Chapter 399 – Formless Nightmare Sword

Formless Nightmare Sword!

An extremely rare Dao Grade martial technique that contained the Grand Dao of Illusion.

In the heavens and the earth, if there was light, then there naturally would be shadows and illusions, and if there was reality, then there naturally were nightmares and the unreal.

The martial technique Formless Nightmare Sword controlled the sword with the heart, spirit, strength, and technique. It was quite different from ordinary Sword Daos, and it was unfathomable, strange, ingenious, and extraordinary.

Su Jiankong had obtained this martial technique by chance and had already cultivated it to mastery. A casual swing of his sword was capable of changing between material and unreal, like an unreal flowing light, and it created various illusions that were a mixture of real and fake, causing it to be impossible to guard against.


The strand of sword light that appeared soundlessly out of thin air was like an illusion that fiercely pierced towards Chen Xi’s forehead, and it was extremely ruthless. If he were to be hit, then he would die without a doubt.

Right at this critical moment, Chen Xi suddenly raised his head as the sword light swiftly enlarged within his pupils. But his expression was surprisingly devoid of panic, and he instead stood there without moving as if he was scared stiff.

“Too weak!” When he saw these actions of Chen Xi’s, the corners of Su Jiankong’s mouth couldn’t help but be suffused with a trace of coldness. This strike was swift and fierce, and under this sudden strike, even if Chen Xi took out a defensive magic treasure, it wouldn’t be able to resist the attack.

Presently, Chen Xi didn’t dodge nor evade, and he would obviously die without a doubt.


The sword light pierced out explosively and practically instantly penetrated Chen Xi’s head.

“Ha…” Su Jiankong was about to laugh out loud, yet his laughter hadn’t spread out when it froze abruptly. Because he noticed that after his sword light penetrated Chen Xi’s head, there actually wasn’t a single drop of blood.

This scene caused his pupils to constrict, and he noticed to his shock that it was utterly not Chen Xi’s body but a mere afterimage!

“A very good Illusion Dao Insight, mixing but real and fake, and even I was almost unable to distinguish it.” Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s voice sounded out behind him, causing Su Jiankong to be instantly shocked in his heart.

“Illusions flicker like a dream!” He didn’t hesitate in the slightest to flash out and vanish abruptly on the spot, and at the same time, a few tens of figures flashed swiftly like bolts of lightning towards Chen Xi from all directions.

These numerous figures were all Su Jiankong. All of them had fierce auras and were extremely realistic, and if looked at with only one’s eyes, it was utterly impossible to distinguish the real figure from the fake.

“If you utilized the Earthly Heaven Sword, then perhaps you would be able to persist for a short while. But unfortunately, you chose a method of battle that’s completely useless against me…” Amidst his calm and indifferent voice, a vertical eye suddenly appeared between Chen Xi’s brows, and it was pitch black and profound as if it was capable of swallowing one’s soul into it.

Divine Ability — The Eye of Divine Truth!


With a sweep of the vertical eye’s gaze, Chen Xi instantly felt as if the heavens and the earth were different. Its colors were clearly distinguished, and even the various airflows, particles, and fluctuations in space were clearly visible down to the slightest detail.

Under the envelopment of this strange vision, he discerned with a single glance that all of the ten plus figures that flashed towards him were illusions, whereas, Su Jiankong’s real body was concealed in the distance, and it was only combined with a wisp of shadow on the ground.

“Boring!” Chen Xi shook his head as he flashed out like a bolt of lightning that avoided the attacks of the numerous illusions. In the next moment, he’d already arrived at the place Su Jiankong was hiding, and his Talisman Armament slashed down.

How could this be possible?! I’ve killed countless formidable opponents by relying on the Formless Nightmare Sword in these past few years, and it has never failed. How could this fellow possibly locate my true body instantly? Su Jiankong’s expression went slightly grim, but even though he was shocked in his heart, his reaction was extremely swift. He stomped on the ground, causing countless dreamlike and illusory sword lights to gush out while covering the heavens and the earth, and it was like a spiderweb that forcefully blocked the entire strength of Chen Xi’s sword strike.

“Illusions are swift like a shuttle, Myriad Sword Form!” At the same time, Su Jiankong resolutely launched a counterattack. He’d already exerted his entire strength, and even his eyes were faintly suffused with a glow of fire.

His sword became exceedingly swift as a myriad of sword images layered upon each other one by one, and they covered the heavens and the earth like an overflowing torrent that enveloped the entire surroundings.

“It’s a bit more interesting like this…” Chen Xi smiled lightly as he executed his movement technique and became locked in battle with Su Jiankong. The figures of the two appeared all around the arena as sword images flashed by, and their speeds were extraordinarily swift.

What caused Su Jiankong to be astonished was Chen Xi seemed to have seen through the truth behind his moves, and Chen Xi’s sword moves were accurate and ruthless. Every single strike directly penetrated through the layer upon layer of illusions to press down onto his real body.

Before Chen Xi, the Formless Nightmare Sword had simply lost all its might!

Break! Break! Break! Earlier, Chen Xi had the intention of tempering himself, yet at this moment, he already couldn’t care about all that. The Talisman Armament in his hand instantly became agile and unfathomable. It was sometimes like a bolt of lightning that passed through the sky, peerlessly ferocious; sometimes it was like a breeze or drizzle, fine and dense as if they were weaved together. Sword strike after sword strike slashed down with rumbling Dao Insight and boundless might.

“Dammit! You can’t defeat me!” Su Jiankong’s eyes were completely red, and he’d completely gone mad. The True Essence in his entire body surged as his sword move changed, and he didn’t continue using the Formless Nightmare Sword and changed back to the matchlessly heavy Earthly Heaven Sword. Each sword strike was heavier than the previous, its might capable of pressing down a mountain, and it pressed down fiercely onto all of Chen Xi’s attacks.

The battle between the two was extremely swift, Dao Insight shook as surging sword lights filled the skies and smashed the earth, and it was like two volcanos were colliding with each other and erupting matchlessly dazzling bright lights.

“Amazing! This is absolutely the most brilliant battle amongst the battles up until now!”

“Indeed. Both of them are sword cultivators, their sword moves fierce and swift, and they’re both matchlessly powerful. Their ability to grasp such terrifying strength at a young age like this is simply unbelievable.”

“Unfortunately, that Su Jiankong is obviously slightly not a match for Chen Xi, and he’s being suppressed in every aspect. If a sudden change doesn’t occur, then he’ll probably lose…”

Outside the Devilbane Arena, the hearts of all the cultivators surged with excitement that couldn’t be restrained as they watched the battle. Moreover, most of the cultivators had already discerned that Su Jiankong’s situation had already become adverse.

“I won’t lose! Absolutely not! I’m the one and only genius expert of the Earthly Heaven Sect, so how can I stop here?” Suddenly, Su Jiankong let out a hoarse and explosive shout as his Sword Insight shot into the sky, his True Essence surged, and his attacks became even more violent.

Chen Xi gradually became impatient instead. Even though Su Jiankong’s fighting spirit was exuberant, the changes in his sword moves had reached its limit, and it was utterly incapable of threatening Chen Xi in the slightest.


The Talisman Armament tore through the sky and transformed into an extremely breathtaking and dazzling bolt of lightning that carried surging Dao Insights like the Dao Insights of lightning, wind, sky, fire, water, and so on and so forth to slash down! 

Chen Xi had already utilized the might of the 6th level of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture in this strike. It contained the variations of six great sword moves within a single strike, and its might shook the sky to the point it wailed and trembled, space shattered inch by inch, and everything that stood before it was easily and completely obliterated.


Under this sword strike that couldn’t be resisted, Su Jiankong was blasted flying like a kite that had its string severed, and he fell on the ground 3km away before spitting blood without end. His countenance was already completely pale, and his entire body ached to the point he trembled violently. 

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