Chapter 394 – Shocking Rewards

Silken Palace.

Emperor Chu sat high above on the throne with nine dragons on it as he looked down below. His voice was light, yet resounded out like thunder, and it struck directly into the hearts of everyone present within the hall to the point it seemed able to be heard by the deaf.

“All of you are the most outstanding talents in the younger generation of my Darchu Dynasty. You’ve experienced three tests and have become eminent from over 50,000 people, and your future accomplishments are limitless.

“From today onward, I’ll arrange all 96 of you to undergo one on one battles.”

Everyone in the hall was bewildered. There’re obviously 100 people yet why would it become 96 without reason or rhyme?

Of course, no one suspected that Emperor Chu was unable to see clearly and was unable to distinguish the exact number of people. So Emperor Chu’s words possessed great meaning within them!

Sure enough, Emperor Chu’s gaze swept Chen Xi and the others before he said indifferently, “Yue Jun, Lin Mo, Liu Shaoqun, Zhao Yunhong. You four have relied on external sources of strength to pass through the layers of tests, and your own strengths are unable to compare with the others. All four of you don’t have to participate in the final test.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Emperor Chu swung his sleeve, causing a shapeless force to gush out and directly sweep up their bodies before teleporting them out of Silken Palace.

From the beginning until the end, he utterly didn’t listen to their explanations. This indirectly showed the overbearing methods of Emperor Chu as the ruler of a dynasty. Since he said one was inferior then one was inferior, and he would utterly not give anyone the chance to chatter about with explanations!

No matter if it was those Earthly Immortal Realm experts or Chen Xi and the remaining 95 participants, everyone present was shocked in their hearts and became even more cautious and reserved.

“In the final test, you 96 will go through a round of battles and 48 will remain. These 48 will each be able to obtain five million Nascent Condensation Pills.” Emperor Chu’s voice resounded out in the entire hall.


Chen Xi and the other participants were shocked extremely, and even the Earthly Immortal Realm experts revealed expressions of surprise. All 48 people were to be able to obtain five million Nascent Condensation Pills? After all, there had never been such shocking rewards in the previous Allstar Meetings!

“After these 48 people experience another round of battles, 24 will remain, and each of them will be able to obtain a heaven-rank magic treasure that I personally refined!” Emperor Chu spoke indifferently.

Deathly silence.

Everyone in the hall was shocked to speechlessness. To Core Disciples of ancient sects, they were still capable of obtaining five million Nascent Condensation Pills by accumulating it for a year or two, but a heaven-rank magic treasure personally refined by Emperor Chu wasn’t something that anyone could obtain! It was common knowledge that besides possessing an unfathomable cultivation, Emperor Chu was a grandmaster in equipment refinement that had attained perfection in his skills. Exactly how shocking would a heaven-rank magic treasure refined by him be?

Of course, the might of a heaven-rank magic treasure could only be brought out completely by a cultivator at the Rebirth Realm, but this wasn’t able to affect the fervor in the hearts of everyone present here.

Because practically all of them had attained the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm since long ago, and if it wasn’t for the sake of participating in the Allstar Meeting, a large portion of them would have easily advanced to the Rebirth Realm long ago.

So, all of them were extremely moved when Emperor Chu said he would bestow these heaven-rank magic treasures upon them.

“If it’s bestowed by his Majesty, then it’s surely a top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure. 24 people equals to 24 top-grade heaven-rank magic treasures. Such extravagance is something only his Majesty is capable of.”

“Looks like his Majesty is attaching extreme importance to the disciples of the Allstar Meeting this time. Even I can’t help but be envious towards such rewards.”

All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts were shocked by this.

Emperor Chu seemed as if he’d utterly not noticed the shock of everyone present, and he continued. “These 24 will battle once more, and the remaining 12 will be able to obtain a Dao Insight Origin Pill.”

Dao Insight Origin Pill!?

Instantly, everyone in the hall was shocked once more, and they were already incapable of finding a word to describe their feelings at this moment. Such rewards were truly too generous, and it was simply something had only happened for the first time in a few thousand years, it was a new mark in the annals of history!

“I have to remind all of you that the two people amongst these 12 that show the worst display will be directly eliminated, and the remaining 10 people will be able to continue in the next round of the battles.” 

Chen Xi and the other 96 participants seemed as if they were splashed with a pail of cold water, and they sobered up from their fervor. These round after round of battles sounded simple, yet its brutality was surely extremely horrifying. It was still too early to be excited and feel anticipation now, as it wasn’t certain who’d be able to walk on this path until the end!

Emperor Chu swept everyone with his gaze and continued. “The disciples that enter into the final 10 will be able to enter the Dragon Transformation Pool to cultivate for three months. The further in front your ranking is, the more benefits you will obtain in the Dragon Transformation Pool. The disciples ranked in the top three will also be able to choose any Dao Grade martial technique or Divine Ability from the treasure vault of my Darchu Dynasty’s Imperial Family.”

At this moment, even those Earthly Immortal Realm experts couldn’t sit still, and they opened their eyes wide open with expressions of disbelief on their faces.

The dragon energy within the Dragon Transformation Pool was already a first class precious treasure in the heavens and the earth, and cultivators that cultivated within it would be able to obtain heaven defying benefits that were similar to being reborn.

But this wasn’t the end of it, the disciples that ranked in the top three of the Allstar Meeting were even able to choose any Dao Grade martial technique of Divine Ability? That was the treasure vault of the Darchu Dynasty, and it contained the top martial techniques that had been accumulated for countless years. Any single one of them was sufficient to be taken as an ultimate treasure in a large clan!

This… How can they be allowed to choose anything? That’s the foundation of my Huangfu Clan’s rule of the world! How can it be allowed to be distributed to the outside world? At this moment, even the Wise King, the Warlord, the Just King, and the Governing King were shocked, and they didn’t dare believe this was real.

But even though they were extremely shocked in their hearts, no one dared voice out ant questions. Because the person that said all this was the supreme emperor of the Darchu Dynasty, the existence that ruled the world, one that never changes his words, one that didn’t allow defiance!

“Alright, all of you temporarily enter the Silken Mountainriver Diagram to meditate and work hard to make preparations for the battles.” As soon as he finished speaking, a painting had suddenly appeared in Emperor Chu’s hand before it rolled open, and the scene of Mountains and rivers that rose and fell and a myriad of phenomena that surged with vast and unparalleled Immortal Energy could be vaguely scene on the painting.

Silken Mountainriver Diagram!

The eyes of all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts present lit up and revealed a wisp of fervor. This was another Immortal Artifact that possessed extraordinary effects, and it wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to the Silken Palace that they resided in.

Moreover, it had a universe of its own within it, and it was like a minor world. When one cultivated for a year within it, only a single day would have passed in the outside world, causing it to be an absolutely formidable Immortal Artifact. Not to mention Earthly Immortal Realm experts, even true Heavenly Immortals would probably be extremely envious of such a treasure.

“Isn’t his Majesty a little too good to the disciples of the Allstar Meeting this year. He actually took out the Silken Mountainriver Diagram to allow them to cultivate within it. Such good fortune is simply enviable!”

Everyone present sighed endlessly with emotion in their hearts, and they fully realized how the importance Emperor Chu attached on the Allstar Meeting this time was extraordinary.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Emperor Chu flicked his sleeve, causing Chen Xi and the others to be utterly unable to control their bodies before they’d already surged uncontrollably into the Silken Mountainriver Diagram.

In merely an instant, 96 people had already vanished without a trace.

When he saw this scene, the Civil Marquis couldn’t restrain the curiosity in his heart in the end, and he asked respectfully. “Your Majesty, could it be that the Allstar Meeting this time is different from usual?”

Everyone looked over successively at Emperor Chu when they heard this, and their gazes revealed bewildered expressions.

Emperor Chu swept everyone with his gaze and pondered for a long time, and then he said indifferently, “A major event has occurred indeed. But it occurred in the Dark Reverie and is unrelated to us, so there’s no need for everyone to be worried. When the time comes, all of you will naturally understand everything.”

A major event has occurred in the Dark Reverie?

All the Earthly Immortal Realm experts looked at each other and were shocked in their hearts. Even though Emperor Chu didn’t say what it was, since it was capable of being called a ‘major event,’ then it surely couldn’t be underestimated.

Not to mention the Dark Reverie was a large world that was the closest to the Immortal Dimension. If a major event were to happen there, then perhaps it would be a great upheaval that involved all the three dimensions.

“Everyone, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. Since we’ve gathered here today, why don’t we seize this opportunity to drink wine while discussing the Dao?” Emperor Chu spoke out and interrupted the thoughts of everyone.

“We’re naturally extremely honored to be able to listen to your Majesty’s truth of the Dao!” All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts were greatly delighted. Emperor Chu’s cultivation was unfathomable, and his strength was exceedingly high and could look down upon the world. So, being able to exchange their knowledge in cultivation with him was extremely beneficial to their future endeavors to overcome the heavenly tribulations. Thus, how could they not be happy that they had the chance to discuss the Dao with Emperor Chu?

In a secluded gorge in the Silken Mountainriver Diagram.

The spirit energy in this small world was extremely pure and faintly contained extremely thin traces of Immortal Energy. So cultivating here was absolutely much more effective than consuming the Sky Jadeliquid Pills.

Ten years in the world of stars is one year in the outside world. Comparatively speaking, this Silken Mountainriver Diagram seemed to be more formidable than the Mansion in my jade pendant. Moreover, this place is filled with spirit energy and a trace of Immortal Energy, and it’s something the world of the stars is incapable of comparing to as well. But the might of the Mansion seems to not be as simple as what I’ve seen. If I have the chance, I have to ask Senior Ji Yu about exactly what quality treasure the Mansion is… Chen Xi sized up his surroundings for a short moment before sitting down cross-legged, and then he held his breath in deep concentration to maintain an empty state of the mind before he started cultivating.

There was still another year of time before the final battle. He intended to stop holding back and suppressing his cultivation, and he’d decided to seize this time to advance both his body refinement and qi refinement to the perfection-stage.

In this way, he would surely possess an even greater certainty of success in the battles that were coming in a year from now.


The Shaman Energy in Chen Xi’s body surged and emitted a wave of enormous bangs. The sounds of his Shaman Energy colliding with his bones rumbled like the sound of the Grand Dao, and the skin and flesh on his entire body swiftly underwent a transformation.

Even though he was within the Silken Mountainriver Diagram, he was similarly able to cultivate the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts and link up with the energy of the myriad of stars in the universe, Moreover, Chen Xi had numerous Shaman Blood Crystals in his possession, so he didn’t have to worry about being unable to advance due to the lack of Shaman Energy.

After cultivating to his current cultivation, Chen Xi’s body was already extremely formidable, and if he wanted to attain the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm in body refinement, then he had to temper his internal organs, causing his entire body to be uniform from inside out, solid and condensed. He had to make the nine Shaman Markings on his back produce a unique link with the heavens and the earth as only in this way would he have the chance of charging into the next realm.

Gradually, Chen Xi forgot everything and was immersed in his cultivation, and he was completely unaware of the passage of time…

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