Chapter 375 – Stamping With Rage


On Ascension Peak, a figure moved 30m with every single step and drifted past swiftly. In the outside world, such speed was nothing worth mentioning, and even a Congenital Realm expert would be able to achieve it.

But at the height of 30km up Ascension Peak, it seemed to be extremely terrifying instead.

“Dammit! I’m not seeing things, right?”

“Is that fellow a ghost? Could it be that the Dao Insight pressure in the surroundings is ineffective to him?”

“Fuck! It’s another expert! Comparisons are odious indeed!”

On the mountain pathway, all the cultivators were gasping for breath, the nerves on their foreheads had bulged out, and their legs seemed as if they were filled by lead as they took heavy steps and moved upwards. Suddenly, they saw this figure with fluttering clothes that moved 30m with every single step flash by, and they were instantly shocked and raised a clamor successively. 

Chen Xi paid no attention to these people and charged up with all his strength.

After he killed those 13 cultivators from the six great powers, he’d hastily sorted out his spoils before ceasing to conceal his strength, and he started to dart forward swiftly.

According to his estimation, these 13 people were presumably only the first batch of enemies amongst those that were targeting him, and there ought to be numerous enemies awaiting him on Ascension Peak.

So he had to locate their tracks before they noticed that he’d killed these 13 people.

He only had a single objective — Annihilate all enemies!

Since he’d already started killing them, Chen Xi didn’t have anything to fear anymore. If they wanted to play, then he would accompany them until they’re satisfied, and if he were able to annihilate all of them, it would surely be a heavy blow to those six great powers.




Chen Xi stopped abruptly as he raised his eyes to look at the nine cultivators that were waiting there. He was already able to be certain from their movements and expressions that they were surely the disciples of the six great powers.

Without a single word, Chen Xi started a slaughter once more!

The strength of this batch of cultivators was undoubtedly much stronger than the first batch, but due to the location they were at was already at a height of 60km on Ascension Peak, the Dao Insight pressure they suffered had risen along with this, and this extremely greatly suppressed the strength they could exert.

On the other hand, up until this moment, Chen Xi barely felt a trace of pressure, and the Dao Insight pressure from the surroundings had affected less than 10% of his combat strength, so it practically could be ignored.

Thus, this battle was already destined to be another slaughter.

A rain of blood sprayed down gracefully, furious roars sounded out successively, True Essence surged, and divine lights exploded out… After a short moment, the battle had already come to an end, and besides a single person that crushed his jade token and fled, the other eight were annihilated.

After he plundered the spoils of the battle, Chen Xi didn’t stop before continuing to flash up the mountain path.

Just like this, Chen Xi encountered another three batches of disciples from the six great powers along the way, each batch stronger than the previous, and they consisted of both males and females. Even though he’d defeated them in the end, there were still a few that had crushed their jade tokens and fled.

He couldn’t do anything about it. His current location was at 150km up Ascension Peak, and there were less than 2,000 cultivators that were capable of ascending to this point.

The six great powers had only arranged for three people to wait here for him. Even though their numbers were few, their strengths were extremely formidable. At least, Chen Xi has utilized 70% of his strength and had only killed two of them, whereas, the last person saw that things weren’t going well and crushed his jade token to flee.

When Chen Xi continued up once more, he couldn’t see a single disciple of the six great powers any longer.

But he knew that he would surely be able to meet more disciples of the six great sects on the path ahead. But the disciples that he met at that moment would perhaps be the top experts of the younger generation like Huangfu Chongming, Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, and the others.

Five batches of people. I’ve gathered a total of 42 jade tokens and another seven have fled. I wonder exactly how many disciples of the six great powers have participated… As he moved towards the peak, Chen Xi was sorting and counting his spoils of the battles. He’d obtained 42 Participant’s Jade Tokens, 6.2 million Nascent Condensation Pills, 32 earth-rank Magic Treasures, and some other miscellaneous items like spirit herbs, spirit materials, healing medicinal pills, and so on and so forth, and they weren’t of any significant value.

Something worthy of mentioning was that numerous Magic Treasures in the possession of his enemies had been destroyed by him during the battles. Otherwise, the number of Magic Treasures would rise greatly and be far from just 32.

I’m afraid it wouldn’t be so easy to kill anyone from now onwards. Nevermind, I’ll act according to circumstances. I should make the Allstar Meeting my priority this time, and anything else can be put aside temporarily. Chen Xi thought suddenly.


Faint tremors spread out from the mountain path in the distance.

There’s a battle? Moreover, it seems to be rather loud… Chen Xi was stunned, and then he restrained his mind before carefully approaching up the mountain path. 


“Dammit! Fuck! Besides Changtian and Chongming, all the disciples of my Wise King’s Estate that have participated in the Allstar Meeting this time have been annihilated. This is simply intolerable!”

“What a ruthless and merciless little thing. My Dragonshark Isle’s disciples have practically been wiped out!”

“I’ll kill this little devil! He’s simply outrageous!”

“Unforgivable! Unforgivable!” 


The exasperated roars of Huangfu Jingtian, Mo Lanhai, Daoist Long He, Chong Xu the Unfettered, Lord Liu Xiao, and Zhao Zimei resounded out in Silken Palace, and it was like rumbling thunder that terrified the attendants in the palace to the point of trembling and almost kneeling down on the floor.

The expressions of all six of them was completely livid, and their hairs and beards had risen up, causing them to seem like numerous furious lions. Coupled with their terrifying cultivation at the Earthly Immortal Realm, the pressure they emitted caused the surrounding space to warp intensely and be on the verge of exploding from the pressure.

They were indeed infuriated to the extreme. They’d watched helplessly as batch after batch of their disciples were killed swiftly and without the slightest hesitation, and no matter who it was, that person would probably be furious and be incapable of restraining themselves.

The other Earthly Immortal Realm experts glanced at each other, and they sighed endlessly in their hearts.

Every single young disciple that was capable of participating in the Allstar Meeting and attaining a certain level of height on Ascension Peak was a Core Disciple that was the focus of fostering by the various powers, and they were the future successors of the sect.

Their natural talent, cultivation, and comprehension would surely be extraordinary, and one in ten thousand. Yet now, practically all of them had died at the hands of another, and this was simply the heaviest blow to the powers they represented. No matter who it was, that person would probably be stamping with rage as well.

But even though they sighed in their hearts, none of these Earthly Immortal Realm experts showed pity to them. Slaughters like this can’t be blamed on that kid, Chen Xi. Who asked all of you to lay in ambush and want to kill Chen Xi first? No matter how hard one tries, one is unable to obtain what destiny denies him of.

If there was no cause, would the current consequences exist?

Moreover, the formidable strength Chen Xi revealed had completely drawn the interest of these Earthly Immortal Realm experts.

They noticed that the potential possessed by this kid seemed to be boundless. Every time they thought his strength had reached its limit, he would explode out with an even stronger strength in the next moment, and no one was able to discern exactly how deeply he’d concealed his strength.

It was impossible for a peculiar phenomenon like this to not draw the attention of these old fellows.

Perhaps, this kid can become a dark horse in the Allstar Meeting this time?

A thought like this unconsciously gushed out in the hearts of everyone.

Bei Heng wished for nothing more than to roar towards the sky with laughter when he saw this scene. But he had to take the trouble to suppress it in his belly. There was nothing he could do, the atmosphere at this moment was extremely unsuitable for laughing loudly, and if he were to provoke those six bastards to the point of completely flying off the handle, then it would be anything but good.

This sworn brother of mine is truly formidable. Perhaps he’ll have a place in the top 10 of the Allstar Meeting this time! Bei Heng sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart, and he was filled with even more anticipation towards Chen Xi’s display.

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