Chapter 406 – Peerless Karmic Luck

According to the rules of the previous Allstar Meetings, after the top five were selected, a round of lot drawing would be carried out to decide the participants that would carry out the next battles.

In the jade box held by the Civil Marquis was five command tokens, four white and one black.

The four white command tokens had the numbers of 1, 2, 3, and 4 on them. After they drew lots, the possessor of the number 1 token would be put against the possessor of the number 4 token, whereas, the number 2 and 3 token possessors would go against each other.

A battle of two pairs to select two out of the top three, whereas, the possessor of the black colored command token would directly advance into the top three instead!

The reason it was arranged in this way was so that it could test the karmic luck of the participants.

As a cultivator, there was an extremely high importance attached to karmic luck, and it was spanned from the tiny karmic luck of a single person to the enormous karmic luck of an entire kingdom. It seemed to be unreal and impossible to appraise, yet in the eyes of all the cultivators, this karmic luck really existed. Even if they were unable to pry upon its mysteries, they had to take it seriously.

The arrangement of drawing lots to choose the individuals that would do battle in this round faintly conformed with the concept of karmic luck.

The lots were about to be drawn and no matter if it was the numerous cultivators in Silken City or all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts, they were all guessing the outcome.

“These five people were capable of fighting their way out to be ranked in the top five, besides their own strength, they’re surely individuals that possesses great karmic luck. It’s truly difficult to guess who would be able to obtain the black colored command token.”

“I look favorably upon Qing Xiuyi. She’s a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, causing the purity of her bearing, natural talent, and karmic luck to surpass everyone else. The black command token will probably be obtained by her.”

“I think Zhao Qinghe isn’t bad. He’s from the Merak Pavilion, and in the boundless annals of time, it was a blessed ground that had given birth to numerous Heavenly Immortals, causing it to have a natural advantage. If it’s in terms karmic luck, then Zhao Qinghe is probably greater.”

“I instead think that Zhen Liuqing is the woman that possesses the most karmic luck. She’s from the Mistwater Pavilion that’s skilled in divination, geomancy, and astrology, and she possesses a peerless advantage in terms of the grasp of the working of the heavens. Moreover, I presume everyone knows that every single time the Imperial Family offers sacrifice to the gods and their ancestors, it would be presided over by a member of the Mistwater Pavilion. Thus, in terms of karmic luck, Zhen Liuqing ought to be number one!”

“Actually, that Ling Yu isn’t bad as well. He’s chubby and possesses an extremely blessed appearance…”

All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts expressed their own views successively, yet rarely did anyone mention Chen Xi. Bei Heng couldn’t bear the sight of this and couldn’t help but cough dryly as he said, “One can’t shun one’s own relatives when speaking about the worthy, I feel that my sworn brother isn’t bad, he…”

“Bullshit! How come I heard that he was a renowned jinx in the southern territory all those year ago?” Before Bei Heng could finished speaking, Huangfu Jingtian had interrupted him with a voice that revealed a trace of disdain and ridicule.

Bei Heng expression froze, and then he grunted coldly and didn’t speak any further. If he were to continue arguing, then he’d probably have to bring out Chen Xi’s entire grievous past, and this was no different than humiliating Chen Xi in public, so he’d rather not argue about it with Huangfu Jingtian.

He didn’t argue, yet Huangfu Jingtian didn’t intend on letting him off just like that, and he started laughing before speaking of Chen Xi’s past to the surrounding Earthly Immortal Realm experts. For example, the origins of the nicknames Deadpan Chen and jinx, the annihilation of the Chen Clan, the incident of Chen Xi’s marriage contract being torn apart, the whereabouts of Chen Xi’s parents being unknown, and so on and so forth.

The expressions of the others became odd when they heard this, and their gazes were even filled with strange expression as they looked at Chen Xi and muttered in their hearts. This little fellow was really unfortunate all those years ago.

“Hmph! Chen Xi was able to accomplish his current achievements after going through all sorts of hardships, what about him deserves the ridicule of all of you? If it was all of you, would you be able to walk out from all sorts of adverse circumstances and obtain the accomplishments he has obtained now?” The Martial Marquis Luo Hun who’d always had his eyes closed in silence suddenly grunted coldly and spoke indifferently.

All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts were instantly stunned when they heard this, and they fell into silence. Right, if I was Chen Xi, would I be able to attain such accomplishments in the path towards the Dao in such a hard pressed environment?

Only the face of Huangfu Changtian sank, and then he went silent as he couldn’t be bothered to argue with the Martial Marquis. He wanted to see what command token this jinx, Chen Xi, would obtain.

However, an unexpected event had occurred in the drawing of the lots that everyone looked forward to.

Chen Xi had always been cultivating in concentration and hadn’t awoken yet. If he were to be disturbed now, then perhaps a mishap might occur, so he was temporarily unable to draw lots.

“Nevermind, you four draw the tokens first and give him the last token.” The Civil Marquis frowned, and then he thought of a method and instructed indifferently.

Everyone felt slight pity for Chen Xi when they heard this. If it was according to this method, then the probability Chen Xi would be able to obtain the black colored command token would undoubtedly fall to the lowest possibility.

“I said since long ago that this kid is a jinx that’s extremely unfortunate.” Huangfu Jingtian couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw this, and a wisp of a slightly ridiculing cold smile appeared on the corners of his mouth.

“Who amongst the four of you will draw first?” The Civil Marquis asked.

“I’ll go first.” Her voice hadn’t finished sounding out when Qing Xiuyi had already arrived before the Civil Marquis and had stretched out her hand to grab towards the jade box.

This jade box was a meter in length, with rays of lights flowing on its surface and talisman markings all over, and they formed a light barrier that was capable of isolating all Divine Sense detection, so there was no need to worry about the possibility of cheating.

In next to no time, Qing Xiuyi had grabbed a command token out, but it was white in color and had the number 1 inscribed on it. Everyone couldn’t help but feel a wave of pity when they saw this, but Qing Xiuyi didn’t mind in the slightest, and she put away the command token before standing silently at the side with an utterly calm expression.

Zhao Qinghe, Ling Yu, and Zhen Liuqing glance at each other before moving their gazes away.

Qing Xiuyi had drawn the number 1 token, so one amongst the three of them and Chen Xi was bound to battle Qing Xiuyi and contend for a spot in the top three, whereas the loser would have to withdraw and be placed in the fourth or fifth.

“I’ll go next.” Zhao Qinghe took a deep breath before taking a step forward, and then his hand stretched out into the jade box and pulled out. The entire process was less than an instant, and he seemed to have resigned it to fate.

The outcome caused everyone present to be disappointed again as it was still a white command token that was drawn out by Zhao Qinghe. But, he was already satisfied as this command token was inscribed with the number 3, and his opponent wasn’t Qing Xiuyi.

The third to draw was Zhen Liuqing. As far as everyone was concerned, she could be said to be the most unfortunate as she’d drawn the number 4 command token. At this point, her opponent was bound to be Qing Xiuyi.

Up until this point, only two command tokens remained. A number 2 command token that would cause one’s opponent to be Zhao Qinghe, and another black command token that would allow one to advance directly.

Both of these command tokens seemed to be comparatively good, as one wouldn’t need to battle Qing Xiuyi and might even be able to advance directly. Moreover, the possibility of obtaining either one was 50%, causing it to obviously be very good.

Most importantly, Chen Xi was still cultivating at this moment, so Ling Yu only had to draw one of the two command tokens, and it would be sufficient to decide who would fight and who would advance directly.

Ling Yu instantly became the center of attention.

“I knew it, this little fatty looks to be very fortunate, and his karmic luck is the best.”

“Indeed. He has a 50% probability to obtain the black command token, and this luck is held in his hands, whereas Chen Xi can only accept the final outcome.”

“But, if we think about it in another way, what if Ling Yu didn’t draw the black command token, then Chen Xi would become the biggest winner.” At this moment, even all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts moved their gazes over and wanted to see the final outcome.

This method of drawing lots looked to be like a game of luck, yet as far as cultivators like them were concerned, it involved the strength of one’s karmic luck, and they had no choice but to pay attention.

It’s truly troublesome. Isn’t it just drawing lots, why is everyone so nervous? I envy that fellow Chen Xi, he’s sitting without moving, yet has settled everything. Ling Yu pursed his lips as he muttered, and he extremely unwillingly moved his figure that was enormous like a ball to slowly arrive before the Civil Marquis before stretching his hand out towards the jade box.

At this instant, everyone’s eyes stared wide open, and their appearances seemed to be even more nervous than Ling Yu.

Under the focused gaze of the multitude of people, Ling Yu’s chubby hand left the jade box, and a command token was within his palm. When they saw the color of it clearly, the expressions of everyone instantly revealed astonishment.

It was actually the white number 2 token!

In other words, the final command token that was left in the jade box was the black command token that represented direct advancement, yet it…would belong to Chen Xi!

A feeling that it was absurd instantly arose in the hearts of everyone. This fellow Chen Xi sat there without moving and didn’t even know when the drawing of the lots began and ended, yet he directly advanced into the top three?

It’s too unbelievable!

Everyone present couldn’t help but look towards Chen Xi who sat in midair and was cultivating silently, and they felt both envious and shocked.

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