Chapter 391 – Phenomena Emerging

Chen Xi’s figure sat cross-legged silently in the sky.

After he obtained the Divine Ability, Eye of Divine Truth, he finally felt much better in his heart. Even though he didn’t obtain the Dao Grade martial techniques within the Martial Dao Sacrificial Altar, as far as he was concerned, possessing this Divine Ability, Eye of Divine Truth, was absolutely more valuable than possessing a perfect Dao Grade martial technique, and its assistance to him was much more prominent.

Actually, if considered carefully, Chen Xi had no lack of combat abilities at this moment.

In terms of qi refinement, he cultivated the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture that was the sword technique that was most difficult to cultivate in the world and the Half-step Dao Grade martial technique, Grand Obliteration Fist.

In terms of body refinement, he cultivated the Starsky Wings, Heavenly Transformation, Deity Transformation, and Grand Astral Palm.

In terms of soul attack techniques, he cultivated the Godly Illusion Arts, God Shaker Arts, and God Killer Arts.

All of these cultivation techniques were at the apex amongst cultivation techniques and possessed boundless might. With his current comprehension ability and level of diligence he exercised, he still hadn’t cultivated all these cultivation techniques to a perfect state.

 So even if he obtained another perfect Dao Grade martial technique now, he would only possess another combat ability, yet it wasn’t much beneficial to his combat strength.

The Eye of Divine Truth was different. This Divine Ability was formidable because it possessed the unusual effect of seeing through all things, and when used in battle, any concealment, disguise, stealth, illusion, flaw, and so on and so forth of the enemy would be seen through with a single glance.

This formidable effect that was akin to foresight was sufficient for it to be said to be world shaking.

Presently, Chen Xi was carefully comprehending this Divine Ability.

Within Silken City, countless focused gazes locked onto the 100 figures that sat cross-legged in silently on the Martial Dao Divine Thrones in midair, and the expression of anticipation in their eyes grew more and more intense.

The time for an incense stick to burn had passed since the divine thrones emerged in the sky, yet the numerous figures on the divine thrones hadn’t moved in the slightest…

Everyone knew that the souls of these people had already entered into a strange space, and they were linking up with the Martial Dao Sacrificial Altar to successfully obtain a Dao Grade martial technique.

What they were curious about was exactly what level of Dao Grade martial technique would the young experts in the top 100 of the Allstar Meeting this time obtain?


Right when everyone was waiting with anticipation, a wave of intense fluctuation resounded out abruptly in midair, and a young disciple was the first to open his eyes. At the same time, infinite and surging streams of water that seemed like black colored divine lights charged up into the heavens from the Martial Dao Divine Throne he sat on.


The black colored streams of water surged and roiled before condensing into an enormous and ferocious tiger that was large like a mountain and had fur that was suffused with a black colored glow, and as it stood in the sky, it suddenly let out a roar that shook the surroundings and resounded out in the entire Silken City.

“Dao Grade martial technique — Blackwater Tigerfist!” As they looked at the black tiger formed from Dao Insight, a wave of clamorous noise instantly sounded out from Silken City, and many people revealed envy from their eyes. The Blackwater Tigerfist contained the Blackwater Dao Insight, and its might was rather good.

The young expert was slightly displeased towards this as the Blackwater Dao Insight was only a part of the Grand Dao of Water. This also meant that the Blackwater Tigerfist he obtained was only an ordinary Dao Grade martial technique.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After that young expert, a wave of intense fluctuation that rose and fell resounded out from the divine thrones in midair, and various phenomenon filled the sky.

These was a flying beast that was bathed in the light of flames.

Numerous enormous palm prints that shook the heavens and the earth.

A sword image with Sword Insight that charged into the sky and shattered the clouds in all directions.

Every single phenomenon represented a type of Dao Grade martial technique, and from the aura emitted by the phenomenon and the Dao Insight energy that filled the phenomenon, everyone was capable of distinguishing the quality of these Dao Grade martial technique.

For example, if they contained a Grand Dao or Minor Dao; or if the Dao Insight contained within them was ordinary or special… So on and so forth.

“Look, quickly! That martial technique actually contains the rare Decay Dao Insight. My god! This martial technique simply kills people without a trace. If one were to be tainted by it, then one’s body would unknowingly decay completely!”

“Eh, that Junior Marquis of the Thunder Marquis Estate is extraordinary indeed. He actually obtained the Dao Grade martial technique, Silver Violet Lightning Blade! In this way, the Thunder Marquis Estate has another Dao Grade martial technique!”

“Cheh! All of you are inexperienced. The real show is coming later. These Dao Grade martial techniques that had just appeared are all very ordinary, and the most formidable only contained a single Grand Dao profundity. The truly wonderful show is coming when the main event arrives!”

As they gazed at the numerous shocking phenomenon that appeared in the sky, the atmosphere in Silken City instantly became more and more explosive, and the streets were completely filled with clamorous exclaims of admiration and shock.

In next to no time, only 30 plus divine thrones that hadn’t shown any movement remained in midair, and everyone shot their gazes over successively while carrying various emotions in their hearts.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Merely less than 10 minutes passed when An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, and Hua Mobei actually opened their eyes at the same time, and three dazzling pillars of light instantly charged out from the divine thrones they sat on to appear beneath the sky.

An enormous sword image that contained water and fire that intersected together.

A strange chessboard that revealed the color of black and white.

A portrait that was painted with azure trees and lakes.

Every single one of these three phenomena contained two Dao Insights, and they were both Grand Daos!

The scene instantly resounded with a wave of exclaims of shock when everyone present saw this scene. Obviously, they never imagined that three top Dao Grade martial techniques would actually appear at the same time.

A so called top Dao Grade martial technique was a Dao Grade martial technique that contained two or more Grand Daos!

Even if it was in extremely ancient and enormous powers, a martial technique like this was an existence that was like phoenix feathers and qilin horns, and it was entirely capable of being taken to become a core inheritance of the sect.

Yet now, three top Dao Grade martial technique had actually appeared at the same time, so it was no wonder that everyone couldn’t help but exclaim with shock.

But before the exclamations of everyone died down, a few more people on the divine thrones had opened their eyes, causing phenomena to soar into the sky with vast impetus. Shockingly, all of them contained two types of Grand Dao profundities as well.

Amongst them, the most eye catching was the Dao Grade martial technique obtained by the Flamist Sparrow, and it contained the Grand Dao profundities of fire and wind. Moreover, it even formed the image of an ancient divine beast, Vermillion Bird, in the sky!


The Vermillion Bird image carried shapeless flames and wind as its clear cry resounded out in the sky and awed the world, causing the other phenomenon to seem slightly dim, and it seemed like a supreme emperor of the flames!

“I’ve finally gotten lucky today. Oh, but this is extremely normal as well. What can I do if my natural talent is so good? It’s absolutely at an unprecedented level. All of you despicable humans are absolutely unable to understand my fucking excellence…” The Flamist Sparrow was extremely complacent as he cackled weirdly, and he stood up proudly and with an extreme swagger before slowly combing his feathers.

Everyone couldn’t help but roll their eyes in unison. This feathered animal is really asking for a beating!

“What the fuck do you think you are? There’re another 10 plus people that haven’t moved! How can your shitty natural talent compare to them?” Someone couldn’t help but retort with ridicule and cry out loudly.

The Flamist Sparrow disregarded it and carefully combed his own feathers, yet he criticized with disdain in his heart. “Ignorant human, if it wasn’t for this Dao Grade martial technique being extremely to my taste, I would absolutely be able to go further than the others… I fucking can’t be bothered to explain to someone like you that doesn’t know anything!”

But even though he thought like this in his heart, the Flamist Sparrow’s gaze still couldn’t help but look towards the side, and at that place was another 11 people that hadn’t moved up until this moment.

“Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Changtian, Huangfu Qingying, Zhen Liuqing, Su Chan, Young Master Zhou, Yu Xuanchen, Ling Yu, Chen Xi, Fan Yunlan…. These 11 people are probably making great efforts to search for perfect Dao Grade martial techniques, right?”

“It’s surely like that. Perfect Dao Grade martial techniques exist at the central area of the Martial Dao Sacrificial Altar, and it’s filled with an exceedingly terrifying pressure. Only the figures at the apex are capable of arriving there.”

“It can’t be, right? I believe that Qing Xiuyi and the others would be able to arrive there, but if it’s that Chen Xi… Haha, I don’t look favorably upon him.”

“Fool! Didn’t you see Chen Xi carry Fan Yunlan and endure double the Dao Insight pressure while ascending to the peak of Ascension Peak? Moreover, in the fierce battle within the Dao Insight waterfall, he was carrying Fan Yunlan yet was still capable of defeating the Eldest Disciple of the Jadepool Dao Sect, Qiu Xiaofeng, and seized two Martial Dao Tokens in the end. How could his strength possibly be unable to compare with Qing Xiuyi and the others?”

“Alright, alright, alright! I won’t argue with you. It’s still too early to say who’s formidable. The facts will prove everything once all the tests end.”

Meanwhile, most of the gazes in Silken City were looking towards the mere 11 people that still remained, and for a time, various whispered discussions resounded out like tidewater in every single corner of Silken City. 

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