Chapter 370 – Ascension Peak

Chen Xi didn’t take long to register himself with the Darchu Soulguard because when he arrived there, there wasn’t a single person lined up, and it was even to the extent that they were intending to close the registration point.

When they saw Chen Xi arriving late, all the members of the Darchu Soulguard had strange expressions. Isn’t this fellow too calm? It’s already a time like this, yet he’s only thinking of coming to register himself now?

Chen Xi could only laugh bitterly without end as well, and then he hurriedly measured his bone age and cultivation before leaving hastily.

Swoosh! His figure flashed through the sky, and Chen Xi didn’t dare dally any longer and flew swiftly towards the Ascension Peak in midair.

“He has finally set out, and it isn’t too late. With Chen Xi’s current strength, so long as nothing unexpected happens, then he’ll be completely capable of ascending the peak of the mountain.” Daoist Wen Xuan’s mood eased up when he saw Chen Xi’s figure from afar, and he spoke with a smile on his face.

“Indeed. Chen Xi always brings a string of pleasant surprises to everyone, and the end of every single person that underestimates him will be extremely tragic. What do you think, Big Sister Yan Yan?” Yun Na’s eyes glistened brightly as she spoke with excitement.

Yan Yan shrugged and said helplessly, “You’ve already said everything I want to say, so what more can I say?”

“I know Big Brother Chen Xi will surely be able to succeed!” Mu Wenfei clenched his fists tightly and spoke with a firm expression. In his heart, Chen Xi had always been the idol he admired the most.

When Mu Yao saw her younger brother like this, she started to laugh as well, and her laughter was like a silver bell, clear and melodious.

Fei Lengcui embraced little Chen Yu as she watched this scene with a smile, and unrestrainable pride gushed out from her heart. With Big Brother’s presence, why would the Chen Clan worry about being unable to build a clan that lasts eternally?

Ya Qing frowned instead as she said, “With Chen Xi’s strength, he’s indeed able to easily ascend the peak. But I’m afraid some people will obstruct his path, as many of his enemies are participating in the Allstar meeting.”

Everyone was stunned in unison when they heard this, and then their expressions became heavy. They didn’t say anything more as they looked towards Ascension Peak in unison.

Ya Qing was very right. Most of the formidable figures that were participating in the Allstar Meeting this time had great enmity with Chen Xi, like Huangfu Chongming, Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, and the others.

All of these people were renowned existences and possessed strengths that couldn’t be underestimated. If it was a one on one battle, then perhaps they wouldn’t be a match for Chen Xi, but if they joined forces, then it would be an extremely bad development.

Meanwhile, most of the cultivators that were participating in the Allstar Meeting had already broken through the divine light barrier and entered Ascension Peak, but there were still a portion of people that were blocked outside the divine light barrier.

This group of people were around 1,000 in number. All of them wore distressed expressions as they spared no effort to attack the divine light barrier with the hope of being able to break open a path to enter Ascension Peak.

After flying up to midair, Chen Xi’s speed didn’t reduce as he charged directly towards the divine light barrier as if he took the barrier to be nothing. This action instantly caused some of the participants to sneer endlessly, and they wanted to see how Chen Xi would embarrass himself.

After all, practically all the people that possessed the strength to break open the divine light barrier had already done so and entered Ascension Peak. The reason the remaining people hadn’t entered until now was because their strengths were insufficient and were obstructed by the barrier.

In their eyes, Chen Xi similarly belonged amongst these people.

However, what caused a chill to run down their spine was that Chen Xi seemed like a phantom that easily passed through the divine light barrier as if the defense of the barrier utterly didn’t exist, and he didn’t suffer any attack on the way!

“I’m not seeing things, right? He directly passed through? He didn’t even make a move!”

“Hiss! Could it be that his body isn’t material? Or have I seen a fucking ghost?”

“AH! I remember now! No wonder this fellow looked so familiar, he’s Chen Xi!”

Wen Xuan and the others were similarly surprised to the extreme. Of course, it wasn’t just them who were surprised, there were many people amongst the surrounding spectators who were surprised as well because they didn’t notice anything different about Chen Xi earlier. After all, at a time like this, the experts had already entered into Ascension Peak, and the remaining people obviously possessed slightly inferior strengths.

Under these circumstances, Chen Xi being able to easily enter the divine light barrier naturally drew the attention of everyone present. Of course, his identity was recognized by many people as well.

“Hmph! He’s just seeking the limelight by doing something sensational! He’ll know what’s called danger after he enters Ascension Peak!” There were also some people that disliked Chen Xi and laughed coldly without end.

Chen Xi didn’t know all this. After he entered the divine light barrier, he’d arrived at an unusual world. In merely an instant, he sensed dense spirit energy that was countless times denser that the outside world, and it was simply on the verge of condensing into liquid.

If I cultivate here every single day, it would surely be able to bring forth double the result… Hmm? This place seems to be different than the outside world. It seems to have formed into a small world of its own? Chen Xi’s gaze swept the surroundings and noticed a clear and limpid lake that was coiled by strands of spirit energy, around it was luxuriant plants and an expanse covered in spirit vines, causing it to seem like an immortal paradise.

In the distance was the extremely lofty Ascension Peak that was coiled by a myriad of rosy lights.

Moreover, he was utterly incapable of seeing anything in the outside world, and it seemed as if he was forcefully isolated from it by a shapeless force. 

Of course, Chen Xi didn’t know that even though he wasn’t capable of seeing the outside world from here, the outside world was able to see everything here extremely clearly. But the scenes they were able to see were extremely limited, and they could only clearly see everything that happened on Ascension Peak

As for the lake, spirit vines, trees, ground… The outside world was unable to see all of it.

This was the miraculousness of the Ascension Peak. This peak that had existed in history for a time even longer than Silken City was filled with countless Dao Insights, and every single corner of it emitted mysteriousness.

Hmm? Chen Xi seemed to have noticed something, and a trace of coldness arose on the corners of his mouth. His figure suddenly moved without the slightest sign, yet he didn’t flash towards Ascension Peak but turned around to instantly arrive before a large tree 300m away, and then he struck out with his fist.


A sound of cracking resounded out as the large tree shattered into powder, and then a figure swiftly shot out explosively to strike towards Chen Xi. But Chen Xi’s right hand struck out to tightly choke the figure’s throat, causing the figure to not dare make another rash move.

This was a grey robed young man, and he was looked at Chen Xi with terror in his eyes at this moment and seemed to be puzzled about how Chen Xi had noticed him. After all, his aura restraining technique was something that even a Rebirth Realm cultivator would find difficult to notice!

“Tell me who made you wait here and I can spare your life,” said Chen Xi with a cold voice.

Since entering this place, Chen Xi’s Divine Sense had spread out with the Rippling Echo technique. So even though this grey clothed young man’s aura restraining technique was extraordinary, it was incapable of escaping his search and was instantly noticed by him.

Originally, he didn’t care much about it, but he noticed a trace of killing intent within the eyes of the grey clothed young man that was looking at him, and that was the reason why he attacked fiercely without holding back in the slightest.

“Don’t even try crushing your jade token. I have sufficient time to kill you before you leave this place,” said Chen Xi indifferently. He’d noticed that the grey clothed young man’s right hand had moved imperceptibly, and he instantly understood the young man’s intentions.

The jade token obtained from the Darchu Soulguard after registration possessed the ability of teleportation. When a participant encounters danger, then so long as the participant crushed the jade token, the participant would be teleported to the outside world.

The face of the grey clothed young man instantly dimmed, and he said with a tone of despair, “I’ve already been noticed by you, so do I still have a path of survival? Kill me, cut me up, do as you wish. But, I want to tell you that even if you kill me, you won’t be able to arrive at the peak of Ascension Peak!”


Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to directly crush this person’s throat, and then he found a storage pouch from the corpse and briefly sized it up before instantly understanding everything.

The storage pouch only contained a top-grade earth-rank sword, over 100,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, and a jade token.

The most important item was this jade token. Shockingly, written upon it was the words Zhao Wu, Central Plains, Earthly Heaven Sect, advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and other information. After seeing this, how could Chen Xi not know who was acting against him?

“They really refuse to give up their evil ambition! It’s about time to resolve this enmity that started in the Oceanic Desert…” Chen Xi briefly pondered for a moment and couldn’t be bothered to spare a glance to the corpse on the floor before leaping off swiftly towards the distance.

The Allstar Meeting was a place of glory where the younger generation in the world made a name for themselves, and it was also an extremely brutal competition. Even though one could be teleported to the outside world by relying on the jade token, yet death couldn’t be avoided from happening.

This happened frequently in the past Allstar Meetings, so Chen Xi didn’t have to worry about violating the rules of the competition by killing people.

All along the way, Chen Xi relied on the Rippling Echo technique to once again notice some cultivators that held malicious intent towards him. They were either alone, or in groups of two or three, and those who were capable of breaking through the divine light barrier and entering this place had cultivations that could be said to be formidable in the outside world. But in the end, they all perished at his hand without exception.

It could be noticed from the jade tokens in the possession of these people that they were from the Earthly Heaven Sect, Nine Cauldron Immortal Sect, Wise King’s Estate, Dragonshark Isle, etc. This allowed Chen Xi to be even more certain that this was an operation of revenge towards him by the joint forces of many powers!

Very good! Those that were able to enter Ascension Peak are presumably extremely outstanding disciples in these sects, and they possess enormous potential. If I’m able to kill all of them in one fell swoop, then even though I’ll be unable to injure them to the bone, they can’t avoid being injured greatly. Chen Xi’s expression was icy cold and indifferent, and his mind concentrated to a high degree, causing him to seem as if he’d transformed into an executioner that killed without batting an eyelid. He eliminated the numerous enemies that lay in ambush on the way as he flashed towards Ascension Peak.

Some cultivators noticed that something was amiss long ago and intended to escape, but they were still intercepted and killed by Chen Xi without the slightest hesitation. His success couldn’t do without the combination of the Starsky Wings, as it allowed him to occupy an exceptional advantage in terms of speed.

But even then, there were still some that escaped. He couldn’t do anything about it, as they’d crushed their jade tokens extremely decisively and directly gave up on the competition, causing Chen Xi to be helpless as well.

Up until the moment he arrived at the base of Ascension Peak, Chen Xi had already seized 27 jade tokens, and through this, he’d also obtained almost three million Nascent Condensation Pills and a pile of earth-rank Magic Treasures at the same time.

These cultivators were Core Disciples that were the focus of fostering in the various sects. They were young, possessed enormous potential, and extraordinary natural talent, so the wealth they possessed was naturally rather considerable.

Now all of it had become Chen Xi’s.

What shocking energy of Dao Insights! As he stood beneath Ascension Peak, Chen Xi raised his head to look up and briefly size it up, and indescribable shock instantly arose in his heart. 

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