Chapter 369 – Drawing The Curtains

The world of stars.

Ji Yu stood with his hands behind his back, and his gaze were deep and profound as he looked towards the tall figure that sat cross-legged in the distance.

Just moments ago, Chen Xi had entered the world of stars and only chatted with him for a short moment before starting to sit cross-legged in meditation, and from the beginning until the end, Chen Xi remained silent, as if he was comprehending something.

Actually, as far as Ji Yu was concerned, the strength Chen Xi possessed now was comparable to some peerless and monstrous geniuses of the primordial era, and it was even slightly more formidable than infant Ancient Fiendgods.

Possessing this level of strength allowed one to completely be able to be ranked at the peak amongst cultivators with the same cultivation!

But… He seemed to be unsatisfied?

Ji Yu didn’t disturb Chen Xi and just silently looked at him like this.

“Merciless Fire and Water!” After a long time, Chen Xi stood up abruptly and struck out with a simple fist, and its speed was extremely slow, yet emanated a feeling as if there was nowhere to flee.

It seemed as if the boundless world and everything within it were locked onto by this punch.


This extremely ordinary punch could even be described as simple and unadorned, and everywhere it passed, the space in the surroundings of the fist shattered inch by inch and fluttered about in disorder.

At practically the exact same time, a terrifying energy that was filled with the intent to obliterate everything blasted out from the fist with a bang, and then it transformed into two streams of air. One was vast and surging, and it contained Water Dao Insight; the other was violent and raging, and it contained Fire Dao Insight. They were like a water and a fire dragon that collided with each other as they whistled out.


Suddenly, an enormous rip appeared in the sky, and it was 3km in length! When looked at from afar, it was as if a void passageway had been opened up in space, and it emitted an aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

This was the first move of the Grand Obliteration First, Earthly Obliteration, but it was executed by Chen Xi by utilizing the Fire and Water Dao Insights, so it was just renamed by him.

A really good fist technique! But the strength exerted by this strike seems to not be the true might of this fist technique… Ji Yu’s eyes constricted, and then he suddenly came to an understanding. With his discerning ability, he was naturally able to discern that Chen Xi had only drawn support from the technique of utilizing Dao Insights from this fist technique and had not utilized the Dao Insight possessed by this fist technique.

But even then, the might of this strike was still exceedingly formidable. The two Dao Insights of Fire and Water were two types of energies that occupied two extremes, and they rejected each other. So this strike’s ability of releasing the Dao Insights of Fire and Water using a special method, causing the concept of it to be so ingenious that it could be said to be incomparably amazing.

Only a great figure that possessed great wisdom would be able to create a martial technique like this.

“Chaotic Obliteration!” Chen Xi’s figure moved once more like a dragon suddenly leaving its lair as he flashed through the sky in an imposing manner, and a force that caused one’s heart to palpitate was condensing on his fist.

One black and the other white, two types of energies shrouded his fist as if two worlds were being developed. One world had the heavens below and the earth atop, and it seemed as if it was an overturned world. The other world was extremely normal, yet all the beings in the world were overturned, their heads were on the ground while their feet in the sky.

With just a single glance from afar, it caused others to have an awful feeling to the point of wanting to spit blood.


The fist that contained two types of completely overturned and entirely repulsive energies finally exploded out with a bang. Instantly, the world was overturned, Yin and Yang was in chaos, and the boundless space was blasted to the point of being utterly shattered and falling into great chaos.

But this strike hadn’t been completely struck out and the energy within it hadn’t been completely released when Chen Xi’s body staggered instantly as his face went pale, and he almost fell to the ground.

This won’t do. I’m still slightly lacking. The Dao Insights of Yin and Yang are too strong, and if I’m unable to completely grasp the essence of this strike, then not only would I be unable to bring forth its might, it would probably injure me… But where exactly have I gone wrong? Chen Xi took a deep breath as he frowned and contemplated deeply. He carefully recalled every single detail when he struck out earlier, and he fell completely into a dazed state.

“The energy of Yin and Yang are the two strongest Dao Insights amongst the quintessence energies. If you’re able to fuse them in a single fist, it might be greatly beneficial to your comprehension of the Grand Daos of Yin and Yang in the future.” Ji Yu nodded slightly when he saw this, and then he turned and left.

He was going to help Ling Bai repair his body. Since fusing the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit into Ling Bai’s body, the little fellow’s consciousness had fallen into a comatose state, and he was unable to awaken for a long time.

On one hand, it was because Ling Bai was a strand of sword soul and wasn’t contained within the five elements. So if he wanted to change into a different body, it was much more difficult than any other living being in the heavens and the earth.

On the other hand, because Ling Bai had sacrificed his own vitality on two occasions, it had caused great consumption to his body. After he fused with the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit, he’d only changed into a different body, yet if he wanted to recover the essence of his vitality, it wasn’t something that could be recovered in a short period of time.

But Ji Yu was extremely sure that on the day Ling Bai awoke, Ling Bai’s strength would surely reveal an explosive increase at a terrifying speed, and combined with the Goldsoul Body, Ling Bai’s strength would probably be slightly more formidable than Chen Xi at that time.

Ji Yu extremely anticipated the arrival of that day.



Ten days later, a dazzling divine light soared up into the sky above Silken City, and it was superficial and obscure. Subsequently, a dragon roar that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out as a myriad of rays of lights shot out.

Everyone in Silken City was alarmed. They felt as if a divine dragon had awoken from its slumber in the ground beneath their feet, and it opened its eyes that were covered in dust for countless years and roared proudly in all directions, causing the winds and the clouds to shake.

For a time, a variety of phenomenon appeared in the sky above Silken City. Lightning crisscrossed each other, thunder rumbled, divine lights suffused the sky, and dragon roars charged straight into the nine heavens.

“It has come! The Ascension Peak is about to appear! The curtains of the Allstar Meeting are about to be drawn!” All the figures of the older generation within the city opened their eyes and had extremely excited expressions.

The sky in Silken City was originally completely empty, yet a blurred image that was like a mountain range was rising at this moment, and it was faintly visible.

The Ascension Peak was a mountain that was almost like a miracle, and the history of its existence couldn’t be studied any longer. Supposedly, it already existed before Silken City was constructed, and it was exceedingly ancient.

This mountain was almost 300km in height and full of boundless Dao Insight, and it practically covered all the Grand Daos and Minor Daos in the heavens and the earth.

When cultivators walked on it, if their cultivation in Dao Insight wasn’t sufficient, then they would be instantly blasted off the mountain.

Even if it was one with a deep cultivation of Dao Insights, it was extremely difficult to ascend the peak of the mountain, and it was no different to the difficulty of an ordinary person climbing a 300km cliff with their bare hands.

It was precisely because of this that Ascension Peak had become the first test in the Allstar Meeting, and the participating experts of the younger generation had to arrive at the peak to be considered to have passed the first test.


In the sky above Silken Palace that was in the extreme distance, a white light abruptly charged up and arrived directly at the horizon before transforming into an extremely blurred and stalwart figure. The figure’s appearance couldn’t be seen clearly, but the ancient and desolate aura emitted by the figure caused the heavens and the earth to tremble.

“The Lord Artifact Spirit of Silken Palace! After a hundred years, his aura has become even more terrifying. With him presiding over the Allstar Meeting, would anyone in the heavens and the earth dare cause trouble?”

The figures of the older generation cried out in admiration without end, and then they sent voice transmissions to the juniors by their side. “Be sure to remember that when you ascend the Ascension Peak, you must be careful. Besides resisting the Dao Insight energies of the mountain itself, you have to watch out for others. In the previous Allstar Meetings, there were some geniuses with good cultivations that were forced off the mountain and left with hatred in their hearts. You must be careful to guard against this.”


The true appearance of the Ascension Peak was finally revealed in the heavens and the earth. This was an ancient, solitary, vast, and extremely lofty mountain, it was completely pitch black and emitted divine lights of a myriad of colors from its surface.

Those divine lights of a myriad of colors were emitted from the various Dao Insights like wind, water, earth, fire, Yin, Yang, lightning, mountain, marsh, solar, lunar, and just by looking at it from afar, it caused one to be shocked and be unable to control themselves.

At the instant the Ascension Peak came into the world, the entire Silken City was in disorder as all the people in the city were moving about. All the experts of the younger generation from the northern barbaric lands, southern territory, eastern sea, and central plains had formed into streaks that swiftly charged towards the Ascension Peak that floated in midair.

Those people that didn’t have the qualifications to participate in the Allstar Meeting had taken action as well, and they seized locations that were beneficial to watch the competition and stood in a dense mass around the Ascension Peak.

These people had come here this time for the sake of either cheering for their loved ones, sending their disciples to gain experience and tempering, or purely for the sake of witnessing the graceful bearing of the experts of the younger generation.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Changtian and the others charged up first with the other people following close behind them, and they were like a dense expanse of locusts that were over 2,000 in number. This was an extremely magnificent scene.

The foot of Ascension Peak was enveloped by a layer of divine light barrier.

This divine light barrier was roughly compared to the defense of an advanced-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator, and only by relying on one’s own strength to break apart this layer of divine light barrier would one be able to step foot on Ascension Peak and climb towards its peak.


A large hole was broken apart on the divine light barrier, and then Qing Xiuyi and the others extremely easily passed through before their figures vanished without a trace.

“Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, Xue Chen… They’re actually moving together. Could it be that they’ve already formed an alliance to avoid encountering any mishaps on the Ascension Peak and being forced out?”

“It’s surely like that. These genius experts are all proud and arrogant, and they can’t bear the sight of each other. Moreover, most of them have some conflicts and disputes between each other. So some friction arising between each other is sure to happen while ascending the Ascension Peak.”

“Haha, only in this way would it be interesting!”

“It’s extremely brutal as well. There are an entire 50,000 people participating in the Allstar Meeting this time, and merely this barrier, the Ascension Peak, would be able to eliminate 40% of the participants!” 

At this moment, the entire Silken City had fallen into clamorous discussion.

At the corner of the crowd, Wen Xuan frowned and spoke with slight anxiousness. “Has Chen Xi still not come yet?”

Mu Yao, Mu Wenfei, Yan Yan, Yun Na, and Fei Lengcui looked at each other, and they couldn’t wrap their heads around why Chen Xi still hadn’t made an appearance.

Ya Qing shook her head and laughed bitterly. “Since he went into closed door cultivation that day, there hasn’t been any sign of movement within that room. Alas, that fellow is really something. He hasn’t even gone to register himself with the Darchu Soulguard and obtained the Participant’s Jade Token. Without the jade token, don’t even dream about entering the Ascension Peak.”

“Mother, look! Uncle has arrived!” Little Chen Yu had always been searching in all directions with his eyes that were opened wide, and he instantly cried out with a clear voice when he saw Chen Xi’s tall figure appear.

Everyone raised their eyes to look over and saw a tall and handsome young man in azure clothes flashing over towards them, and wasn’t it precisely Chen Xi?

“Sorry, I’m slightly late.” Chen Xi spoke with a slightly apologetic tone after arriving before everyone in the blink of an eye. During these past few days, he’d always been comprehending the move, Chaotic Obliteration, and unknowingly, he’s actually forgotten the time. If it wasn’t for Ji Yu reminding him, he’d almost missed an important event.

“Cut the crap, quickly come with me to register yourself with the Darchu Soulguard! If you’re late, then you won’t even have the qualifications to participate in the competition!” Ya Qing glared at Chen Xi before swiftly pulling Chen Xi’s hand and charging towards the distance.

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