Chapter 376 – Unexpected Reunion

Ascension Peak was almost 300km in height, and it stood tall and precipitous. Every single mountain path that led to the peak was even exceedingly spacious, like an enormous path that led to the heavens, and it was capable of accommodating more than 100 people walking shoulder to shoulder on it.

Chen Xi moved on the mountain path and had soundlessly arrived at a height of 201km, and he hid amongst the bushes as he looked towards the distance.

On the mountain path in the distance, True Essence surged as the sound of intense battle resounded. There was a great battle occurring there, and this battle had obviously been going on for a very long time. The ground was covered in severed limbs, blood flowed in streams, and there were over 10 corpses laying on the ground, causing the scene to be extremely tragic.

At this moment, only two men that were besieging a woman remained.

Amongst the two men, one was tall and stalwart, wore a black robe and had long hair. In his hand was a pitch black rod that transformed into a seemingly material black colored flood dragon, and it soared in the sky as its sharp claws tore through the sky and madly attacked the woman.

The other man was a silver robed youth that stood proudly with a cold expression. His fingers were pressed together to form a sword as he controlled 108 flying swords that enveloped down like raindrops towards the woman while emitting a fierce and ghastly aura.

On the other hand, that woman…

She wore a light violet colored dress, and she possessed an extremely delicate, charming, and drop dead gorgeous appearance. Her brows were black like ink, with a fine nose, cherry lips, skin that was smooth and snow white, and her eyes were like deep pools of spring water, limpid and beautiful. At this moment, these beautiful eyes of hers were filled with boundless rage and hatred.

When he saw the appearance of this woman, Chen Xi’s mind buzzed as a tempestuous storm arose in his heart, and he almost cried out involuntarily.

Shockingly, she was Fan Yunlan!

It was absolutely her without a doubt. Chen Xi would probably never forget this Hall Master of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect in his entire lifetime. The reason was extremely simple, when they were in the forest oasis within the depths of the Oceanic Desert, they’d accidentally had an intimate relationship because of the Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication…

This memory that was eternally engraved in his mind was also something that Chen Xi had always been unwilling to recall. After all, before this incident occurred, not only was there no feelings between him and Fan Yunlan in the slightest, they were even enemies!

Why has she participated in the Allstar Meeting as well?

Chen Xi’s emotions were extremely complicated. Even though he’d tempered his state of mind in various battles to become extremely firm since long ago. At this moment, he couldn’t help but feel extremely flustered.

Prior to this, he’d already made sufficient preparations to see Qing Xiuyi once more, but he utterly never imagined that he would actually encounter Fan Yunlan here. Fate really plays tricks on people.

Wait! Her cultivation is at the Rebirth Realm! How could she possibly be allowed to participate in the Allstar Meeting? Could it be that I’m seeing things, and she’s not Fan Yunlan? Chen Xi suddenly recalled the rules of the Allstar Meeting, and he looked once more towards the woman.

This look instantly caused him to realize that this woman’s cultivation was at most at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm, but the Dao Insights she’d comprehended were extremely shocking as there were over 10 types.

Most importantly, the martial techniques executed by this woman released strands of translucent and blazing devilish flames that formed into numerous skeletons with hideous appearances and filled with devilish characteristic. Shockingly, this was the Blood Vortex Devilpalm that contained 16 types of Devil Sect Dao Insights!

Chen Xi remembered clearly that when he was at the depths of the Oceanic Desert, Fan Yunlan had once fought Qing Xiuyi with this Dao Grade martial technique.

Could it really be her? But besides her cultivation being different, no matter if it’s appearance, martial technique, or appearance, it’s exactly the same. What’s going on?


Right at this moment, a change suddenly occurred in the situation of the battle. The black robed young man’s eyes contained a baleful light as a flood dragon formed from the black colored rod slapped its claw onto the woman, shaking her to the point she staggered back over 100m away.

Moreover, seizing this opportunity, the silver robed young man controlled the over 100 flying swords to transform into meteor shower that emitted fierce howls as it tore through the sky and assaulted the woman in a dense array.

Nevermind. Who cares if she’s Fan Yunlan or not, I’ll save her and find out first… Chen Xi’s heart became apprehensive as he knew that if no one lent a hand at this moment, then the life of this woman would probably be in danger.


Chen Xi executed the Starsky Wings right away, and he seemed like a wisp of a transient flowing light on the horizon as he flashed explosively towards the battlefield.

When he saw the she-devil finally being driven to desperation by him and Cheng Yun, Cui Tie’s heart was filled with the delight of revenge, and it excited him to the point his eyes were suffused with a blood thirsty sheen.

For the sake of killing this she-devil, he’d already lost 16 companions, and if he was still unable to kill this she-devil after paying such a heavy price, then Cui Tie even suspected that he would go mad.

Now, this she-devil was finally unable resist and was about to perish on the spot, this caused Cui Tie to let out a long sigh of relief, and his face was suffused with a savage and ghastly expression of complacency.

I already created the opportunity, now it all depends on Cheng Yun…

As Cui Tie thought in his heart, his eyes had always been staring fixedly at the battlefield. All 108 of Cheng Yun’s flying swords contained the peerlessly powerful Grand Dao of Metal. So when he attacked with his full strength at this moment, the she-devil was bound to be minced into a pool of bloody foam.

The scene of bloody foam fluttering all over the sky is surely extremely tragic yet beautiful, right?

Cui Tie was excited to the point he couldn’t help but stretch out his tongue to lick the corner of his lips, and he’d even seen a sheen of despair suffuse the eyes of the she-devil…

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Right when Cui Tie thought the she-devil would die without a doubt, a tall figure appeared suddenly, and then the sword in the figure’s hand was casually swung, causing all the flying swords that covered the sky to be slashed into two like pieces of paper!

How could this be possible?

Cui Tie’s pupils constricted abruptly, and he almost didn’t dare believe his eyes. Cheng Yun’s 108 flying swords were all high-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures, and when combined together, their lethality was even more formidable than some top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures that were at the apex of their grade. However, at this moment, all of them were destroyed under a single strike of this figure!


The nearby silver robed young man, Cheng Yun, suddenly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as his figure staggered, and his countenance was pale to the point of seeming translucent. These flying swords were linked to his life, and now that they were destroyed, it caused his mind and body to suffer a heavy injury. At this moment, he felt both pained for his loss and terrified as he looked at the young man that appeared abruptly, and he seemed to have never imagined why such a formidable fellow would suddenly appear at this critical moment.

This person was naturally Chen Xi. After the Talisman Armament in his hand was refined in Fort Desolate, its quality was already comparable to a heaven-rank Magic Treasure, and its body was refined from the immortal material, the Sickle of Slaughter. At this moment, when he attacked out ferociously, its might was more than enough to destroy those 108 flying swords.

At this moment, along with Chen Xi’s appearance, an instant of short silence emerged at the scene.

Cui Tier and Cheng Yun both drew close to each other and remained in combat readiness as they stared fixedly at Chen Xi’s who’d appeared suddenly, and their gazes contained rage and deep fear.

The strength Chen Xi revealed earlier caused them to not dare act rashly.

“Chen Xi!” A sharp cry sounded out abruptly, and it was from the violet clothed and peerlessly beautiful woman. She originally thought that she would die without a doubt, yet never had she imagined that she would be rescued at this critical moment?

Most unexpected to her was that the person that rescued her was actually the detestable bastard that had caused her to recall him countless times in these past few years and wish for nothing more than to skin and eat him alive!

When this sharp cry resounded out, it allowed Chen Xi to instantly confirm the identity of this violet clothed young women, causing a wisp of a complicated feeling to gush out from his heart, and he hurriedly took a deep breath before looking coldly at the two people before him and said, “If you fuck off now, then I can spare your lives. I’ll give both of you a single breath of time!”The expressions of Cui Tie and Cheng Yun sank, and they wanted to flare up. But when they encountered Chen Xi’s gaze that was filled with killing intent, their hearts instantly went cold, and they didn’t dare hesitate any longer before turning and leaving.

They understood that they’d just experienced a fierce battle, and their conditions were extremely weak. On the other hand, the strength Chen Xi revealed caused them to feel terrified, so they practically didn’t have to ponder before they knew that leaving swiftly was the wisest choice.

“Why did you let them go!? On what basis did you make a decision for me?” When she saw the two of them vanish on the mountain path in the blink of an eye, Fan Yunlan seemed to be extremely furious as she stood up and stared coldly at Chen Xi with eyes that almost sprayed fire.

Chen Xi silently put away the Talisman Armament and said, “What you need the most now is rest. Otherwise, you’ll probably be unable to arrive at the peak.”

Fan Yunlan gritted her teeth tightly and her chest rose and fell rapidly as she stared coldly at this young man that she’d hated for countless days and nights, and she was on the verge of losing control of her feelings.


Suddenly, she raised her delicate hand and condensed a black and translucent flame before fiercely slapping it towards Chen Xi. Wind whistled from her palm as it shattered the space it passed through, and she’d obviously utilized her entire strength.

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he felt extremely furious in his heart. Could it be that this woman hates me so much? I just saved her life moments ago!

Even though he thought like this in his heart, his reaction wasn’t slow in the slightest, and his figure flashed to avoid the palm before he stomped his foot on the ground. In the next moment, he’d already appeared before Fan Yunlan, and then he stretched out his hand to grab her throat.

Fan Yunlan was stunned, as she never imagined that she would lose completely in just a single move, causing her to be both furious and hateful in her heart. She raised her slender neck to stare at Chen Xi’s face that was extremely close before her, and then she gnashed her teeth and said, “Why aren’t you killing me? Kill me!”

Logically speaking, Fan Yunlan was once an enemy of his. But at this moment, as he looked at the exhaustion, fury, and hatred that was dense to the point of being impossible to dissipate on her delicate and beautiful face, and as he heard her almost hysterical questions, a wisp of softness arose in Chen Xi’s heart for no reason or rhyme, causing him to sigh in his heart and be unable to finish her off.

“No matter how much you hate me and no matter who’s right and wrong, your body was still taken by me in the end. You’re unable to change this fact. Come, I’ll take you to the peak.” Chen Xi went silent for a long time before stretching out his arm, and he didn’t care if Fan Yunlan agreed or not as he’d already carried her on his back before walking up along the mountain path.

“Let me go! You despicable bastard, believe it or not, I’ll smash your head apart right now!” Fan Yunlan struggled intensely yet felt Chen Xi’s arms were like iron bands that embraced her legs, causing her to be utterly incapable of struggling free. This caused her to be both resentful and panicked, and she faintly felt a trace of bewilderment.

Chen Xi puckered his lips and stayed silent as he turned a deaf ear to her and continued moving silently, and he seemed to be not concerned in the slightest that the woman on his back would strike him ruthlessly.

Fan Yunlan gritted her teeth and raised her delicate hand when she saw this, and then energy condensed on her palm that was at a height of just 10 cm from Chen Xi’s head. But right when she intended to slap down, a feeling of powerlessness and weakness gushed out abruptly from her heart, and it caused her to be unable to do it.

What… What’s wrong with me?

Fan Yunlan was slightly bewildered, her heart was flurried and uneasy, and her mind was completely empty. Before she saw Chen Xi again, she’d even thought of a myriad of cruel methods of torture with the intention of cutting Chen Xi into pieces before burning his bones and scattering his ashes when she saw him again, so that he would die a horrible death.

But, when Chen Xi really appeared before her, she noticed that she actually started to hesitate and waver, and she even didn’t know what to do…

“If you feel exhausted, then have some sleep. Don’t worry, no one can kill you while I’m here.” Chen Xi’s calm and indifferent voice resounded out by her ears.

At this moment, an indescribable feeling arose in Fan Yunlan’s heart for no reason or rhyme as her mind fell into chaos, and she just stared blankly and silently at the manly and clearly defined outline of the side of Chen Xi’s face.

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