Chapter 373 – Ferocious Counterattack

Silken Palace instantly fell into a short period of silence when Chen Xi’s name was mentioned.

Huangfu Jingtian, Daoist Long He, Mo Lanhai, Chong Xu the Unfettered, Lord Liu Xiao, and Zhao Zimei had a rather gloomy expression, and their eyes were like swords as they glanced coldly at Bei Heng.

All the Earthly Immortal Realm experts present here had heard of Chen Xi’s name. The reason was extremely simple: the matter of Huangfu Jingtian and the others entrusting the Blacksun Pavilion with the task of assassinating Chen Xi by ambush was too stirring, and it was impossible to conceal even if they wanted to.

Everyone had heard of the reason for the ambush. They heard that it was because Chen Xi possessed a few Immortal Artifacts and had obtained numerous treasures from Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault in the depths of the Oceanic Desert. Huangfu Jingtian and the others originally wanted to forcibly take possession of it, yet for some unknown reason, they came back empty handed in the end.

Everyone knew of this in their hearts, yet if they were to speak of it, it would probably damage the reputation of Huangfu Jingtian and the others, and that was something that would offend them. All of them had lived for countless years, so they naturally understood this principle.

So during the conversations earlier, they’d intentionally avoided Chen Xi’s name so as to avoid causing these six people to be displeased.

But at this moment, Bei Heng had spoken of Chen Xi’s name as soon as he opened his mouth, and it had undoubtedly broken through this window screen and exposed the embarrassing scars of these six people, so the atmosphere naturally became silent.

Bei Heng’s heart constricted when he felt the changes in the atmosphere, and his expression became slightly unnatural, but he didn’t regret mentioning Chen Xi’s name.

“Chen Xi? I’ve heard of this kid’s name as well.”

The Civil Marquis swept everyone with his gaze and seemed to have not noticed the changes in the atmosphere as he grinned. “He’s a young expert that obtained the one and only 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting, and he’s the one and only young man from the southern territory’s cultivation world that obtained such an accomplishment. Truly extraordinary.”

Everyone looked at each other, yet no one replied.

The expressions of Huangfu Jingtian and the others grew even more gloomy. As far as they were concerned, the Civil Marquis was obviously intentionally doing this for the sake of embarrassing them!

But for fear of the Civil Marquis’s identity, they were forced to keep their indignation to themselves.

The Civil Marquis didn’t care about the attitudes of everyone, and his smile remained as he continued asking with interest. “Fellow Daoist Bei Heng, can you point out which one is Chen Xi? So that I can properly witness his graceful bearing.”

Bei Heng acutely noticed that the Civil Marquis seemed to be intentionally irritating Huangfu Jingtian, and he couldn’t help but be curious in his heart. Why’s he doing this? Could it be that the Civil Marquis wants to take my sworn brother in?

“Civil Marquis, please look over there. That tall young man in azure clothes is my sworn brother, Chen Xi.” Even though he was curious in his heart, Bei Heng still stretched out his hand to point towards the distant Ascension Peak and replied with a smile.

“27km?” The Civil Marquis swept the Ascension Peak and was stunned, and then he said with surprise, “Even though the height he’s at can’t compare with the others, his speed contains great secrets. It’s neither fast nor slow, of constant distance, and his expression is relaxed. Obviously, he isn’t suffering from much Dao Insight pressure, and according to this momentum, he’d be able to surpass the others very soon.” As he spoke up to here, his voice revealed a trace of praise.

The Earthly Immortal Realm experts present looked over in succession, and they rather agreed with the Civil Marquis’s views.

Their gazes were extremely experienced and discerned that even though the speed Chen Xi movement on Ascension Peak wasn’t swift, yet his bearing was unhurried as he moved neither too fast nor too slow, and he was moving up at all times without stopping in the slightest. Compared to the sorry and difficult state everyone else that was climbing Ascension Peak was in, he was obviously countless times more brilliant.

This kid’s strength is really extraordinary!

These Earthly Immortal Realm experts had only heard of Chen Xi’s name, and they were extremely surprised in their hearts when they saw him now. But for fear of hurting the face of Huangfu Jingtian and the others, no one spoke out about it.


Suddenly, an enormous bang sounded out in the hall, and it caused everyone to be startled. When they turned around to look, they saw that Bei Heng had suddenly smashed apart the table before him, and his entire face was livid as if he was furious to the extreme.

“Everyone, look at the height of 30km up Ascension Peak!” Bei Heng pointed at the distant Ascension Peak and gritted his teeth. “They’re an entire 13 people, yet they’ve obstructed my sworn brother’s path. Obviously, they have malicious intent and want to do evil. Such methods are simply despicable and filthy to the extreme!”

Everyone looked over. Sure enough, just as Bei Heng had said, there were 13 young disciples obstructing Chen Xi’s path, and the confrontational situation where both parties were ready to fight could be discerned by anyone.

When they recognized the identities of those 13 disciples, everyone instantly understood why Bei Heng would be furious, and if it was them, they’d probably be unable to control the flames of rage in their hearts as well. The reason was extremely simply, these 13 people were all disciples that belonged to the sects of Huangfu Jingtian and the others, and even an idiot would be able to discern that this was a scheme of revenge of the six powers against Chen Xi!

Perhaps, it was even Huangfu Jingtian and the others that got these 13 people to do that…

Even the Civil Marquis couldn’t help but frown, but he didn’t say anything. This was the Allstar Meeting, and so long as one didn’t break the rules, then no one could say anything about it.

“Haha, Fellow Daoist Bei Heng, your words are mistaken. If one wants to pass through the test of the Ascension Peak, only strength is not enough, it tests one’s disposition and intelligence to a higher degree. If one wishes to surpass others, how could it be possible without possessing some strategic ability and wisdom?” Huangfu Jingtian suddenly started laughing loudly as he spoke with a voice that was like rumbling thunder that resounded throughout the hall.

“Hmph! Since the beginning, the Allstar Meeting was bound to be a brutal competition. If everyone stuck to established practices and held kind thoughts in their hearts, then how could this competition select true experts?”

“Exactly. Everything depends on one’s own strength and wisdom. So long as it doesn’t violate the rules, any actions are allowed. Even if he’s killed, he deserves it, and he can’t resent anyone. After all, there were numerous people that died tragically in the battles of the previous Allstar Meetings!”

Daoist Long He, Mo Lanhai, Zhao Zimei, and the others spoke out in succession, their eyes were like swords that contained oppressive coldness, and all of them stared at Bei Heng with an icy cold and disdainful expression.

Bei Heng’s expression was livid, and he was angered to the point of trembling, yet he was incapable of refuting it. Because what these old bastards said was the truth. Not to mention over 10 people besieging a single person, even matters of over 100 people besieging a single person had occurred in the previous Allstar Meetings.

“Look, quickly! The battle has started!” One of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts spoke out, and it instantly drew the gazes of everyone towards Ascension Peak.


“These bastards are actually so shameless and are bullying others with number! They simply have no sense of shame!” 

“Chen Xi’s in trouble, and he’s probably in danger this time.”

“Sure enough, it’s the disciples of those six powers. I knew that they wouldn’t let it go so easily.”

In Silken City, Ya Qing, Yun Na, Yan Yan, and the others had similarly seen this scene, and they were extremely furious and filled with worry about Chen Xi.

Ascension Peak, 30km above.

Chen Xi stood alone while being encircled in a fan shape by 13 cultivators, and when the other cultivators saw this, they moved aside in unison as they were deeply afraid that they wouldn’t be able to avoid becoming involved.

“Haha, this fellow is going to have a hard time.”

“Looks like this fellow’s relations with others isn’t very good. He has actually been surrounded and obstructed here by so many people.”

“Obviously. Alas, let’s leave quickly. A matter like this isn’t something that we can get mixed up in.”

When they heard the discussions of everyone, those 13 young disciples from the six great powers revealed cold smiles, and they looked at Chen Xi with a gaze as if they were staring at a dead man.

Chen Xi’s expression was calm as he sized up these 13 people indifferently, and then he made a move ferociously!

Exactly. He didn’t say a single word.

At this moment, there was utterly no need for words. The situation before him had been predestined since long ago that it would be a battle that wouldn’t end without the death of one party, and there was no room for discussion.

“Kill!” At the instant Chen Xi made a move, he’d aroused the intention of killing all these people. His figure flashed out to arrive before one of them like a ghost, then the Talisman Armament flashed through the sky like a rainbow that suddenly appeared, and it instantly penetrated the throat of this person and brought about a string of blood.

After killing this person, Chen Xi didn’t stop in the slightest before his figure leaned to the side as he stretched out, and then the Talisman Armament spun as it fiercely slashed towards the cultivator by his side.


The young cultivator had just raised up the weapon in his hand before it was slashed apart by the Talisman Armament that was sharp to the point of being comparable to a heaven-rank Magic Treasure, and even that person’s entire body was slashed into two, causing brightly colored internal organs that were mixed with scarlet blood to spray all over the ground.

In the blink of an eye, two perfection-stage Golden Core Realm disciples had perished, and a wisp of astonishment still remained on their faces before their death as they seemed to have never imagined that everything would happen so quickly.

Not to mention the two of them, even their companions had never imagined that Chen Xi would be so ruthless, attacking on a whim and without the slightest hesitation, causing them to be caught off guard and actually being struck with a surprise attack!

Actually, they’d always been on alert and combat ready, and they couldn’t be said to have been caught off guard. They felt it was unexpected because Chen Xi’s speed was too swift, and the strength Chen Xi struck with was too terrifying as well, causing them to not even have the time to counterattack before losing two companions.

“This kid is troublesome, everyone, let’s make a move in unison!”

“Dammit! Kill this bastard!”

“Kill!” The merely 11 remaining people shouted out endlessly in rage, and they exerted their entire strengths as they moved to besiege Chen Xi.

Chen Xi wasn’t terrified but delighted instead when he saw this. He was worried that these fellows would flee without putting up a fight, and that would be too much of a pity. Presently, they actually were still able to muster up the courage to charge over, so how could he not be delighted?

“Kill!” The True Essence in Chen Xi’s body surged as he took a step forward, and then his entire body was like a strand of smoke that moved about in the crowd as the Talisman Armament in his hand flew out swiftly like a bolt of lightning and gracefully like a dragon. Every single strike that swept out would surely bring about a string of blood that took away a person’s life.

The cultivations of these people were at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and they possessed excellent strengths. If it was in the outside world, even he didn’t dare be certain that he would be able to deal with all of them in an extremely short period of time.

But on this Ascension Peak, Chen Xi had the confidence to completely annihilate them in an extremely short period of time!

The reason was extremely simple. Dao Insight pressure was present everywhere on Ascension Peak, causing these people to have no choice but to divert more than half of their strengths to resist this pressure, so the strength they were able to exert was probably less than 30% of their normal strengths.

On the other hand, he was different. Up until now, the Dao Insight pressure in the surroundings were incapable of affecting him in the slightest, and he was capable of exerting 100% of his strength.

Under these circumstances, annihilating this group of people was simply as easy as cutting melons and vegetables, and he didn’t have to worry in the slightest about any danger appearing.

Actually, Chen Xi utterly didn’t utilize his entire strength as these people weren’t worthy of him fighting with his full strength.


Chen Xi struck without showing the slightest mercy, and his speed was matchless like a bolt of lightning. He sought to annihilate all his enemies and give the six great powers the heaviest blow possible! 

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