Chapter 407 – Embodying Judgment

Five people had to draw lots, but Chen Xi hadn’t done anything yet had obtained the black command token that allowed him to advance directly, and it caused everyone present to be flabbergasted and feel disbelief.

“The mysteries of karmic luck really can’t be estimated. Who would have thought that Chen Xi’s karmic luck is the greatest amongst these five people?” An Earthly Immortal Realm expert couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

The other Earthly Immortal Realm experts nodded in succession and deeply agreed.

Huangfu Jingtian’s face had dropped instead. He was proclaiming Chen Xi’s reputation as jinx just moments ago, yet Chen Xi hadn’t even participated in the drawing of the lots and had obtained the black command token. This was like a resounding slap on his face in public, and it made him feel extremely bitter.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi had recovered through his cultivation, causing his spirits to be refreshed, then he suddenly noticed that everyone was staring at him with a gaze of envy, and he couldn’t help but be stunned. What happened?

He was completely perplexed and asked Zhen Liuqing by his side about it. After he found out about the outcome, he couldn’t help but be at a loss for how to react. I’ve actually directly advanced to the top three?

“Your luck is really good.” Zhen Liuqing chuckled as she sighed with emotion.

Chen Xi laughed bitterly without end. He faintly sensed that this ought to be related to Bai Kui. The little fellow was a top auspicious beast in the world that was capable of gathering the karmic luck of the heavens and the earth. Perhaps I benefited from being associated with Bai Kui, and this is why I unexpected obtained the black command token.

“The fifth round of the battles is the most critical round. After this round of battles, the top three in the competition would be selected. These three people will be able to enter the Imperial Family’s treasure vault and choose any martial technique or Divine Ability. I hope that all of you can avoid being conceited and impetuous, and you must not slacken your efforts.” High above in the sky, Emperor Chu’s voice resounded out abruptly.


The clamorous voice at the scene instantly vanished without a trace, and their gazes shot onto Emperor Chu as they listened respectfully and with all ears.

“Presently, the drawing of the lots has already ended. The matter permits no delay, let the competition begin.” His powerful voice resounded out in the heavens and the earth as Emperor Chu waved his hand, and then boundless golden rays of lights gushed out into appearance and enveloped Chen Xi and the others. Instantly, it recovered all their exhausted physical strength, True Essence, and Shaman Energy.

“The first battle, Qing Xiuyi versus Zhen Liuqing!”

“The second battle, Zhao Qinghe versus Ling Yu!”

“Chen Xi directly advances to the top three. After the battles of this round ends, he’ll directly enter into the competition for the first, second, and third!”

The Civil Marquis put away the jade box and announced the list of battles that were about to be carried out next in a clear voice. “Now, Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing, both of you head to the Devilbane Arena and begin the battle!”

“Yes.” Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing looked at each other from afar before flashing swiftly towards the Devilbane Arena.

“One is a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, the other is a disciple of the Mistwater Pavilion. I wonder exactly who is stronger, and who will be stopped before the ranks of top three?”

“I think Qing Xiuyi’s chances of winning are higher. Her Light Dao Insight is extremely formidable. Coupled with the assistance of her experience as a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, she’s obviously slightly superior to Zhen Liuqing.”

“Yeah, Qing Xiuyi is formidable indeed!”

As they looked at the two women that entered the Devilbane Arena, all the cultivators including all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts held their breaths in deep concentration, and their eyes didn’t even blink as they were afraid of missing the slightest detail.

Looks like everyone doesn’t look favorable upon Miss Zhen… But she’s always had a mysterious and low profile style of doing things, so it’s normal that nobody looks favorably upon her. Chen Xi pondered in his heart. Unlike the others, he felt that Zhen Liuqing wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to Qing Xiuyi in any aspect, and this was a type of intuition. 


Within the Devilbane Arena.

Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing stood in confrontation from afar.

“You’re an opponent that’s worthy of me taking seriously. So I’ll go all out in the coming battle.” Qing Xiuyi stood proudly as she spoke indifferently, and her peerlessly beautiful face was faintly visible behind the hazy mist that surrounded her.

This was the first time she’d spoken before a battle since she participated in the Allstar Meeting. How seriously she took Zhen Liuqing was obvious from this.

“The feeling is mutual.” Zhen Liuqing smiled as she spoke succinctly.

Unlike Qing Xiuyi’s bearing that was extraordinary like an immortal, Zhen Liuqing seemed to be plain and pure, and she possessed a natural beauty that caused others to feel warm and tranquil. In terms of bearing, she wasn’t inferior to Qing Xiuyi in the slightest, and each of them possessed an advantage in a different aspect.


Qing Xiuyi didn’t continue speaking, her white hand gestured out, causing boundless and dazzling lights to suffuse and envelop the Devilbane Arena with a bang, the light was vast and sacred, and it was present everywhere. Her clothes fluttered as she moved about within the light, and her entire body flowed with a divine and inviolable aura.

“Blades of light, transform into a cage!” Qing Xiuyi moved about in the sky as boundless energy of light condensed into countless dazzling blades that arrange themselves in the air before covered the heavens and the earth as they shot explosively towards Zhen Liuqing.

Hiss! Hiss!

These shapeless blades that contained Light Dao Insight seemed to contain the most terrifying scorching energy in the world, and everywhere it passed, even space itself seemed to have transformed into an oven that blazed with surging flames of light.

Amazing! Blades of light that have transformed into a cage. Not only can it trap one’s enemy, it can also kill. At this moment, Qing Xiuyi has probably started to utilize her true killer moves! Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as he clearly sensed how terrifying this move of Qing Xiuyi’s was.

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, all the other cultivators present had sensed it as well. Qing Xiuyi had changed to be different from how she was in any of her previous battles, and the might she emitted with a raise of her hand would simply cause some Rebirth Realm cultivators to be terrified. It was truly difficult to imagine that she was merely at the Golden Core Realm…


Right when Qing Xiuyi launched an attack, Zhen Liuqing made a move at almost the exact same time. Her figure flashed in the sky, her jet black hair fluttering, and her white and beautiful face actually revealed a rare trace of a dignified and murderous aura. Her eyes were without the slightest emotion, silent and deep like an abyss, and they were pitch black and indifferent to the point it caused one’s heart to palpitate.

“Let the good and evil in one’s heart and the sins of the heaven and the earth in this mortal world be annihilated in darkness. The sins of all must be judged!” Amidst her calm, indifferent, light, and completely emotionless voice, boundless black color suddenly gushed out into appeared from Zhen Liuqing’s body, and it was like the veil of night had arrived to cover the heavens and the earth.

The black color was soundless, deep and dark, and it was suffused with an oppressive force that caused one’s heart to palpitate. It was a type of extreme darkness, a darkness that caused all living beings to feel fear and tremble as if judgment day had arrived.


As soon as this energy of darkness that was filled with death and annihilation appeared, it practically collapsed half of the energy of light in the Devilbane Arena, whereas, Zhen Liuqing was like a queen that had walked out from the darkness with the intent of judging the world!

This scene was extremely breathtaking. Qing Xiuyi seemed as if she embodied light, sacred and noble to the point others wished for nothing more than to pray devotedly to her and not dare disrespect or offend her. On the other hand, Zhen Liuqing seemed as if she was born from the darkness, murderous, dignified, indifferent, and emotionless, and she aroused terror and an oppressive feeling in the depths of one’s heart.

One was light like day, the other dark like night. At this moment, the unusual and vast scene of their battle in the Devilbane Arena simply caused everyone present to feel astonished and forget to breathe.

“Darkness Dao Insight — Judgment!” The Martial Marquis suddenly opened his eyes as he lightly spat out a few words, and his voice actually emitted a rare trace of trembling.

“The energy of darkness? No wonder that old fellow from the Mistwater Pavilion named her ‘Liuqing,’ it’s probably because he hopes she doesn’t commit too much slaughter and shows mercy when it should be shown…” The Civil Marquis seemed to be lost in thought. [1]

“It’s really the Darkness Dao Insight! This is similarly a rare Grand Dao profundity. Moreover, it’s like a twin to the Light Dao Insight Qing Xiuyi possesses, and their mights are on par!”

“Light, Darkness, two exceedingly rare Grand Dao profundities have actually appeared at the same time. The Allstar Meeting this time is really an unprecedentedly grand occasion!”

All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts exclaimed repeatedly with admiration, and they felt that everything before their eyes seemed like a miracle. Was it a coincidence? Was it the will of the heavens? Two rare Grand Dao profundities that’re like twins have actually appeared at the same time.

So it turns out that she’s actually so formidable! Chen Xi was astounded in his heart. At this moment, Zhen Liuqing was different to the Zhen Liuqing he’d seen in the past. She was murderous, calm, indifferent, and like a queen of the darkness, and there wasn’t a trace of her ordinarily amiable, pure, simple, and elegant self, causing others to feel a strong visual impact.

Of course, this was merely the might revealed by her Dao Grade martial technique. It didn’t represent that Zhen Liuqing’s nature was like this. Even if she was an emotionless judge of the darkness, Chen Xi wouldn’t feel there was anything to make a fuss about, as Fan Yunlan even possessed numerous Devil Sect Dao Insights.

“No wonder I felt a strong threat from you. So it turns out that you’ve grasped the Darkness Dao Insight. This is good as well, let me see if your Darkness Dao Insight is formidable or my Light Dao Insight is superior.” Qing Xiuyi’s eyes squinted when she saw Zhen Liuqing’s Darkness Dao Insight, then a wisp of an extraordinary splendor bloomed out explosively from her eyes, and her fighting spirit didn’t reduce, but increased instead as she launched an attack once more.

“I’ll take you on until the end.” Zhen Liuqing replied indifferently, and she wasn’t slow in the slightest as her white hands fluttered about, causing boundless energy of darkness to transform into numerous phenomena that tore through the sky.


The two women carried out an intense battle, the energies of light and darkness collided, causing an extremely terrifying destructive force to erupt from the collision. At that moment, it caused everyone present to feel as if the heavens were about to collapse, shatter, and be obliterated.

Fortunately, the battle occurred in the Devilbane Arena, otherwise the consequences were unimaginable.

Light and darkness. These two Grand Dao profundities are two extremes as well. If I can grasp both of them and utilize them in the Grand Obliteration Fist, then perhaps its might would be even more terrifying… Chen Xi’s eyes focused on the battlefield as he fell into deep thought.

“Qing Xiuyi’s energy of light is obviously superior.”

“It looks to me like Zhen Liuqing’s Darkness Dao Insight possesses a more formidable combat strength.”

Right when Chen Xi was absorbing experience from the battle and pondering ceaselessly…

Suddenly, Zhen Liuqing who originally had a fierce and murderous imposing asura stopped, and she actually directly flashed out of the arena!

At practically the exact same moment, Qing Xiuyi stopped and looked at Zhen Liuqing as well. Obviously, she was slightly curious why Zhen Liuqing would stop fighting and withdraw.

“Originally, according to my character, I would surely fight you until the end. But I once promised someone that I wouldn’t interfere in the enmity between the two of you. So… You should recuperate and build up your energy to have a proper battle with him.” Her indifferent and light voice was still drifting in midair when Zhen Liuqing had already left the Devilbane Arena.  

Qing Xiuyi was stunned, and then she seemed to have suddenly thought of something, causing her to swiftly turn her head to shoot her gaze towards Chen Xi’s tall figure in the distance. She actually isn’t even going to compete for a place in the top three because of him?

1. The Pinyin used to form her name is similar to the words that mean ‘show mercy.’

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