Chapter 386 – Insanity

Lin Moxuan had died tragically on the spot!

Chen Xi was drowned deep within a fatal strike, and his fate was unknown!

This scene caused everyone present to be shocked to the extreme, and they held their breaths in deep concentration to the point of almost forgetting to breathe.

On the other side, Pei Zhong, Xue Chen, Liu Fengchi, and Man Hong were besieging Fan Yunlan, and the battle was intense, yet it revealed a deadlocked situation.

This scene similarly caused everyone to be in disbelief. Because before this, practically no one recognized Fan Yunlan’s identity, and no one knew that she possessed a cultivation at the Rebirth Realm all those years ago and was even a Hall Master of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect.

Everyone had simply taken her to be a female companion of Chen Xi’s, and they didn’t have the slightest understanding towards her strength. So at this moment, when they saw her fight four against one yet not fall into a disadvantaged situation and was equally matched to them, it instantly caused the crowd to be stirred and extremely astonished. 

“Even though Lin Moxuan is dead, this fellow won’t be able to live for long…” Huangfu Chongming looked at Chen Xi who was enveloped by the surging sea of flames and layer upon layer of fist images, and his gaze seemed as if he was staring at a dead person as he sighed lightly.

“So what if he’s dead? I don’t care in the slightest. What I care about are the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession. There are three Immortal Artifacts, and the numerous treasures from Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault. How should we divide it up next?” Xiao Linger spoke with an emotionless face.

Obviously, in their eyes, Chen Xi who’d suffered their attacks without taking the slightest precautions would surely die.

It wasn’t just the two of them, even everyone present felt that Chen Xi would be unable to survive because the attack of Huangfu Chong and Xiao Linger that struck him from behind had really hit onto Chen Xi’s body, and no matter who it was, that person would surely lose his life on the spot. So, Chen Xi was naturally no exception.

“Chen Xi!” Amidst the fierce battle, Fan Yunlan had unintentionally turned around and noticed Chen Xi who was within the sea of flames, causing her beautiful eyes to instantly go red as she let out a furious sharp cry, and her voice revealed disbelief and deep sorrow.

A glittering and translucent tear slipped down her cheek.

This man that seized my body and made me hate him for countless days and night; this man that carried me silently up Ascension Peak and killed others out of rage; this man that disregarded the Martial Dao Divine Thrones only for the sake of fighting by my side. Could it be that this man is going to abandon me and die now?


Fan Yunlan shouted hysterically in her heart as her heart ached as if it was pierced with needles and sliced with blades, and an indescribable feeling of rage was like scorching lava that gushed throughout her body. Her eyes were crimson red, her black hair fluttered, her expression was icy cold and blank, and she seemed as if she’d lost her soul.


“All of you deserve death!”

“I, Fan Yunlan, vow to the heavens today. If Chen Xi dies, then all of you and the powers behind you will be completely slaughtered and buried alongside him! If I go against this vow, then may I be struck by the wrath of the heavens and forever be unable to be reborn!”

Her furious and icy cold voice was like a piercingly cold wind that swept out from an icy pit, and every single word she spoke was resolute and shook the heavens and the earth. At this moment, Fan Yunlan had completely fallen into insanity because of Chen Xi.

Everyone present was shocked in their hearts and felt a chill run down their spines. They seemed to have never imagined that when this woman got mad, she was actually so ruthless and resolute, and the deep rooted hatred that was emitted from her voice caused their entire bodies to go cold.

“Hmph! You’re about to die yet you still dare boast shamelessly. Fellow Daoists, I and Xiao Linger will help you get rid of this woman!” Huangfu Chongming grunted coldly with disdain, and then he was about to charge towards Fan Yunlan.

As far as he was concerned, Fan Yunlan’s strength was unexpectedly strong indeed. But so long as they joined forces, then Fan Yunlan would die for sure. As for her vows, it was simply useless and laughable, and it was like an ant of the mortal world making a fuss when not really in pain, nothing worth mentioning.

However, in the next moment, he stopped abruptly, and his eyes looked towards the distance as a wisp of shock suffused his face.

Xiao Linger was stunned as well, then she followed along his gaze and looked over, and her face froze instantly.

Within the surging sea of flames, Chen Xi’s body that was covered in heavy injuries and broken to the point it seemed like cotton fibers had suddenly started to heal at this moment, and it healed completely in the blink of an eye!


A terrifying wave of air blasted out towards the surroundings with him as the center, and everywhere it passed, the sea of flames was extinguished, the space was shattered apart, and all attacks were completely obliterated into powder.

“This fellow is actually alive!”

“He… His body suffered such a heavy injuries, yet actually recovered instantly!”

“School of Fiendgod Body Refinement! That’s the aura of Shaman Energy. No wonder he dared use his body to forcefully receive the full forced strikes of Huangfu Chongming and Xiao Linger. So it turns out that he had nothing to fear.”

As they looked at the figure in midair that stood ramrod straight like a spear, everyone present couldn’t help but let out exclaims of shock, because no one imagined that a person that would die for sure would actually appear once more in the world as if he’d been reborn!

“I never imagined… Exactly what ability do I, Chen Xi, possess that someone actually made such a heavy vow for me? If I just died here today, then the heavens would really be blind!” Chen Xi soared up into the sky while his clothes fluttered, and his handsome and extraordinary face was suffused with a brilliant smile as he stared at the distant Fan Yunlan and said with a light voice, “I’ve said it before. No one can harm you while I’m here. It’s like this now, and it’s the same in the future. Unless… I’ve really died!”

In the distance, Fan Yunlan was excited to the point she couldn’t restrain her body from trembling lightly when she saw Chen Xi come back to life miraculously, and she bit her cherry lips tightly as her clear eyes were covered in a watery mist, yet her tears still streamed down her face. If it wasn’t for her being in a battlefield now, she wished for nothing more than to pounce into Chen Xi’s embrace and cry her heart out.

“Don’t cry. I’ll make you really happy after I kill these people!” Chen Xi’s voice was warm and gentle like a gust of spring breeze, and it seemed like he was appeasing a mischievous child.

Fan Yunlan was moved in her heart, yet she was slightly unable to endure being consoled so gently by Chen Xi in public, and she immediately glared at him with her clear eyes while she said loudly, “Then what’re you still standing there for?”

“How could I dare disobey?”


As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi had already held his Talisman Armament while his eyes coldly locked onto Huangfu Chongming and Xiao Linger. In the next moment, his figure had already vanished on the spot.

“Shit! This kid’s accomplished in body refinement. Unless we shatter his head or heart, otherwise, we’re utterly unable to kill him. Xiao Linger, we’ll temporarily gather with the others and deal with him together!” Huangfu Chongming was shocked in his heart and worried that Chen Xi would repeat the same trick he used to kill Lin Moxuan earlier, so Huangfu Chongming swiftly sent a voice transmission to Xiao Linger.

Xiao Linger was worried about this as well, and she nodded in agreement without the slightest hesitation when she heard this.

Instantly, the two of them flashed out to converge with Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, Xue Chen, and Pei Zhong.


Seeming to have guessed the two of them would do this since long ago, Chen Xi’s figure appeared out of thin air by Fan Yunlan’s side, and then he stretched out his hand to embrace her slender waist before instantly bringing her out of the battlefield.

Chen Xi’s sudden appearance had shocked Liu Fengchi and the others as well, and they instantly heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts when they saw that he was only taking Fan Yunlan out of the battlefield.

Even though they were in a fierce battle with Fan Yunlan since the beginning, all of them had seen the scene of Chen Xi killing Lin Moxuan earlier, so they were naturally worried that this fellow would charge at them like he did to Lin Moxuan.

“Everyone, this kid is troublesome. Let’s join forces to deal with him together!” Meanwhile, Huangfu Chongming and Xiao Linger had converged with the others.

“Alright! No matter how formidable his body refinement cultivation is, with the joint strengths of all six of us, he’s absolutely not a match for us.” Liu Fengchi’s group of four naturally didn’t have the slightest objections and nodded successively.

“You stand aside and watch. I’ll deal with these people!” Chen Xi looked at Fan Yunlan who was by his side as he instructed with a light voice.

“You…” said Fan Yunlan anxiously.

“Believe in me!” Chen Xi smiled lightheartedly as he interrupted her.

“You’re about to die, yet you’re still speaking so much nonsense? Die!” Right at this moment, Huangfu Chongming shouted out explosively as his fist that was like a python whistled out as it smashed towards Chen Xi.

“Fuck off!” A trace of coldness suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth as the Talisman Armament sword moved through the sky and slashed down. The Gen Sword of Mountain that was vast like a mountain condensed into a continuous mountain range that filled the heavens and earth, and it was luxuriant and ancient like a mountain from the primordial era as it crushed down.


An enormous bang that shook the heavens resounded out as Huangfu Chongming was blasted flying.


“Everyone, let’s make a move together!”“If this kid isn’t exterminated today, then he’ll surely become a great calamity of ours in the future!”

When Xiao Linger and the others saw this, they knew they couldn’t hold back any longer, and bright lights instantly surged around them as they soared and charged towards Chen Xi.

“Bring it on!”


Chen Xi put away the Talisman Armament as he transformed into a 54m tall giant that stood towering in the heavens and the earth with a bang. Shaman Energy roiled like the ocean all around his body, and it shook the heavens and the earth.

Divine Ability — Heavenly Transformation!

After executing this Divine Ability, the strength of any body refiner would obtain a great improvement, and their combat strength would obtain a tremendous and explosive raise.

This was precisely the terrifying aspect of a body refiner. Even though they didn’t possess Magic Treasures, their bodies were the strongest Magic Treasures, and coupled with the mysterious and formidable Divine Abilities, their might was absolutely terrifying to the extreme.

It was common knowledge that body refiners utterly crushed qi refiners of the same cultivation. These words were widely spread in the cultivation world, yet it wasn’t spread as a false rumor, but a publicly acknowledged fact.


This wasn’t the end of it. Subsequently, his Shaman Energy surged once more, and under the exceedingly astonished gazes of everyone present, Chen Xi’s entire body suddenly had another two heads and four arms that were thick like rocks.

This was another Divine Ability — Deity Transformation!

Just like the Heavenly Transformation, the Deity Transformation was an auxiliary Divine Ability, yet it was a Divine Ability that was kept in secret without being spread out to the public, causing it to be utterly impossible to buy on the market, and only some ancient and great sects might possess it.

Not only was this Divine Ability capable of instantly increasing the strength of one’s body, it was capable of being used to provide support to other Divine Abilities, and when used against an enemy, it was as if one suddenly possessed another two assistants that possessed a strength equal to one’s self, causing it to be extremely formidable and miraculous.


After he transformed into a giant with three heads and six arms, Chen Xi attacked without the slightest hesitation. Shaman Energy condensed as he blasted Huangfu Chongming’s attacks flying before he took a stride forward, and then another two of his hands were like axes that chopped mountains as they descended like sledgehammers to smash onto Xiao Linger’s sword and Liu Fengchi’s saber. The other three hands of his slapped out from afar, causing palm prints that were like pillars that held up the sky to fiercely smash towards Man Hong, Pei Zhong, and Xue Chen.


A wave of enormous bangs that shook the heavens and the earth exploded out in the world. The air shook as space shattered, and it was like a volcano had erupted, causing the earth and mountains to quake. Everywhere the aftershock went, everyone present moved back with astonished expression, and they were deeply afraid of being affected by it.

At practically the exact same time, the figures of Huangfu Chongming and the others staggered back in midair.

Chen Xi’s figure seemed as if it had taken root in midair instead, and he didn’t move in the slightest.

With a single strike, superiority was determined instantly! 

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