Chapter 371 – Dao Insight Pressure


The closer one arrived to Ascension Peak, the more vividly one would be able to sense how extraordinary this mountain was. Its entire body seemed as if it was condensed into form from countless Dao Insights. These Dao Insights were extremely powerful and boundless like a flood that erupted from the peak of a mountain, flowing down as they emitted a surging howl that rumbled.

It was like the roar of a dragon, the howl of a tiger, and it swept through the heavens and the earth and shook the universe.

Chen Xi hadn’t started ascending the mountain, yet had already sensed an oppressive feeling that came from the depths of his heart, and it seemed like so long as he took a stride towards this mountain, he would suffer a calamity.

Moreover, he noticed that there were already numerous cultivators climbing up the mountain on foot, and they numbered no less than 30,000.

When looked at from afar, they were like rows of ant colonies that were climbing up step by step.

The highest had already arrived halfway up the mountain, yet they only were only a few. Due to the distance between them being too far and coupled with the envelopment of divine lights, Chen Xi wasn’t able to clearly see who were the few people that were in the lead.

The lowest had only climbed a height of 300m, and the strengths of these people was obviously much inferior. As they walked on the mountain, they were short for breath and covered in sweat, and every single step seemed to be so difficult and heavy.

It was as if they were moving in the opposite direction of a surging mountain torrent, causing others to worry if they would be washed away at any moment.


A shrill cry sounded out from 3km up the mountain. A young man had emitted a shrill cry as his entire body was blasted flying out of Ascension peak by an enormous force, then a white light flickered, and he’d already vanished out of sight.

Obviously, he’d already been eliminated.

Chen Xi clearly remembered that this fellow seemed to be called Wei Dongcheng. During the Goldlake Meeting, Wei Dongcheng had once lost at his hands, and Wei Dongcheng possessed a fairly strong strength at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm.

Yet now, he’d been eliminated at the height of 3km, and an outcome like this was extremely shocking indeed.

Nevermind. Only by trying it myself will I know its difficulty. Chen Xi didn’t hesitate any longer and moved forward.

To his surprise, when he circulated his entire cultivation, he instantly felt the pressure that surrounded his body to be completely wiped off, and he didn’t feel the slightest pressure when he took another step up Ascension Peak.

So that’s how it is. This test, the Ascension Peak, obviously tests a cultivator’s cultivation in Dao Insight. The more Dao Insights one has grasped and the higher one’s attainments are in these Dao Insights, the weaker the pressure one would face. Conversely, the pressure one suffered would be greater.

Presently, I’ve already grasped over 10 Dao Insights. Besides the Dao Insights of Paramita and Oblivion, the others have all attained the Initial Realm or above, so the pressure I suffer would naturally be much weaker.

Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding, and he didn’t dally any longer to walk up.

There was only a single path up Ascension Peak, and it was immeasurably wide. It was sufficient to accommodate more than 100 people walking shoulder to shoulder straight up the peak.

As one walked on the mountain, the pressure grew the higher up one moved.

This pressure came from the Dao Insight energies that surged down from atop the peak. The various Dao Insight energies converged together and transformed into a surging flood that charged down. It seemed to be without shape and substance, yet the pressure struck directly at one’s heart and soul, impossible to resist and impossible to avoid.

External items like Magic Treasures were utterly incapable of being of any use under the pressure of this Dao Insight flood.

As he walked on the peak, Chen Xi gradually came to understand many things. For example, according to his estimations, with his current cultivation in Dao Insights, he was completely capable of flying up with ease, and he wouldn’t suffer too much of pressure or threat from the Dao Insight energies for at least the first 30km.

As for how it would be after a height of 30km, he wasn’t able to determine it now.

Of course, Chen Xi would absolutely not choose to fly up foolishly. In that way, he would be too conspicuous and easily draw the attention of his enemies, causing him to suffer their assaults.

On the path towards the Ascension Peak earlier, if it wasn’t for his Divine Sense being sufficiently strong, and his grasp of such a miraculous Divine Sense detection technique like the Rippling Echo, he would probably have suffered from many surprise attacks.

At this moment, there were surely numerous enemies eyeing him with hostility on Ascension Peak while waiting for him to make an appearance, so he naturally didn’t dare be careless and negligent.

So in the eyes of others, Chen Xi walked with extreme ease, his footsteps regular as if moving with a rhythm, and he climbed up the mountain without the slightest trace of stopping or sluggishness.

Not the slightest bit of heaviness couldn’t be seen from his face, it was calm and indifferent, and it was no different than an ordinary person. Unknowingly, he’d already walked a height of 3km and had left a large group of cultivators far behind him.

Even though Chen Xi wasn’t willing to be too conspicuous, the relaxed manner he ascended the mountain with gradually drew the attention of some people.

“That kid looks to be extremely relaxed. I wonder which power he’s from.”

“Idiot! That’s Chen Xi! A formidable figure that obtained the one and only 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting! It’s within reason that he’s able to achieve this.”

“He’s Chen Xi? He really deserves his reputation.”

“Heh, I heard that many people want to deal with him. Moreover, all of them are formidable figures. So it’s difficult to say if he’ll be able to ascend to the peak.”

On the mountain path, numerous cultivators of the younger generation looked at Chen Xi who grew further and further. Some exclaimed with admiration, some were shocked, some laughed coldly without end, and so on and so forth.

But in next to no time, they didn’t have any thought of paying attention to Chen Xi. Because the Dao Insight pressure that gushed down from the peak was too strong, and in this short moment that they’d diverted their attention, there were three cultivators that were unable to endure the Dao Insight pressure, causing them to be instantly flushed down the mountain and completely eliminated from the competition.

When faced with such a brutal situation, they had no choice but to concentrate their attention before being able to guarantee they wouldn’t be eliminated.

At a height of 30km up Ascension Peak.

A group of young cultivators that numbered over 10 were gathered here. The strange thing was that they didn’t continue climbing up the mountain, and their gazes looked down in unison as if they were waiting for something.

“I obtained news earlier. Almost all our people that were laying in ambush beneath Ascension Peak have been annihilated. That kid is probably almost here. Get ready, everyone.” A black clothed young man that seemed to be in the lead spoke with a chilly expression.

“Annihilated? Is that kid’s strength so formidable?” Someone at the side said with shock, “If it’s like this, wouldn’t it be…slightly dangerous for us to make a move here?”

“Yeah. Even though we’re many, we have to divert more than half of our energy to resist the Dao Insight pressure that’s all around us. If we make a move here, we’ll at most be able to bring forth less than 30% of our strength. What if that kid is difficult to handle and risks his life against us. Wouldn’t all of us be eliminated along with him? We walked up to here with great difficulty, and I don’t want to leave because of this.”

“Enough!” Suddenly, the black clothed young man grunted coldly, and then he swept everyone with his gaze. “We’re Golden Core Realm Core Disciples from the various great powers, and we’re an entire 13 people. Could it be that we won’t be able to deal with a single Chen Xi?”

“Not to mention I heard from Young Prince Huangfu that so long as we complete the mission, each of us will be able to obtain three million Nascent Condensation Pills! For the sake of this wealth, we can only go all out. What do all of you think?”

Three million Nascent Condensation Pills!

The eyes of the others lit up and were greatly moved in their hearts, and then the hesitation on their faces were completely wiped clean as they rubbed their palms together and became excited.

As the saying goes, men die in the pursuit of wealth just like birds die in the pursuit of food.

The amount of benefit available determined how many people one could urge to risk their lives and bleed for one’s sake.

This scene was precisely like this. These disciples that came from the Wise King’s Estate, the Whitecrane Sect, the Earthly Heaven Sect, the Nine Cauldrons Immortal Sect, the Dragonshark Isle, and the Skycave Mountain had already aroused killing intent towards Chen Xi for the sake of a reward of three million Nascent Condensation Pills! 

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