Chapter 411 – That Child

Chen Xi had won!

He didn’t utilize his qi refinement and instead defeated Zhao Qinghe with body refinement that Zhao Qinghe was the most skilled in!

When they saw this scene, the entire Silken City fell into shock, and everyone didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi was actually ferocious to such an extent of being capable of suppressing Zhao Qinghe in body refinement and obtain the victory in the first battle amongst the top three.

Earlier, when he fought Su Jiankong and Su Chan, both of them were qi refiners that were skilled in the Sword Dao and Blade Dao, whereas Chen Xi had similarly utilized his qi refinement cultivation to go against them and defeat them beneath his sword.

This caused everyone present to think that Chen Xi was a pure Sword Cultivator that tread on the path of the sword. Who would have imagined that his body refinement cultivation would similarly be so shocking? 

Even Zhao Qinghe had lost miserably at his hands…

Who was Zhao Qinghe? A Core Disciple of the Merak Pavilion, a peerless genius that was personally fostered by the slovenly old Daoist. His body refinement cultivation had reached the acme of perfection, and there were few amongst the younger generation that were capable of comparing to him. Before the competition began, he was even looked favorably upon by most people, and they were sure that it was extremely likely that he would seize first in the Allstar Meeting this time.

However, at this moment, such a brilliant and outstanding genius had lost at Chen Xi’s hands. Moreover, he was defeated in body refinement which he was the most skilled in…

This intense visual impact and the enormous conflict between reality and expectation caused these Earthly Immortal Realm experts to be dumbstruck and shocked speechless.

“He won! Haha! Big Brother Chen Xi has won! Zhao Qinghe was even taken by most people to be one of the strongest candidates to seize first, yet he lost to Big Brother Chen Xi all the same.” Mu Wenfei was extremely excited as he shouted loudly. “The first, the first, seize the first in the Allstar Meeting!”

“Seize the first.” Ya Qing and the other girls revealed smiled on their faces as they cried out excitedly.

“Uncle is really formidable, even a person was torn apart by him.” Little Chen Yu stuck out his tongue and had an astonished expression.

Fei Lengcui started smiling, and Daoist Wen Xuan beside her started smiling as well.

Zhen Liuqing looked from afar at Chen Xi who walked out of the Devilbane Arena. At this moment, all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts were looking at Chen Xi, and Chen Xi was the most dazzling and resplendent existence.

Zhen Liuqing felt a wave of excitement as well, she was excited for Chen Xi.

Only the final battle remains. Zhen Liuqing muttered with anticipation. “So long as he defeats Qing Xiuyi, Chen Xi will be able to become the deserving number one expert in the Allstar Meeting.”



The second battle, Qing Xiuyi versus Zhao Qinghe.

After his fight with Chen Xi, Zhao Qinghe’s consumption of strength was enormous, but Emperor Chu made a move right away to make his Shaman Energy completely recover and gave him the time an incense stick used to burn to recuperate.

Presently, he was standing in the Devilbane Arena while brimming with energy and vigor once more. His expression was calm, and he hadn’t lost his fighting spirit because of his loss to Chen Xi in the first battle.

Moreover, facing this great opponent Qing Xiuyi had instead aroused the unyielding battle intent within his bones. At the instant the battle began, he’d utilized his entire strength and executed various formidable Divine Abilities, and his imposing aura was peerlessly ferocious as he fought extremely violently with Qing Xiuyi. 

Actually, since he was able to come this far, Zhao Qinghe’s strength wasn’t inferior to Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi. Moreover, as a body refiner, he innately possessed an advantage over the School of Qi Refinement. But in the battle, strength wasn’t the only factor that determined the outcome, and martial techniques, Divine Abilities, magic treasures, cultivation of the Dao Heart…and many other factors were able to affect the battle.

Especially under the circumstances that the strength of both parties was almost equal, the battle wasn’t a competition of cultivation, but a competition of whose Dao Heart was stronger or cultivation in martial techniques and Divine Abilities were more formidable.

The battle between Zhao Qinghe and Qing Xiuyi was similarly extremely intense, but in the end, it was still Zhao Qinghe that was slightly inferior and was easily defeated by Qing Xiuyi’s Light Dao Insight.

When he left the Devilbane Arena, Zhao Qinghe glanced at Chen Xi and seemed to be saying ‘You’ve seen it as well. If you want to win the first in the Allstar Meeting, then Qing Xiuyi will be a barrier that’s difficult to surmount.’

Chen Xi’s expression was calm and refused to make comment.

Zhao Qinghe laughed in self ridicule as he shook his head, and then he returned to the side of his master and lowered his head before going silent. Obviously, successively losing at the hands of Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi had more or less struck a blow to his confidence.

The slovenly old Daoist sighed lightly in his heart, yet he smiled lightheartedly and said, “Qinghe, I’m already extremely satisfied that you were able to rank in the top three. It’s only a competition and can’t decide much. The true victory is actually determined by who can survive the waves of Heavenly Tribulation to ascend and become a Heavenly Immortal. That’s the great event that decides the future of a cultivator, those that are victorious would become Immortals, whereas those that fail would be obliterated!”

“Mmm, don’t worry Master, I’ll surely cultivate and become a Heavenly Immortal a step before them!” Zhao Qinghe nodded as he secretly clenched his fists. 


Zhao Qinghe had lost successively and stopped at the third, and he didn’t have any chance of competing for the first any longer.

At this moment, Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi were recuperating in meditation.

The final battle in the last round of the battles would begin after two hours. After this battle ended, the first in the Allstar Meeting this time would be decided upon, causing it to be important to the utmost degree.

At this moment, the entire Silken City had fallen into silence, perfect silence. Even those Earthly Immortal Realm experts were all keeping silent, as if they were deeply afraid they would disturb Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi’s meditation and recuperation.

The atmosphere seemed to be extremely silent, yet it faintly possessed an oppressing feeling of a brewing storm.

Chen Xi was the most dazzling dark horse in the Allstar Meeting this time. He’d overcome various difficulties all along the way and won every battle. Most striking of it all was not only did he possess an extremely formidable cultivation in qi refinement, even his body refinement cultivation was extremely terrifying, and he was absolutely a formidable figure that concealed his strength deeply without completely revealing it.

On the other hand, Qing Xiuyi was the first reincarnated Heavenly Immortal that had appeared in the Darchu Empire up to this date, and she was like a celestial maiden that remained aloof from the world. She possessed the memories of her previous life as a Heavenly Immortal, and someone as formidable as Zhao Qinghe was easily defeated by her. Up until now, there hadn’t been a single person that had forced her into a hopeless situation.

Presently, these two young experts that were similarly extraordinary were about to carry out the final battle in the Allstar Meeting and decide on a victor. How could everyone not look forward towards such a scene?

At this moment, the gazes of practically everyone had converged on them, and they held their breaths as they looked at the two of them with great concentration.

“The third battle, Qing Xiuyi versus Chen Xi! Both of you, enter the Devilbane Arena now.” After two hours passed, Emperor Chu personally announced the battle from high above in the heavens, and he broke the silence in Silken City.


Chen Xi glanced at Qing Xiuyi from afar before flashing towards the Devilbane Arena first. At this moment, his heart was clear and calm, and he wasn’t being pulled along by the embarrassing enmity that had occurred between the two of them.

Qing Xiuyi rose trippingly like a wisp of misty rain that descended into the Devilbane Arena. She stood there alone with fluttering clothes and a peerlessly beautiful appearance that was faintly visible, and she seemed as if she would fly off with the wind in the next moment, causing her to seem superficial to the point others could only see but not reach her.

Opposite her was Chen Xi standing openly in azure clothes and black hair that waved about, and his pitch black and deep gaze of indifferent like water, neither arrogant nor impetuous, pure and natural. He seemed like a rock that grew on a cliff amidst a sea of clouds, neither happy nor sorrowful towards anything that happened around him.

At this moment, the gazes of everyone present had converged onto this man and woman, and they focused their gazes without blinking as they were deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail and causing themselves to feel regret for their entire lives.

“This long awaited moment has finally arrived.” Qing Xiuyi spoke out abruptly, and she spoke extremely strange words. After that, she looked straight at Chen Xi’s eyes before she said indifferently, “Before we carry out the battle, I have a condition.” 

“Just speak what’s on your mind.” Chen Xi went silent for a short moment before he spoke slowly.

“If you lose at my hands, then end your life before me.” Qing Xiuyi replied without thinking.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then his brows gradually knit together. “What’s the reason?”

It wasn’t just Chen Xi who was puzzled, even all the spectating cultivators were stunned. What reason would cause Qing Xiuyi who’d always been indifferent like water to raise such a murderous request?

Could it be that there’s an irreconcilable enmity between her and Chen Xi?

Everyone was extremely curious.

“She’s going too far!” Ya Qing and the other girls frowned and were extremely displeased. A battle was a battle, yet who would wager their lives? This condition is simply unreasonable and extremely absurd!

Only Fan Yunlan faintly noticed something, causing her to have a stunned expression, yet she didn’t dare affirm it.

Qing Xiuyi went silent for a moment and seemed to have made a great decision, and then she waved her delicate hand, causing a Mirror of Exchange to float into appearance in midair and form a screen.

The Mirror of Exchange was crystalline and translucent, and the scene it revealed was extremely simple. It was the appearance of a house with a dressing table, bed, table, and chairs. Obviously, it was the bedroom of a woman, and it was kept elegant and tidy. 

But at the instant Chen Xi looked at the Mirror of Exchange, he instantly seemed as if he was struck by lightning, and his eyes couldn’t be moved away any longer.

Because within the bedroom was another smaller soft bed, and beside the bed was a rattle-drum, tiny wooden sword, and many other toys of a child. Most importantly, there was a child around the age of four or five supporting his chin with both hands before the wooden table, and his figure was completely revealed to the slightest detail within the Mirror of Exchange.

One could even clearly see that the child seemed to be utterly bored and was staring blankly at the Mirror of Exchange!

“That’s…” Chen Xi stared fixedly at the child as his mouth opened. His body couldn’t help but tremble, and he seemed as if he was dazed.

“Isn’t it just a child? What is there to make a fuss about?” Meanwhile, most of the people present had seen the scene within the Mirror of Exchange, and all of them were extremely bewildered as they were unable to figure out why Chen Xi would be so shocked.

Only Ya Qing and a very few people looked at the child then looked at Chen Xi, and then a shocking thought arose simultaneously in their minds.

“Eh, that little brother’s appearance is extremely alike to Uncle!” A clear and melodious voice resounded out, and it was little Chen Yu. He was only five or six years old, causing him to be unable to hide anything in his heart, and he spoke out with everything on his mind.

As soon as these words were spoken, Ya Qing, Daoist Wen Xuan, and all the others looked at each other as a strange thought gushed out into their hearts. Could it be that child…is really Chen Xi’s son?

“That little fellow’s appearance is really alike to Chen Xi… Ah, wait! He wouldn’t really be Chen Xi’s son, right?” 

Meanwhile, everyone else noticed an inkling and stared their eyes wide open while revealing shocked expressions on their faces. If he’s really Chen Xi’s son, then why is he in Qing Xiuyi’s possession? Could it be…

Could it be that child was born from Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi?

As soon as this thought arose, it instantly shocked everyone present to the point of gasping, and they had a dazed feeling as if everything before their eyes was so unreal. 

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