Chapter 381 – Martial Dao Divine Throne

Martial Dao Domain, a place completely cut off from the outside world, and no one was capable of seeing what occurred within it.

This was a strange space, the heavens and earth were vast without end, and the air was filled with an ancient, boundless, and mysterious aura.

When one resided within it, it was as if one had returned to the primordial era when primordial beings roamed freely, and it aroused shock in one’s heart.

After he repulsed Qiu Xiaofeng, Chen Xi had seized two Martial Dao Tokens from the waterfall and had just passed one to Fan Yunlan when he was teleported into this strange space.

At this moment, as he looked around in all directions in a daze, he actually didn’t know which direction to take because this place was truly too open and spacious, and besides the heavens and earth, there was nothing here, it was utterly empty and deathly silent.

“This is the Martial Dao Domain. Its history can be traced back to the beginning of Silken City’s construction, and it’s the most mysterious space in the Darchu Dynasty. After all 3,600 Martial Dao Tokens are obtained by the participants, 100 Martial Dao Divine Thrones will gush out into appearance in the heavens and the earth here.” Fan Yunlan stood beautifully by Chen Xi’s side as she combed back her black hair behind her ears, and she spoke with a clear and melodious voice. “Only by relying on the Martial Dao Tokens in one’s possession would one have the qualifications to participate in the battle to seize the divine thrones. At that time, those cultivators that were unable to seize a divine throne would be eliminated from the competition.”

When she spoke up to here, Fan Yunlan’s voice became serious. “In other words, 3,500 of the 3,600 cultivators will be eliminated in the Martial Dao Domain! On the other hand, the merely remaining 100 people will be the top 100 in this year’s Allstar Meeting. This is also the third test of the Allstar Meeting.”

Chen Xi nodded as there was a description of the Martial Dao Domain in the information he’d obtained.

The entire Allstar Meeting was divided into a total of four tests.

The first test — Ascending Ascension Peak.

The second test — The seizing of the Martial Dao Tokens.

The third test — The seizing of the Martial Dao Divine Thrones.

The fourth test — A competition of strength between cultivators.

Presently, he was within the Martial Dao Domain, and he was facing the third test, the seizing of the Martial Dao Divine Thrones!

The Martial Dao Divine Thrones were magical things formed in the Martial Dao Domain, and just like Ascension Peak, no one was capable of unraveling its origins, causing it to be mysterious to the extreme.

But according to the information Chen Xi obtained, there was an explanation that was widely circulated. Supposedly, the Martial Dao Divine Thrones were a place that a sect of the primordial era passed down its martial techniques to its disciples.

So long as one sat down and cultivated atop the divine thrones, then it was possible to obtain a Dao Grade martial technique from it, and the martial techniques obtained from it were both of high and low quality, causing it to be extremely miraculous.

“One of my objectives from participating in the Allstar Meeting this time is to seize one of the Martial Dao Divine Thrones and see if I can obtain a Dao Grade martial technique from it.” A trace of hope suffused Fan Yunlan’s pretty eyes as she said, “According to the seniors of my Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, the martial techniques within the divine thrones cover almost everything in the world, and there were some formidable cultivation techniques that were suitable for my Devil Sect. I ought to be able to obtain one of them with my natural talent.

A Dao Grade martial technique possessed an unparalleled attraction to any cultivator as not only was it capable of improving one’s own strength, one could even comprehend a Dao Insight from it, causing it to be exceedingly amazing.

“I’m slightly interested towards these Martial Dao Divine Thrones now that you said that.” Chen Xi smiled. Being able to obtain a Dao Grade martial technique from participating in a competition was something that would move the hearts of anyone.

But according to his knowledge, the Dao Grade martial techniques within the Martial Dao Divine Thrones were of varying quality. Some contained Grand Daos, whereas, some contained Minor Daos. Moreover, the strength of every single Dao Insight was different.

If one wanted to obtain a Dao Grade martial technique that one was satisfied with from the divine thrones, then it would depend on the Dao Insights that one had mastered. In the previous Allstar Meetings, there were once some extraordinary figures that had obtained top-rate Dao Grade martial techniques from amongst the myriad of martial techniques within the divine thrones. Not only did these Dao Grade martial techniques contain the profundity of a Grand Dao, even its moves were matchlessly formidable!

“It isn’t so easy to obtain a Martial Dao Divine Throne. There are only 100 spots, yet there are 3,600 people competing for them.” Fan Yunlan reminded seriously. “Moreover, all the experts that were capable of entering the Martial Dao Domain are top geniuses, and not a single one of them is a weakling. So a bloody and brutal battle can’t be avoided when seizing the divine thrones.”

Chen Xi naturally understood this. So long as the 100 Martial Dao Divine Thrones appeared in the previous Allstar Meetings, there would probably be no lack of a great battle that shook the heavens. After all, no one was willing to hand over such good fortune to another without putting up a fight.

Most importantly, even if not for the sake of obtaining a Dao Grade martial technique, everyone had to seize a Martial Dao Divine Throne because this would determine if they were able to enter the fourth test of the Allstar Meeting.

Successfully seizing a Martial Dao Divine Throne meant that they were already ranked in the top 100 of the Allstar Meeting, and no one was willing to easily give up such supreme glory.

“It ought to not be difficult for you to seize a Martial Dao Divine Throne with the strength you revealed earlier.” Fan Yunlan suddenly spoke out with an evaluation.

Chen Xi laughed bitterly. “Isn’t saying this now a bit too early? At that time, all the cultivators that are able to gather here would be top experts of the Darchu Dynasty’s younger generation. Not to mention, I have enmity with quite a few of them, and perhaps something unforeseen might occur at that time.”

He was speaking the truth. Not to mention Qing Xiuyi, Huangfu Chongming, Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, and all the other enemies of his, too many variables existed in merely the competing with the other participants.

He was all alone after all, whereas the others had formidable powers supporting them from behind, causing it to be possible for the situation of people being in groups to arise. Thus, it was extremely easy for a single person without backing like him to become the target of the attacks of others.

Fan Yunlan was stunned, and then she said seriously. “I’ll help you.”

Chen Xi was stunned. He turned to look towards the graceful and beautiful woman by his side as a wisp of warmth couldn’t help but gush out in his heart, and he felt that his painstaking hard work earlier was worth it.

No matter how composed she was, her tender cheeks couldn’t help but blush when being stared at directly by Chen Xi, and she avoided Chen Xi’s gaze in panic as she secretly took a deep breath before she said, “Let’s go. The place we’re at now is only the border of the Martial Dao Domain, and it’s best if we hurry to the central area as soon as possible.”

Chen Xi nodded, as he knew as well that the Martial Dao Divine Thrones would normally appear at the central area of the Martial Dao Domain, and then he suddenly thought of something and asked. “How’re your injuries? Do you want me to carry you?”

It was a mystery what Fan Yunlan recalled but a wisp of imperceptible embarrassment slipped past her eyes as she hurriedly shook her head and said, “There’s no need. I’ve already recovered long ago, so let’s make a move quickly.”

As soon as she finished speaking, her clothes fluttered as her figure tore through the sky, and she flashed first towards the distance as if she was deeply afraid that Chen Xi would act as before, disregarding everything and carrying her on his back, as that was too embarrassing…

Fortunately, it looks like her hostility towards me has almost dissipated completely. As for to what extent our relationship can develop to, that’s a matter for the future… As he pondered, Chen Xi flashed out to chase after her.

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