Chapter 409 – Chen Xi VS Zhao Qinghe

Two hours later

Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, and Zhao Qinghe successively awoke from their meditation, and their vital energy and blood had both attained a peak state. They seemed to be calm, yet they were like barrels of gunpowder that would explode with the slightest spark!

The first battle in the final round, Chen Xi versus Zhao Qinghe.

“Chen Xi, be careful.” Zhen Liuqing spoke with a gentle voice.

Chen Xi nodded before his figure flashed out towards the Devilbane Arena. At the same time, Zhao Qinghe flashed out as well. Both of them moved without the slightest hesitation and revealed extremely strong confidence.

At this moment, all of the cultivators in Silken City and the Earthly Immortal Realm experts in midair were looking at these two young men with burning gazes, and they really looked forward to the battle.

“Who will win?” The Civil Marquis asked with a light voice.

All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts remained silent and seemed to be judging and weighing the strengths of the two young men.

After a short moment, the Martial Marquis abruptly spoke out slowly. “Their strengths are roughly on par, and their body refinement cultivations are shocking. Comparatively speaking, Chen Xi has cultivated in both body refinement and qi refinement, so his methods are numerous. Zhao Qinghe solely cultivated in body refinement, and he wins in terms of concentrating on a single method of cultivation. At the end of this battle, it will perhaps be a fight of the strength of martial techniques or Divine Abilities.”

The Civil Marquis and the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts nodded to themselves when they heard this.

He’s only a step away from obtaining first. Fan Yunlan’s beautiful eyes were focused on Chen Xi as she looked forward to it silently in her heart. She hoped Chen Xi would be able to seize first and become the number one expert in the young generation of the Darchu Dynasty.

“Big Brother Chen Xi will win for sure!” Mu Wenfei clenched his fists tightly.

“You must win…” When they saw Chen Xi enter the final round of the battles, Ya Qing and the other girls couldn’t help but become nervous.

“Uncle, good luck!” Little Chen Yu sat in the embrace of his mother, Fei Lengcui, as he swung his tiny fists about and cried out loudly.

Within the Devilbane Arena.

Chen Xi and Zhao Qinghe stood in confrontation from afar. Chen Xi’s figure was tall and had an extraordinary bearing, whereas Zhao Qinghe’s figure was robust and had a cold bearing. The thing similar about them was that they both had calm expressions at this moment.

But behind this calmness was an extremely firm belief — To defeat their opponents and the commitment to win!

For the sake of the first, they would absolutely not allow themselves to make the slightest careless mistake, and they would absolutely not hold back. They would give this battle their best and go all out!

“We meet again. A stranger that passed by casually all those years ago had now become the barrier that’s obstructing me from advancing to first place. The matters of the world are really marvelous.” Zhao Qinghe’s voice was chilly as he said slowly, “But as far as I’m concerned, not only are you my barrier, you’re also my stepping stone towards first, so you’ll lose without a doubt.”

“Since cultivating until now, I’ve always firmly believed in one thing. A person that’s arrogant and conceited will never fare well. You’re the same as well.” Chen Xi said indifferently, “Moreover, the countless battles in these past few years have proven this point of view of mine is correct. Your appearance is merely proving this a step further.”

“Conceited?” Zhao Qinghe couldn’t help but laugh. “I feel that you’re more arrogant and conceited than me. Cut the crap, feel free to execute all the moves you have. If you win, then it will prove this point of view of yours is correct, whereas, if I win, it will prove that you were a stepping stone of mine in the end.”

“I’ll wait and see.” Chen Xi replied calmly, and behind this calm was an extremely firm and resolute belief of victory!


Zhao Qinghe’s figure shook right away and transformed into a 57m tall giant, and then his Shaman Energy gushed violently as he transformed once more to possess three heads and six arms.

Divine Ability, Heavenly Transformation, and Deity Transformation!

Chen Xi wasn’t surprised. These two auxiliary Divine Abilities could be said to be mandatory abilities of a body refiner. Even though the Divine Ability Deity Transformation was rather rare, yet with Zhao Qinghe’s identity, he would be able to obtain it easily.

Chen Xi’s figure shook as well to transform into a 54m giant that possessed three heads and six arms as well!

Merely from their outward appearance, his mastery of the Heavenly Transformation was obviously slightly inferior to Zhao Qinghe. But, besides the Heavenly Transformation and Deity Transformation, he still had another trump card — The Starsky Wings!

In other words, Chen Xi possessed extreme confidence to crush Zhao Qinghe in speed. After all, the Starsky Wings was inherited from the Master of the Manor, and it absolutely belonged to the ranks of great Divine Abilities that were rare and at the apex.

“This fellow Chen Xi has actually changed his method of battle?”

“He’s clearly extremely skilled in the Dao of the sword, so why is he acting in this way? Could it be that he wants to defeat Zhao Qinghe by relying on his body refinement cultivation?”

“This fellow is mad. I don’t believe his body refinement cultivation is even more formidable than his qi refinement cultivation.”

Everyone present felt puzzled when they saw Chen Xi transform into a 54m tall giant, and even all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts frowned, as they felt that Chen Xi was slightly too rash.

Only the cultivators that had once entered the Martial Dao Realm didn’t feel like this. Because, at that time, Chen Xi had relied on his body refinement cultivation to annihilate Huangfu Changtian, Lin Moxuan, and the other four top geniuses in one go!

“The sun sets and the moon drops while the stars circulate endlessly. Divine Ability — Grand Lunisolar Wheel!” Zhao Qinghe had witnessed that battle, so he naturally wouldn’t underestimate Chen Xi. His figure flashed through the sky as he shouted out loudly, and a dazzling solar wheel condensed in front of him before a pitch black crescent moon appeared within the sun.

The dazzling white colored solar wheel and the sharp black colored lunar combined into one, and when looked at from afar, it was as if the sun and moon in the sky had already been controlled by Zhao Qinghe!

“This is the Lunisolar Wheel! The Merak Pavilion’s Ultimate Divine Ability. Sun and moon replace alternate like the intersection between Yin and Yang, and once it’s executed, it’s capable of causing everything before it to collapse and shatter into powder!” 

“The solar wheel sucks, and it possesses the might of control. The lunar wheel attacks, and it’s most adept in slaughter. In the process of sucking and attacking, it’s capable of giving rise to a tearing force field. Once one falls into it, even if one isn’t killed by the lunar wheel, one’s soul would be sucked away by the solar wheel!”

“So it turns out that this kid Zhao Qinghe had been concealing such a formidable trump card!” All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts were shocked.


The wheels struck out while the sun and moon alternated, and they enveloped straight down onto Chen Xi. Instantly, an extremely terrifying force field was created, and when residing within it, it was simply like he was within a swamp vortex. He was uncontrollably being torn and sucked, and it seemed as if it wanted to drag his soul into a boundless abyss and obliterate it.

This Divine Ability is really formidable. The combination of the Grand Daos of Yin and Yang allows it to possess the combined ability of sucking and slaughtering. If it was another person, the person would probably be utterly incapable of resisting this shapeless tearing force field… Chen Xi’s Divine Sense was like a tempestuous flood that swept out, and he sensed how terrifying this strike of Zhao Qinghe’s was, causing him to flash out without the slightest hesitation.


A pair of divine, profound, and enormous wings unfolded behind him, and it had a myriad of stars flickering within it, causing it to be extremely profound and agile. 

In the next moment, his figure had already vanished completely.

Swift! Swift! Swift! Unbelievably swift!

Chen Xi’s figure was as swift as his Divine Sense, and he’d already broke away from the envelopment of the tearing force field in less than one tenth of an instant. After that, his palm flipped as starlight surged upon it, and then boundless energy condensed in his palm.


The Grand Astral Palm swept through the sky like the palm of a god that tore through the boundless universe, and it emitted the brilliance of a myriad of stars as is slapped down.

Lunisolar Wheel!

Grand Astral Palm!

Both directly collided with each other and caused the surrounding space to shake and shatter inch by inch, and its might was as if the sun and moon had collided, causing mountains to collapse, seismic waves to appear in the sea, and the heaven and earth to be cast into a shadow.

However, under their head on collision, both of them were actually on par!

It was on par? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. Even though he’d only utilized 70% of the might of the Grand Astral Palm in this attack, its might was even greater than when he annihilated Huangfu Chongming and the others. Because he was already not at the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm any longer, and he was at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm in body refinement.

This kid Zhao Qinghe’s strength is really formidable and terrifying, and I can’t be careless. I should first drag out the next portion of the battle with him so as to feel out his trump cards before making a move… These thoughts flashed for an instant within Chen Xi’s mind, and his figure had already vanished on the spot.

Moreover, the way he fought had changed, and he didn’t fight Zhao Qinghe head on, but relied on the Starsky Wings to launch agile strikes with his speed, causing him to be like a wisp of an illusory image that ceaselessly pounced towards Zhao Qinghe time and time again.

On the other hand, Zhao Qinghe still maintained his style. Controlling the Lunisolar Wheel to attack with large movements, the solar wheel revolved and swallowed, the lunar wheel attacked ceaselessly, and his attacks were flexible and watertight.

Chen Xi’s figure flashed about ceaselessly like a shadow, causing the Lunisolar Wheel’s tearing force field to always return without accomplishing anything, yet Chen Xi didn’t leave a single scar on Zhao Qinghe as well.

Not only are these fellow’s attacks terrifying, even his defense is so shocking. If this stalemate continues, then I’ll probably be unable to do anything to him even until my Shaman Energy is completely exhausted… Chen Xi knew extremely well that he was obviously inferior if he were to compete in body refinement cultivation with Zhao Qinghe. After all, Zhao Qinghe was from the Merak Pavilion and had probably started tempering his body since a young age, causing his cultivation to be exceedingly deep. Moreover, Zhao Qinghe had absorbed the Blood Essence and soul of an Ancient Fiendgod not long ago, so if he competed in Shaman Energy with Zhao Qinghe, it would absolutely be unwise.

Nevermind, if it really doesn’t work out, then I can only take a risk… Chen Xi resolutely made a bold decision in his heart.

Compared with Chen Xi, Zhao Qinghe was shocked in his head. Never had he imagined that Chen Xi’s body refinement cultivation would actually already be strong to such an extent. Not only had Chen Xi grasped the Divine Abilities Heavenly Transformation and Deity Transformation, he also possessed the assistance of an exceedingly swift movement technique. Coupled with the extremely mighty Grand Astral Palm, it caused Zhao Qinghe to have no choice but the be exceedingly careful.

His speed is too swift. The tearing force field of the Lunisolar Wheel is unable to do anything to him as well. If I continue exhausting my strength like this, all my ability would probably be seen through by Qing Xiuyi who’s spectating the battle. In that way, even if I defeat this fellow Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi will surely occupy the advantage in the following battle…

Looks like I can only execute another method of attack! As Zhao Qinghe’s eyes closed and opened, it emitted a trace of resoluteness and ruthlessness. At this moment, just like Chen Xi, he didn’t intend to continue being entangled with Chen Xi and continue exhausting his strength bitterly like this. So he wanted to execute his most formidable ability to achieve victory in one go!


Zhao Qinghe’s figure stopped abruptly as the Shaman Energy in his body gushed out explosively, causing him to seem like a Fiendgod that had descended to the world, and his fingers drew swiftly in the air.

Instantly, a ‘’ character that was suffused with a black sheen floated up in midair, and it emitted an obscure, icy cold, and deathly still supreme imposing aura that intended to seal the world!

Divine Ability — Frost Forbidden Arts!



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