Chapter 397 – The Competition Proceeds

Han Zhendong’s strength could already be considered to be at the top amongst those of the same generation, and his ability to become eminent from a few tens of thousands of geniuses to rank in the top 100 of the Allstar Meeting was sufficient to prove how strong his strength was. Unfortunately, his opponent was Chen Xi, and the outcome was bound to be a loss.

“I admit defeat!” When he saw Chen Xi move towards him, Han Zhendong instantly shivered and shouted out loudly, and then he stared at Chen Xi and seemed to want to remember Chen Xi in the depths of his heart. I lost too miserably this time…

“Mmm, five million Nascent Condensation Pills are mine.” Chen Xi stopped moving and laughed lightheartedly.

Han Zhendong was practically torn apart by shame and anger when he heard this. Just moments ago, he’d boasted of defeating Chen Xi and winning five million Nascent Condensation Pills, and this was simply slapping his own face, too shameful!

Chen Xi paid no further attention to him and soared up to leave the Devilbane Arena.

I never expected that they would actually be earlier than me. Looks like they defeated their opponents with a single move as well, they couldn’t be bothered to waste time with their opponents… At the instant he arrived in midair, Chen Xi instantly noticed that over 10 people in the distance had ended their battles long ago, and amongst them was Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Changtian, Zhen Liuqing, and some others.

In next to no time, all the 48 battles of the first round ended.

Generally speaking, this round of battles was comparatively relaxed and ordinary, and there was nothing worthy of paying attention to.

Because the two parties of the battle were paired according to a pair of the strong versus the weak. It was done in this way for the sake of avoiding some top experts from colliding with each other early on and be unexpectedly eliminated, and it could also avoid some weaker cultivators from winning a higher ranking out of luck.

“Big Brother Chen Xi…has entered into the top 48! Amazing, truly amazing!” Mu Wenfei was excited to the point he clenched his fist tightly and shouted out loudly.

“Can you not get excited over such a little thing? Wasn’t this outcome within our expectations since long ago?” Ya Qing and the other girls rolled their eyes with an extremely composed expression at Mu Wenfei.

Mu Wenfei was stunned instantly. Only now did he realize abruptly that all the others had a calm appearance, and even little Chen Yu was much more composed than himself…

“It’s the top 48 of the Allstar Meeting, could it be that it’s not worthy of being happy about?” Mu Wenfei pursed his lips and was completely unable to comprehend the indifference of every else. He felt that this group of women really deserved to be women as they lacked the spirit that only men possessed.

In midair.

Emperor Chu nodded to himself as he looked at the 48 people that had won the first round of the battles, and nothing unexpected had occurred as all the 48 were the experts that he’d already expected since long ago.

“All 48 of you have won the first round of the battles and put on uncommon displays, so all of you may obtain five million Nascent Condensation Pills. I’ll bestow them upon all of you now, and I hope all of you will keep it up!”


As soon as he finished speaking, Emperor Chu flicked his sleeve, and 48 storage rings transformed into flowing lights that flew into the hands of Chen Xi and the others.

It really is a great amount, and it’s sufficient to purchase over 10 top-grade earth-rank magic treasures. I can give it to Chen Hao. Presently, even though the Chen Clan possesses the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range as its fountain of wealth, but the clan is in expansion, so the more wealth the better. Chen Xi briefly sized it up and sighed endlessly with emotion when he saw the Nascent Condensation Pills that were piled into a mountain within the storage ring. If wealth like this was placed in a medium sized clan, then it would absolutely be able to be called shocking.

“Thank you, your Majesty!” Everyone bowed and expressed their gratitude.

Emperor Chu waved his hand and instructed the Civil Marquis to announce the name list of the second round before sitting upright high above in the sky and closing his eyes in meditation.

The Civil Marquis soared over and swept Chen Xi and the others with his gaze before he said indifferently, “Unlike the first round, the battles of the second round will be held one by one, and it will total 24 battles. I presume all of you already understand the rules.”

All the young experts nodded. The second round of the battles wasn’t held at the same time as the second battle would only be carried out after the first ended, and it would continue in this order until all 24 victors were decided.

“Alright, start the second round of the battles. The first battle, Pentamount Sword Sect’s Adept Clearain versus the Brightray Sect’s Wang Daoxu.”

No matter if it was Adept Clearain or Wang Daoxu, both of them were last disciples of their sects in the Allstar Meeting, and both these ancient sects hoped their disciples would be able to win.

As far as all the cultivators of Silken City were concerned, compared to the first round of the competitions, then first battle of the second round could be said to be brilliant, but both sides had only fought for a mere 10 minutes before an outcome was determined.

Wang Daoxu defeated Adept Clearain with a comparatively obvious advantage. 

“Wang Daoxu is rather formidable. But I seem to have heard that he lost to you more than once?” Zhen Liuqing stood at Chen Xi side and grinned.

At this moment, the other disciples whose battles hadn’t began were watching the battles from the sidelines, and Zhen Liuqing stood by Chen Xi’s side without the slightest aversion. Of course, there was Fan Yunlan as well.

As for Young Master Zhou, An Qianyu, Hua Mobei, and the others, they’d all returned to the sides of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts of their sects and listened respectfully to their guidance.

“His strength is not bad indeed,” said Chen Xi with a smile. Wang Daoxu had indeed lost to him twice, once at the Goldlake Meeting, and the other at the Thunder Marquis Estate.

“The second battle, Ling Yu versus the Thunder Marquis Estate’s Wang Zhenfeng,” said the Civil Marquis.

“Having the opportunity to engage in combat with the Young Marquis of the Thunder Marquis Estate is truly Ling Yu’s fortune.” The chubby Ling Yu grinned as he greeted Wang Zhenfeng.

Wang Zhenfeng frowned instead, and he grunted coldly as he flew into the Devilbane Arena.

“This fellow has a rather hot temper.” Ling Yu smiled indifferently as he flew into the arena as well.

“Wang Zhenfeng is probably going to be eliminated…” Chen Xi’s brows raised as he shook his head endlessly. Even though he didn’t know exactly how strong Ling Yu’s cultivation was, he was extremely sure that Wang Zhenfeng was absolutely not a match for Ling Yu.

The reason was extremely simple, and a slight clue could be noticed from the aura revealed by both of them. When Wang Zhenfeng faced Ling Yu, he was obviously slightly lacking in confidence, and even though this was a tiny detail, it was sometimes sufficient to decide the entire situation.

Even though a battle was a competition of strength and technique, yet fighting spirit was the most important. If even one’s confidence to defeat their opponent isn’t firm, then failure was inevitable.

Ling Yu was extremely terrifying. His body that was fat like a ball didn’t seem to be cumbersome, but was extremely agile instead. Moreover, he actually cultivated in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement, causing his body to be extremely strong as if he was a human mountain, and his defensive ability was shocking to the point of being difficult to be injured by blades.

No matter how hard Wang Zhenfeng tried, he was incapable of injuring Ling Yu in the slightest, and he was instead pressured to the point of being drenched in sweat and in an extremely sorry state. In the end, he admitted defeat helplessly.

What caused everyone to be the most speechless was that from the beginning until the end, besides moving about, Ling Yu hadn’t even launched an attack, yet had forced Wang Zhenfeng to admit defeat.

This fellow’s defense is extremely terrifying! After witnessing this scene, no matter if it was Chen Xi, or Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Changtian, Zhen Liuqing, and the others, all of them started pondering about how they would defeat Ling Yu if they were to go against him.

The battles were carried out one by one in order, each was more brilliant than the previous, and it caused all the cultivators in Silken City to be deeply satisfied and feel that their trip here wasn’t made in vain.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was observing all the battles since the beginning, and amongst them were figures that caused him to be vigilant in his heart. Of course, it was those unfamiliar cultivators besides Qing Xiuyi and the others, like the eastern sea independent cultivator, Yan Chixiong, and the central plains Darkwave Sect’s Liu Huanzi, and so on and so forth.

Actually, there wasn’t a single mediocre person amongst the people that were capable of being ranked in the top 48. Conversely, all of them were extremely terrifying, and no one knew exactly how much strength each other concealed.

Even though Chen Xi was extremely confident in his strength, for the sake of avoiding himself from failing miserably in an extremely easy task, he similarly didn’t dare be careless.

“The 24th battle, Chen Xi versus the Illusory Beast Sect’s He Lianjun.” The Civil Marquis’s clear voice resounded out.

This was the final battle in the second round.

He Lianjun, a comparatively dazzling leading figure in the younger generation of the northern barbaric lands, and his strength was firmly remembered by all the spectators.


He actually admitted defeat! Exactly. He’d admitted defeat before the battle even began, and not only were all the people present astonished, even Chen Xi was surprised to the extreme.

“Are you sure?” Chen Xi questioned.

He Lianjun shrugged and laughed bitterly. “I’ll lose anyway, so why not be more straightforward and avoid losing face and being embarrassed in front of everyone.”

“Why?” Chen Xi continued. He’d fought He Lianjun in the past and felt that this person’s strength was even equal to Wang Daoxu, so he shouldn’t have admitted defeat so easily.

“Stupid! This fellow was driven to fear from that strike of yours! This fellow is a pussy! If it was me, I’d fight you even if I had to put my life on the line.” The nearby Flamist Sparrow cackled with disdain.

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Xi instantly recalled that when he fought He Lianjun the last time, he’d exerted his entire strength under his explosive rage, and he smashed He Lianjun’s magic treasure fan with a single strike. Perhaps, it was precisely this strike that caused He Lianjun to be extremely afraid of me?

Fucking bird! I respect Chen Xi’s strength, but it doesn’t mean that I’m afraid of you! He Lianjun was furious from the Flamist Sparrow’s sarcastic remarks, and he cursed fiercely.

“Cheh! Do I need a pussy like you to be afraid of me?” The Flamist Sparrow combed his feathers as he put on an arrogant appearance as if he couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to He Lianjun, as he’d already defeated his opponent earlier and obtained the qualifications to participate in the next round of the battles.

He Lianjun was furious to the point his face jerked. If it wasn’t for this place being unsuitable, I’d surely tear apart this fucking bird’s stinking mouth apart! 

This small incident passed quickly.

The second round of the battled came to an end like this. Chen Xi and the other 23 people who were victorious were a step closer to their objective of being ranked in the top 10.

Before the third round began, Chen Xi and the others obtained half a day of time to rest. After all, the following battles would be more brutal than the previous, and battles of endurance might appear. So it was obviously disadvantageous if they participated in the battles when their strengths hadn’t recovered.

But all the people present weren’t standing idly, and they were bustling in discussion about the opponents of every single one of the top 24. The person that was discussed the most wasn’t Qing Xiuyi and the other top young experts, nor was it those cultivators that were extremely extraordinary in the battles earlier, it was Chen Xi instead.

In the first round, he’d defeated Han Zhendong with a single point of his finger.

In the second round, the renowned He Lianjun didn’t even ascend the arena before taking the initiative to admit defeat.

This caused everyone to have a feeling of intuition — Chen Xi was extremely strong. But no one was capable of giving a certain answer about exactly how strong Chen Xi was.

At this moment, the more mysterious one was, the more one drew the attention of others, so the discussions about Chen Xi naturally grew in number.

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