it in another way, I can agree to the conditions you’ve raised. But you must agree to a condition of mine if I defeat you.” Chen Xi continued.

Qing Xiuyi’s brows knit even more tightly as she seemed to not understand where Chen Xi got the confidence to defeat her, and she went silent for a long time before she said, “Alright, go ahead.”

Chen Xi took a deep breath and said word by word with a serious expression. “Return my son to me once I win!” His voice seemed to be squeezed out from between the cracks in his teeth, and it was extremely resolute!

Even though he only knew now that he had a son in the world and had just seen the little fellow’s face for the first time a few moments ago, Chen Xi was absolutely unable to allow his own flesh and blood to not know of his existence!

He would risk everything to take back his son.

Because the Chen Clan’s blood flowing in the little fellow’s body, and he would never allow the child to leave him!

“Have you considered it thoroughly? If you lose, then you must atone with your life.” Qing Xiuyi’s eyes were deep, causing one to be unable to see through the true thoughts in her heart.

Chen Xi nodded and said, “I know you hate me, but there’s utterly no need to use a child to put pressure on me. Not to mention, the matter from all those years ago…”

“Shut up!” Qing Xiuyi’s voice suddenly went icy cold. “If you want An’er, then cut the crap!”

“So he’s called An’er, Chen An, Chen An….” Chen Xi muttered to himself as his expression gradually became firm. Even if not for the sake of the first in the Allstar Meeting, he would obtain victory today!

Exactly. Victory.

There hadn’t been a moment in his life that caused Chen Xi to yearn so greatly for victory, and all of this was stemmed from his own flesh and blood that he’d never seen for many years!

Because he had this firm and unmoving thought, his mind instantly calmed down, and it became unprecedentedly pure and empty. There was only a single objective in his eyes — Win this battle!

Qing Xiuyi was stunned. Obviously, she never imagined that Chen Xi’s state of mind would recover so quickly, and not only that, it instead became even more firm and calm than before.


“Let’s begin!” Chen Xi held the Talisman Armament in his hand as he stood calmly, and his entire body emitted an extremely pure and fierce Sword Insight that caused the surrounding space to be instantly shattered. At this moment, Chen Xi seemed like a divine weapon that was freed from its years of being sealed beneath dust, and it was telling everyone in the world what exactly was sharpness, what exactly was unstoppable sharpness!

“Since you’re so impatient to die, I’ll fulfill your wish.” Qing Xiuyi shook her head as her clothed fluttered with the wind, and rays of divine light gushed out from her body as infinite Light Dao Insight surged out with a bang to instantly envelop the entire arena.

The heartbeat of everyone present couldn’t help but quicken when they saw this scene, and their mouths went dry as they watched with focused attention, as they were deeply afraid of missing the most critical scenes.

This was a battle the strongest in the younger generation of the Darchu Dynasty, and it was similarly a battle between man and woman that was a mix of love and hatred!

No matter victory or defeat, this battle was bound to spread throughout every corner of the Darchu Dynasty overnight, and it would become an eternal legend, an immortal fairy tale! 

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