Chapter 396 – Devilbane Arena

A year had passed in the Silken Mountainriver Diagram, yet only a day had passed in the outside world. 

To all the cultivators within Silken City, this bit of time was obviously nothing, and it would very quickly pass by after a meal and a short while of meditation. No one would seem to become impatient because of waiting bitterly.

Conversely, for the sake of watching the battle of the top 100 competing for supremacy in the last test even more clearly, everyone had occupied a spot with a superb view since long ago, and they raised their heads to look into the sky as they waited.

“Have you heard? Not only were the top 100 experts of the Allstar Meeting this time granted an audience with Emperor Chu, even the rewards of the battles are unprecedentedly generous.”

“Yeah. Five million Nascent Condensation Pills, 24 heaven-rank magic treasures, 12 Dao Insight Origin Pills… Most importantly, if one is ranked in the top three, one would be able to choose any martial technique or Divine Ability in the treasure vault of the Imperial Family. Such rewards are absolutely a first in a few thousand years, and only his Majesty, Emperor Chu, would possess such resolution! Such extravagance!”

“Hmph! The information all of you’ve obtained is already a day old. I heard that for the sake of the final battle of the top 100, his Majesty Emperor Chu is going to open up the Devilbane Arena. At that time, every corner of the entire Silken City would be able to watch the battle extremely clearly.”

“The Devilbane Arena? Supposedly, it was refined by his Majesty Emperor Chu by gathering the aura of battle from an ancient battlefield, and it’s a miraculous magic treasure. When one battles in the Devilbane Arena, one would be able to arouse one’s battle intent to an even greater degree, and it possessed a great benefit towards the tempering of one’s strength!”


Silken City was filled with a hubbub of noise. Everyone was discussing the battle of the top 100 that was about to begin, and the discussions about the Devilbane Arena was the hottest topic.


Right amidst this hubbub of noise, Emperor Chu who wore a black robe with his hair hanging loosely on his shoulders tore through the sky to arrive abruptly in midair above the center of Silken City.

His figure was stalwart, with a myriad of divine lights gushing out from his body to illuminate the heavens and the earth, and he seemed like a god that had descended to the world, causing all of the cultivators in Silken City to be shocked in their hearts. All of the noise in the city vanished instantly, and it became perfectly silent to the point that a falling needle could be heard.

As they looked at the stalwart figure in midair that was like a dazzling sun, everyone couldn’t refrain from having a wisp of reverence and admiration gush out from their hearts.

With a raise of his hand, Emperor Chu tossed out a magic treasure that seemed like a jade platform, and it swiftly expanded in midair to transform into an extremely large and pitch black platform.


The platform laid across the sky, and it caused space itself to shake. Its pitch black surface was faintly suffused with mottled blood, and it emitted an extremely dense aura of battle and slaughter as if a powerful army was in battle within it, causing even the heavens and the earth to be cast in a shadow because of it.

This was the Devilbane Arena! This arena that floated in midair and was vast as a piece of land would be the battlefield that the top 100 of the Allstar Meeting would fight on.

Within Silken Palace.

After Emperor Chu left, all of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts called the disciples of their sects over to their sides.

“Changtian, you must bring out your full strength in this last test and fight your way into the top three! If you’re able to obtain a martial technique from the Imperial Family’s treasure vault, then you would have rendered the greatest service to my Wise King’s Estate, and the inheritor of the Wise King’s Estate will surely be you!” Huangfu Jingtian was completely open, and his gaze was filled with a fervent and insane expression as he swiftly sent a voice transmission. “Of course, don’t forget to take revenge for your younger brother. If you have the chance to kill Chen Xi, then you must not hold back in the slightest!”

Huangfu Changtian felt the yearning of his father, and he nodded solemnly and said. “Don’t worry, father. I’ll surely go all out this time, and I swear to not rest until I kill Chen Xi!”

“Xiuyi, your strength is sufficient to defeat any enemy. There’s no need to feel any pressure, and don’t hold back. If anyone obstructs your path forward, then kill them if you have to. There’s no need to feel burdened by it. If nothing unexpected happens, then the first in the Allstar Meeting this time is surely you!”

“Qinghe, I’ve already given you the Ancient Fiendgod’s Blood Essence to absorb, so you must not let me down, alright? I won’t ask for anything else, just casually rank yourself in the top three. If you’re able to obtain first place… Haha, I’ll give you anything you want, and I’ll absolutely not go back on my words!”

“Stinking brat! Be a bit more serious. The Allstar Meeting this time is extraordinary. Only you are promising in our Zhou Clan, so you must rank in the top 10 no matter what! Did you hear me?”

The final test was about to begin, and the rewards of the Allstar Meeting this time was unprecedentedly generous. All these Earthly Immortal Realm experts were slightly agitated as well, and they called over the disciples of their sects successively before instructing them ardently.

Chen Xi was called over by Bei Heng to his side as well, and they were chatting in low voices.

Bei Heng didn’t act like the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts and mention requirements that must be obtained by Chen Xi. After all, Chen Xi was only his sworn brother and not a member of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, so it wasn’t suitable for him to say anything.

He only encouraged Chen Xi to calm himself and work hard to strive for a good ranking, and no matter what the outcome was, it was fine so long as Chen Xi had done his best.

Chen Xi naturally smiled and agreed to this.

“Fellow Daoists, the Devilbane Arena has already been opened up. Bring all your disciples over quickly.” Suddenly, Emperor Chu’s voice that was filled with supreme dignity sounded out from outside the palace.

The final battle is finally beginning!

At this moment, it wasn’t just the hearts of Chen Xi and the other participants that shook, even the hearts of all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts and all the cultivators in Silken City shook and were filled with anticipation.

In next to no time, everyone had gathered outside the Devilbane Arena.

“In the first round of the battles, all 96 of you will battle in pairs. In the end, 48 people will be victorious, and the victors will be able to enter the next round of the competition, whereas, those that lost will be eliminated!” Emperor Chu stood with his hand behind his back as his gaze swept past Chen Xi and the other participants, and he spoke with a voice that was like a thunderclap that resounded in the heavens and the earth, causing the entire Silken City to be able to hear him clearly.

“Bear in mind, any talismans, puppets, and other external sources of strength are prohibited in the Devilbane Arena! Your own strengths, Dao Insights, and martial techniques are being tested this time. Every single move all of you make is within the view of everyone, and if anyone violates this rule, then I’ll personally kill them without mercy!”

As soon as the last few words were spoken by Emperor Chu, the heavens and the earth were instantly filled with killing intent, and it caused the hearts of everyone present to tremble.

“Alright, Civil Marquis, you announce the name list for the first round of battles.” Emperor Chu waved his hand as his figure flashed to arrive high above in the sky, and a throne with nine dragons on it had already appeared there.

Obviously, Emperor Chu wanted to personally attend to and preside over the competition!

“This scroll contains the names of all 96 of you, and you’ll be battling in pairs. Enter the Devilbane Arena after you see your opponent’s name clearly!” The Civil Marquis soared into the sky and cupped his hands towards Emperor Chu from afar before taking out a golden scroll, and he opened it in midair. On the scroll was 96 names that were neatly listed in pairs.

Swoosh! The gazes of everyone converged towards the golden scroll at the first possible moment.

“Qing Xiuyi versus He Liuqing.”

“Zhao Qinghe versus Dong Leng.”

“Huangfu Changtian versus Yuwen Fei 


The scroll had the names of every single person and their opponents written clearly on it.

Chen Xi noticed that the top existences like Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, and the others didn’t become opponents of each other. Conversely, their opponents were some extremely unfamiliar people.

After that, he came to an understanding. This list was probably intentionally arranged by Emperor Chu. After all, if Qing Xiuyi and Zhao Qinghe were to fight each other in the first round, or Huangfu Changtian were to fight Huangfu Qingying in the first round, then it would seem to be extremely inappropriate.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

After they confirmed their opponents, numerous figures charged towards the Devilbane Arena without the slightest hesitation.

Han Zhendong? Chen Xi noticed his opponent was an extremely unfamiliar name that he’d never heard of in the past. But he didn’t care in the slightest, and he flashed out immediately to charge into the Devilbane Arena.


When the Devilbane Arena sensed Chen Xi’s aura, a divine light swept out onto his body and instantly teleported him to an enormous arena.

What an unusual aura! At the instant Chen Xi entered the arena, he clearly sensed that this Devilbane Arena was filled with an extremely vast and slaughtering aura of battle. It was like a powerful army was galloping and whistling through while the cries of battle shook the heavens and the earth, and it was continuous without end like tidewater, stimulating him to the point the blood in his entire body sped up and a trace of battle intent couldn’t be restrained from gushing out from his heart.

“Chen Xi, you’re actually being absent-minded during a battle? Could it be that you aren’t afraid that I’d kill you?” Suddenly, a voice entered into Chen Xi’s ears.

He turned his head to look over and saw that a young man stood on the opposite side of the arena. The young man was handsome, wore black clothes that fluttered with the wind, and his bearing was exceedingly extraordinary.

This young man was naturally Han Zhendong. His expression was neither arrogant or impetuous, and he was emotionless as he said indifferently, “Even though you put on a good display in the third test, yet I still possess an extremely great confidence to defeat you. Do you know what you are in my eyes?”

“What am I?” said Chen Xi with a smile.

“Five million Nascent Condensation Pills!” As soon as Han Zhendong finished speaking, he attacked brazenly, and he was really ruthless and decisive.

His soared in the sky like an arrow that left the bow while his body surged with dense Lightning Dao Insight, and he emitted a silver glow, causing him to seem like a dazzling bolt of lightning that blasted towards Chen Xi.


A sharp and zigzag bolt of lightning shot out explosively from between his palms. It shattered space like the spear of the thunder god and moved with a speed that was swift to the extreme, and it carried an imposing aura that was like a thunderbolt. Obviously, he’d executed an exceedingly formidable Dao Grade martial technique.

Moreover, it contained the Grand Dao of Lightning! 

Lightning specialized in slaughter. It was the most matchlessly fierce and lethal, and its offensive strength was overbearing and ferocious to the extreme. At this moment, Han Zhendong’s palms danced about as bolts of lightning shot out explosively, and they instantly interwove together to form into a large net that enveloped down towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi didn’t even spare it a glance before pressing his fingers together to form a sword, and then he pierced out.

A mere point of his fingers.

This point seemed to be very ordinary, yet it changed when it pierced out. It was coiled with extremely dazzling and resplendent lightning energy, and it was like a true bolt of lightning that descended from the heavens and pierced out.

Han Zhendong had utilized a Dao Grade martial technique that contained the Grand Dao of Lightning, whereas Chen Xi had similarly utilized the Zhen Sword of Lightning that contained the Grand Dao of Lightning, but he only used his fingers to replace his sword and didn’t utilize the Talisman Armament.


This finger point directly slashed apart the lightning net before transforming into a punch that struck Han Zhendong’s arms to the point it shattered inch by inch before smashing onto his chest, causing him to be directly blasted flying. Han Zhendong fell fiercely on the defensive light barrier in the surroundings of the arena, and even the light barrier emitted a wave of violent fluctuation.

I lost in a single move? And I even lost at the Lightning Dao Insight that I’m most proud of? Han Zhendong’s eyes were filled with astonishment and seemed to be in disbelief, yet the pain in his entire body told him that this was a fact. The Lightning Dao Insight Chen Xi possessed and the martial technique Chen Xi had executed far surpassed him! 

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