Chapter 383 – The Divine Thrones Emerge

The person that spoke was a young woman around the age of 17 in a bright yellow luxurious robe with a phoenix embroidered atop it. She wore a feather crown, her forehead was plump and jade white with curved black brows, and her large eyes glittered like crystals and were filled with life.

Her skin was snow white, tender and beautiful. Even though she looked to be young, yet her figure was tall and slender with a slim waist that was flexible like a snake, and her legs were long and slim, causing her curves to be extremely exquisite.

At this moment, she stood there alone, and every single move she made emanated an extremely exalted bearing, causing her to draw countless gazes.

She was naturally the youngest daughter Emperor Chu doted upon the most — Huangfu Qingying!

Everyone was unable make out why Huangfu Qingying who was so exalted would actually speak to Chen Xi at this moment. Moreover, it was under the gazes of everyone present and not concealed in the slightest. What’s she doing?

Chen Xi was stunned and extremely sure that he’d only met this daughter of Emperor Chu a single time, and from the beginning until the end, they hadn’t spoken, causing them to not be familiar with each other.

“Hey, what’re you standing there for!? Come stand over by my side and no one will dare bully you!” When she saw Chen Xi not moving after a long time, Huangfu Qingying frowned as she urged with displeasure.

As soon as these words were spoken, the sounds of gasping resounded out once more in the surroundings. My god! Not only has this kid obtained the favor of Zhen Liuqing, even the Young Princess seems to want to protect him?

Young Master Zhou, An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, and the others were surprised as well. But, in any case, if Chen Xi was to be able to obtain the protection of Huangfu Qingying, then they would more or less benefit from their association with Chen Xi, and it was absolutely greatly beneficial without the slightest harm.

“Go on. Not to mention anything else, if you’re able to follow by Huangfu Qingying’s side, then there probably wouldn’t be a single person present that would dare go against you.” Zhen Liuqing was intelligent and instantly discerned the reason why Chen Xi was hesitating.

“Then thank you Princess.” Without hesitating any longer, Chen Xi cupped his fist from afar before bringing his group along to gather with Huangfu Qingying.

When they saw this scene, the expressions of Huangfu Chongming, Lin Moxuan, and the others darkened extremely, and they couldn’t help but recall the incident in the depths of the Oceanic Desert. Every time they were just about to annihilate Chen Xi, it was either Chen Xi’s luck being too heaven defying or their own luck being too horrible, but something unexpected would always occur at the critical moment.

What difference was there between the circumstances before them and the circumstances on that day?

“Don’t make a move rashly. With Zhen Liuqing and Huangfu Qingying present, even I don’t dare make a move lightly. Endure it for now, and the chance to kill him will come!” Huangfu Changtian noticed his younger brother’s expressions was unsightly and dark as flames of rage burned within his younger brother’s eyes, and he frowned and warned right away.

Even though Huangfu Chongming was extremely unwilling in his heart, he still nodded.

“There’s no need to guess, it was Big Sister Ya Qing that asked me to look after you.” At the extreme front of the square, Huangfu Qingying glanced at Chen Xi before blinking her eyes curiously as she said, “I really don’t know what exactly is good about you. Why has Big Sister Ya Qing taken a fancy to you?”

At the same time that Chen Xi came to an understanding, he couldn’t help but be rather embarrassed in his heart at the relationship between him and Ya Qing being exposed in the presence of everyone was something he was slightly unable to bear as well.

“I never imagined that you’re a rather big playboy. These two…” When she saw Chen Xi remaining silent, Huangfu Qingying’s pair of extremely intelligent eyes turned to descend onto Zhen Liuqing and Fan Yunlan, and she sized them up from top to bottom and was just about to ridicule Chen Xi when she suddenly noticed a threatening expression being emitted from the eyes of both the young women, causing her to pucker her lips and stop speaking.

Along with the passage of time, the people at the center square increased in number, causing the atmosphere at the scene to become even more silent, heavy, and nervous, and even the surrounding air seemed as if it had frozen.

“Om!” Right amidst this silence, a strange fluctuation suddenly resounded out in the heavens and the earth.

After that, an expanse of surging mist suddenly gushed out from all around the boundless earth, and it seemed like a white colored tidal wave that was roaring over.


It sounded out if a horde of troops were galloping out to battle, and the surging waves of mist rumbled as if surged up and down and covered the entire heavens and earth.

When the terrifying mist charged over to where they stood, the hearts of many people jerked as their expressions went heavy as they thought they would be swallowed up by the mist. However, suddenly, they noticed that a bright light had risen abruptly from the mottled sacrificial altar at the center of the square, and the brilliant, dazzling, and sacred light swept out in all directions, causing the mist that surged over from everywhere to be like snow that melted in water and vanished successively.

The heavens and the earth returned to calm.

“Pay attention! The Martial Dao Divine Thrones are about to appear!” The expressions of everyone became fervent when they saw this scene, and they accumulated force while standing ready to enter battle.

Om! Om! Om!

At the center of the square, the mottled and ancient sacrificial altar was like a god that had awoken from its deep slumber, and it emitted a wave of sound that caused one’s heart to palpitate. It was like the clear ring of an ancient bell that rose and fell melodiously since ancient times. At the same time, it was like the sincere prayers of the people of ancient times that were offering sacrifice to the gods, causing boundless reverence to arise in the hearts of others, and it seemed as if their hearts were cleansed, causing them to feel both inner and outer tranquility.

At the same time in Silken City, the damaged Nine Dragon Sacrificial Altar that was tainted with traces of the blood of divine dragons emitted a faint glow as if it had come back to life.

“The Nine Dragon Sacrificial Altar has come alive!”

“This also means that the second test, the battle to seize the Martial Dao Tokens has already come to an end. In the end, 3,600 outstanding talents of the younger generation have entered the Martial Dao Domain.”

“Exactly. In the next moment, the 100 Martial Dao Divine Thrones will appear. At that time, it will surely be a fierce struggle. Unfortunately, we’re unable to see everything that happens in there.”

Even though all the cultivators in Silken City were unable to see everything that was happening with the Martial Dao Domain, but after they witnessed the changes in the Nine Dragon Sacrificial Altar, they instantly knew the development of the Allstar Meeting.

Beneath the Nine Dragon Sacrificial Altar, at a depth of almost 300km beneath the surface was an enormous space, and Emperor Chu, Huangfu Zhongling, wore black clothes and stood there proudly as his clothes fluttered. Lightning surged as the sun and moon cycled within his eyes, and he seemed like a god.

They’ve finally entered the third test. It’s time to open the Dragon Transformation Pool… Amidst a sigh that was like a thunderclap, Emperor Chu swung his sleeve to emit a myriad of divine lights that instantly caused the entire space to be suffused with a dazzling golden color.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

A wave of dragon roars that shook the heart reverberated ceaselessly as nine True Dragon phantoms condensed into form and surrounded an enormous pool as they soared around it.

On the other hand, the originally dry bottom of the pool gradually gushed out with strands of golden liquid that were like blood and thick like the liquid that forms pearls, and it emitted an extremely vast and surging aura of dragons.

The Dragon Transformation Pool has been sealed for a thousand years, and the Dragon Energy accumulated within it is sufficient to make those 10 little fellows be thoroughly remolded… Emperor Chu swept the bottom of the pool with his eyes as he nodded lightly.

Martial Dao Domain, central square.

When they saw such great events occur from the sacrificial altar, everyone in the surroundings opened their eyes wide as their burning gazes looked towards it.

Rumble! Rumble!

Under the focused gazes of everyone present, numerous golden pillars of light gushed out abruptly from all around the square, and they charged into the horizon with a might impetus. When one carefully counted them, these golden pillars of light just happened to number 100, and they spread out in a circle towards the surroundings with the sacrificial altar at the center.

After that, the numerous pillars of light condensed into a divine throne each. The divine thrones were completely constructed from gold, and they emitted a noble, divine, and supreme aura.

These were the Martial Dao Divine Thrones! According to legend, it was a miraculous object that allowed one to obtain a Dao Grade martial technique from sitting cross-legged in meditation and comprehending on it.

At the same time, it was the third test of the Allstar Meeting, as only one that had seized a divine throne would be able to enter the final test, the competition of a hundred experts! 

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