Chapter 402 – Goldjade Dragonform Technique

In the first battle of the top 10, Qing Xiuyi was victorious!

Even though everyone had roughly determined the outcome early on before the battle began, when they witnessed the various abilities Qing Xiuyi revealed on the arena, the hearts of everyone still couldn’t help but be suffused with a wave of heartfelt shock.

This woman can really be said to be unparalleled and possessing peerless grace.

“Amazing! As expected of a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal!” Including the Civil Marquis and the Martial Marquis, all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts revealed admiration in their eyes.

At their level of cultivation, they actually understood the profundity of Qing Xiuyi’s Light Dao Insight. It was an energy that was all pervasive and present everywhere. When light enveloped down, one would have nowhere to hide, and it was as if one had fallen into a cage that covered the heavens and the earth. Unless one broke the cage open, one would be confined to death in the end.

But even though they understood it, no one was capable of comprehending and grasping it, as it required both comprehension ability and disposition… As the saying goes, it’s easier said than done. Knowing one was thing, but whether one was capable of achieving it was another.

Light, it’s present everywhere in the heavens and the earth. Even if it’s deep into the night, there’re the stars and moon that emit light. Moreover, the illumination emitted by the flames of the world are light as well. It can be said to be present everywhere and envelops the entire world. It’s indeed beyond difficult to destroy light… Chen Xi’s brows knit tightly as he faintly sensed a trace of the exceedingly high profundity of the Light Dao Insight. But he was only spectating from the sidelines after all, and he was utterly incapable of comprehending its essence.

“Miss Zhen, what do you think?” Chen Xi asked Zhen Liuqing who was by his side. She, Qing Xiuyi, and Huangfu Qingying were the same, they were looked extremely favorably upon by Emperor Chu, and their strengths naturally belonged to the top ranks amongst those of the same generation.

“A rare Grand Dao, it’s very formidable. I once heard my master say that rare Grand Daos like the Light Grand Dao are rare even in the Dark Reverie. Those that are capable of grasping it innately possess superb natural talents and are one in a million.” Zhen Liuqing said with a light voice, “But most importantly, those that are capable of grasping a rare Grand Dao like this have a 90% probability of ascending to become a Heavenly Immortal. These type of cultivators are also called favorites of the heavens.”

90% probability? Chen Xi was shocked and was lost in thought. I’ve grasped the Paramita and Oblivion Dao Insights, and they both belong to the ranks of rare Dao Insights. Doesn’t that mean that my probability of ascending to become a Heavenly Immortal will rise greatly?

Right when everyone present was shocked by the Dao Insight grasped by Qing Xiuyi, suddenly…


A shapeless Dao Insight fluctuation descended into the heavens and the earth.

Everyone was stunned and moved their gazes over in unison towards the place the fluctuation descended. They saw strands of Dao Insight fluctuations faintly flowing about in the surroundings of Huangfu Qingying who wore a bright yellow embroidered robe and a feathered crown, and divine light overflowed from her body, causing her to seem extremely divine.

“Comprehending a Dao?”

“She actually comprehended a Dao Insight at a time like this?”

“What a terrifying comprehension ability!”

For a time, everyone present was exceedingly astonished. It was comparatively common for people to suddenly break through in a battle, but Huangfu Qingying was watching from the sidelines yet was actually capable of comprehending a new Dao Insight abruptly. Such natural talent was extremely shocking indeed.

Chen Xi, Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Changtian, Zhen Liuqing, Su Chan, Yu Xuanchen, and all the other young experts in the top 12 felt slightly threatened.

Huangfu Qingying was already extremely strong. As the daughter of Emperor Chu, she didn’t have to be worried about any cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, or magic treasures. Conversely, the resources she enjoyed were even better than everyone present here.

Now, she’d instantly comprehended a Grand Dao during this nervous atmosphere of battle, so the strength she revealed caused all of them to have no choice but to think very highly of her!

This… The following battle order might be slightly inappropriate. The Civil Marquis laughed bitterly without end in his head, and he couldn’t help but raise his eyes to look at Emperor Chu who was high above in the sky.

Originally, Huangfu Qingying’s battle was arranged as the second battle, but she’d suddenly comprehended a Dao Insight now, causing her to be in a peak state, and she might win this battle…

Because according to Emperor Chu’s arrangement, it was to make his daughter lose this battle!  

Emperor has his own reasons for doing this. After all, Huangfu Qingying was his daughter and didn’t have to fight her way into the top three to choose any martial technique in the Imperial Family’s treasure vault, so she entirely had no need of fighting for the spot with the others.

Moreover, doing this would allow the other young geniuses to have more chances to obtain the rewards. So in the future, when they entered the Dark Reverie, they would be able to help the Darchu Dynasty win over even more benefits.

“There’s no need to change the order. Everything will follow according to the arrangements from before. Perhaps this is the will of the heavens.” Emperor Chu’s voice resounded out in the ears of the Civil Marquis, and it instantly caused him to be reassured.

“The second battle, Huangfu Qingying versus Zhen Liuqing!” The Civil Marquis didn’t continue hesitating and announced the battle.

His voice sounded out in the heavens and the earth and instantly drew the attention of everyone, and the gazes of everyone that was filled with boundless excitement descended onto the two young women.

One was the daughter Emperor Chu doted on the most, the other was the mysterious female disciple of the eastern sea’s Mistwater Pavilion that kept a low profile. Both of them were like Qing Xiuyi and had been personally praised by Emperor Chu himself. Yet now, both of them were about to enter into a battle and decide on a victor between them, so it naturally caused a stir in Silken City.

Huangfu Qingying and Zhen Liuqing seemed to be extremely calm as they looked at each other from afar before flashing towards the distant Devilbane Arena.

Battle, begin!

In the Allstar Meeting up until now, all the 12 people that were capable of fighting their way into the top 12 were peerless monsters, and there weren’t many rules in the battles between them. Once they entered into battles, they went all out without holding back in the slightest.

Bang! Bang!

On the arena, Huangfu Qingying and Zhen Liuqing didn’t say a single word before entering into an intense battle, and both of them revealed their most formidable martial techniques.

“Roar!” Golden lights overflowed from Huangfu Qingying’s body as she transformed into an enormous golden dragon, and dragon roars surged as she emitted the might of a dragon that caused the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shadow.

The enormous dragon soared in the sky while emitting a golden glow that shot into the skies, and its dragon might surged and shook the world! When looked at from afar, it was like a true dragon from the absolute beginning of the world, and it had resurrected from countless years ago to look down onto the world.

This was the secret inheritance cultivation technique of the Darchu Dynasty’s Imperial Family — The Goldjade Dragonform Technique!

On the other hand, Zhen Liuqing’s attacks seemed to be very ordinary. Her appearance was like still water, calm and without the slightest ripple as her pair of white hands slapped out with moves that were simply and unsophisticated, and her moves emitted an aura of shedding flair and returning to simplicity. Under Huangfu Qingying’s terrifying attacks, Zhen Liuqing actually didn’t fall into a disadvantaged position and fought equally with her.

“Goldjade Dragonform Technique. This is one of the numerous formidable martial techniques his Majesty Emperor Chu possesses, and it’s renowned throughout the world. I never imagined that he actually passed it down to the Young Princess.”

“Zhen Liuqing is so formidable! This woman’s control of strength has already attained an extraordinary level. Every move of hers seems to be simple, yet the strength contained within it was capable of easily dealing with all the attacks of the Young Princess. She’s extremely formidable indeed!” Everyone was extremely shocked.

Chen Xi, Zhao Qinghe, and the others were shocked in their hearts. The strength that both the women revealed caused every single one of them to feel pressured.

Especially Zhen Liuqing, she was actually still capable of fighting Huangfu Qingying equally under the condition that Huangfu Qingying had just comprehended a Dao Insight. So her strength was unquestionably formidable to the extreme! 

“Qingying, withdraw. You’ve already lost.” Right when both the young women were locked in battle, the voice of Emperor Chu suddenly sounded out from high above in the sky, and it spread out into the heavens and the earth and clearly entered the ears of everyone.


The battle has clearly not ended, when was the outcome determined?

Everyone was stunned.

Only some Earthly Immortal Realm experts had noticed an inkling, yet they didn’t dare make improper conclusions.


The two figures on the arena separated.

Huangfu Qingying was slightly angry, and she stomped her feet while puckering her little lips towards Emperor Chu to indicate her displeasure.

“It was a good battle.” Zhen Liuqing smiled faintly as she spoke.

“Hmph! I’ll surely defeat you when I meet you the next time, and I’ll make you be convinced of your loss!” Huangfu Qingying swung her tiny fists before turning around to leave the arena.

Actually, she knew as well that her father wasn’t wrong in the slightest. Even if they continued fighting until the end, she only had a 40% chance to obtain the final victory. Because up until now, she’d already utilized all of her ability yet was still incapable of forcing Zhen Liuqing to utilize her entire strength. Zhen Liuqing was so terrifying that she had no choice but to admit that she was indeed slightly inferior to Zhen Liuqing at this moment.

“Nice.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but praised when he saw Zhen Liuqing return triumphantly.

“How am I compared to Qing Xiuyi?” Zhen Liuqing blinked her clear eyes and asked with a smile.

“This…” Chen Xi pondered with a frown for a short while and compared the display of the two women for some time, and then he shook his head and said, “I’m really unable to determine it.”

Zhen Liuqing couldn’t help but smile, and glared at Chen Xi as if she was blaming him. “As a friend, could it be that you can’t say that I’m better than Qing Xiuyi? Aren’t you a bit too honest sometimes?”

Chen Xi was stunned and hadn’t opened his mouth to explain when he heard Zhen Liuqing add another sentence. “But I like it when you’re honest like this.”

Chen Xi was dumbstruck and instantly went silent. 


The Civil Marquis spoke out once more with a clear voice. “The third battle, Chen Xi versus Su Chan!”

His voice sounded out throughout Silken City.

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted instantly. Su Chan? Could it be that Emperor Chu knows as well that there’s an extremely deep enmity between me and this fellow, so he intentionally arranged it like this?

“Chen Xi, be careful.” Zhen Liuqing looked at Chen Xi as she spoke in a light voice. She knew clearly about the enmity between Chen Xi and Su Chan.

“Okay.” Chen Xi nodded. At this moment, no matter how much he hated Su Chan, he couldn’t underestimate Su Chan. After all, since Su Chan was capable of coming this far, it was sufficient to prove how formidable the strength Su Chan possessed was.

On the other side.

The Warlord, Huangfu Taiwu was slightly stunned. Chen Xi? He’d wanted to find a chance to eliminate Chen Xi long ago. But comparatively speaking, he hoped even more for Su Chan to be able to safely advance to the top three and not fight to the death with Chen Xi now.

“Su Chan, I took you in when your Su Clan was annihilated all those years ago, you ought to understand my intentions in doing so.” Huangfu Taiwu sent a voice transmission and instructed. “Since you’ve encountered Chen Xi in battle now, then no matter what, you must crush him!”

Su Chan nodded lightly.

The importance of this battle even surpassed any reward…because…his enemy was Chen Xi! 

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