Chapter 404 – Intense Clash

Not only did this strike of Su Chan’s contain a terrifying might, it even drew the aura of battle that filled the Devilbane Arena to gather madly onto the blade.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Instantly, the entire heavens and the earth transformed into a mountain of corpses and sea of blood with a powerful army charging through it, causing the sound of weapons colliding, war drums rolling, battle cries to resound out and rumble in the sky, and it was extremely horrifying.

This blade strike hadn’t slashed out yet already possessed such might, and even the Earthly Immortal Realm experts that watched the battle from afar revealed shocked expressions.

“Voidslaughter Annihilation Slash! This is the supreme ultimate move the Warlord used to sweep through the lands. All those years ago, he’d relied on this slash to kill a few tens of thousands of foreign cultivators, causing corpses to form mountains as blood flowed in rivers!”

“This kid is formidable indeed. This strike can be said to be used in the best environment. The Devilbane Arena was refined by his Majesty by gathering the aura of battle from an ancient battlefield. When this strike struck out, it was filled with killing intent and the aura of battle converged upon it, causing its might to at least rise by 20%!”

“Looks like the Warlord exhausted a lot of effort on this kid. He possesses such combat strength at a young age, his accomplishments in the future are immeasurable. After this strike, Chen Xi is probably going to lose.”

How superior was the discerning gazes of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts? As soon as they saw the might contained within the strike of Su Chan’s, they instantly deduced that even if Chen Xi executed the sixth level of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, he would probably be unable to receive this strike.

On the other side, the Warlord Huangfu Taiwu revealed a trace of a smile, and he felt that he did indeed not take Su Chan in all those years ago in vain. The talent displayed by this kid at this moment caused him to feel great pride.

Most deserving of happiness was that Chen Xi was going to die grievously on the spot, right?

The hearts of Ya Qing and the others were at their throats when they saw this scene, and their eyes stared fixedly at the Devilbane Arena while they were nervous to the point they practically forgot to breathe.

“Now, do you think you can defeat me?” Dao Insight condensed and rumbled in his hand without being released, causing Su Chan’s imposing aura to rise steadily as if it was without bounds, and then he shouted out explosively with a ghastly voice. “Kneel down now! I’ll leave your corpse intact, otherwise, this strike will surely obliterate you!”

Arrogant! Complacent!

At this moment, Su Chan was complacent and seemed as if victory was within his grasps, and he seemed as if the hatred and enmity that had accumulated in his heart in these past few years had been vented completely.

Chen Xi raised his eyes as a shocking sharp light shot out from his pupils, and he said word by word, “I will ask you one more time, are you sure that these are your last words?’

Along with him finishing the last word, the air around Chen Xi shook and rumbled before shattering into powder, and it was like a peerless divine weapon was about to be unsheathe and slaughter the world!

In the next moment, an extremely terrifying Sword Insight gushed out from the Talisman Armament with a bang, and it penetrated and shattered space itself, causing the entire barrier around the arena to seem like it was trembling and waiting. The sword move that contained the seventh level of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture ascended the arena in a shocking manner!

Instantly, the entire Silken City was silent to the point even a dropping needle could be heard, and then a clamorous noise exploded out.

“It isn’t the sixth level, but the seventh level of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture!”

“It’s only a step away from combining all eight moves into one and attaining perfection?”

“Even though the sixth and seventh level are only a single level away, the seventh level of the Myriad Convergence Sword Technique is already stepping into the peak ranks of the technique, and the difference in its might is simply like the difference between the heavens and the earth, like the difference between a high-grade and low-grade magic treasure.”

“It’s too crazy, too unbelievable. Chen Xi’s Sword Dao has actually already attained such an extent! He’s absolutely the most shocking genius in the Sword Dao in a few thousand years!”

All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts had never imagined that such an unexpected change would occur, and all of them revealed a trace of a stunned expression.

Even the Martial Marquis Luo Hun that had always been silent couldn’t help but open his eyes at this moment, and a ball of cold lights bloomed out explosively from within.

He finally recalled the words his Majesty Emperor Chu said and the trace of shock Emperor Chu revealed during the time everyone was drinking wine and discussing the Dao in Silken Palace. ‘It’s just that the actions of a little fellow cultivating in the Silken Mountainriver Diagram was slightly loud.’ He ought to have been speaking about this kid!

Only the seventh level of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture can cause his Majesty to be so moved. The reason was extremely simply, during his youth, his Majesty Emperor Chu had only studied the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture for a few tens of years, yet he’d always been stuck at the sixth level, causing him to feel regretful even until this day.

The Martial Marquis couldn’t help but glance out of the corner of his eyes towards the sky high above, and he instantly noticed that Emperor Chu had already opened his eyes since an unknown time and revealed a trace of interest towards the battle in the distance.

“He deeply concealed his strength without revealing it completely!” Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Changtian, and the other top experts simultaneously had the same thought.

Chen Xi, the most dazzling dark horse in the Allstar Meeting this time had overcome numerous obstacles all along the way and repeatedly obtained victories in battles. Up until now, he’d never lost in anything, yet most striking to all was that his strength increased along with the increase of his opponent’s strength, and his trump cards were concealed rather deeply, as if he would never reach a limit, so he could indeed be said to deeply conceal his strength without revealing it completely.


An enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth gushed out from the Devilbane Arena. Su Chan’s Voidslaughter Annihilation Slash and Chen Xi’s seventh level Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture’s move collided with each other, and the destructive force that exploded out from this collision was like two erupting volcanos that emitted brilliant lights and surging rumbling. If it wasn’t for them being within the Devilbane Arena, merely the aftershock emitted from this strike was sufficient to obliterate the land in 500km of their surroundings.

When they saw this scene, everyone in Silken City was dumbstruck, their hearts shook, and they were unable to calm down for a long time.

“You…actually blocked it?!” After a long time, the dust and smoke on the arena dissipated as Su Chan’s extremely shocked and furious explosive shout sounded out. At this moment, his clothes were tattered to the point he was in a slightly embarrassing situation and his countenance was slightly pale, but he didn’t seem to have suffered much of an injury.

Opposite him, Chen Xi held his sword in his right hand, his azure clothes tattered extremely as well, yet his posture was extraordinary as before, and his expression didn’t have the slightest fluctuation and was completely calm and indifferent.

“Impossible! My Voidslaughter Annihilation Slash has already attained mastery. The combining of the Bloodsoul and Firmament Dao Insights has annihilated countless Bloodsoul Spirits, I don’t believe you can block all my attacks! Take this!” Su Chan’s eyes were red as he shouted out explosively and struck once more towards Chen Xi.

There was something else Su Chan didn’t mention. The Voidslaughter Annihilation Slash was already the strongest move he possessed, yet even this move was helpless against Chen Xi, and it instantly caused his heart to be in turmoil.

The collapse of one’s confidence was always unintentionally caused bit by bit.

At this moment, Su Chan had completely fallen into insanity. No matter how composed he was, when facing Chen Xi who didn’t die before his strongest weapon, and when facing this enmity that caused him to bear hatred for many years, he couldn’t help but lose his head.

“Su Chan will lose for sure.” The Martial Marquis closed his eyes once more.

“Looks like this strike was an extreme blow to this kid. Unfortunately, once a slight flaw appears in one’s heart, it’s bound to be utilized by one’s opponent in such an extremely intense battle.” The other Earthly Immortal Realm experts felt extreme pity in their hearts as well.

Hmm? I haven’t even fought with all my strength yet this fellow has already lost his head…. It would be such a pity if I don’t grab this opportunity that presented itself to me! Chen Xi frowned for a moment before his brows relaxed, and then his eyes revealed a wisp of sharp killing intent as he exploded out with his full strength.


A dazzling and resplendent sword light instantly tore through the sky, the sword contained seven types of Dao Insights that were emitted through the blade forged from the Sickle of Slaughter as its talisman markings surged, and the sound of the Dao and slaughter resounded out explosively in unison.


An enormous bang gnawed at the eardrums of all. The blood red blade in Su Chan’s hand was directly blasted flying as the bones in his wrist shattered with a cracking sound, causing blood to spray out. Besides that, his entire body was blasted flying as his countenance went pale, and his appearance distorted from the intense pain.


Chen Xi instantly charged to arrive before Su Chan.

Su Chan was greatly alarmed as a wisp of terror gushed out on his pale and distorted expression. He understood that he’d acted impulsively and lost his head. But unfortunately, it was already too late now as Chen Xi had already arrived before him.

“I admit defeat!” At the same time that he felt terror, Su Chan shouted out in a loud voice, and he exerted all the strength that remained in his body as he made great efforts to condense a defensive force.


Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament had just been lifted up when Su Chan’s voice had already sounded out, so he could only stop right away. The rules of this battle was that once one party admitted defeat, the other was disallowed from continuing. If anyone was to violate this rule, then Emperor Chu would directly annihilate the person!

But Chen Xi didn’t intend to let Su Chan off just like this. It was even to the extent that early on before the battle had begun, Chen Xi had already thought of how to deal with a situation like this. Right when Su Chan’s voice hadn’t finished resounding out, Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness rumbles as it swiftly struck out wish a shapeless Divine Sense attack that fiercely blasted towards Su Chan.

“I… AH!” Su Chan heaved a sigh of relief and was just about to speak when he suddenly emitted a miserable shrill cry, and then he held his head as he roared miserably. “My soul has shattered! It hurts! Chen Xi… How ruthless of you!”

In the next moment, his voice stopped abruptly as the shattering of his soul caused him to faint entirely.

“I didn’t kill you, I was only unable to control my Divine Sense…” Chen Xi shook his head and didn’t even spare a glance at Su Chan who was on the ground before turning around and leaving the Devilbane Arena. 

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