Chapter 374 – Flying

Severed limbs flew in the sky as blood sprayed.

Chen Xi who’d entered into a state of combat had a completely changed bearing. His expression was indifferent and he had killing intent coiled all around his body as the Talisman Armament in his hand mercilessly reaped lives like the sickle in the hands of the god of death.

The countless life and death battles in these past few years allowed him to clearly calculate that he only had to exert 40% of his strength to easily annihilate the enemies before him, and he wouldn’t cause unnecessary wastage by exerting too much strength.

This originated from his combat expertise. Only one that had experienced the baptism of battle and blood would be able to grasp a method of killing that was the swiftest and used the least energy!

Chen Xi knew extremely clearly. Everything he did was probably completely visible down to the slightest detail in the eyes of everyone in the outside world, and this included the old fellows from the six great powers.

But he didn’t care because he wanted to proclaim his intentions of taking revenge through these actions!

On what basis was it that only they could besiege me?

Provoking my bottom line over and over again. Could it be that they really think I’m a ‘ripe persimmon’ that was at their mercy to be trampled upon?


Only by killing them to the point they were afraid, terrified, and awed would I be able to turn my situation around and change everything!

So what if they get furious?

So long as I’m ranked in the top 10 of the Allstar Meeting, who would dare come take revenge because of this? Even Emperor Chu himself would probably not allow it!

It could be said that at this moment, Chen Xi was absolutely fearless and without the slightest pressure as he killed these people.


The last enemy’s throat was penetrated, causing blood to spray out as he fell backwards to the ground.

Up until this point, the 13 people that besieged Chen Xi had been completely annihilated, and not a single one escaped!

“Amazing! That fellow is simply a cold and emotionless god of slaughter!”

“My god! How did he cultivate such a straightforward and agile method of killing people? Could it be that he didn’t suffer the slightest Dao Insight pressure? He’s too terrifying!”

“13 perfection-stage Golden Core Realm disciples from the various great sects were actually completely annihilated within the time of a few breaths, and they didn’t even have the chance to crush their Participant’s Jade Token… This was simply a slaughter!”

Within Silken City, numerous people had witnessed this scene, and they instantly exploded into an uproar. The entire street from one end to the other was filled with animated discussions, and their expressions carried a trace of shock.

This was absolutely the most bloody battle since the Allstar Meeting began, and it was a flawless slaughter of one gaining victory over many!

“I knew Big brother Chen Xi would be fine!” Mu Wenfei jumped with joy as he wildly waves his hands about, and he seemed to be exceedingly mad.

“It was too cruel…” Yan Yan spoke while staring blankly.

“Was it?” Yun Na had become accustomed to this since long ago, and she said indifferently, “If it was me, I’d have cut them into pieces. How dare they bully people like that!”

“If I didn’t see it with my own two eyes, I would truly be difficult for me to imagine that his strength has already grown to such an extent…” Daoist Wen Xuan muttered as a wisp of shock suffused his eyes.

Ya Qing stood at the side, and she smiled silently. This outcome had long since been within her expectations, and it would be a surprise if Chen Xi was defeated.


An enormous bang sounded out in Silken Palace once more, yet this time it was Huangfu Jingtian that had smashed apart the table before him.

His expression was ominous to the extreme, and his eyes emitted cold lights that were like swords that desired to kill. Four of those 13 young disciples were from the Wise King’s Estate. Moreover, all of them were disciples with enormous potential that he’d taken great pains to foster. Yet now, they’d died miserably at Chen Xi’s hands, so how could he not be enraged?

It wasn’t just Huangfu Jingtian, Daoist Long He, Mo Lanhai, Chong Xu the unfettered, Lord Liu Xiao, and Zhao Zimei had livid expressions and emitted ferocious gazes.

Obviously, the miserable deaths of the Core Disciples from their sects caused them to be extremely pained by the loss.

Bei Heng was delighted to the point of wanting to howl into the sky instead. Satisfying! Truly too satisfying! Chen Xi’s agile and straightforward slaughter was simple like rainfall after a long drought, and it put out the flames of grievance and rage in his heart, causing his entire body to feel comfortable.

Especially the livid and ashamed expressions of those six old bastards caused him to almost laugh out loud.

After they witnessed Chen Xi’s ferocious and ruthless means of combat, all the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts exclaimed endlessly with admiration in their hearts. But when they glanced at the expressions of Huangfu Jingtian and the others, they very sensibly chose to keep silent.

“This kid’s methods are so ruthless, it’s no different than some devils that’re monstrously atrocious. He really should be exterminated in order to appease the people of the world!” Huangfu Jingtian was truly unable to endure the rage in his heart, and he spoke with indignation.

A faint smile arose on the corners of the Civil Marquis’s mouth as he shook his head and said, “Wise King, your words are mistaken. Since it’s a competition, then death can’t be avoided. Chen Xi didn’t violate the rules, so it’s obviously slightly inappropriate to call him a devil.”

When he saw Huangfu Jingtian still wanted to refute, Bei Heng couldn’t sit still any longer and sneered. “I remember someone said earlier that everything depended on one’s own strength. So long as it didn’t violate the rules, then even if one is killed, one deserved it? All the Fellow Daoists present heard this clearly. So the actions of this sworn brother of mine who was besieged and countered to annihilate his enemies seems to not be wrong, right? Could it be that he has to wash his throat clean and await his doom?”

Huangfu Jingtian grunted coldly as he glanced at Bei Heng, and he revealed undisguised killing intent.

Daoist Long He and the others looked coldly at Bei Heng as well, and their gazes were filled with threatening intent.

Bei Heng didn’t care about this type of threats. This was Silken Palace, the most supreme place in the Darchu Dynasty. Even though Huangfu Jingtian was respected as the Wise King, if he dared make a move arbitrarily here, he would be exterminated instantly as well!

Not to mention he still had the command token of the Violet Thistle Bai Clan in his possession, and it was similarly a ‘protective talisman’ that caused everyone to be extremely afraid. So even when the Allstar Meeting came to an end and he left this place, he wasn’t worried in the slightest that his life would be threatened.

“Fellow Daoists, look, quickly! Chen Xi has actually flown up on Ascension Peak!” The Civil Marquis spoke out with surprise. “That’s at a height of 30km, yet he’s actually still capable of flying. This kid’s Dao Insight cultivation truly can’t be underestimated.”

Everyone raised their heads to look over. Sure enough, they saw Chen Xi’s figure flying on the mountain path like a wisp of smoke, and his bearing was relaxed as if he didn’t suffer from the slightest Dao Insight pressure.

This scene caused all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts present to be shocked, and all of them started guessing one after the other. Why did this kid suddenly explode out with his strength at this moment?

At this moment, Silken City was stirred as well.

“Dammit! This fellow was really concealing his strength!”

“He’s flying! He’s actually capable of flying at a height of 30km up Ascension Peak!”

“If I’m not wrong, it seems that only Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Changtian, and a few others were capable of achieving this, right?”

“Chen Xi is indeed strong to an absurd degree. All of us have underestimated his strength earlier.”

At this moment, the gazes of more than half the cultivators in Silken City had descended onto Chen Xi, and their shock was expressed both in their words and on their expressions. Even Ya Qing and the others were extremely proud and exclaimed endlessly with admiration when they saw this scene.

But at the same time, a question arose in the hearts of everyone who witnessed this scene. Why did Chen Xi deliberately choose this moment to suddenly speed up? 

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