Chapter 388 – Completely Annihilated

“Hmm? Why did that woman seize a Martial Dao Divine Throne by herself?”

“Chen Xi put his life on the line for her sake and is going against a mass of enemies, yet she seized this opportunity to seize a divine throne. Isn’t this a bit too bitterly disappointing?”

“It shouldn’t be like that. Are there some hidden facts to this?”

Right at the instant Ling Yu was pondering deeply, a wave of clamorous noise sounded out by his ears, and he instantly frowned when he looked over.

In the distance, Chen Xi and Huangfu Chongming’s group of six were fighting intensely without end, yet on the other side, Fan Yunlan who wore a violet colored dress had turned around abruptly and soared to a divine throne near the sacrificial altar before sitting down on it.

Her movements were so natural and without the slightest shyness, yet it caused everyone present to be bitterly disappointed to the extreme. Because they’d never imagined that Fan Yunlan would actually disregard Chen Xi at a time like this.

Isn’t this woman a bit too unreliable?

This was the thought in the hearts of most of the people present, and all of them felt that Chen Xi’s actions weren’t worth it.

Ling Yu couldn’t help but be stunned, and he scratched his head. Even though he’d vaguely figured out the thoughts of Huangfu Chongming and Qing Xiuyi, yet he was extremely puzzled by Fan Yunlan’s strange reaction that exceeded the expectations of everyone.

Alas, the heart of people, it’s too deceptive indeed. Especially the thoughts of women, they change infinitely like a flower reflected in a mirror, the moon on the lake. Who could possibly figure it out completely? Ling Yu sighed endlessly in his heart, and he deeply understood the words his master had spoken. The workings of the heavens can’t compare to how unfathomable the heart of man is!

“Hahaha! Chen Xi, even your woman has abandoned you. Isn’t your life a little bit too pitiable!” Amidst the intense battle, Huangfu Chongming’s loud laughter resounded out, and it was filled with ridicule.

“Exactly. Is there any meaning in living for such a pitiful wretch like you?” Xiao Linger and the others laughed endlessly in ridicule.

Chen Xi’s expression was extremely calm as he turned a deaf ear to this, he seemed to not be affected in the slightest, and it was even to the extent that he fought even more fiercely.

But when this entered in the eyes of the others, Chen Xi seemed to be feeling bitter because of the heartless abandonment of Fan Yunlan, and he intended to use the battle to vent the rage in his heart.

This scene caused Huangfu Chongming and the others to laugh loudly without end as they ridiculed Chen Xi once more with extremely vicious words, and they seemed to want to use this to affect Chen Xi’s mind before causing his mind to go into turmoil and kill him.

“Pitiable! Truly pitiable!”

“Thoroughly tricked by a woman under the gazes of everyone. If it was me, I’d cut my own throat.”

“I heard you were called a jinx when you were young? Now it would seem like the rumors are really true. Don’t you deserve to be called a jinx? Hahaha…”

Numerous harsh and knavish sounds of ridicule resounded out. Not to mention Chen Xi, even the spectators sighed endlessly in their hearts. If it wasn’t for Fan Yunlan suddenly abandoning Chen Xi, would he have fallen to such a situation?

Right at this moment, Shaman Energy surged in the entire body of Chen Xi who was surrounded at the center, and then his six enormous hands that were thick like rocks swung out as they slapped an enormous palm print out in unison.


Six palms that emitted an ancient, desolate, and mysterious aura appeared in the sky, and they covered the heavens and the earth and enveloped the world!

Every single palm print was suffused with a resplendent and gorgeous glow, the striations of the palm contained countless dazzling stars that were circulating endlessly while flickering between brightness and dimness, and they contained deep and boundless Grand Dao profundities as they existed eternally.

Divine Ability — Grand Astral Palm!

The six enormous palm prints appeared out of thin air, causing the sky to change in color as a terrifying fluctuation blasted out in all directions with Chen Xi at the center. Merely the aura emitted from it shook space to the point of shattering, and the firm ground was crushed to the point it cracked inch by inch, causing numerous horrifying rifts to collapse open.

Its impetus seemed as if it wanted to completely extract out all light and airflow in an area of 50km around it and condense them within the six palm prints, causing even the heavens and the earth to emit a feeling of collapsing upheaval.

Om! Om! Om!

The surroundings of the square at the center seemed to have sensed the extremely terrifying aura of destruction, and it emitted a shapeless forcefield that protected the sacrificial altar and the 100 divine thrones.

This Divine Ability inherited from the Master of the Manor, Fuxi, was extremely profound. The myriad of stars on the striations in the palm were capable of containing boundless Dao Insights without conflicting each other. Moreover, the more the Dao Insights contained, the more formidable its might would be, and it completely surpassed the scope of Dao Grade martial techniques.

Simply speaking, it possessed boundless stars, boundless Dao Insights, and infinite might!

How terrifying!

At this moment, when Chen Xi who’d transformed into a 54m tall giant via the Heavenly Transformation and had executed the Deity Transformation executed six Grand Astral Palms at the same time, he was like a Fiendgod that could pluck the stars and the moon out of the sky, causing everyone present to be unable to help but arouse the suffocating illusion of terror.

No one could describe the might of Chen Xi’s strike, and no one had the slightest confidence in being capable of resisting it. It simply felt as if they were facing an enraged Rebirth Realm expert, and they were so tiny and useless and without the slightest room to struggle.

“What Divine Ability is this?! How could it possibly possess such terrifying might?!”

“I… I actually feel terrified! How could this be possible?”

“Shit! This strike is absolutely not something we’re capable of resisting! Flee, quickly!”

Huangfu Chongming and the others went pale in unison as unrestrainable terror arose in their hearts, causing their fighting spirit to collapse. Moreover, the intense feeling of danger that filled their surroundings causing them to practically instinctively flee in all directions.

It was truly too terrifying. As far as they were concerned, even a Rebirth Realm expert wouldn’t be able to bring such a great threat to them. So if they didn’t leave now, then when?

“Do you know? Your ridicule, sarcasm, mocking… All of it was only your last words before death, and that’s why I continuously tolerated all of you and gave all of you the treatment of a normal person before death. Now, since you’ve enjoyed this treatment, how could you possibly flee? Leave your lives behind!” Right at the moment Chen Xi’s voice resounded out, the six Grand Astral Palms in the sky fiercely slapped towards Huangfu Chongming and the others from six directions.

“No!” Huangfu Chongming was the first to suffer the attack. His face flushed red as he swiftly raised his hand and struck out with almost his entire cultivation with the intention of blasting away this lethal strike.

But actions like this were futile before the Grand Astral Palm, and he was instantly crushed and shattered, only leaving behind a ball of flesh that wriggled in midair. Perished.

Xiao Linger, Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, Pei Zhong, and Xue Chen were horrified to the point their souls almost left their bodies when they saw this, and the last remaining trace of hope that they would be lucky enough to survive vanished without a trace.

They practically instinctively withdrew their jade tokens and crushed it without the slightest hesitation.

Om! Om! Om!

A wave of spatial fluctuations arose abruptly like a ripple, and then an irresistible suction force carried the bodies of the five of them and was about to leave the Martial Dao Domain.


But right between this fraction of an instant, five Grand Astral Palms had already arrived, and they crushed space apart and shook the spatial fluctuation to the point it froze slightly.

It was exactly during this slight moment of freezing that the Grand Astral Palms completely took away their lives.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Five enormous bangs that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out as Xiao Linger and the others followed in Huangfu Chongming’s footsteps and were directly squashed into balls of mush by the Grand Astral Palms, and they didn’t even have the slightest room to struggle. 

After that, the spatial fluctuation shook and took the corpses of the five of them that had transformed into mush to completely vanish within the Martial Dao Realm.

This was a method that Chen Xi had planned on since long ago.

Because he knew that if he were to annihilate any one of them, it would cause them to arouse the intention of fleeing. Moreover, once they crushed their jade tokens, then his intentions of annihilating all six of them would completely come to nothing.

So, since the beginning of the battle, he’d always been holding back some strength and intentionally stayed locked in battle with Huangfu Chongming’s group of six as he awaited the best opportunity to make a move.

When these people were ridiculing him, it was undoubtedly the moment their hearts were the most relaxed, and he’d seized this opportunity to strike out with a killing move that crushed all six of them and obtained perfect success.

Dust and smoke suffused the air, and the aftershocks of the battle dispersed after a long time.

The surroundings were deathly silent.

Every cultivator present felt a lingering fear in their hearts and were shocked to speechlessness, and they unconsciously carried a trace of reverence within their gazes that shot at Chen Xi.

A single person annihilating six genius experts of the younger generation. Such ferocious and powerful combat strength was something that probably no one amongst them was capable of achieving. 

Most terrifying to them was that Chen Xi’s final strike was actually formidable to the point of being able to affect spatial teleportation, and even crushing one’s jade token was unable to allow one to escape his attack. Such ability was too terrifying!

Just you wait. I’ll kill you with my own two hands during the final test and take revenge for my embarrassing younger brother! On a divine throne, Huangfu Changtian stared icy coldly at Chen Xi as he spoke word by word in his heart.

Looks like I was flattering myself earlier. His strength is something even I have to face seriously, so how could I possibly have the qualifications to look after him? Big Sister Ya Qing is too cruel, why didn’t she tell me all of this? Huangfu Qingying scrunched her nose and was slightly displeased that her Big Sister Ya Qing had deceived her.

I knew that this fellow would succeed! A wisp of an unrestrainable smile suffused the corners of Zhen Liuqing’s mouth, and her eyes rippled with extraordinary splendor.

“Amazing! Looks like I must be careful if I face this fellow in the final test.” Yu Xuanchen muttered to himself.

“Hey, you’re willing to speak now?” The nearby Ling Yu pursed his lips, and then he said with a serious expression, “He’s an extremely formidable opponent indeed and must be treated extremely carefully.”

Nice! I really anticipate fighting this person. As a body refiner just like him, let me see exactly whose Divine Ability is more formidable! Zhao Qinghe’s eyes were bright like stars, and Chen Xi’s display had already completely drawn out the surging fighting spirit in his heart.

“Hu!” Chen Xi took a deep breath and disregarded the various gazes that shot towards him from the people in the surroundings as he turned to fly towards the divine thrones nearby the sacrificial altar.

When they saw this scene, everyone present instantly restrained their thoughts and shot their gazes towards the distant Fan Yunlan in succession. How would this woman that abandoned Chen Xi face him at this moment?

“I…” Fan Yunlan opened her mouth.

“There’s no need to say anything, it’s fine so long as you understand my thoughts.” Chen Xi sat down on a divine throne that was by Fan Yunlan’s side without the slightest aversion, and then he said with a smile, “At least your actions proved that you believed in me unconditionally, and I’m extremely happy.”

Fan Yunlan’s eyes went red, and her heart was covered in dense emotion and warmth.

Earlier, Chen Xi had told her to believe in him, and she’d done exactly as he said. Moreover, for the sake of proving her belief towards Chen Xi, she’d resolutely disregarded the guesses and slander of the others and chose to seize a divine throne by herself.

This was the firmest belief of a woman to a man.

Ling Yu didn’t understand it, Huangfu Chongming and the others didn’t understand it, and most of the people present didn’t understand it. Only Chen Xi understood because he firmly believed in Fan Yunlan! 

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