Chapter 410 – The Might of Divine Truth

Outside the Devilbane Arena.

“What a swift speed! What a formidable starry palm print!”

“What movement technique is that? It’s actually capable of forming a pair of wings with a myriad of stars circulating within it on his body, and the stars echo with the stars in the universe from afar. It’s really formidable to the extreme.” 

“It isn’t just his movement technique. Look at the palm print, the five elements circulate in its fingers while stars circulate in the center of the palm, and there’re even numerous Dao Insights contained within the stars. Moreover, the Dao Insights don’t conflict with each other. I’ve lived for almost a thousand years, yet it’s the first time I’ve seen such a formidable Divine Ability.”

When Chen Xi executed the Starsky Wings and Grand Astral Palm, the pupils of all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts constricted as they revealed expressions of shock.

When one was at their level, one was practically capable of instantly discerning the quality of a Divine Ability and its name. However, they’d never seen or heard of the Divine Abilities Chen Xi executed. Moreover, its might was exceedingly great, and it was obviously a great Divine Ability that was at the topmost quality!

“It really is like that, it really is like that…” High above in the sky, Emperor Chu had opened his eyes since an unknown time and was looking at the Devilbane Arena from afar, and his eyes was suffused with wave after wave of enormous waves that were like seas of lightning. Obviously, after he witnessed the Divine Ability that Chen Xi executed, he was rather shocked in his heart as well.


Right at this moment, Zhao Qinghe had executed the Divine Ability, Frost Forbidden Arts as well, and an enormous ‘’ character that emitted an obscure, icy cold, and deathly still aura soared through the sky and was reflected in the entire Devilbane Arena.

Zhao Qinghe had obtained this Divine Ability from the Martial Dao Divine Throne. After cultivating in the Silken Mountainriver Diagram for a year, Zhao Qinghe had already grasped the various quintessences contained within it. At the moment he executed it now, it instantly caused the airflow, dust, light…everything on the arena seemed as if it was frozen and sealed, causing a silent and peculiar state to appear.

Everyone present gasped as they looked at the icy cold and deathly still pitch black ‘’ character. This is absolutely an extremely formidable Divine Ability, and its might is absolutely not inferior to a perfect Dao Grade martial technique!

Practically at the instant Zhao Qinghe executed the Frost Forbidden Arts, an extremely pitch black and profound vertical eye had swiftly appeared between Chen Xi’s brows, and boundless phenomena gushed into appearance within it.

Infinite talisman markings gushed into appearance within the vertical eye, transforming into the phenomena of the rise and fall of the heavens and the earth, the movement of stars, the passage of time, the changes in the world for countless lifetimes… It seemed to contain all the infinite changes in the universe, and it was profound and boundless!

Divine Ability — The Eye of Divine Truth.

After this vertical eye appeared, even if they were outside the Devilbane Arena, everyone felt as if their hearts and up until the depths of their souls had been seen through. It was as if all their secrets up to the slightest detail was seen through by this eye.

This Divine Ability was from the Martial Dao Divine Throne, but at the root of it all, it was from the exceedingly mysterious River Diagram fragment. During the year he’d cultivated in the Silken Mountainriver Diagram, Chen Xi had similarly comprehended this Divine Ability.

“In the wake of frost, all turn to deathly stillness!” Zhao Qinghe’s hands flipped, causing the ‘’ character that floated in midair to emanate a pitch black and brilliant light that spread out like a ripple.

Crack! Crack!

The pitch black light was like the embodiment of the god of ice. Everywhere it passed, space was actually frozen and suffused with a sheen that was like ice crystals. Moreover, the airflow that drifted in the surroundings were frozen as well, transforming into icicles that were like mist, and they were stuck in midair and remained motionless.

A strange aura that felt deathly still and was as if everything in the world had been gone extinct swiftly suffused the entire Devilbane Arena.

This was Zhao Qinghe’s trump card. He’d executed it at this moment precisely for the sake of directly dealing with Chen Xi, so as to avoid being locked in an endless stalemate and bitterly exhausting his energy like before.


A divine light shot out explosively from the vertical eye between Chen Xi’s brow. Instantly, the entire scene before his eyes changed abruptly. The heavens and the earth seemed to have entered into a motionless state, allowing him to extremely clearly see the trace of an extremely subtle smile that was revealed on the corners of Zhao Qinghe’s mouth, a smile that seemed as if victory was within his grasp.

He even saw that under the effects of the Frost Forbidden Arts, the entire Devilbane Arena’s vitality was swiftly withering, like a tortoise entering into hibernation, a completely deathly still expanse.

Finally, his gaze was fixed onto an extremely icy cold and strange aura, and it was striking towards him.


When the light from his vertical eye converged onto this strand of strange aura emitted from the Frost Forbidden Arts, a sea of information instantly gushed into his mind.

Frost Forbidden Arts, contains the perfect profundities of the Grand Dao of Water. The body, mind, and soul of those that touched it would fall into a frozen state. The method of overcoming it… When the words ‘method of overcoming’ appeared within his mind, Chen Xi instantly saw that the strange aura that was gushed towards him was covered in a layer of bright lights. Some parts of the bright light was dazzling, resplendent, and condensed as if it was material, whereas, some places were dim and lusterless, and the lights were extremely thin. 

The bright light points towards the places with the strongest attack, whereas the places with a thin amount of dim light represents its weak spots. In other words, that ought to be its flaw! Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as he instantly understood the miraculous effect of the Eye of Divine Truth.

This Divine Ability deserved the name of ‘Divine Truth.’ After one cultivated it to a certain degree, not only would one be able to see through the true appearance of everything in the world, all the concealment, stealth, disguise, illusions, and so on and so forth of one’s enemy would be unable to escape the detection of the Eye of Divine Truth.

Most importantly, the Eye of Divine Truth was also capable of seeing through a person’s cultivation, the person’s Dao Insights and grasp of the Dao Insights, and where the flaws of a person’s Divine Abilities and martial techniques are. When utilized against an enemy, it was capable of giving rise to the shocking effect of foresight!

This was the Eye of Divine Truth, a strange Divine Ability that came from the River Diagram fragments. It was like a god looking down on the world of mortals, searching through the changes in the heavens and the earth, and seeing through the truth behind everything!

It took a long time to put in words, but since Chen Xi executed the Eye of Divine Truth until he saw through the flaw in Zhao Qinghe’s Frost Forbidden Arts, the entire process was less than a tenth of an instant.

Moreover, within this extremely short amount of time, Chen Xi had already thought of a strategy to crush his opponent.


He circulated the Starsky Wings with his full strength while starlight dazzled in his right palm to condense into a Grand Astral Palm, and then he didn’t retreat but moved forward to intercept the fluctuation emitted by the Frost Forbidden Arts.


The Grand Astral Palm was smashed out fiercely, causing the pitch black and deathly fluctuation to shake in midair, and its speed of advancement instantly became sluggish.

Even though I’ve only obtained initial mastery of this Frost Forbidden Arts, it possesses very few flaws. How could this fellow hit a flaw with a single strike? The distant Zhao Qinghe’s body shook as he actually had the feeling as if he was unable to circulate the Frost Forbidden Arts, causing him to be unable to avoid from being shocked in his heart.

It’s surely a coincidence! How could the Frost Forbidden Arts be something that he’s capable of seeing through? Zhao Qinghe’s face sank as he shouted out explosively and exerted all the strength within his body while his hands moved about, causing the ‘’ character in midair to drone endlessly as the deathly fluctuation it emitted shot out like a roaring river, an explosive flood, and it moved forward with mightily. It caused the entire arena to shake violently as countless restrictions shattered one after the other.

But Chen Xi pushed out with his palm, and with the dense starlight that gushed into it, the Grand Astral Palm suddenly expanded and enlarged to become 300m in size. Lightning, wind, earth, fire, Yin, Yang, star…various Dao Insight energies were accumulated and surging within it, causing its might to increase once more.


Chen Xi held on tightly onto the flaw in Zhao Qinghe’s Divine Ability, and he slapped a Grand Astral Palm out with a flip of his hand. This palm seemed like the surging lightning that poured down from the sky, and the Second-Wood Divine Lightning, Seventh-Gold Divine Lightning, Fifth-Earth Divine Lightning, Third-Fire Divine Lightning, and Ninth-Water Divine Lightning were all condensed within this palm. It was as if an extremely dazzling and resplendent thunderstorm had been condensed before fiercely smashing down!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A string of extremely ear piercing shattering sounds resounded out as all of Zhao Qinghe’s attacks shattered, and even the ‘’ character floating in midair was instantly torn apart and dispersed without a trace.

Besides that, everyone saw Zhao Qinghe’s entire body was blasted up into the sky as blood sprayed violently from his mouth.

Swoosh!A figure directly appeared at the spot Zhao Qinghe flew out from, and it was precisely Chen Xi. His six arms stretched out like bolts of lightning to grab tightly onto Zhao Qinghe’s body.

Zhao Qinghe struggled desperately yet was unable to move.

Chen Xi’s calm and indifferent voice sounded out from midair. “Break apart!”


His six arms pulled with force, causing a rain of blood to spray out as severed limbs flew about, and Zhao Qinghe’s body was actually torn apart by him in midair!

A disciple the Merak Pavilion was the proudest of, a young expert that in the eyes of everyone possessed an extremely great hope of charging into the first of the Allstar Meeting, had actually been blasted up into the sky by Chen Xi before being directly torn apart under the gazes of everyone!

How ferocious was this? How decisive?

Everyone didn’t even react to what had happened before when they saw such a bloody and terrifying scene occur, causing them to be unable to refrain from having a strand of astonishment gush out from their hearts, and they felt as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

“I admit defeat!” In the next moment, Zhao Qinghe’s body that was torn apart wriggled and quickly recovered to its original state, but his expression was ghastly pale and carried a trace of unwillingness.

Chen Xi didn’t strike his head and heart in this attack, so his formidable body refinement cultivation was sufficient for him to rely on to regenerate himself, and it was only an enormous consumption of strength.

“I admit that I underestimated your strength in the past. Your current cultivation is sufficient for you to look down upon all the young experts and seize first place.” A wisp of self ridicule suffused the corners of Zhao Qinghe’s mouth as he seemed to have recalled what he boasted before the battle began.

“Your strength is extremely formidable as well.” Chen Xi replied indifferently. As far as he was concerned, Zhao Qinghe’s strength was really strong, and Zhao Qinghe’s body refinement cultivation was much stronger than him. Zhao Qinghe lost because he’d underestimated the might of the Eye of Divine Truth.

“A loss is a loss. Why console me? But defeating me isn’t much, you still have a great opponent, Qing Xiuyi. I hope you can carry on until the end.” Zhao Qinghe shook his head and didn’t say anything further before leaving the Devilbane Arena.

This fellow open and upright. If I have the chance, it wouldn’t be bad to become friends with him. Chen Xi took a breath before flashing out to leave the Devilbane Arena.

Both of them left calmly, and it announced that the first battle of the last round had ended with Chen Xi’s victory.

At this moment, Silken City was in an uproar and completely clamorous as numerous sounds of shock, excitement, and astonishment converged within the city and resounded in the entire heavens and earth. 

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