Chapter 378 – Ascending The Peak

The top of Ascension Peak was an enormous level platform that was coiled with rosy mist, the ground was smooth like a mirror, and it could accommodate an entire few tens of thousands of people standing on it.

In the sky 3km above the peak was an enormous 300m wide waterfall rumbling as it poured down with great momentum like the milky way descending from the nine heavens, and it was extremely powerful.

It wasn’t ordinary water that rushed swiftly down the waterfall, but sprays of various Dao Insight energies that had formed into surging streams.

The azure colored Wood Dao Insight, crimson Fire Dao Insight, yellow Earth Dao Insight… There were even some Dao Insights with obscure colors yet emitted various terrifying auras, and it seemed to contain all the Grand Daos and Minor Daos in the heavens and the earth, causing it to be multicolored and be a rather magnificent sight that stirred the heart.

After they saw this scene, any cultivator that had the will to seek the Heaven’s Dao would be unable to refrain from being filled with excitement and be unable to calm down for a long time.


The waterfall that was like the milky way poured down while emitting rumbling sounds like that of thunder, and numerous dazzling and resplendent bright lights frequently flashed out from the surging spray of water.

Shockingly, if one looked carefully, those bright lights were numerous palm sized and completely jade white tokens. They were like numerous silvery fish that were faintly visible within the waterfall, and they seemed to be extremely intelligent.

They were the Martial Dao Tokens. Only by successfully seizing a token would a cultivator that had ascended the peak be able to be teleported into a strange space and await the start of the next test.

At this moment, there were around 2,000 people that had already arrived at the peak, and they were either in groups of two to three or four to five. All of them stood nearby the waterfall with vigilant expressions on their faces, and their eyes frequently flashed past the numerous Martial Dao Tokens that flickered within the waterfall with gazes that were suffused with a frenzied light of determination.

But very few people made a move. The reason was extremely simple, seizing a token from the waterfall wasn’t as easy as one would imagine, and it could even be said to be extremely difficult.

The waterfall that was formed from the energies of various Dao Insights contained a terrifying offensive strength. Every single column of water was equivalent to the full forced strike of a cultivator at the Golden Core Realm, whereas the waterfall was an entire 300m wide and 3km high, so there were a myriad of water columns like this, and they formed a dense and infinite array.

If one’s strength wasn’t sufficient and they charged in alone, then it would be as if one was facing an army formed from Golden Core Realm cultivators, causing one to be instantly crushed before being blasted flying out of Ascension Peak and being completely and utterly eliminated.

Of course, it isn’t impossible to seize a Martial Dao Token from within the waterfall. As everyone stood there and observed for a long time, they’d at least noticed three methods to pass through it.

The first was to utilize unparalleled speed to flash past the water columns. But the pouring water columns were exceedingly swift and dense, so a cultivator capable of flashing past them while relying on speed was already one of the top geniuses.

No matter what method they utilized, most of these top geniuses would be able to pass through the waterfall. Moreover, the methods used by these top geniuses couldn’t be replicated because so long as one possessed sufficient strength, one would be able to accomplish it.

For example, Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Changtian, and the other top existences had relied on their formidable strengths to easily seize a Martial Dao Token and enter a strange space earlier.

The second method was to utilize one’s own defensive ability to forcefully resist it. This required a cultivator to cultivate an extremely formidable defensive martial technique. Moreover, the martial technique had to have attained an extremely high level. It was absolutely impossible to pass through the waterfall if one’s cultivation was too low or martial technique was too inferior.

The third method was to utilize a formidable martial technique to blast the water columns apart. This required a cultivator to cultivate an extremely formidable Dao Grade martial technique and possess an extremely discerning and experienced eye as the slightest oversight might cause one to be blasted flying by the boundless water columns.

Besides the first method that carried a requirement that was too harsh for the participants, most cultivators chose the second and the third method. Comparatively speaking, doing this was safer and more reliable.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A string of the sound of space being torn apart resounded out. At least eight cultivators were unable to hold back and successively flashed out in streaks and charged towards the waterfall.

These eight people had chosen different positions and didn’t disturb each other. Obviously, they’d given it careful consideration. After all, if they chose the same position, then the space they had to move and dodge would be reduced greatly, and it was extremely disadvantageous to their efforts to seize the Martial Dao Tokens.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, right when the eight of them had just arrived at the waterfall, they instantly fell into the violent blasting of the myriad of water columns, and in merely an instant, seven of them were blasted flying. Only a single person had relied on his matchlessly ferocious attacks to break open the layer upon layer of water columns and was fortunate to obtain a Martial Dao Token, and he was instantly teleported away and vanished without a trace.

The seven people that were blasted flying were teleported away as well, but they’d completely left Ascension Peak and had been eliminated.

When they saw this scene, the hearts of everyone present constricted, as they were even more afraid of making a rash move.

Being instantly eliminated and losing all destiny with the Allstar Meeting was a blow that they were unable to endure, and when faced with a situation like this, they had no choice but to approach it carefully, brace themselves, and attempt to find the best opportunity to make a move.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi ascended the peak of the mountain with Fan Yunlan on his back.

After he arrived here, the Dao Insight pressure around him instantly vanished completely, and the relaxed feeling he felt almost caused Chen Xi to be comfortable to the point of feeling as if he was about to float into the air and fly away.

“This fellow actually carried a person and ascended the peak?”

“My god! That’s double the Dao Insight pressure. How did this fellow do it?”

“Amazing! Truly amazing!”

Some people noticed Chen Xi and Fan Yunlan, and they couldn’t help but cry out in shock.

When they heard these discussions, the other people nearby shot their gazes onto Chen Xi unison, and when they saw Fan Yunlan on his back, a trace of a peculiar and shocked expression suddenly suffused their eyes.

“Put… Put me down? I… I can do it myself…” Being focused on by everyone present, Fan Yunlan felt extremely uncomfortable, her voice became soft like a mosquito as she stuttered, and she couldn’t help but want to bury her delicate and beautiful face into Chen Xi’s back so as to avoid the gazes of these people.

Chen Xi didn’t speak and only shook his head, and he completely disregarded the gazes from the surroundings as he directly arrived before the waterfall and silently observed it.

It isn’t too dense. Presently, I don’t have to divert my attention to resist the Dao Insight pressure, and my strength can be brought forth completely, so I ought to be able to easily…

What’s he planning on doing? Could it be that he wants to carry me while seizing the tokens? A bad feeling suddenly arose in Fan Yunlan’s heart, but before she could speak out and stop Chen Xi, Chen Xi had already taken a step on the ground with her on his back and suddenly exerted force to swiftly transform into a flowing light that charged towards the waterfall.

“Who’s this fellow? He’s too conceited and wants to seize a Martial Dao Token as soon as he arrived?”“Alas, this fellow is really stupid. His ability of ascending the peak while carrying a person indicated that his strength is sufficiently strong. If it was just him, it would be possible for him to obtain a Martial Dao Token. But he’s still carrying that woman. He really doesn’t know his own limitations.”

“Indeed. Ascending the mountain only required one to resist the energy of the Dao Insight pressure. So long as one has mastered sufficient Dao Insights, then no mishaps would occur. But the seizing of these Martial Dao Tokens is different, as the slightest bit of carelessness would cause one to be blasted out. That fellow’s actions are obviously slightly rash.”

This test of seizing the Martial Dao Tokens was extremely dangerous and difficult, and up until now, amongst the few hundreds of people that had entered the waterfall, only a mere 20 plus people had succeeded!

This terrifying rate of elimination caused everyone to not dare be careless in the slightest.

However, it was precisely under this extremely grim circumstance that they saw Chen Xi disregard everything and charge over while carrying a person on his back. Everyone shook their heads endlessly as they waited to see him make a fool of himself, and they seemed to want to use this to satisfy their depressed moods from being unable to make the slightest progress. 

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