Chapter 405 – Ranking In The Top 5

All the spectating cultivators were stunned.

This dangerous and horrifying battle actually ended with Chen Xi’s victory.

After all, Su Chan’s display at the beginning was so mighty and unstoppable, and it left an extremely deep impression behind in the hearts of everyone. But such a mighty Su Chan had lost at Chen Xi’s hand, and the shock it brought them was obvious.

“Chen Xi is really an extremely dark horse. Even Su Chan was defeated by him, and he has successfully ranked in the top five!”

“Alas, Su Chan’s Dao Heart was slightly inferior. If it wasn’t for that, he would perhaps be able to persist for longer.” “Have all of you noticed, Su Chan’s soul seems to have suffered a severe injury. His path of cultivation would collapse after this, right?”

The battle between Chen Xi and Su Chan had just ended when the entire Silken City was in an uproar. Some were shocked, some felt pity, even all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts clicked their tongues in surprise, and they felt Chen Xi was even more extraordinary and had concealed his strength deeply without revealing it completely.

“He won! Big Brother Chen Xi won!” Mu Wenfei was excited to the point his face was flushed red as he cried out loudly to vent the nervousness and oppressive feeling he felt earlier.

Ya Qing and the other girls seemed as if a heavy burden was lifted from them, and they looked at Chen Xi with sparkling gazes.

In midair, Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Changtian, and the others were secretly shocked, and they’d already placed Chen Xi as an opponent they had to take seriously.

“Hu!” Chen Xi returned to Zhen Liuqing’s side before he let out a long sigh of relief in his head, and his countenance was slightly pale. Earlier, for the sake of heavily injuring Su Chan’s soul, he’s practically blasted out the entire strength of his Divine Sense, causing his sea of consciousness to be completely empty and extremely uncomfortable at this moment.

Fortunately, he had an extremely sufficient amount of time before the next battle, and if he made the best use of his time, he would be completely capable of recovering to his previous state.

“Help stand guard for me, I need to meditate for some time.” Chen Xi spoke to Zhen Liuqing with a light voice.

“Don’t worry, no one can disturb you with me here.” Zhen Liuqing nodded and replied seriously.

Chen Xi smiled and was just about to sit down cross-legged in meditation.


“Bastard! What atrocious means!” The Warlord Huangfu Taiwu stood in the Devilbane Arena while his hands embraced Su Chan who had fainted, he shouted out furiously with a voice that was like a thunderclap that exploded out in the heavens and the earth, and it contained surging rage that even a deaf person could hear.

Instantly, the clamorous noise in Silken City vanished without a trace, causing it to become perfectly silent, and even the atmosphere became oppressive as everyone was filled with shock as they shot their gazes towards the furious Warlord.

“What difference is shattering his soul to crippling Chan’er’s cultivation? Chen Xi! The battle had clearly ended earlier, yet you still used a soul attack technique to launch a surprise attack upon Su Chan. You’ve openly violated the rules of the competition, your intention deserves death! You deserve death!” As Huangfu Taiwu’s eyes opened and closed, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, and he shouted out with a loud and deep voice. His stalwart figure was tall and impressive. At this moment, under his explosive rage, his entire body emitted an extremely terrifying aura that shook the heavens and the earth. When looked at from afar, his entire body was like a dazzling sun that brought boundless pressure upon everyone.

Chen Xi even felt suffocated as his entire body became stiff. Huangfu Taiwu’s extremely terrifying killing intent had completely enveloped him, and it felt as if he was immersed in the depths of the ocean and would drown and die at any moment!

But his expression was calm as he met Huangfu Taiwu’s gaze without the slightest fear. He knew that so long as Emperor Chu was present, he wouldn’t be in the slightest danger, and no matter how furious Huangfu Taiwu was, Huangfu Taiwu could only accept this outcome.

“His soul was shattered! No wonder the Warlord is so furious. In this way, Su Chan is completely crippled.”

“Alas, another peerless genius is about to fall, it’s truly regretful.”

“The soul is the foundation to comprehend the Heaven’s Dao. After it’s heavily injured, even if its repaired, it would probably greatly affect one’s future cultivation. The Warlord is so furious and probably won’t let this matter go.”

Meanwhile, everyone came to an understanding. It turned out that the Warlord was so furious because Chen Xi had heavily injured Su Chan’s soul.

“Your Majesty, you’ve seen everything earlier. Please permit me to kill this kid and seek justice for Chan’er!” Huangfu Taiwu pleaded with a low voice.

Everyone was shocked. It can’t be. Since it’s a battle, death can’t be avoided. Su Chan didn’t even die, so why must Chen Xi be killed?

Not to mention if Chen Xi had violated the rules of the competition, his Majesty would probably have made a move to stop Chen Xi long ago. Aren’t the Warlord’s actions slightly prejudiced…?

Only Huangfu Changtian and the others revealed cold smiles, and they couldn’t wait for the Warlord to make a move and kill Chen Xi so as to vent their hatred for them.

“Stand down!” High above in the sky, Emperor Chu went silent for a moment before lightly spitting out two words.

His voice wasn’t loud yet contained a shapeless force that completely swept away the pressure emitted by the Warlord, causing Chen Xi to instantly feel that his entire body was at ease, and he knew that he’d made the right bet.

“Your Majesty…” Huangfu Taiwu was disgruntled in his heart.

“You want to go against my will?” Emperor Chu suddenly opened his eyes and spoke indifferently.

Huangfu Taiwu was terrified and seemed as if he was splashed with a bucket of cold water, causing the fury in his belly to be completely swept away, and he didn’t dare say anything further. He glanced icy coldly at Chen Xi before leaving the scene angrily, and he actually didn’t even continue watching the following battles.

This minor incident passed by quickly.

Chen Xi was completely at ease, and he immediately disregarded the following battles and meditated wholeheartedly to recover his strength.  


The fourth battle, Huangfu Changtian versus Ling Yu!

Ling Yu was a disciple taught by an old freak that lived in seclusion. Before he participated in the Allstar Meeting, there was hardly anyone that knew of his existence, yet the formidableness of his strength was obvious, and he’d even become familiar to most people.

Moreover, the Dao Grade martial technique he cultivated was almost lost in the world, the Blackturtle Armor! Its defense was peerless, causing his chubby figure to seem like an impregnable mountain, and he was a terrifying opponent that was extremely skilled in defense.

On the other hand, Huangfu Changtian was overbearing and cold, his moves were grand in scale, powerful and firm, and every single punch of his struck Ling Yu. In terms of the ferociousness of his attacks, he was number one amongst everyone.

Amongst the two of them, one was skilled in defense, the other skilled in attack. Their battle together was extremely intense, and they were locked in battle, causing no one to be able to determine the outcome of their battle.

In the end, it was actually Huangfu Changtian that lost!

When he saw this scene, the Wise King Huangfu Jingtian’s eyes stared wide open and seemed to not dare believe that his eldest son would actually lose at the hands of a little fatty.

It was too unexpected!

Not to mention Huangfu Jingtian, even the other old fellows were astounded in their hearts. This little fatty Ling Yu looked to be filled with joy, yet his strength was terrifyingly formidable, and they wondered which old fellow in seclusion was Ling Yu’s master.

Huangfu Changtian was extremely disgruntled from being unable to advance into the top five, but the most infuriating to him was he didn’t lose in terms of martial technique, but it was because the damnable fatty had utilized a defensive technique to forcefully make him exhaust all his True Essence and have no choice but to admit defeat!

Dammit! This bastard is simply an unshakeable turtle shell. He utterly doesn’t counterattack and is extremely despicable! Huangfu Changtian stood behind his father with his head lowered, he felt embarrassed yet was angered to the point of gnashing his teeth, and he was extremely depressed and vexed.



The fifth battle, Zhao Qinghe versus Yu Xuanchen.

This was also the final battle. After it ended, the top five of the Allstar Meeting would be born.

Yu Xuanchen was like Ling Yu, he was a disciple of an old fellow in seclusion. His character was extremely steady and didn’t possess the slightest edge that a young man should possess, but it was precisely because of this that he was even more difficult to fathom.

The martial technique he utilized was similarly a sword technique, but it was an extremely rare Sword Formation that was formed from 72 flying swords. It contained the workings of the stars in the universe, and it contained a slaughter formation, binding formation, illusion formation, defensive formation…  It possessed diverse changes that fit together perfectly, causing it to be profound to the extreme.

If Chen Xi saw this sword formation, he would surely notice that Yu Xuanchen’s sword technique similarly contained the Grand Dao of Star and Talisman. Moreover, his attainments were extremely deep and formidable.

Besides that, Yu Xuanchen’s battle brought a strong feeling of being exact to everyone, and it was as if he was deducing a talisman formation. No matter if it was attack or defense, they were accurate to a terrifying degree.

On the other hand, as a disciple of the Merak Pavilion, Zhao Qinghe’s strength in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement was undoubtedly formidable, causing the battle between the both of them to be extraordinarily intense.

In the end, because he was too exact and accurate in his fighting style, Yu Xuanchen lacked a trace of nimbleness and variation, allowing Zhao Qinghe to utilize an enormous force to break open his sword formation before approaching him to launch a close quarter battle, and he had no choice but the admit defeat.

After all, body refiners ruled close quarter combat!

In this battle, Zhao Qinghe obtained the final victory.

Up until this point, the top five of the Allstar Meeting had all been selected, and they were respectively Qing Xiuyi, Zhen Liuqing, Chen Xi, Ling Yu, and Zhao Qinghe.

Amongst them, Chen Xi was the most dazzling dark horse this time, and he’d revealed extraordinary talent and brilliance. Ling Yu was the disciple of an old fellow that cultivated in seclusion, and he’d similarly shocked everyone and drawn the attention of many.

On the other hand, Qing Xiuyi, Zhen Liuqing, and Zhao Qinghe were top experts that were renowned in the world long ago, so it was within the expectations of everyone that they would obtain such accomplishments.

But there were also things out of the expectations of everyone that had happened. For example, Huangfu Qingying withdrawing, Su Chan losing miserably, Huangfu Changtian’s extremely grievous method of admitting defeat, and so on and so forth.

These people originally had an extremely good chance to charge into the top five and even the top three. Yet now, they’d left dejectedly, and besides causing everyone present to feel regretful, they couldn’t help but be shocked by the strengths of the people that defeated them.

After all, once one had attained a level like theirs, unless their strength advanced to a higher realm, the gap between each other was extremely small, and it could be ignored entirely. But they’d still lost, and this also proved a point of view. Even if it was the people that were in the top ranks of a realm of cultivation, there was a difference in strength between them, and they couldn’t be lumped together. 


Silken City was extremely bustling as everyone was discussing the numerous battles excitedly, yet the atmosphere in midair was slightly tense.

Because the top five had already been selected, and the next step was the competition for the top three positions!

The top three… Qing Xiuyi’s eyes that were enveloped by the hazy mist was suffused with a slight glow.

I must go all out! Zhao Qinghe puckered his lips in silence, and his fighting spirit blazed in his heart.

Zhen Liuqing and Ling Yu had fallen into silence as well.

Only Chen Xi was immersed in his meditation as he worked hard to recover the strength of his soul in his sea of consciousness, and he completely didn’t notice the atmosphere in the surroundings had already gradually become stiff and tense.

Meanwhile, the Civil Marquis held a jade box in his hands as he floated over, and then his eyes swept Chen Xi and the others before he said with a clear voice, “The next round of the competition is about to begin, all five of you come over and draw lots.” 

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