Chapter 400 – The Top 12

Su Jiankong had lost!

In midair, Qing Xiuyi and the other young experts that hadn’t started their battles revealed serious expressions. 

The battle between Chen Xi and Su Jiankong earlier was too insane. One executed the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, while the other utilized the Earthly Heaven Sword and Formless Nightmare Sword. Both their Sword Daos were different, yet both were extremely skilled in attack, and they fought resolutely and with peerless fierceness, causing the hearts of everyone to tighten.

But the most terrifying was undoubtedly Chen Xi. Since the beginning of the battle until Su Jiankong was defeated, this fellow had always been calm, unhurried, and at ease, and his comprehension of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture had already attained an unimaginable height that took the breaths of the spectators away.

On the other hand, Su Jiankong was in a desperate and practically insane state, yet he was still unable to force Chen Xi to utilize his full strength, and how terrifying Chen Xi’s strength was could be easily determined from this.

“Chen Xi has won!” 

“I knew that this fellow will absolutely be the most dazzling dark horse in the Allstar Meeting this time!”

“Amazing! This is a battle between sword cultivators? The Dao of the sword is really the number one art of slaughter in the world.”

Silken City was in an uproar as the cultivators that came from all over discussed the battle from before with excitement, and it could be said to be the most brilliant battle since the competition began.

Moreover, they’d clearly seen the strength Chen Xi possessed through this battle, and all of them sighed endlessly with praise as if they’d seen a dazzling star rising slowly.

Chen Xi left the Devilbane Arena and returned to stand with Fan Yunlan and Zhen Liuqing in midair.

Meanwhile, many gazes descended onto Chen Xi.

“This kid’s strength is extremely strong, and the sword in his possession is a formidable magic treasure as well. I must be absolutely sure not to fight him head on.”

“Sword cultivators are sometimes even more terrifying than blade cultivators. I have to be careful if I encounter this kid.”

“Looks like if I battle him, I have to maintain a composed mental state. Otherwise, I’ll surely end up like Su Jiankong.”

The other experts of the younger generation that were in the top 24 contemplated in their hearts, and they were even more careful in their hearts after witnessing the strength Chen Xi revealed.

The thing that caused them to be vigilant the most was Chen Xi didn’t just possess a formidable cultivation in the Dao of the sword, he’d also cultivated in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement and grasped various formidable Divine Abilities. When facing an opponent that possessed numerous formidable abilities, no one dared let their guards down.

“Haha, congratulations Fellow Daoist Bei Heng. The strength of this little fellow, Chen Xi, is extraordinary indeed…” All the Earthly Immortal Realm experts were spectating the battle as well, and when they saw Chen Xi advance smoothly, someone congratulated Bei Heng right away.

Bei Heng smiled as he replied to them one by one. When they gathered in Silken Palace earlier, he was like an utterly isolated person that no one acknowledged. Presently, as he looked at all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts that smiled as they struck up a conversation with him, the depression in his heart was instantly swept away completely, and he felt extremely happy.

Compared to Bei Heng’s pride and satisfaction, the Earthly Immortal Realm ancestor of the Earthly Heaven Sect, Zhao Zimei, was completely livid. Their Earthly Immortal Realm’s Eldest Disciple Lin Moxuan had been killed by Chen Xi, now Su Jiankong had lost at Chen Xi’s hands as well, and this outcome simply caused him to have to impulse to spit blood.

“The second battle, Huangfu Changtian versus An Qianyu!” The Civil Marquis’s voice sounded out once more.

Huangfu Changtian was just like his younger brother Huangfu Chongming and had cultivated the Dao Grade martial technique Nine-Python Skyannihilation Fist. But in his hands, this fist technique revealed an extremely terrifying force. Nine pythons tore through the sky, striking the skies and smashing the earth, and his combat style was extremely overbearing and ferocious, causing him to seem like a war god that swept through all obstacles.

An Qianyu’s strength was extremely strong as well, yet when going against Huangfu Changtian, he was suppressed in every aspect. In almost less than ten moves, Huangfu Changtian’s fist smashed onto his chest, blasting him flying out of the arena, and he almost lost his life.


After they witnessed this battle, the same feeling simultaneously appeared in the hearts of everyone. The manner of combat Huangfu Changtian revealed was peerlessly overbearing indeed, and it was all-powerful and extremely terrifying.

Huangfu Changtian won this battle.

“The third battle, Qing Xiuyi versus Wang Daoxu!” 

While everyone was still immersed in Huangfu Changtian’s battle, the announcement of the third battle instantly caused all the cultivators in Silken City to be stirred.

Qing Xiuyi!

Merely this name was sufficient to draw the gazes of everyone.

She was the one and only reincarnated Heavenly Immortal in the Darchu Dynasty up until now, a proud genius of the heavens that was the best amongst her peers, and she was like an otherworldly celestial maiden that remained aloof from the world.

Yet now, this figure that was like a celestial maiden was about to ascend the arena and display her supreme grace. So who amongst the people present would be able to not be excited and delighted?

Even the Earthly Immortal Realm experts converged their gazes onto the Devilbane Arena and were extremely curious.

When facing a top expert like Qing Xiuyi, Wang Daoxu had a bitter taste in his mouth, yet didn’t lose his fighting spirit. Conversely, the combat strength he revealed on the combat arena was absolutely extraordinary.

But he still lost in the end. His strength was indeed much inferior to Qing Xiuyi. A casual attack of Qing Xiuyi’s was already capable of causing him to have the feeling that it was impossible to resist, and he was convinced of his lost.

“The fourth battle…”

“The fifth battle…”

Unusually brilliant battles were carried out one by one, causing all the cultivators in Silken City to practically forget to breathe as they sighed repeatedly with shock. Even some old fellows with deep cultivations watched carefully and seriously, and they clicked their tongues in surprise.

In these round after round of battles, besides Zhen Liuqing, Fan Yunlan, and Young Master Zhou, all the other good friends of Chen Xi’s were eliminated.

An Qianyu had lost at the hands of Huangfu Changtian.

Wang Daoxu had lost at the hands of Qing Xiuyi.

Hua Mobei had lost at the hands of Huangfu Qingying.

These three people losing couldn’t be considered to be an injustice because there really was quite a difference between their strengths and the strengths of their opponents.

Finally, the 12 battles of the third round had ended, and the top 12 had been selected!

They were Chen Xi, Huangfu Changtian, Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Qingying, Fan Yunlan, Zhen Liuqing, Young Master Zhou, Ling Yu, Yu Xuanchen, Su Chan, and Lu Xiao.

Most of these 12 people had been looked favorably upon by everyone since the before the beginning of the Allstar Meeting, and they were first rate apex experts that were one in a million and peerlessly extraordinary.

On the other hand, Chen Xi, Fan Yunlan, and Lu Xiao were three dark horses that had appeared out of thin air and fought their way here. After experiencing test after test, their names were known well by everyone present.

“You 12 are the top 12 of the Allstar Meeting this time. Everyone is able to obtain a Dao Insight Origin Pill that contains a Grand Dao profundity.” High above in the sky, Emperor Chu spoke indifferently as his eyes opened and closed.

As soon as he finished speaking, 12 jade boxes instantly appeared in midair and flew towards Chen Xi and the others.

Dao Insight Origin Pills! And they even contain Grand Dao profundities!

Even though they knew since long ago that the rewards for the final test was extremely generous, everyone present still couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration in their hearts and feel extremely envious when they heard Emperor Chu announced it himself.

Even those Earthly Immortal Realm experts were extremely envious. Dao Insight Origin Pills were supreme medicinal pills refined by true Heavenly Immortals by extracting their own Dao Insight Laws and combining it with various natural treasures of the heavens and the earth. It was capable of allowing one to instantly comprehend a Grand Dao profundity, and it was absolutely a precious treasure that could only be chanced upon by luck!

Chen Xi and the others stretched out their hands to grab the jade box.

His Divine Sense swept it!

Hmm? The Grand Dao of Metal… Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed. He’d grasped this Grand Dao long ago, and in other words, this Dao Insight Origin Pill was useless to him.

But he quickly felt at ease. Unlike the number of Minor Daos that were numerous, amongst the Grand Daos of the heavens and the earth, the most common were the Grand Daos of the five elements, Yin, Yang, wind, lightning, and so on and so forth. For example, the Paramita, Oblivion, and other such Grand Dao profundities he’d grasped belonged to the ranks of rare Grand Dao profundities, and they were extremely rarely seen.

Possessing this Dao Insight Origin Pill that contains the Grand Dao of Metal isn’t bad. After all, in the eyes of others, this is a precious treasure that they dreamt of, and I absolutely can’t waste it. Perhaps I can pass it down to the little fellow Chen Yu. Chen Xi restrained his thoughts and placed the jade box into the Buddha’s Pagoda.

I said earlier that according to your displays, two amongst the top 12 disciples will be directly eliminated, and the remaining 10 will undergo the final competition. Emperor Chu spoke abruptly.

Two will be directly eliminated?

Instantly, the entire Silken City fell into silence, perfect silence. The gazes of everyone looked towards Chen Xi and the others, and they seemed to want to distinguish which two people had shown the weakest display.

Of course, this decision of Emperor Chu seemed to be slightly unfair. After all, these 12 people had experienced countless battles and arrived to this point with great difficulty. So directly denying two of them was slightly too brutal.

But at this moment, no one dared speak out in dispute. Because the person that said this was Emperor Chu, and the rules of the entire Allstar Meeting was set by Emperor Chu. So, who dared say anything?

At this moment, Chen Xi and the others felt apprehensive.


Emperor Chu’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning as it swept towards them and scanned Chen Xi and the others. Even though he hadn’t spoken yet, the soundless pressure caused everyone to be unable to avoid from arousing a trace of nervousness. 

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