Chapter 377 – Martial Dao Token

On Ascension Peak, Chen Xi struck ferociously to shatter the 108 flying swords before carrying Fan Yunlan on his back and moving ahead in silence.

Outside Ascension Peak, everyone that had witnessed the entire process couldn’t help but discuss animatedly once more.

“A height of 201km! Chen Xi actually shattered 108 flying swords with a single strike under such a terrifying Dao Insight pressure and rescued that woman from her peril. This level of strength is a bit too terrifying!”

“Wrong! I feel that woman’s strength is even more formidable. Didn’t you see that she’d already annihilated 16 enemies before Chen Xi appeared? In terms of strength, she’s probably even slightly more formidable than Chen Xi.”

“What I’m most interested about is the relationship between Chen Xi and that woman as he was able to carry her on his back and up the mountain without the slightest avoidance. Could it be that they’re lovers?”

“All of you are mistaken. From the beginning until the end, all of you have overlooked a problem. Have any of you figured out that woman’s identity? What sect is she from, or her name, how much do all of you know? According to my observation, that woman utilized a Devil Sect cultivation technique. Moreover, she was extremely skilled with it and possessed a formidable strength. Obviously, she’s a devil cultivator!”

“Devil cultivator? My god! She wouldn’t be from the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, right?”

Within Silken Palace, an Earthly Immortal Realm expert roared with extreme rage. “What’s going on? Why has a survivor of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect appeared in the Allstar Meeting? Why?!”

This Earthly Immortal Realm expert’s Daoist title was Yu Kun’zi, and he was one of the Ancestors of the central plains’ Jadepool Dao Sect. More than half of the ten plus young cultivators that had perished at Fan Yunlan’s hands earlier were from his Jadepool Dao Sect, and it was precisely because of this that Yu Kun’zi would be so furious.

All the Earthly Immortal Realm experts present in the hall looked at each other, and their faces carried a trace of an anxious and doubtful expression.

A few thousand years ago, the name Bloodcrescent Devil Sect was simply the name of evil and sin, and it caused tremble from fear just by hearing its name. It gave rise to boundless bloody slaughters in the cultivation world and had caused an extremely heavy injury to the Darchu Dynasty.

These old fellows had lived for such a long period of time, so they naturally had a fairly deep understanding of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, and just like Yu Kun’zi, they’d vaguely guessed Fan Yunlan’s origins, so they couldn’t avoid feeling slightly surprised and bewildered in their hearts.

“Fellow Daoists, there’s no need to be so alarmed.” Suddenly, the Civil Marquis coughed dryly and said with a smile, “His Majesty is already aware about the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. That woman is called Fan Yunlan and is a Hall Master of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, and it was his Majesty’s wish to allow her to participate in the Allstar Meeting.”

His Majesty’s wish?

The expressions of everyone turned solemn as they started to speculate in their hearts in unison. Why did Emperor Chu do this? Could it be that he has reached some sort of agreement with the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect?

The Civil Marquis swept everyone with his gaze, and then he shook his head and said, “Everyone, please do not make any improper speculations. His Majesty’s actions surely have their own deep meaning, and it’s better for us to watch the competition.”

“Big Sister Ya Qing, do you know that woman?” Du Qingxi hesitated over and over again, but she still mustered the courage to voice her question.

“Chen Xi knows so many beautiful woman, how can I know all of them?” A trace of self ridicule suffused the corners of Ya Qing’s mouth, and she felt rather sour in her heart when she saw Chen Xi carrying Fan Yunlan on his back while ascending the peak step by step.

“There’s no need to ask me. I don’t know her either.” Yun Na hurriedly shook her head when she saw Du Qingxi looking over at her.

“I know that Mu Yao surely doesn’t know that woman. How about you?” Du Qingxi was helpless and raised her eyes to look at Yan Yan.

Yan Yan pouted and said, “How many times have I said it? I only have an ordinary relationship with Chen Xi, so I don’t care how many lovers he has.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she received eye rolls from all the woman. An ordinary relationship? Who would believe you!?

A feeling of powerlessness arose in the depths of Yan Yan’s heart as she sighed inwardly. Could it be that every single woman has to have a relationship with Chen Xi before all of you will be satisfied?

“Look, quickly! The first batch of people have already arrived at the peak of Ascension Peak, and they’ve started seizing the Martial Dao Tokens!” The nearby Daoist Wen Xuan suddenly spoke out in surprise.

Everyone was stunned before looking towards Ascension Peak in unison. Sure enough, they saw Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Jingtian, Zhen Liuqing, and another few tens of people had ascended the peak and had started seizing the Martial Dao Tokens.

On the peak of Ascension Peak was a waterfall formed from the Dao Insight energies. It hung 3km in the sky above the peak while pouring down below, and the Martial Dao Tokens were created from this Dao Insight waterfall.

A Martial Dao Token was similar to a something that provided proof of identity. Cultivators that ascended the peak of the mountain had to go against the Dao Insight waterfall’s stream and seize a Martial Dao Token in order to continue participating in the Allstar Meeting.

Something especially worthy of being mentioned was there were only a total of 3,600 Martial Dao Tokens. So, the battle for seizing the Martial Dao Tokens had become the second test of the Allstar Meeting.

This test was similarly brutal to the extreme.

Because there was a total of over 50,000 Golden Core Realm cultivators of the younger generation that were participating in the Allstar Meeting this time. Based on the calculations according to the previous Allstar Meetings, there would at most be 20,000 people that were capable of ascending the peak.

20,000 people fighting for 3,600 Martial Dao Tokens. One was completely capable of foreseeing how intense the competition for the Martial Dao Tokens would be.

“With Chen Xi’s strength, seizing a Martial Dao Token ought to not be a problem. But, he’s carrying that woman now, so his strength had surely been restricted by it. What if something happens…?” Daoist Wen Xuan frowned, yet he didn’t continue speaking.

The hearts of all the girls constricted, and they didn’t continue letting their mind’s wander as they successively shot their gazes towards Chen Xi.







Chen Xi carried Fan Yunlan on his back. The more he moved up, the greater the pressure he felt, and the Dao Insight pressure that gushed over from all directions rose steadily along with this. It felt as if he was walking amidst a surging mountain torrent, and he had to divert half of his energy to resist the pressure before being able to avoid being washed away by the mountain torrent.

In other words, if he encountered an enemy at this moment, Chen Xi would merely be able to bring forth 50% of his strength.

Of course, when the others arrived at such a height, they would surely suffer from this type of terrifying Dao Insight pressure, and the strength they were able to bring forth would even be inferior to Chen Xi.

Because the principle was extremely simple. He was carrying Fan Yunlan on his back and the strength of the Dao Insight pressure she suffered wasn’t the slightest bit different to Chen Xi But all this pressure had fallen onto Chen Xi at this moment.

In other words, even though Chen Xi was only capable of bringing forth half of his strength, it was because he was moving while enduring the Dao Insight pressure of two people.

If it was only him and without me… Fan Yunlan who lay on Chen Xi’s back was pondering this question in her heart.

Presently, she already stopped contemplating how to deal with Chen Xi, because it would cause her heart to be in confusion and disorder. So for the sake of diverting her attention, she concentrated her thoughts on Chen Xi’s strength.

All along the way, she’d been observing Chen Xi, observing his aura, the speed he ascended the mountain, and the changes in his expression.

Because through these subtle changes, she was capable of faintly noticing Chen Xi’s current strength and to exactly what extent it had arrived at now.

The conclusion she obtained caused her to be shocked greatly, and she even almost didn’t dare believe the conclusion she obtained. The reason was extremely simple, she actually noticed that with the entire strength she possessed now, she might not be Chen Xi’s match!

At the depths of the Oceanic Desert, this fellow was only at the Golden Hall Realm, and only a few years have passed now, yet his strength has actually risen explosively to such an extent?

“Can you tell me how you got to participate in the Allstar Meeting?” Right when Fan Yunlan was shocked in her heart, Chen Xi’s voice sounded out abruptly.

Fan Yunlan was stunned, yet she remained silent.

Looks like her hatred for me is still exceedingly deep… A trace of self ridicule couldn’t help but arise on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth as he shook his head, and then he didn’t ask any more and continued moving forward.

After arriving at a height 240km up Ascension Peak, there were only a few people on the spacious mountain path, and crowds of cultivators were very rarely seen.

Coupled with the Dao Insight pressure on the mountain becoming more and more terrifying, it was rare to see any battles occurring all along the way, and comparatively speaking, their situation was extremely safe at this moment.

“I cultivated a secret technique three years ago. This secret technique is capable of allowing me to abandon my cultivation at the Rebirth Realm and return once more to the Golden Core Realm.” After a long time, Fan Yunlan’s voice suddenly sounded out faintly by his eyes. Chen Xi didn’t disturb her, and he walked as he listened to her.

“Moreover, my Bloodcrescent Devil Sect and Emperor Chu have come to an agreement to allow me to participate in the Allstar Meeting this time. The price is that the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect won’t appear once more in the world for another 3,000 years.”

Chen Xi was stunned. They paid such a great price just for the sake of allowing Fan Yunlan to participate in the Allstar Meeting? What’s the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect seeking?

“I’ve already sworn to the Sect Master that I would surely rank in the top 10 of the Allstar Meeting this time. Otherwise, I’d apologize for my failure with my life.” Fan Yunlan continued.

Chen Xi couldn’t endure it any longer and interrupted. “For what? To enter the Primeval Battlefield? Or the Dark Reverie?”

Fan Yunlan shook her head and said, “This is related to some secrets of my Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. I can’t tell you.”

Chen Xi didn’t pursue an answer and asked different question. “Why did those people from before want to make a move against you? According to my knowledge, you’ve always been covering your face with a black veil in these past few years, so very few people know your identity. So how did you form enmity with those people for no reason or rhyme?”

“Them?” Fan Yunlan’s voice revealed a trace of disdain as she said, “They’re mostly the disciples of the sects of the central plains that are near the Desolate Bloodlands, like the Jadepool Dao Sect and the Southerndew Sect. Perhaps you don’t know, but my Bloodcrescent Devil Sect has always resided in the Desolate Bloodlands, so some strife naturally can’t be avoided. Moreover, strife like this has continued for a thousand years. Thus, the disciples of these sects naturally hate someone like me who’s from the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect to the bone.”

At this moment, Chen Xi finally understood the whole story, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. Since ancient times, evil and righteousness were like two sides of a wall. Hatred like this that has accumulated for countless years can indeed only be resolved through battle and slaughter.

“We’re about to arrive at the peak, aren’t you going to let me down?” Fan Yunlan spoke out abruptly.

“You’ve just experienced a great battle and have consumed a fairly great amount of strength. You’ve probably not recovered yet, so I’ll continue carrying you.” Chen Xi raised his head to look up. Sure enough, there were less than 3km away from stepping foot on the peak of the mountain, and he was vaguely able to see an enormous waterfall pouring down from the sky like the milky way descending from the nine heavens. 

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