Chapter 387 – Varying Opinions

Heavenly Transformation!Deity Transformation!

Forcefully blocking the attacks of six top experts in the younger generation with a single move!

My god! Could it be that this fellow’s most formidable in body refinement?

Everyone in the square was in an uproar as they looked at the tall figure that in midair that had transformed into a 54m tall giant with three heads and six arms and emitted terrifying Shaman Energy.

When Chen Xi killed Lin Moxuan earlier, the sword technique he revealed was peerlessly swift, fierce, and filled with Dao Insights, and it had been recognized by everyone long ago. It was the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture that was the most difficult to cultivate! Everyone originally thought that Chen Xi was a sword cultivator that was devoted to the cultivation of the sword, yet never had they imagined that in the blink of an eye, Chen Xi had abandoned his sword and transformed into a body refiner with monstrous Shaman Energy!

It was even to the extent that the terrifying might his body refinement cultivation revealed was even slightly more overbearing and terrifying than his cultivation in the sword!

They instantly understood that not only did Chen Xi cultivate both body and qi refinement cultivation techniques, he’d achieved brilliant accomplishments in both paths that would cause anyone to be ashamed of their own inferiority!

A person’s energy was limited. It was already exceedingly difficult to possess an extraordinary strength at a young age, and only those genius figures that possessed top level natural talent and comprehension ability and obtained the support of a multitude of resources at the same time would be able to soar into the sky and surpass ordinary people in a short period of time.

But amongst these geniuses, very few cultivated in the paths of body refinement and qi refinement at the same time. The reason was extremely simple, they didn’t have enough time and energy!

It was already extremely difficult to obtain great accomplishments in a single method of cultivation. So who would be willing to waste their time to cultivate in two types of paths at the same time? What if something went wrong and they wasted a great amount of precious time and experience? It would probably destroy their entire lives.

Of course, everything in the world wasn’t so absolute. In the boundless heavens and earth, there were still a small amount of people with superb natural talent and comprehension ability that surpassed other geniuses, monstrous level geniuses!

These people were favored by the heavens, and it was as if the fortune of the heavens had been provided to them. No matter what they did, it went smoothly and easily, and perhaps a glory that was impossible to attain in the eyes of others would be casually obtained by them.

For example, Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Changtian, Zhen Liuqing, and so on and so forth, the small number of top figures in the younger generation were this type of monstrous level geniuses. No matter how unbelievable a matter occurred on them, everyone would find it to be extremely normal.

Presently, in the eyes of everyone, Chen Xi had undoubtedly become a genius figure that was of a monstrous level like this. Moreover, in their hearts, they’d classified him as a top expert in the younger generation like Qing Xiuyi and Zhao Qinghe.


In midair, Chen Xi had executed the Divine Abilities Heavenly Transformation and Deity Transformation and was in a fierce battle with Huangfu Chongming’s group of six. The battle was intense, and it caused an area of 500km in the surroundings to turn into a battlefield.

No matter if it was Chen Xi or Huangfu Chongming’s group of six, all of them possessed extremely formidable strengths. When locked in battled, balls of lights shook, the air rumbled, and resplendent and terrifying Magic Treasure glows that contained various Dao Insight profundities flew out in all directions while howling in the air, causing even the heavens and the earth to tremble ceaselessly, and it shook the hearts of all.

Everyone present at the scene had withdrawn a defensive Magic Treasure since long ago to resist the residual energy of the battle that effused out from all directions, and when they looked up into the sky, they were already incapable of seeing everything clearly. 

The reason was the battle was truly too intense. The figure of both parties to the battle were enveloped in various dazzling balls of light, and it was already impossible to distinguish exactly who was stronger or weaker.

Of course, there was still a small group of people present who were extremely formidable, and they acutely caught sight of all the changes in the battle. Moreover, this small group of people were already sitting cross-legged on the Martial Dao Divine Thrones at this moment.

This fellow is actually just like me, and his strength in both body refinement and qi refinement is fairly good. Interesting. Looks like I misjudged him that day in the southern territory… Zhao Qinghe sat upright on the divine throne as he rubbed his chin while looking at the battle from afar, and his gaze revealed a sense of interest for the first time.

He naturally remembered Chen Xi. That day in the southern territory’s Pine Mist City, when the Ancient Fiendgod intended to smash the entire Chen Clan Mansion, it was his Master, the slovenly old Daoist, that made a move at the critical moment and successfully subdued the Ancient Fiendgod.

At that time, Zhao Qinghe didn’t have much of an impression of Chen Xi. Or to put it bluntly, Chen Xi had utterly not entered his eye. Because there was a difference like the difference between the heavens and the earth in their strengths, cultivations, and origins, it caused them to be like people of two worlds that had no way of communicating in the slightest, and it was impossible for him to lower himself to show favor to a weakling.

It was precisely because of this that when Chen Xi revealed his great martial prowess and fought against six by himself at this moment, and when Chen Xi revealed an extremely formidable cultivation in body refinement, Zhao Qinghe felt a wave of astonishment in his heart and had to admit that he’d really misjudged Chen Xi that day.

Fortunately, this fellow’s strength can be considered to be not bad. If anything were to happen, I would really not know how to tell Big Sister Ya Qing. Huangfu Qingying heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. She was extremely worried in her heart as well when she saw Chen Xi suffer a heavy blow earlier, and she’d even decided in her heart that if Chen Xi were to die, then she would find a chance to secretly annihilate those people that killed Chen Xi. In this way, she would be able to give Ya Qing an explanation.

Oh, that she-devil was flirting with Chen Xi just now under the gazes of everyone present here. I wonder what that lover of Chen Xi’s is thinking… Huangfu Qingying blinked her eyes as she turned to glance at Zhen Liuqing.

At this moment, Zhen Liuqing lightly puckered her cherry lips as she looked attentively at the distance battlefield without blinking, and her beautiful and clear face didn’t have any change in expression.

No one, not even she herself noticed that because she’d clenched her slender and white hands too tightly, her nails had sunk deeply in the flesh on her palm, and strands of dark red blood spilled from it.

Even though she didn’t say anything, it didn’t mean she wasn’t concerned about Chen Xi.

Even though she remained silent and without moving, who else knew that once one sat on the divine throne, one would be unable to take a step away from the divine throne until the test ended?

If it wasn’t for this, I’d probably have disregarded everything and charged to his side long ago at the instant the battle began… Zhen Liuqing sighed deeply in her heart, and she felt an indescribable and extremely complicated feeling of envy towards Fan Yunlan.

“No wonder the old fellow repeated over and over again before I left the sect that I must not underestimate the people of the world. Now it would seem like the old fellow was rather correct. The strength possessed by this fellow called Chen Xi is indeed worthy of me taking him seriously.” On the other side, the fat and grinning Ling Yu exclaimed with surprise, and then he turned to look to the side. “Brother Yu, who do you think will lose?”

The violet haired Yu Xuanchen shook his head and said, “How do I know? If it was a one on one battle, then Chen Xi would win for sure. But it’s six against one now, so it isn’t good for me to make a wild guess.”

Ling Yu pursed his lips and said, “Is this any different from not answering me? Then let me ask you another question. If you were to fight Chen Xi, what’s the probability of your success?”

“It’s difficult to say.” Yu Xuanchen still had a calm expression as he replied ambiguously.

Ling Yu covered his forehead with his hand and seemed to groan in pain. “All of you fellows are mature, experienced, and lifeless. All of you don’t have the slightest spirit of a young person, and it’s simply torturous to talk with all of you. If I knew earlier, I wouldn’t have left the sect no matter what.”

Yu Xuanchen kept silent as his eyes stared at the battle in the distance, and he seemed to be lost in thought.

“Alas, it’s so exhausting. All of you are boring, too boring…” Ling Yu could only sigh sorrowfully and stop questioning resentfully.

But Ling Yu seemed like the type of person that had a lively character and couldn’t sit still. In next to no time, he shot his gaze at Qing Xiuyi and Huangfu Changtian.

However, he noticed an interesting phenomenon.

Qing Xiuyi seemed to be completely indifferent towards everything that happened in the surroundings, and her peerlessly beautiful face that was covered in a layer of mist didn’t reveal the slightest change in emotion. From the beginning until the end, there wasn’t a single ripple on her face, causing her to seem like a celestial maiden that remained aloof from the world, and no one could guess what she was thinking.

On the other hand, Huangfu Changtian’s brows were knit tightly, his eyes contained a murderous glint as he stared at the distant battlefield, and his entire body emitted surging killing intent, causing him to seem to be extremely worried about the safety of his younger brother, Huangfu Chongming. His entire body seemed like a saber that wished for nothing more than to leave its sheathe with the intention of drinking fresh blood to its heart content and swallowing its enemies up.

These two people were one man one woman, one agitated one calm, and they contrasted beautifully with each other.

Ling Yu’s chubby face was suffused with a wisp of a meaningful smile. One is a woman that isn’t concerned with anything, yet just happens to have stretched out a strand of Divine Sense to watch the battle. What’s she paying close attention to? And why did she feign indifference to disguise herself?

On the other hand, that man that seems to be concerned about everything looks to be extremely concerned about his younger brother, yet his eyes are extremely emotionless. Obviously, he’s someone with a heart of stone, and he probably feels that his younger brother has lost face for him, right? As for whether his younger brother lives or dies, perhaps it isn’t as important as his face to him…

Ling Yu was suddenly amused, and he recalled some words that the old fellow had said to him when he left the sect. The workings of the heavens can’t be conjectured, but how can it compare to how unfathomable the heart of man is? When one cultivates and seeks the Dao, if one is capable of completely understanding the heart of one’s self and others, then it would be impossible for one to not ascend to become a Heavenly Immortal…

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