Chapter 379 – Proclamation Of Battle At The Waterfall

On the peak of Ascension Peak, when they saw Chen Xi carrying Fan Yunlan on his back as he flashed into the waterfall without the slightest hesitation, everyone was waiting for him to make a fool of himself, but there were also some people that gnashed their teeth with hate.

“Eldest Senior Brother, it’s that kid.” Cui Tie looked at Chen Xi’s figure with an expression of hatred, and he gnashed his teeth and said, “At that time, if it wasn’t for him interfering suddenly, I and Junior Brother Cheng Yun would have annihilated that she-devil!”

“Yes, Eldest Senior Brother. The set of flying swords Master passed down to me were completely destroyed at the hands of that kid. You must take revenge for me.” Cheng Yun chimed in from the side.

By the side of them was a young man in multicolored clothes that had a feminine appearance, and he swept the two of them with his gaze and grunted coldly when he heard this. “Who can you blame for possessing inferior skill?”

Cui Tie and Cheng Yun’s expression became extremely unsightly. But they knew that even though the words of their Eldest Senior Brother, Qiu Xiaofeng, were blunt, he would absolutely not disregard the matters of his junior brothers.

Not to mention that she-devil was the common enemy of their Jadepool Dao Sect, so how could Qiu Xiaofeng not lift a finger?

Sure enough, just as both of them thought, Qiu Xiaofeng pondered briefly before he said coldly, “Presently, both of them have already charged into the waterfall, and they’ll probably be blasted out and eliminated before they seized the tokens. Of course, for the sake of avoiding anything unexpected from happening, I’ll wait for an opportunity to make a move, and I’ll absolutely not watch idly by as they smoothly get through the test!”

“With Eldest Senior Brother making a move, wouldn’t it be as easy as taking candy from a baby?” Cui Tie and Cheng Yun were greatly delighted. In their hearts, their Eldest Senior brother, Qiu Xiaofeng, was a top expert that was completely capable of comparing with Qing Xiuyi and the others, and the reason he was waiting here and hadn’t made a move to seize a Martial Dao Token for such a long time was because he couldn’t bear to leave first, as he wanted to look after his junior brothers. Otherwise, with his cultivation, he’d probably have passed this test long ago.

Qiu Xiaofeng smiled lightly and didn’t say anything as his eyes looked towards the waterfall and locked tightly onto Chen Xi’s figure.


The waterfall formed from the energies of countless Dao Insights surged down like an explosive mountain torrent, and it emitted thunderous rumbling as it moved with shocking impetus.

When one was amidst the waterfall, so long as one was struck by a single water column, then it would likely affect one’s speed before causing one to be enveloped by the countless nearby water columns, and in the end, one would be blasted flying from there.

The dense and endless water columns struck down extremely swiftly, and they were exceedingly terrifying. They seemed as if they’d interweaved to form a large net, and if one wanted to obtain a Martial Dao Token from it, the chances were extremely tiny to the point of causing one to feel despair.

Of course, there were patterns to follow as well. For example, after dense attacks continued in a certain area for a period of time, then it would slow down in the next moment and become scarce, leaving behind a fleeting safe area.

Many participants before this had relied on this pattern to grab the fleeting opportunity and safely obtained a token to pass through the test.

But to participants with slightly inferior discerning ability, speed, and mental accomplishments, it was greatly difficult. Some people had clearly found the pattern, yet because of various problems that arose from themselves, they made mistakes and were eliminated in the end.

At this moment, within the surging and roaring waterfall, Chen Xi’s figure was like a dreamlike illusion as he moved through it. Even if he was carrying Fan Yunlan, his movement speed was still agile like a sparrow and swift like a bolt of lightning. Every single time everyone thought he would be struck by the water column, they would notice that the water column had merely struck the afterimage left behind by his extreme speed.

In other words, even if he was under the water column attacks that covered the heavens and the earth, Chen Xi still maintained an absolutely swift speed. Under this matchlessly strong visual impact, the nearby cultivators had the misconception that the water columns’ speed of striking had slowed down greatly…


“AH!” A cultivator had just entered the waterfall before being blasted flying, and he was precisely one of the people that thought the speed of the water columns had slowed down.

Everyone instantly became vigilant when they saw this scene. It isn’t the water columns’ speed that has slowed down. It’s obviously Chen Xi that’s too swift and caused such a visual misconception to arise, and this is why the speed of the water columns seemed to have slowed down greatly.

This fellow is carrying a person yet is still able to achieve this. Perhaps he’ll really be able to smoothly pass through this test… Everyone present looked at each other, and their thoughts of wanting to see Chen Xi make a fool of himself weakened.

Chen Xi had a concentrated expression as he moved endlessly through the waterfall. Even though a Martial Dao Token frequently flashed in the waterfall, due to the distance and the denseness of the water columns being too great, it wasn’t such an easy thing to smoothly seize a token.

Most importantly, Chen Xi still had to help Fan Yunlan seize a token. In other words, he had to obtain two Martial Dao Tokens at the exact same time! So the difficulty had undoubtedly increased greatly!

Thus, for safety’s sake, even though he was ceaselessly moving through the waterfall, he still hadn’t made a move, and it was because he was waiting for a superb opportunity to seize two tokens at once.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Not long after, Chen Xi finally found this opportunity. In his field of vision, two Martial Dao Tokens were like two fishes that were swimming side by side as they flashed out from the depths of the waterfall.

At this moment, Chen Xi who’d been accumulating strength while waiting to make a move since long ago had moved out valiantly. The Starsky Wings were exerted to the limit, causing a pair of faintly visible divine wings that were covered in stars to appear indistinctly behind him.


However, right at the instant he made a move, a wave of terrifying air waves came fiercely from behind him, and he was even able to hear an extremely sharp sound from space being torn apart.

Someone is making a move against me!

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as a trace of ghastly killing intent flashed past within it. He’d found this opportunity with great difficulty yet was disturbed by another, and a strand of fury couldn’t help but gush out from his heart.

Most vexing to him was that this attack didn’t strike just for the sake of stopping him from seizing the tokens; most importantly, the target of this ruthless and atrocious attack was actually Fan Yunlan who was on his back.

If it was just him, he would naturally be unafraid of an attack like this, but because of Fan Yunlan, he had no choice but to temporarily give up seizing the tokens.

Being disturbed at the critical moment caused Chen Xi to arouse killing intent in his heart, and practically at the instant he noticed the attack that assaulted him from behind, he’d made a decision as he lightly flashed to the side like an agile serpent.


Right when he’d just dodged away, an enormous True Essence palm print tore through the sky and fiercely blasted onto the waterfall, shattering over a thousand water columns and causing balls of water that were like snowy foam to explode out in the sky, and its impetus was shocking.

Chen Xi practically instantly determined that the strength contained within this strike was extremely strong, and if it struck onto Fan Yunlan, then she’d be heavily injured even if she escaped death!

This estimation caused the flames of rage in his heart to become even more exuberant.


At practically the exact same time, a figure appeared within the waterfall. He wore multicolored clothes and had a feminine appearance, and he was precisely the Jadepool Dao Sect’s Qiu Xiaofeng.

He stood proudly within the waterfall like a rooted pine tree that neither shook nor swayed, and surging golden lights suffused his body, causing the water columns that assaulted him from all directions to be completely dissipated and be unable to injure him or make his body sway in the slightest. This clearly revealed his extremely terrifying strength.

“Eldest Senior Brother has finally made a move!”

“Yeah. The timing Eldest Senior Brother chose can be said to be extremely experienced, and only one with his level of strength would be capable of doing this flawlessly.”

On the flat platform outside the waterfall, Cui Tie and Cheng Yun were extremely excited.

“Fellow Daoist, I’m the Jadepool Dao Sect’s Qiu Xiaofeng. I made a move earlier only for the sake of apprehending that she-devil, and I have no intention of becoming enemies with Fellow Daoist. I presume you’ve discerned that my strike from before had no intention of harming you. I hope that Fellow Daoist can put that she-devil down and don’t implicate your own life because of this.” Qiu Xiaofeng spoke with confidence and composure in a clear voice, and he seemed to be rather extraordinary.

Fan Yunlan’s gorgeous eyes went cold as she spoke first with a cold voice. “Chen Xi, put me down. I’ll deal with this despicable dog! He took advantage of the moment we were off guard to launch a surprise attack, yet still boasts shamelessly. He truly deserves death!”

Chen Xi puckered his lips and shook his head. “Just be at ease on my back. Dealing with him is only a matter of seconds. There’s utterly no need to go to such trouble.”

Qiu Xiaofeng’s expression suddenly became icy cold as he revealed a murderous glint in his eyes, and then he sighed lightly. “Looks like Fellow Daoist has already been charmed by this she-devil and become a lackey by her side, truly pitiable. I’ll give you one last chance. Put down the she-devil and I’ll let bygones be bygones. Otherwise, I’ll eliminate devils and send both of you on your way today!”

A trace of coldness suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth as the Talisman Armament appeared in his hand, and he pointed it at Qiu Xiaofeng from afar. He used his actions to proclaim battle!

For no reason nor rhyme, a trace of indescribable excitement arose in Fan Yunlan’s heart when she saw this scene, and she seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi could so resolutely go against anyone for her.

This sort of feeling was unfamiliar to her, yet caused her to feel a wave of unexplainable happiness, and the hatred towards Chen Xi in the depths of her heart that she’d accumulated for a few years unconsciously vanished to a great extent.

She didn’t ponder about anything else anymore and lay relaxed on Chen Xi’s wide back as a trace of ease and warmth that she’d never felt before surged in her heart. It seemed as if so long as Chen Xi was present, then it wouldn’t be terrifying even if the sky collapsed.

At this moment, Chen Xi and Qiu Xiaofeng stood in confrontation from afar, and the nearby people had reacted to what had happened, causing burning anticipation to gush out from their eyes. There’s a good show to watch now! If a great battle occurs within the waterfall formed from Dao Insights, how ferocious and violent would it be?

Even the mass of cultivators in Silken City had noticed this scene, and they shot their gazes over in successions while concentrating deeply as they were deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.

“Bastard! Taking advantage of another’s perilous state to launch a surprise attack. Why are all the cultivators of the current younger generation more despicable and shameless than the other? Could it be that they don’t have the slightest integrity and poise?” 

Ya Qing, Du Qingxi, Yun Na, Yan Yan, and the other girls gritted their teeth tightly with hatred as they stared their almond eyes wide open, and their gazes didn’t conceal the detest and hatred they felt towards Qiu Xiaofeng in the slightest.

Within Silken Palace, all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts had stopped conversing as they shot their gazes towards the peak of Ascension Peak. Battling within that terrifying waterfall formed from Dao Insights? This is something that has never occurred in the previous Allstar Meetings.

Not to mention one of the parties of the battle was Chen Xi, and this naturally drew the attention of all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts. Some wished for nothing more than for Chen Xi to die in the next moment, whereas, some anticipated him putting on a great show of his ability before annihilating his opponent…

All in all, this battle that was about to occur within the waterfall on the peak of the mountain had drawn the focus of countless eyeballs. 

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