Chapter 390 – Obtaining Precious Treasures Successively

The River Diagram Fragment droned endlessly. Everywhere the strange fluctuation it emitted flashed past, the strong pressure and force of rejection all along the way would be completely dispersed and vanished, allowing Chen Xi to flash within it as if he was walking on even ground, and he wasn’t obstructed in the slightest.

After flying continuously for the time of around 10 minutes.

A stone tablet appeared abruptly within the divine lights ahead that were boundless like mist. The surface of the stone tablet was mottled, damaged, and blurred, and it seemed to have experienced the corrosion of countless years, causing it to emit an ancient feeling.

Nearby the stone tablet was countless balls of light fluttering about, and every single ball of light flowed with extremely dazzling lights. When Chen Xi looked carefully at them, he noticed to his shock that it was the energy of Dao Insights that seemed material. They were Dao Insights that approached a material form from their shapeless form!

The Dao was originally nameless, yet the strong called it ‘Dao.’

Yet an intangible Grand Dao profundity actually revealed the trace of a ‘material form’ at this moment, and it instantly shocked Chen Xi greatly. Because according to his knowledge, only a perfect Grand Dao profundity would turn from a shapeless form into a material form!

It was common knowledge that there was an infinite amount of Dao Insights in the heavens and the earth, and every single Dao Insight was divided into four realms and twelve levels. When the Dao Insight grasped by a cultivator attained the 6th level of the Initial Realm, the martial technique the cultivator executed was capable of forming a variety of phenomenon, and it was called the phenomenon of Dao Insight taking form.

But this type of taking form wasn’t real material form, and it was only a phenomenon revealed by relying on a Dao Grade martial technique. It was utterly unable to compare with true material Dao Insight.

Only when a Dao Insight attained perfection, the 12th level of the Perfection Realm, the Dao Insight grasped by a cultivator would be able to appear as if it was material.

Moreover, something worthy of mention that only Grand Daos were capable of attaining perfection, whereas, Minor Daos couldn’t be perfect because from the very beginning, they were bound to be a branch of a Grand Dao.

Strictly speaking, Minor Daos were merely an incomplete Grand Dao profundity. For example, Minor Daos like the Rain Dao Insight and Tidal Dao Insight both belonged to the Grand Dao of Water.

A single ball of light represents a Dao Grade martial technique. Doesn’t this mean that all the Dao Grade martial techniques before me contain a perfect Grand Dao profundity? With Chen Xi’s composure, he couldn’t help but gasp at this moment.

Martial techniques that contained Grand Dao profundities were naturally better than those that contained Minor Daos, and martial techniques that contained perfect Grand Dao profundities were naturally even more valuable and rare.

Dao Grade martial techniques like these were called perfect martial techniques in the outside world! They were precious treasures that could only be chanced upon by luck, and even some ancient sects of the Darchu Dynasty might not possess one.

For example, even though the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture Chen Xi cultivated contained a Dao Insight in each of its eight moves, yet it wasn’t a perfect martial technique. One was naturally capable of grasping the Dao Insights within it after cultivating it, yet it couldn’t guarantee that one would grasp the Dao Insight within it to the state of perfection.

On the other hand, a perfect Dao Grade martial technique was different. So long as one comprehended the Dao Insight within it and thoroughly comprehended the essence of the martial technique, then one was entirely capable of mastering a perfect Grand Dao!

Chen Xi’s gaze burned as well, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion as he looked at the numerous balls of light that fluttered endlessly around the stone tablet. No wonder everyone fights with their lives to participate in the Allstar Meeting. Merely these perfect Dao Grade martial techniques are sufficient to make anyone go mad.

He was naturally extremely moved, yet he didn’t make a move right away and looked towards the stone tablet instead.

The sky above the stone tablet was completely empty and without anything worthy paying attention to, yet the River Diagram fragment that trembled intensely within his sea of consciousness told Chen Xi that this stone tablet wasn’t simple.

Could it be that something is hidden within the stone tablet? Chen Xi pursed his lips and was unable to restrain the curiosity in his heart in the end, and he approached the stone tablet before raising his hand to touch its surface.

A restriction? However, to Chen Xi’s surprise, the pressure and force of rejection that had originally vanished actually stretched out from the surface of the stone tablet, and the force of it was extremely terrifying as if an extraordinary restriction was placed here to disallow anyone from violating it.

Even if he exerted his entire strength, his hand was unable to move forward in the slightest after it arrived 30cm before the stone tablet! 


The River Diagram fragment within his sea of consciousness seemed to be furious, and it suddenly emitted a vast and terrifying shapeless fluctuation that fiercely smashed onto the surface of the stone tablet.

Instantly, Chen Xi felt the pressure and force of rejection dissipate instantly, and being caught off guard, his hand suddenly and fiercely pressed onto the surface of the stone tablet. Due to him using too much force, it directly shattered apart.


Before Chen Xi could react, an object with a strange shape and seemed like a turtle shell suddenly soared up before shooting directly towards him, and it vanished within his sea of consciousness.

Another piece! No wonder the River Diagram fragment that has been slumbering in my sea of consciousness for many years would tremble so intensely at this time… At this moment within Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness, another River Diagram fragment had appeared, and one of the seven images in the surroundings was occupied. In other words, he already possessed three River Diagram fragments now, and he only lacked six more before he could combine them into the complete River Diagram!

But in the next moment, he was unable to pay attention to all this because along with him obtaining this River Diagram fragment, his body actually flew uncontrollably out of the sacrificial altar!

It can’t be, I still haven’t obtained a Dao Grade martial technique! Instantly, Chen Xi had already been transported outside the sacrificial altar, and he stood in the starry sky from before.

It was utterly impossible for him to approach the sacrificial altar again because there was a type of shapeless forcefield that forcefully kept him out, and he was unable to blast it open no matter how he struck it…

Heavens! Are you playing a trick on me! I entered the sacrificial altar with great difficulty, yet I only obtained a River Diagram fragment. This… this… this… At this moment, Chen Xi was furious to the point he couldn’t help but hurl out a torrent of abuse, and he was extremely irritated. What was more heartrending that looking at countless perfect Dao Grade martial techniques yet watching helplessly as they vanished before one’s eyes?

If he could redo it once more, he would rather choose a perfect Dao Grade martial technique than take the River Diagram fragment. After all, this thing wasn’t complete, it was utterly useless while residing in his sea of consciousness, and it was simply a defective thing.

Entering a mountain of treasures yet coming home empty handed! Fucking River Diagram fragment, you couldn’t appear at any other time but just had to do it at this moment. Simply outrageous! Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh deeply, and his expression was extremely unsightly.


Seeming to have heard Chen Xi’s complaints, a vast aura suddenly gushed out from the River Diagram fragment in his sea of consciousness, and it covered his entire sea of consciousness before exploding out. Various patterns that were obscure and difficult to understand and words that were like a passing shadow flashed into appearance within his mind with a shocking speed.

The earth sank, the sky shook, and everything in the world withered as time flowed, and a hundred lifetimes passed and revealed the numerous vicissitudes of life…  Scenes that occurred in every single world within the boundless universe flashed past with unbelievable speed.

It was swift to the point even his thoughts were unable to keep up, yet it gave Chen Xi the clear feeling as if it was deeply engraved in the bottom of his heart. Even though the boundless scenes had passed, yet he was still capable of completely remembering every single scene down to the slightest detail.

He even saw one of the scenes show how an infant girl came crying into the world before growing into an ignorant child, a blooming young girl, a graceful young woman, a charming woman… Up until the point her hair greyed, she was covered in wrinkles, and her teeth fell, and then she passed away peacefully.

Every single detail was completely visible to the smallest detail.

Every single scene was like he’d experienced a complete journey of life.

Beauty faded in an instant.

Life faded in a short moment.

This experience that he’d never had before caused Chen Xi’s mind to practically go blank, and he forgot everything in his surroundings.

After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d woken up from a dream, and he let out a long breath of air as his gaze recovered to a clear state. When he recalled the peculiar scenes in his mind once more, he was unable to find them instead, and it seemed as if everything from before hadn’t occurred at all.

But a trace of a smile suffused the corner of Chen Xi’s mouth. Because he noticed to his shock that even though the scenes had vanished, another thing had suddenly appeared within his mind.

Divine Ability — The Eye of Divine Truth!

This was an extremely unusual and rare Divine Ability. Once one cultivated it successfully, a vertical eye would appear between one’s brows, and it was capable of seeing through the true appearance of everything in the world. Any form of concealment, stealth, disguise, illusion, charm… All of them would be incapable of escaping the sight of this eye.

It was even to the extent that when it was cultivated to an advanced level, a single glance was even capable of seeing through a person’s cultivation, the level of the person’s mastery in the Dao Insights the person had grasped, and the flaws of the martial techniques executed by a person. When utilized against an enemy, it would often be able to bring forth the shocking effect of allowing one to possess foresight!

Even though such a Divine Ability didn’t possess any lethality, yet its might to see through everything and almost provide foresight was sufficient for it to be said to be world shaking.

The Eye of Divine Truth! Examine the world like a god and see through the truth behind all things… It’s truly a good name! An amazing Divine Ability! Chen Xi exclaimed repeatedly with admiration as he never imagined that the River Diagram fragment would actually give him such an unexpected pleasant surprise. 


At a distance of almost 300km beneath the earth’s surface.

Hmm? Emperor Chu who sat cross-legged in the sky above the Dragon Transformation Pool suddenly opened his eyes before his gaze swept out, and he seemed to be able to see through the boundlessly thick earth to see every single change in Silken City.

Has an unforeseen event happened in the Martial Dao Sacrificial Altar? Emperor Chu thought in his heart as his Divine Sense stretched out swiftly.

In the boundless sky outside Silken City, an illusory figure that was covered in surging Immortal Energy appeared abruptly. Shockingly, it was the Artifact Spirit of Silken Palace.

Since Ascension Peak appeared and the Allstar Meeting began, he’d concealed himself and vanished from the eyes of the public, yet every single subtle change in the Allstar Meeting was unable to escape his discerning eyes.

“Zuoqiu Xue’s son, Chen Xi, had just obtained the River Diagram fragment from within the Martial Dao Sacrificial Altar. If everything happens as expected, he has also obtained the cultivation technique of the Divine Ability, Eye of Divine Truth. This Divine Ability is boundlessly profound and is sufficient to be ranked in the top 100 in the Divine Ability Gold Rankings of the three dimensions.” 

“Oh? The River Diagram fragment that was sealed for countless years was actually obtained by that little fellow?” Emperor Chu’s eyes was suffused with a wisp of surprise, and then it returned to its calm state as he said indifferently, “Looks like this kid is indeed as Shui Hua said, he’s someone that possesses great fortune. All those years ago, that person from the Zuoqiu Clan was so extraordinary that even I wasn’t a match for him, and he tried to use force to break open the Martial Dao Sacrificial Altar and take away the River Diagram fragment. But didn’t he fail in the end? This was his lack of fortune.”

“Fortune? That fellow’s fate is concealed by the workings of the heavens, and even I am incapable of prying into it and deducing it. He doesn’t just simply possess great fortune. What should I do next? Should I ask for the River Diagram fragment from him?” asked the Artifact Spirit.

Emperor Chu went silent for a long time, and then he shook his head and said, “That thing is indeed a unique and precious treasure of the three dimensions, yet not only is it useless to the both of us, it might even be a calamity. Since he has obtained it, then give it to him.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his hand as he closed his eyes and once again entered into meditation.

The Artifact Spirit nodded silently when he saw this, and then he vanished in the space above the layer of clouds in the sky.

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