Chapter 385 – Fierce Battle

Chen Xi and Fan Yunlan stood side by side in midair, and Huangfu Chongming’s group of seven stood opposite them.

Two against seven!

The battle would break out at any moment!

This confrontational situation with such a gap in strength caused everyone present to look unfavorably upon Chen Xi and Fan Yunlan, and most people had even affirmed in their hearts that Chen Xi and Fan Yunlan would lose without a doubt.

“Moxuan, Linger, we’ll deal with Chen Xi, the others will deal with that woman.” Huangfu Chongming swiftly spoke via voice transmission. “Remember, you must pin that woman down no matter what as she’s the key to whether we’ll be able to kill Chen Xi or not!”

The others nodded in agreement when they heard this.

“Kill!” Huangfu Chongming shouted out loudly like a thunderclap that rumbled and shook the heavens and the earth as he drew the curtains of the battle.


Sword qi tore through the sky as Lin Moxuan took the initiative to strike first. The sharp sword in his hand transformed into sword qi that covered the heavens and the earth as it shot out explosively, and every single sword qi revealed an earthly yellow color and was heavy, dense, and boundlessly lofty. When one looked carefully, the numerous sword qi’s’ actually contained strands of Skyearth Qi!

After all, a strand of Skyearth Qi was sufficient to crush an entire hill!

The entire dense expanse of sword qi that Lin Moxuan exerted contained Skyearth Qi, so the might of his sword move was obvious. It could be seen from this that Lin Moxuan didn’t underestimate Chen Xi in the slightest, because he’d obviously utilized his entire strength in this strike.

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi’s eyes emitted killing intent as he spat out two words that exploded out like thunderclaps. At the same time, the vast energy of his Divine Sense transformed into a shapeless and fierce force that gushed out with a bang.

Divine Sense attack — God Killer Arts!

Chen Xi’s current Divine Sense had surpassed Rebirth Realm cultivators long ago and could rival Nether Transformation Realm cultivators. At this moment, when his Divine Sense was exerted while combined with the God Killer Arts, his vast Divine Sense instantly transformed into a shapeless thunderbolt. 


Attacks of the soul were the strangest and most varying, and it could bring forth unbelievable effects when utilized to launch a surprise attacks. Even though Lin Moxuan was sufficiently prepared, yet he never imagined that Chen Xi’s Divine Sense would have attained such a terrifying level and that Chen Xi possessed a soul attack technique!

He instantly felt as if his sea of consciousness was struck by lightning, and his soul suffered a heavy injury, causing his vision to go black as he directly spat out a mouthful of blood while his entire body almost fell from the sky.

“Ah!” Lin Moxuan let out a shrill cry and was extremely terrified in his heart. He never imagined that he’d lost as soon as the battle had begun, and he wasn’t even able to resist a single move of Chen Xi. This outcome caused him to feel as if he’d fallen into a pit of ice, and he simply didn’t dare believe this was real.

Not to mention him, everyone present at the square was horrified, as they never imagined that Lin Moxuan would fall right at the beginning of the battle, and if they didn’t see it with their own two eyes, no one would have imagined that this scene would occur. It was simply too sudden.

I didn’t expect that this fellow’s Divine Sense isn’t bad, it actually didn’t collapse his sea of consciousness… After succeeding, Chen Xi didn’t stop in the slightest. He executed the Starsky Wing to arrive before Lin Moxuan in the next moment, and then the Talisman Armament in his hand slashed down.

At this moment, he had to fight and end the battle quickly, and he couldn’t divert his attention in the slightest. He could only ruthlessly and resolutely annihilate all enemies in order to deter everyone and make the situation of the battle become even more beneficial to him.

“You’re courting death!” “Audacious!” However, right when Chen Xi intended to annihilate Lin Moxuan, he was stopped by Huangfu Chongming and Xiao Linger.

Actually, the two of them were terrified by the scene from before to the point they broke out in cold sweat. They never imagined that the battle had started for less than a tenth of an instant when Lin Moxuan had actually suffered a heavy injury.

But their strength was extremely formidable as well, and their reaction speeds even far surpassed that of the others, so how could they allow Lin Moxuan to die before them?

Right at this extremely critical moment, both of them made a move and struck swiftly like a bolt of lightning.

“Nine-Python Skyhowl, Nine Heavens Annihilating Punch!” Huangfu Chongming’s clothes fluttered as the True Essence around his body transformed into nine pythons that coiled and whistled out.  This was the Dao Grade martial technique he was the proudest of — Nine-Python Skyannihilation Fist. A punch struck out with this technique was like an enormous python that moved to swallow the sky, it collapsed space, overturned seas, and it contained boundless strength. It caused one to faintly feel as if the surrounding space was collapsing violently under this punch.

On the other side, the sword in Xiao Linger’s hand transformed into an enormous flaming flying beast. The flying beast had flaming wings, emitted clear cries that shot into the nine heavens, was filled with boundless Fire Dao Insight, and every flap of its wings seemed as if a gale of flames had arisen.

Dao Insight taking form!

Obviously, Xiao Linger’s control of the Fire Dao Insight had already attained the Initial Realm. At this moment, her strike was accompanied by the image of a flying beast, and it was exceedingly formidable. 

Both of them revealed extremely terrifying strengths as soon as they made a move.

No matter if it was Huangfu Chongming’s Nine-Python Skyannihilation Fist, or the sword strike Xiao Linger executed that contained Dao Insight that had taken form, both of them caused the hearts of everyone to shake and feel extremely shocked.

“Obstructing me?” Chen Xi’s imposing manner shot into the sky like a rainbow, and he utterly didn’t dodge or evade as he once again executed two Divine Sense attacks.

Bang! Bang!

A shapeless bolt of lightning condensed from Divine Sense struck towards Huangfu Chongming while another struck at Xiao Linger.

Very few people dared utilize attacks with their Divine Sense while facing enemies that were of the same cultivation because it was too dangerous, and the slightest carelessness was likely to cause a heavy injury to one’s soul. This injury would severely affect one’s cultivation in the future, and it was even possible to cause one to be unable to sense the Dao of the Heaven’s ever again.

But Chen Xi was different. The strength of his soul was so strong that it far surpassed everyone present here. Moreover, it wasn’t just slightly stronger. So he entirely didn’t have to worry about any danger arising when he utilized it against Huangfu Chongming and the others.

Even though they were unable to see Chen Xi’s Divine Sense attack, Huangfu Chongming and Xiao Linger still sensed danger, so they both put their heart and soul into taking precautions. At the same time, the attacks that they executed earlier became even more fierce and swift.

But they’d still underestimated the might of Chen Xi’s Divine Sense. 

At practically the exact same moment, both their figures shook as their faces went pale while their minds droned, and it felt terrible to the point they almost spat blood.

“Watch out, he’s using a soul attack technique!” At this moment, Lin Moxuan who was blasted flying and fell in the distance sent a voice transmission and spoke urgently.

This was mainly because the battle between both sides was too swift. As soon as Chen Xi charged forward, he’d struck out successively with three Divine Sense attacks, causing the three of them to be extremely astonished in their hearts.

“It really is a Divine Sense attack!” Huangfu Chongming’s eyes squinted. “Even I felt an instant of dizziness. No wonder Lin Moxuan was unable to resist it!”

Xiao Linger thought like this in her heart as well. But at this moment, the two of them couldn’t care about anything else, because Chen Xi had already pounced over directly.

“No matter how formidable your Divine Sense attack is, but since I’ve already taken precautions, would I still be taken by surprise again?” Huangfu Chongming’s eyes flashed with a fierce glint. “Die!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Huangfu Chongming stomped on the sky as his figure moved like a shuttle, and his fist descended like raindrops. Every single punch blasted open a crack in space and emitted a sharp and ear piercing sound as it tore through the sky, and the peerlessly strong punches transformed into a myriad of pythons that roared in the sky as they covered the heavens and earth and descended towards Chen Xi.

At practically the exact same moment, Xiao Linger and Lin Moxuan, who’d just recovered, struck out once more.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Sword qi flashed out both horizontally and vertically as the Skyearth Qi crushed everything before it.

Waves of flames shot into the skies as a flying beast image fluttered in the sky.

Chen Xi knew it was impossible to rely on his Divine Sense to launch a surprise attack again. Moreover, he utterly didn’t intend to be ceaselessly locked in combat with the three of them. So he changed the method of the battle right away.


His figure flashed out while relying on the unparalleled speed of the Starsky Wings to instantly arrive before Lin Moxuan, and then the Talisman Armament in his hand transformed into a dazzling sword light that was accompanied by an enormous bang as it actually directly slashed the sword in Lin Moxuan’s hand into two!

Lin Moxuan was greatly shocked in his heart and didn’t dare believe that his sword was slashed into two!

After all, this sword was personally refined for him by the Sect Master and far surpassed ordinary top-grade earth-rank swords, and it was even slightly more formidable that the Earthly Heaven Sword Chen Xi seized from him earlier.

It was precisely by relying on this sword that he possessed the ability to compete with the other genius disciple of his sect, Su Jiankong. Yet now… His greatest reliance had actually been slashed apart!

Lin Moxuan turned around and fled. At the same time, a Participant’s Jade Token appeared in his hand as he intended to crush it and flee at the instant his life was in danger.

He didn’t have the courage to fight Chen Xi any longer. Chen Xi Divine Sense attack from before had already caused his soul to suffer a heavy injury, and now, even the most formidable Magic Treasure in his possession had been slashed apart. So how could he possibly dare continue staying here after receiving these heavy and successive blows?


However, before he could escape, Chen Xi’s sword light had already assaulted his face.


For a time, Lin Moxuan dodged and blocked repeatedly as he did his best to delay for an instant. At the same time, he extremely anticipated Huangfu Chongming and Xiao Linger would be able to arrive in time.



At this moment, Huangfu Chongming and Xiao Linger had arrived without letting Lin Moxuan down, and they struck at Chen Xi from behind. For a time, the heavens and the earth were covered in surging fist images and a roiling sea of flame, and it was an extremely shocking sight.

At a time like this, this fucking bastard will turn around to deal with the attacks behind him and temporarily let me off, right? Lin Moxuan instantly heaved a sigh of relief. However, the following scene terrified him to the point his soul almost left his body.

When facing the attacks of Huangfu Chongming and Xiao Linger that came from behind him, Chen Xi actually seemed as if he didn’t notice it in the slightest, and he didn’t dodge at all and continued charging towards Lin Moxuan!

Dammit! Does this bastard want to die with me? Lin Moxuan was horrified to the extreme.

Bang!Chen XI’s sword light that contained various Grand Dao Insights moved like a bolt of lightning as it shot out powerfully, and it possessed a shocking might that directly shattered Lin Moxuan’s layers of defense and blasted him apart. Blood, flesh, skin, and shattered bones fluttered in the sky, and Lin Moxuan died tragically within an instant.

It was too swift!

Even though Lin Moxuan had already intended to crush his jade token, there was still a trace of unwillingness in the bottom of his heart. After all, he still hadn’t obtained the Martial Dao Divine Thrones in the distance, and he hadn’t participated in the battle of the top 100 in the Allstar Meeting…

It was exactly this trace of unwillingness that caused him to have an instant of hesitation, and this little bit of time was sufficient for Chen Xi to slash out with over 10 strikes. So his death was a matter of course.


Bang!Right at the instant Chen Xi killed Lin Moxuan, Huangfu Chongming and Xiao Linger’s attacks completely descended onto Chen Xi. The fist images that covered the sky and the roiling sea of flames instantly enveloped and drowned Chen Xi, causing his fate to be unknown.

“Lin Moxuan is actually dead!”

“Chen Xi seems…to be unable to live for long as well!”

“For the sake of killing Lin Moxuan, this fellow actually disregarded his life. He’s ruthless indeed!”

Everyone present was shocked to speechlessness when they saw this scene…

All of this had occurred too quickly. From the beginning of the battle, to Chen Xi annihilating Lin Moxuan, and up until the point Chen Xi suffered such a fatal attack, all of it happened in a mere few breaths of time.

But the ruthlessness and dangers of this battle caused the hearts of everyone present to palpitate without end, and they stared wide eyed and practically forgot to breathe. 

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