Chapter 403 – Bloodsky Voidslaughter Blade


The gazes of Chen Xi and Su Chan collided in midair, and even though their gazes parted in an instant, it caused the atmosphere to instantly become murderous.

The two of them didn’t speak before turning to flash towards the Devilbane Arena.



“Hmm? These two young men seem to be slightly strange?” The Civil Marquis was slightly bewildered.

The other Earthly Immortal Realm experts had noticed this as well, and all of them looked over successively at Bei Heng and asked. “Fellow Daoist Bei Heng, do you know the reason?”

Bei Heng glanced at the distant Huangfu Taiwu, and then sighed decisively. “Everyone, there’s something all of you don’t know. This sworn brother of mine’s clan was annihilated all those years ago and suffered great adversity since he was young, and all of this was mostly caused by the Su Clan that Su Chan is from…”

Practically all these Earthly Immortal Realm experts had come from the cultivation world outside the southern territory and were in secluded cultivation all year long, so they naturally didn’t know about the matter between Chen Xi and the Su Clan.

Bei Heng’s brows knit tightly as he spoke with righteous indignation. “If it wasn’t for my sworn brother having the assistance of a great figure, he’d probably have lost his life at the hands of the Su Clan since long ago. Now, Fellow Daoists ought to understand the enmity between these two people, right?”

The other Earthly Immortal Realm experts instantly came to an understanding.

“His Majesty’s arrangement really has a deep meaning.”

“Yes, this pair of young men have a family vendetta, and their enmity is extremely deep. This battle is bound to be extremely brilliant.”

The Civil Marquis seemed to be lost in thought instead. The assistance of a great figure? Could it be the Violet Thistle Bai Clan that his Majesty has once spoke of unintentionally? No wonder this old fellow Bei Heng dares to disregard the look on Huangfu Taiwu’s face and speak of this matter in public.

On the other side, the corners of Huangfu Jingtian’s mouth was suffused with a slight cold smile. “This kid Chen Xi is really filled with bad luck. He’s able to offend a whole lot of trouble wherever he goes and makes enemies everywhere, he’s really reckless and seeks death!”

“The enemy of our enemy is our friend. Qing Xiuyi and Huangfu Changtian from our side coupled with Su Chan, Chen Xi has three enemies in the top 10 now. I refuse to believe he’ll be able to continue on until the end!” The Whitecrane Sect’s Ancestor, Daoist Long He, sneered endlessly as well.

When Mo Lanhai and the others heard this, they instantly revealed ghastly expressions. They hated Chen Xi to the bones and were naturally unwilling to see him continue jumping around.


Two of the top five in the Allstar Meeting had already been decided.

Only one amongst Chen Xi and Su Chan would be able to enter the top five, and so long as they entered the top five, then they would be close to the top three, only a step away.

How many years has it been? I’ve finally awaited a chance to take revenge! Su Chan’s gaze was icy cold and without the slightest emotion, yet he was recalling the tragic scenes of his clan being annihilated all those years ago. The hatred that had accumulated within his heart for many years instantly gushed throughout his body like an explosive flood, and it stimulated the blood in his entire body to the point it seemed it was on the verge of exploding.

Crushing Chen Xi would be equivalent to entering the top five. This chance is difficult to come by in a thousand years, and I must seize it! Su Chan’s clothes fluttered as he walked into the Devilbane arena and looked at Chen Xi who was opposite him.

Sure enough, if one doesn’t pull weeds out by the roots, then they would grow back when the spring breeze blows again. A short few years have passed, yet Su Chan was already able to obtain such accomplishments. If he’s given some more time, then he’ll probably rebuild the Su Clan and gather strength before taking my Chen Clan as a mortal enemy and cause endless battles… Killing intent flashed within Chen Xi’s heart, and he decided right away. No matter what, I absolutely can’t allow Su Chan to continue growing. He must be annihilated!

Their gazes confronted each other from afar.

Strands of shapeless undercurrents collided between them. Everyone was able to sense the resolute aura between the two of them, a fight to the death!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A sword and a blade respectively appeared in their hands, and the surging auras they emitted pierced through the clouds and shook the heavens and the earth. The intense collision of auras between a sword cultivator and blade cultivator drew the attention of everyone present.

Chen Xi held the pitch black and lusterless Talisman Armament in his hand, and it was ancient and simple. On the other hand, the blade in Su Chan’s hand was almost 1m long, wide like a palm, and completely blood red. Talisman markings surged atop it as blade lights flowed about, and its quality was extremely extraordinary.

“Chen Xi, you’re a jinx from Pine Mist City whose clan is ruined. If it wasn’t for my Su Clan being unwilling to make it difficult for you, you’d probably have been killed while still in the cradle! Do you know? It was precisely because you didn’t know what was good for you that your grandfather’s life was ruined!” Su Chan spoke extremely coldly with a low voice, yet every single word was clear like a thunderclap. As he spoke, the narrow and long blood red blade in his hand buzzed endlessly, and strands of formidable fluctuation suffused out from the body of the blade.

“Su Chan, are these your last words?” Chen Xi replied indifferently.

The both of them engaged in a battle of words only because they wanted to make the other agitated and cause the other’s Dao Heart to be in turmoil.

After all, at their level of cultivation, one’s cultivation of the heart similarly affected the exertion of combat strength, and even the slightest trace of a careless mistake occurring at a critical moment would probably cause one to be defeated.

Suddenly, the two people that were talking noticed that they were unable to agitate the other, and they didn’t hesitate in the slightest to attack ferociously right away!


The blood red blade in Su Chan’s hand flashed through the sky while carrying along an expanse of surging blade lights that were sharp, powerful, swift, and merciless. The terrifying Dao Insight energy that was carried on the surface of the blade caused an expanse of blood red color to surge out and taint the heavens and the earth red.

This blade strike moved with crushing force, and it instantly appeared above Chen Xi’s head before slashing down!

“Dao Grade martial technique — Bloodsky Voidslaughter Blade!”

Outside the arena, when Zhen Liuqing saw the blade light flash, she knew that Su Chan cultivated in blade techniques, and it was the martial technique the Warlord Huangfu Taiwu made a name for himself with. It was extremely renowned, yet wasn’t passed down from ancient times, it was instead cultivated from a technique recorded in the supreme martial technique book of the Imperial Family, the Sacred Universe Ancient Scripture.

This blade technique contained the Grand Dao profundities of the Bloodsoul and Firmament Grand Dao. According to rumor, to cultivate this blade technique, one had to go deep into the Bloodhole outside the boundaries of the world to kill Bloodsoul Spirits and extract the strength of 100,000 Bloodsoul Spirits to cultivate it, causing it to be extremely difficult. But after one succeeded in cultivating it, it was even more formidable than ordinary top Dao Grade martial techniques.

Merely in terms of might, it was even capable of comparing with a perfect Dao Grade martial technique!

When Su Chan’s blade slashed down, the movement of his sword was illusory, yet peerlessly fierce and swift, causing the sun and moon to become dimmed, the stars to go dark, and all light was converged on the blood red body of the blade.


An enormous rumble that sounded like a surging sea of blood resounded out from the blood red blade and shook space itself, and it actually contained a boundless might that was slightly impossible to resist.

The blade light approached his head, yet Chen Xi’s expression still remained without the slightest change. The Talisman Armament in his hand emitted a wave of clear howls as talisman markings surged atop it, and then the five Divine Talismans residing within the sword circulated at full strength, causing the five elements to form a loop with each other. It emitted a brilliant light as Chen Xi struck out horizontally with an extremely simply Zhen Sword of Lightning.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Instantly, their sword and blade collided almost a hundred times, Sword Insight collapsed the space as blade lights shot out violently, and an intense rumbling of collision resounded to shake the heavens and the earth. Some spectating cultivators with inferior strengths were almost shocked deaf, their vital energy and blood roiled, and it was uncomfortable to the point they almost spat blood.

What a formidable sword move! As soon as they crossed blades, Su Chan felt how terrifying Chen Xi was. His Blade Dao was all powerful and peerlessly fierce, but Chen Xi had dispersed his attacks time and time again, and every single collision produced a shocking lightning tremor!

Su Chan felt his hand was faintly going numb, and this caused him to be extremely furious in his heart. He let out a long howl as his sword move instantly changed. “The Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture is formidable indeed, but it’s a fool’s dream if you want to defeat me. Bloodsky Voidslaughter Blade, break!”


The tip of the blood colored blade soared up into the sky as Dao Insights rumbled, and its sword qi emitted a myriad of long cries as its aura became even more formidable. It possessed the imposing aura as if a single blade was capable of slaughtering all.

Instantly, a blood colored blade light enveloped Chen Xi once more.

Chen Xi became more and more steady, calmer and calmer, he was entirely like an ancient well that had no ripples, a bright moon that hung unmoving in the sky. The Talisman Armament in his hand slashed out repeatedly as he executed the eight great sword moves of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, causing the blade of his sword to flash through the sky and collide repeatedly with the blade lights without being disadvantaged in the slightest.

Moreover, as the rhythm of the battle developed slowly, he didn’t just defend and started to launch a counterattack bit by bit. This counterattack was extremely hidden, yet increasing progressively with every passing moment, and perhaps it would be able to turn the situation around once it accumulated to a certain degree!


Outside the arena, Zhen Liuqing, Fan Yunlan, Ya Qing, Daoist Wen Xuan, and the others were nervous.

This battle could be said to be breathtaking. The others could enjoy the battle while feeling shock and sighing with praise. But they were different. Because Chen Xi was involved, none of them was able to maintain the calm of a spectator.

The Warlord Huangfu Taiwu was slightly nervous.

As soon as Chen Xi and Su Chan entered into battle, every single move of theirs were ruthless and dangerous. Every single strike seemed to want to doom the other eternally, and they completely didn’t leave any chance of survival for the other.

“Kill him, kill him…” As Huangfu Taiwu’s eyes opened and closed, his gaze revealed cold lights that emitted boundless killing intent, and he looked forward to Su Chan annihilating Chen Xi beneath his blade.

“Blood illuminates the sky, Voidslaughter Annihilation Slash!” On the arena, Su Chan seemed to have noticed Chen Xi’s intentions, and his blade light changed to a different move once more.


All the blood red color and Blade Insight in the surroundings converged onto the tip of the blade, and the blood red bit of light on the tip of the blade seemed to absorb and devour all the airflow and light in the surrounding space. As the blade was moved forward, with the blade at its center, space instantly shattered out towards the surroundings with a bang, and it transformed into expanse after expanse of shattered space! 

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