Chapter 389 – Martial Dao Sacrificial Altar

Successfully seizing a Martial Dao Divine Throne caused Chen Xi to completely relax. If nothing unexpected happened, he was already one amongst the top 100 of the Allstar Meeting this time, and his next objective was to charge into the top 10!

Without wasting any more time, Chen Xi chatted with Fan Yunlan, Zhen Liuqing, and the others for a short moment before taking out a few Shaman Blood Crystals and meditating with his eyes closed.

The battle with Huangfu Chongming and the others caused his Shaman Energy to be exhausted greatly. Especially the Grand Astral Palms he executed at the end had an extremely shocking consumption of Shaman Energy. If it wasn’t for his body refinement cultivation having attained the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm already, he’d probably be utterly incapable of executing it.

Fortunately, he’d obtained a great amount of Shaman Blood Crystals from Ji Yue, so his Shaman Energy could be recovered extremely quickly, and he didn’t have to worry about the competition and battles that were to come.

Before he closed his eyes in meditation, Chen Xi’s gaze fell slightly, and the corner of his field of vision glanced towards the beautiful figure at the utmost center. That beautiful figure had been sitting cross-legged there from the beginning until the end while her entire body was enveloped in hazy mist, and she seemed like a celestial maiden that remained aloof from the world. No matter what happened in the surroundings, it seemed as if it was incapable of drawing her attention.

It was like a soundless feeling of proudness and aloofness, as if she stood above all living creatures.

Chen Xi withdrew his gaze, and his heart remained without the slightest ripple. Qing Xiuyi was unlike Fan Yunlan, she was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, and she possessed the pride of an immortal in her bones. So there was only a single way to resolve the hatred between them, and it was to completely defeat her in battle and make her pride have no choice but to yield before him!

When Chen Xi sat on a divine throne, there were still another 70 plus empty divine thrones in the surroundings of the sacrificial altar, and for the sake of these divine thrones, the cultivators in the surroundings of the square completely exploded in an extremely intense battle.

All the cultivators present had become eminent from the 50,000 cultivators that participated in the beginning, and they’d overcome many difficulties on the way to finally arrive here. Thus, their strengths were naturally and undoubtedly formidable, and if placed in the outside world, their strengths were sufficient for them to be called outstanding talents.

Yet now, for the sake of seizing the few remaining divine thrones, the intensity of the battle was obvious.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, all 100 divine thrones had an owner, whereas the cultivators that failed were completely eliminated and sent out of the Martial Dao Domain.

Along with the last person who failed vanishing from the Martial Dao Domain, the space in the surroundings of the center square suddenly fluctuated intensely.


The sky collapsed and the earth cracked apart, the heavens and the earth seemed to have fallen into great destruction, causing it to shatter, collapse, and be obliterated, and practically everything vanished within the intense spatial fluctuations.

In only an instant, besides the ancient sacrificial altar at the center and the 100 divine thrones, everything else in the Martial Dao Domain had completely transformed into nothingness.


At almost the exact same time, a strange fluctuation stretched out from the sacrificial altar at the center like a ripple, and it covered all the 100 Martial Dao Divine Thrones in the surroundings.

At the instant the fluctuation swept past his body, Chen Xi acutely sensed an ancient, mysterious, and irresistible intent envelop his soul, and before he could react, his soul felt dazed as if it was sucked into an enormous vortex…


In Silken City, Ascension Peak that pierced into the skies rumbled as it sank into the ground, and divine lights surged and shot out from the surroundings of the mountain, piercing the eyes of everyone to the point they couldn’t help but close them.

“The third test of the Allstar Meeting has ended!”

“Look, quickly! Those things that are floating in midair are the Martial Dao Divine Thrones of legend, and those people sitting on it are the top 100 cultivators in the Allstar Meeting this time.

“It’s the Martial Dao Divine Thrones! I wonder what level of Dao Grade martial technique they will be able to comprehend from it.”

Everyone opened their eyes when Ascension Peak completely vanished in the ground, and then they saw an exceedingly ancient sacrificial altar was suddenly standing upright in midair and in its surroundings were 100 Martial Dao Divine Thrones that circled around it and emitted boundless dazzling lights.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

On the divine thrones were 100 figures sitting cross-legged with solemn expressions like statues, and they were coiled with divine lights as a strange ringing of a bell that was like the bell sounded when sacrifices were offered in ancient times resounded out from the sacrificial altar in the center. It shook the heavens and the earth like a morning bell, and the melody of the Grand Dao enlightened all and caused the hearts of everyone to be bathed in boundless tranquility.

Meanwhile, the gazes of all the cultivators in Silken City looked towards the 100 figures that sat cross-legged silently on the divine thrones, and their gazes carried envy, curiosity, and anticipation…

Everyone knew that in the following period of time, these 100 people would comprehend a Dao Grade martial technique inheritance from the divine thrones. But the quality of the martial technique inherited from the divine throne would depend on one’s own natural talent, fortune, cultivation, comprehension, and many other factors.

I wonder who will obtain the most formidable Dao Grade martial technique this time…? Chen Xi was absent-minded, as the scene before him changed swiftly like the movement of the stars in the universe, and his entire soul seemed to be moving through a strange and unusual space-time tunnel. After a short moment, he arrived in a vast starry sky.

This starry sky had countless stars circulating swiftly like flowing lights, and it was extremely alike to the world of stars in the Mansion within the jade pendant. But it was different from the world of stars, as there was an extremely vast sacrificial altar at the center of this starry sky!

The sacrificial altar was extremely ancient and completely bathed in a sacred and vast divine light that arouse extreme reverence in one’s heart. It stood towering amongst a myriad of stars, and it was so large that it simply covered the entire starry sky. The numerous stars were like a mass of fireflies before it, extremely tiny and like a speck of grain in the ocean.

The vast, magnificent, and majestic scene was like a divine mark left behind by the gods at the absolute beginning of the world, and it shook the hearts of all!

This is the Martial Dao Sacrificial Altar? Supposedly, it contains countless Dao Grade martial techniques that embrace a variety of Heaven Dao profundities, and it’s boundless, infinite, and vast like the ocean. I wonder if it’s true…? Chen Xi gazed at the ancient sacrificial altar that stood towering in the starry sky and emitted an eternal aura, and he couldn’t help but be extremely shocked in his heart.

With an intention in his heart, his figure instantly transformed into a flowing light that flew into the sacrificial altar.

Before he participated in the Allstar Meeting, he’d obtained an understanding of the Martial Dao Sacrificial Altar. The origins of the sacrificial altar couldn’t be investigated, and it was like an eternal mark of the gods, yet this wasn’t important.

What was important was that when one’s soul linked up with the sacrificial altar, one would be able to obtain a Dao Grade martial technique’s inheritance from it!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

At the instant he entered the sacrificial altar, it was as if he’d entered into a world of divine light. Thick lights that were dazzling and resplendent were emitted from countless fist sized balls of light that flowed and whistled through the boundless world of divine lights in a dense and vast array.

Chen Xi stretched out his hand and grabbed, and he instantly held a ball of light in his hand. After that, the light on the ball restrained itself to condense into a dark golden jade slip, and the surroundings of the jade slip was coiled with Dao Insight as a line of extremely ancient words appeared on it.

Dao Grade martial technique — Goldstreak Sunset Blade!

Chen Xi only casually glanced at this Dao Grade martial technique before letting go of it. The reason was extremely simple, it only contained two Minor Daos, the Cloudray and Goldstreak Minor Daos. One was a subset of the Grand Dao of Water, the other was a type of Mist Dao Insight. Obviously, this was far from being capable of moving him.

Subsequently, Chen Xi grabbed another 10 plus balls of light, yet the most formidable amongst them only contained two types of Grand Daos, and it caused him to be rather disappointed.

There’re countless Dao Grade martial techniques in the sacrificial altar. If I continue searching like this, I’ll be unable to obtain a martial technique I’m satisfied with no matter how much of time I spend. Why don’t I head towards the depths of the altar? Perhaps the formidable martial techniques are hidden in the core area… As he pondered, Chen Xi charged within the boundless world of divine lights towards the core area of the sacrificial altar. But what caused him to be speechless is that the space within this sacrificial altar was too vast, and he’d flown for almost an entire two hours yet hadn’t figured out where exactly the central area was.

But it was extremely normal when he thought about it. If the formidable Dao Grade martial techniques were so easy to obtain, then perhaps all of them would have been seized away by others since long ago. How could he possibly have a chance?

Hmm? An oppressive force? While Chen Xi moved forward, he suddenly felt a shapeless force press down onto him, and it seemed to extremely reject his approach, causing his speed to slow down greatly.

This pressure is probably greater the closer one is to the center of the sacrificial altar. If I follow according to this deduction, then extremely formidable Dao Grade martial technique might really exist there like I thought! Chen Xi was not shocked, but delighted instead, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to circulate the strength in his entire body and continue flashing forward.

But along with the passage of time, his footsteps became sluggish, and his speed grew slower and slower. The pressure and force of rejection that existed everywhere caused Chen Xi to seem as if he’d fallen into a swamp, and it was extremely difficult for him to move forward swiftly.


But right when Chen Xi intended to grit his teeth and continue moving forward with brute force, a mysterious fluctuation gushed out abruptly from within his sea of consciousness and spread out, and everywhere it passed, the pressure and force of rejection actually vanished completely!

The River Diagram fragment? Chen Xi was shocked, and then he instantly noticed that the River Diagram fragment that floated within his sea of consciousness was actually lightly trembling as if it possessed intelligence at this moment!

This half-moon shaped incomplete River Diagram fragment was actually combined into form from two River Diagram fragments. One was from the Profound Disruption Mountain at the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, and the other was given to him by his mysterious Senior Sister that liked to dress up as a man.

In the surroundings of the River Diagram fragment was an image floating there. The image was divided into seven pieces with unusual shapes, and they just happened to combine with the existing River Diagram fragment to form an almost completely round pattern.

He’d deduced from this extremely early on that the complete River Diagram ought to have split into nine pieces for some reason. He’s already obtained two pieces, and there were another seven pieces scattered in other places in the universe.

Actually, this wasn’t important, what was important was that in these past few years, it was the first time that Chen Xi had seen the River Diagram fragment emit a strange fluctuation by itself and tremble while emitting a droning sound!

What has happened?

Could it be that the River Diagram fragment has some sort of relationship with this ancient sacrificial altar?

Right at the instant Chen Xi was astonished, he suddenly noticed that the droning emitted by the River Diagram fragment in his sea of consciousness grew louder and louder, and it seemed as if it urgently wanted him to move forward towards a certain place.

Chen Xi flashed forward right away, and he faintly felt that if he moved forward according to the ‘direction’ of the River Diagram fragment, then perhaps he would obtain an enormous fortuitous encounter! 

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