Chapter 380 – Shocking All With A Single Strike

Deal with me in a matter of seconds?

This fellow is really arrogant…

The corners of Qiu Xiaofeng’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch fiercely. This feeling of being underestimated caused flames of rage to surge in his heart, and then he charged forward within the chaotic waterfall with large steps as he struck out in fury.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The pouring waterfall in the surroundings started trembling as the water columns collapsed and sprayed out in all directions. Qiu Xiaofeng’s strength was extraordinary indeed, vast True Essence and Dao Insight coiled around him, causing his imposing aura to be matchlessly ferocious, and he emitted a monstrous and overbearing aura of supremacy.

“Watch out. This fellow’s defensive is shocking and possesses boundless physical strength as he cultivated the Jadepool Dao Sect’s Dao Grade martial technique — Dragonsnake Godstrength.” Fan Yunlan swiftly warned Chen Xi from his back.

Due to the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect and Jadepool Dao Sect being bitter enemies, she was rather informed about the strength of the Jadepool Dao Sect’s disciples, and she knew how formidable the strength Qiu Xiaofeng possessed was.


Qiu Xiaofeng flew in the sky as he smashed out with his fist. The force from his fist surged and transformed into the image of a dragonsnake that roared like thunder, and he carried an overbearing, wild, and disdainful feeling and intended to blast Chen Xi flying out of the waterfall with a single punch.

Just as Fan Yunlan had said, once he entered into combat, Qiu Xiaofeng revealed a matchlessly ferocious and bold heroic manner, he looked to be arrogant and confident, and he seemed to want to crush everything that obstructed him with an unstoppable force!

But all of this didn’t bring the slightest bit of pressure to Chen Xi, and his display was even more overbearing than Qiu Xiaofeng. He struck out with his sword with a raise of his hand, causing a ruthless and precise strike to seem like a thick bolt of lightning that struck directly onto Qiu Xiaofeng’s fist.

“Hiss…” Qiu Xiaofeng gasped from pain right away.

Even though the punch he struck out was peerlessly powerful, but because Chen Xi struck with hatred in his heart, this sword strike contained the Dao Insights of wind, lightning, fire and sky, and it directly shattered Qiu Xiaofeng’s attack. If it wasn’t for Qiu Xiaofeng withdrawing his attack in time, his entire arm would probably have been slashed apart.

Chen Xi let up after gaining the advantage, and he charged forward as he executed the eight great sword moves of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture with the Talisman Armament in his hand. Sword images overlapped each other layer upon layer as he vigorously pursued Qiu Xiaofeng while unleashing fierce attacks, and his appearance of wanting to exterminate Qiu Xiaofeng caused him to seem even more arrogant that than Qiu Xiaofeng earlier!

“Pu!” Blood sprayed in all directions as Qiu Xiaofeng suffered an injury. But he reacted with marvelous speed, causing his True Essence to gush out violently to protect his body while a jet black light skyrocketed. He soared within the waterfall while dodging and evading, and he barely avoided Chen Xi’s continuous pursuit to kill.

Chen Xi had an indifferent expression as he swung up the Talisman Armament in his hand once more, and sword moved surged like an enormous river that flowed backwards as it tore through the sky.

Qiu Xiaofeng was furious as he never imagined that a single bit of carelessness at the beginning caused him to be in such a passive position, he’d lost the initiative and fallen into a disadvantageous position, yet it was too late for regret now.


Fierce and pure Sword Insight assaulted towards him, causing him to have no choice but to evade. He soared over 100m away while shattering a few thousand columns of water that were surging down from the waterfall, and he barely won a slight breather.

Up until this point, Qiu Xiaofeng had completely restrained his feelings of underestimating Chen Xi. His entire body glowed as a surging black mist filled the air and transformed into a dragonsnake phantom that coiled around him.

When the earth emitted killing intent, dragonsnakes rose to the ground, and when men emitted killing intent, the heavens and earth were overturned!

At the instant this dragonsnake phantom appeared, the strength in Qiu Xiaofeng’s body skyrocketed abruptly as killing intent coiled around him, and the muscles all over his body bulged up piece by piece as if numerous dragons were coiled all around his body.

This was the Dao Grade martial technique — Dragonsnake Godstrength! A formidable martial technique that possessed both offensive and defensive ability in one, and it was one of the ultimate inheritances of the Jadepool Dao Sect!


Qiu Xiaofeng charged out once more with the dragonsnake covering his body, and it seemed like he was carrying a surging and howling black colored tempest with him. He charged forward as he clawed out with his hand, blasting the surrounding water columns to the point of splashing back up and dissipating as water sprayed out violently.

This water formed from various Dao Insights that sprayed out converged into a roiling wave that wanted to drown Chen Xi.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed as talisman markings surged all around the Talisman Armament and Dao Insight shot in the sky. He slashed out with the most forceful and boundless Gen Sword of Mountain, and it seemed like an enormous mountain crushing down.

The ceaseless battles in these past few years had caused Chen Xi’s utilization of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture to arrive at an extremely high level since long ago, and when faced with a variety of attacks, he practically didn’t have to ponder before being able to execute the most lethal attack.


An enormous bang that shook the heavens resounded out. The surging wave was crushed to dissipation by this sword strike, and Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to flash out while treading on the waterfall’s turbulent flow and assault Qiu Xiaofeng once more.

Qiu Xiaofeng’s eyes narrowed when he saw he was still unable to do anything to Chen Xi, and he was completely enraged in his heart. His arms shook, causing the dragonsnake to soar and twirl to form into an enormous and ancient palm print that crushed down onto Chen Xi with the intention of smashing Chen Xi into mush.

Both of them glowed while coiled in Dao Insight and surging True Essence, and every single strike of theirs contained terrifying Dao Insight energies. Up until this moment, the battle had already shocked all the spectators to the point of being dumbstruck long ago.

Finally, both of them collided together. The Dragonsnake Godstrength martial technique around Qiu Xiaofeng’s body was vast and powerful like a gale and extremely sturdy, but under the strikes of Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament, numerous holes were penetrated upon it, causing a string of injuries to be slashed open on Qiu Xiaofeng's body as blood sprayed out, and it caused him to be both shocked and furious.

This fellow is clearly carrying a person, yet still possesses such formidable combat strength. Qiu Xiaofeng simple didn’t dare believe his eyes.

“Dragonsnake Arise! Bell Transformation!” Qiu Xiaofeng’s eyes were red, and he had a warped expression as he shouted out explosively. The dragonsnake phantom on his body suddenly transformed into an enormous bell, and its surface had soaring wyrms and coiling serpents as it emitted a droning sound.


Chen Xi fiercely slashed out onto the enormous bell, and it emitted an enormous bang that shook the heavens and spread out over 100km.

What a formidable defensive ability!” Chen Xi was slightly surprised, as it was the first time he’d seen a Dao Grade martial technique that dominated with defense.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Loud noises that deafened the ear were emitted by the enormous bell as Qiu Xiaofeng controlled the bell as if he was controlling his arm, and he intended to crush Chen Xi and transform Chen Xi into a pool of blood within it.

In fact, he’d always dealt with strong enemies like this in the past. He’d crushed many opponents with the enormous bell into blood and shattered bones, and it had proved effective every single time.

However, all of this didn’t happen right away. Chen Xi waved the Talisman Armament in the sky as he stood in the sky, and he was like an old pine tree on a precipice — No matter what comes, I’ll sever it with a single strike of the sword.

“I don’t believe that I’m unable to kill you!” Qiu Xiaofeng was boiling with rage as he slapped the enormous dragonsnake bell with his palms, and an ancient and mighty ‘’ character vaguely appeared on it. [1]


It was as if the sound of the Grand Dao resounded out as the dragonsnake bell suddenly expanded while emitting oppressive jet black lights, and its impetus caused the hearts of everyone outside the waterfall to go cold as they moved back successively.

“Is that all you’ve got? Then fuck off!” Chen Xi suddenly noticed from the corners of his eyes that there were two Martial Dao Tokens falling down from above the waterfall, and he stopped holding back right away.


His aura skyrocketed once more with a bang, then the Talisman Armament in his hand let out a long dragon-like roar that resounded in the heavens and the earth, and it developed numerous mysterious images and patterns before it suddenly exploded out and slashed down.

Crack! Crack!

Under this shocking strike, the enormous dragonsnake bell was like paper as it was easily slashed into two amidst a wave of sharp cracking sounds.

At practically the exact same instant, Qiu Xiaofeng’s figure flew out as he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. However, before he could stop himself, he’d already been enveloped by a myriad of water columns from the waterfall.

How enormous was the might of a myriad of water columns? Under his state of being caught unprepared, he was blasted flying once more like a ball, and he was directly blasted out of the waterfall. Amidst a disgruntled shrill cry, Qiu Xiaofeng was teleported out of Ascension Peak and completely eliminated. “I… REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS!!”

All the spectators were flabbergasted. He blasted Qiu Xiaofeng flying with a single strike? Could it be that Chen Xi had always been holding back his strength in the battle before?

My god!

He was carrying a person from the beginning until the end. Exactly how formidable is his strength?

“Eldest Senior Brother!” Cui Tie and Cheng Yun’s eyes almost split open when they saw this, and they howled with rage. Never had they imagined that the Eldest Senior Brother who was invincible in their hearts would actually lose so awfully and be completely eliminated from the competition!




Ya Qing and the other girls were bedazzled and infatuated, and extraordinary splendor rippled in their eyes. If it wasn’t for keeping up their appearances, they’d probably have started jumping for joy and cheering since long ago.

“Wenfei, what were those words you kept using to describe Chen Xi?” Wen Xuan was extremely excited from seeing this as well, and he slapped Mu Wenfei’s shoulder as he asked.

Mu Wenfei grimaced in pain, but he still said excitedly, “Big Brother Chen Xi is a man that ceaselessly creates miracles!”

“Right! Ceaselessly creates miracles. When a matter that we never imagined occurs, it’s called a miracle. Haha…” Wen Xuan laughed heartily as he felt proud of Chen Xi’s achievements.

Within Silken Palace.

All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts exclaimed repeatedly with admiration in their hearts when they saw this scene. Sure enough, extraordinary geniuses appear in every generation, and every generation is stronger than the previous!

With their discerning gazes, they were naturally capable of discerning that if Qiu Xiaofeng was able to go to the end of the competition, then it ought to not be a problem for him to rank in the top 30 of the Allstar Meeting with his strength. But now, he’d encountered Chen Xi, causing him to be defeated and eliminated in the end, and it made them sigh sorrowfully.

But compared to the sighs for Qiu Xiaofeng, Chen Xi’s image in the hearts of all the old fellows had become greater once more, and he seemed to have already become a dark horse that was worthy of focused attention.

Even Huangfu Jingtian and the other five Earthly Immortal Realm experts that disliked Chen Xi extremely had to admit at this moment that Chen Xi’s current strength could really be said to be shockingly extraordinary amongst those of the same generation.

At this moment, the unhappiest person was Yu Kun’zi without a doubt. He had a furious expression as he had nowhere to vent the flames of rage that filled his belly, and he could only sit there and sulk by himself.

Qiu Xiaofeng was an extraordinary genius and Core Disciple of his Jadepool Dao Sect. Yu Kun’zi had his heart set on placing all his hopes onto Qiu Xiaofeng during the Allstar Meeting this time, and he hoped that Qiu Xiaofeng would be able to fight his way into the top 10 and bring glory to the sect. Yet never had he imagined that Qiu Xiaofeng would be completely eliminated in only the second test!

The happiest was none other than Bei Heng. When he saw his sworn brother showing a great display of extraordinary ability in the Allstar Meeting, he felt extremely glorious to the point he grinned from ear to ear.

Amidst the discussions of everyone that contained exclaims of admiration or hate, Chen Xi and Fan Yunlan had long since vanished within the waterfall on the peak of Ascension Peak, and they’d entered into a strange space.

[1] 封is the character for seal.

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