Chapter 398 – First Battle

Half a day of time passed swiftly.

Presently, practically every single one of the remaining 24 people were individuals that everyone present paid close attention to, and even though Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, and the others were the most dazzling, the others weren’t much inferior.

Moreover, after the battles had been carried out to this point, there were still many people that had more strength to spare, and no one was capable of clearly and accurately distinguishing who was more formidable only from the displays they put on earlier.

“It’s time. All 24 of you listen clearly.” High above in the sky, Emperor Chu who had his eyes closed in meditation suddenly opened his eyes to look down below him as he spoke.

Instantly, the entire Silken City went silent, perfectly silent, and the eyes of every revealed strands of fervor. Is the third round of the battles finally about to begin?

As Emperor Chu’s eyes opened and closed he glanced at Chen Xi and the others before he said indifferently, “All 24 of you that have emerged from the second round of the battles may obtain a heaven-rank magic treasure personally refined by me.

“But for the sake of satisfying all of your requirements, I hope that all of you can utilize the magic treasure you’re most skilled at in the third round of the battle. Only in this way would I be able to refine a magic treasure that’s tailored to you.”

Everyone present gasped in their hearts when they heard this, and they were extremely envious. Refining a heaven-rank magic treasure tailored to every single one of them? What an enormous blessing!

“I hope all of you will go all out. Don’t fall short at a time like this.” Emperor Chu waved his hand, causing a scroll to fly out. “Civil Marquis, announce the name list for the third round.”

Chen Xi and the other 23 had serious expressions as they held their breaths and awaited the announcement.

“The first battle in the third round, Chen Xi versus the Earthly Heaven Sect’s Su Jiankong.” The Civil Marquis opened up the scroll and spoke out.

“Big Brother Chen Xi is finally going to fight!” Mu Wenfei raised his head excitedly and stared at the Devilbane Arena without blinking, and he seemed to be even more excited than Chen Xi.

But, Ya Qing and the other girls didn’t ridicule him this time, and all of them had serious and heavy expressions.

As a disciple of the Earthly Heaven Sect, Su Jiankong had already become eminent while he was still in the sect, and he was extremely famous. Even Lin Moxuan who was the Eldest Disciple in the Earthly Heaven Sect was cast into a shade before him, so his strength was naturally and undoubtedly formidable.

“It’s time for this fellow Chen Xi to reveal his strength. Otherwise, everyone present would probably be unable to figure out exactly how strong he is, and they would even suspect that it was completely because of luck that he was able to arrive at this stage of the competition.” Daoist Wen Xuan had a smile on his face as he sighed with emotion, and his words were filled with confidence towards Chen Xi.

“Uncle, do your best!” Little Chen Yu cried out loudly with a clear and melodious voice.

Fei Lengcui raised her head and looked at Chen Xi instead as excitement surged in her heart. Hao, how good would it be if you were here and saw your Big Brother being able to be so dazzling in the Allstar Meeting of the entire Darchu Dynasty.


The gazes of everyone in Silken City descended onto Chen Xi and Su Jiankong in unison.

When the competition just began, they still had the leisurely mood to chat and snack, yet at this moment, especially when only 24 people remained, all of them restrained their minds and became concentrated.

These people had experienced the first three tests and persisted up until now, and all of them were extremely extraordinary genius figures, phoenixes and dragons amongst men. Moreover, the Allstar Meeting was much grander than the previous years, so those that were capable of ranking in the top 24 this time were capable of ranking in the top 10 in the Allstar Meetings of the previous years!

For example, figures like Ling Yu and Yu Xuanchen were disciples that were fostered by old fellows that lived in seclusion deep within the mountains, and they’d utterly not intended to participate in the Allstar Meeting before this. The reason they’d come here was that they were complying with the orders of their masters and had no choice but to come.

“Su Jiankong’s sword technique is extremely extraordinary, and he’s extremely well versed in the Earthly Heaven Grand Dao. He’s a peerless genius of the Earthly Heaven Sect that’s even more formidable than Lin Moxuan.”

“Chen Xi isn’t any inferior. The first three tests of the Allstar Meeting have already proven his strength is comparable to other top experts. The battle between him and Su Jiankong can be said to be a gathering of lion and tiger, and it’s truly difficult to say who’ll be the final victor.” 

Everyone couldn’t help but become excited. Chen Xi who was a dark horse that overcame numerous difficulties all along the way since the competition began was finally about to truly collide with a formidable opponent! 

Within the Devilbane Arena.

Chen Xi and Su Jiankong stood in confrontation from afar on the enormous and vast arena.

Chen Xi had once heard of Su Jiankong’s reputation in Maple Leaf City, and it was the first time he was seeing Su Jiankong in person. This young man wore clothes that were whiter than snow, had an extraordinary bearing, deep eyes, calm and long breathing, and his entire body emitted a fierce and proud aura that belonged only to sword cultivators.

He’s still capable of maintaining such a calm disposition even at a time like this. This person is really more superior than the other disciple of the Earthly Heaven Sect, Lin Moxuan. Chen Xi sized Su Jiankong up in his heart.

Su Jiankong was examining Chen Xi as well. This handsome young man before him had an unrestrained and extraordinary bearing that was clean and transparent like a pure piece of glass that was completely untainted. The young man seemed to not have the slightest offensive ability, yet Su Jiankong knew that since this person was capable of coming this far, his strength was absolutely not as simple as he looked on the surface.

Moreover, the aura emitted by the young man’s entire body looked to be faint yet was deep like an abyss, and it vaguely flowed with a trace of a vast energy that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

This is an extremely formidable enemy!

Su Jiankong’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he’d already decided in his heart that he would surely go all out!“ I heard that trash Lin Moxuan died at your hands? Even though I detest him, we’re from the same sect after all. I naturally have to bear his enmity. Come, let me see if you’re really strong, or if you have an undeserved reputation!” As he spoke, a sword that was ancient, desolate, and suffused with a hazy earthen yellow sheen appeared in his hand. This sword was called Lofty Earth, and it was a top-grade earth-rank magic treasure. It was a treasure that was passed down in the Earthly Heaven Sect for countless years, and when combined with the Earthly Heaven Dao Insight, it was capable of bringing fort various miraculous effects.


At the instant the sword appeared, it was like a sky of thick earth had pressed down, causing even the air to be suffused with a heavy aura.

“There’s no point in saying anything further, make your move.” Chen Xi held the Talisman Armament, and his clothes fluttered as he stood facing Su Jiankong 300m away.

“Kill!” Su Jiankong didn’t continue speaking, he held the Lofty Earth Sword and flashed out, and his sword turned upside down like an overturned river of silver as it swept out.

Instantly, the entire arena was filled with earthen yellow hazy smoke dust. Every single speck of smoke dust was 500kg in weight and contained vast Earthly Heaven Sword Insight, causing it to be peerlessly powerful.

When looked at from afar, it was like layers of muddy colored tidal waves that surged forward with an imposing aura that was heavy and revealed boundless violence.


The Talisman Armament emitted a clear howl that swiftly spread out throughout the heavens and the earth. Chen Xi disregarded the muddy yellow smoke and dust that assaulted him, and his figure flashed to charge head on towards it. On the way, the Talisman Armament in his hand flashed and slashed out.


Sparks shot up to cover the sky as Su Jiankong who was accumulating force while waiting to exert it hadn’t even approached Chen Xi when he was already blasted away by Chen Xi, and Chen Xi’s timing was just nice and happened to be the moment Su Jiankong had just exerted strength and hadn’t recovered.

This fellow’s sword isn’t bad. It’s capable of blocking my Talisman Armament head on… After seizing the initiative with this sword strike, Chen Xi moved swiftly as the Talisman Armament in his hand slashed out easily in a peerlessly swift, ferocious, and heavy manner. The sword light that seemed like a waterfall was like a bolt of lightning that tore through the sky, and it flashed through the clouds. Every single move Chen Xi made gave others the feeling as if it couldn’t be blocked.

Su Jiankong’s strength was extraordinary indeed. Even if Chen Xi had seized the initiative and he’d fallen into a passive position, his defense was watertight.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xi had already cross swords more than 100 times with Su Jiankong.


Su Jiankong’s figure retreated explosively, and he transformed into a black streak of light that retreated directly until the boundary of the arena and felt extremely shocked in his heart. I heard this fellow is most formidable in body refinement, yet never had I imagined that even his cultivation in the sword is so extraordinary. It’s completely unrestrained and filled with an offensive nature, and it actually upset my rhythm of attack!

“Amongst those of the same generation that I’ve met, your sword technique is sufficient to be ranked in the top three. But a life and death battle isn’t merely a head on battle!” Su Jiankong’s voice was low and deep, and it faintly revealed a slightly mysterious feeling.


As soon as he finished speaking, he appeared before Chen Xi like a ghost. His sword move changed from the mighty, heavy, and large movements from before, and it instead became extremely strange. It was like a wave of dreamlike illusions that were like an unreal and beautiful nightmare.


A sword qi appeared soundlessly out of thin air above Chen Xi’s head as if it had teleported, and it struck down without meeting the slightest resistance.

On the other hand, Chen Xi actually seemed as if he didn’t notice this sword qi arriving at his head!

The scene was extremely strange. 

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