Chapter 367 – Experts Converge

Brilliant divine lights that seemed to be emitted by a god enveloped Silken City, and they exuded supreme power and might.

During the recent period of time, the entire Silken City had become more and more bustling as the various top sects and ancient clans had sent geniuses over with the intention of participating in the Allstar Meeting.

All of these young geniuses were extremely shocking. They possessed ages below 30, their cultivations had attained the Golden Core Realm, and they were experts that were ranked at the top in their respective sect.

They were bound to be the owners of this lands in the future, they would control the sects and clans in the world!

“Look, quickly. That young man that’s wearing a pale blue Daoist Robe and a feathered crown in the shape of the Merak star. Could he be the peerless genius of Merak Pavilion — Zhao Qinghe?”

“Eh, that person seems to be the eastern sea’s Dragonshark Isle’s Liu Fengchi. Royal blue clothes, a jade colored and wavy silk sash, and a saber that has a sheath that looks like a shark swallowing the saber. This had always been his style of dressing.”

“Xiao Linger! That woman is surely the Nine Cauldrons Immortal Sect’s Xiao Linger! A luxurious dress that’s like flames, a graceful and delicate figure, and beautiful features. Who else could it be?”

At this moment, most of the genius experts of the younger generation had already arrived at Silken City, and they could be frequently seen on the bustling and vast streets. Even though they’d only appeared briefly, many people recognized them with a single glance, and they instantly resounded with a wave of exclamations of admiration.

There were very few and practically none that were able to recognize Chen Xi. At least, up until now, no one had recognized this outstanding genius from the younger generation of the southern territory.

Coupled with him being together with three peerlessly beautiful women that drew the eyes of countless people, he seemed to be dim and lusterless, and he was directly overlooked by everyone.

As he heard the numerous exclamations all along the way, Wang Zhenfeng anticipated the moment someone would recognize him as well, and then it would cause a great stir. But unfortunately, up until now, this stir hadn’t arrived yet…

This caused him to be extremely displeased. As the Junior Marquis of the Thunder Marquis Estate, he was a figure that was known to every household in Thunder City. Yet now, he’d arrived at Silken City, but had become a bystander that no one paid any attention to, and this was too wounding of his pride.

There was nothing that could be done about it. There were too many geniuses and outstanding talents in Silken City, and those that could be recognized were young experts that were long since renowned in the world and not someone who was only renowned in a certain area.

But in next to no time, Wang Zhenfeng felt at ease. Because he noticed that such a formidable figure like Chen Xi actually hadn’t been recognized at all up until now. How could he still feel displeased when compared with Chen Xi?

Nine Dragon Sacrificial Altar.

When Chen Xi and the others arrived here, it was surging with streams of people, and it was surrounded to the point even a drop of water couldn’t leak through.

The old and worn out Nine Dragon Sacrificial Altar had experienced the transition of countless years. Presently, only an enormous black colored stone remained and the other parts of it couldn’t be found any longer, and one could only faintly see some dark gold colored bloodstains on the surface of the stone.

But even though this sacrificial altar was old and worn out, it emitted an ancient aura that shook the heart and soul, and it faintly contained a strand baleful qi that caused the heavens and the earth to tremble. So even though many people were crowded around here, no one dared to go too close, nor did they dare search if any profundity was concealed within it.

“My ears are getting sore from listening to the topics of Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Changtian, and the others all the time. It’s truly boring.” A young man sighed with emotion.

“That’s because you’re ignorant. Presently, who doesn’t know that an extremely dazzling sword cultivator has appeared in the southern territory? Not only did he obtain the one and only 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting, he even survived the assassination of the Blacksun Pavilion. Is such a figure still unable to compare with those experts of the younger generation that have become renowned long ago?” Someone spoke with disdain.

“I heard of it as well. That young man seems to be called Chen Xi, and he possesses an extremely formidable strength. He’ll absolutely be a dark horse if he participates in the Allstar Meeting!” Someone chimed in and sighed with emotion.

“Is he very famous? Why don’t I capture him to become a slave of mine? A remote and poor corner like the southern territory doesn’t have any great powers, so he presumably doesn’t have any shocking identity. Staying by my side to be my slave wouldn’t be a waste of his talent.” A young man that had violet hair, narrow eyes, wore a luxurious robe, and could be discerned to be from a rich and powerful sect spoke out slowly.

“No one fight me! Dammit! You humans take my demon race as slaves, now I’ll fucking take one of your human geniuses as a slave. Since all of you have said he’s formidable, then I’ll choose him!” Right at this moment, a sharp voice resounded out and pierced the ears of everyone to the point of buzzing. A completely crimson red Flamist Sparrow that was covered in flowing flames appeared suddenly like a bolt of crimson lightning. At the instant it appeared, flames surged to taint the heavens and the earth, and its overbearing and terrifying aura awed the hearts of all.

“Flamist Sparrow! It’s actually a descendent of a primordial flying beast! It’s only at a young age, yet possesses such a terrifying aura. This indicates that its bloodline is quite pure and its achievements in the future would be immeasurable.” An old man that passed by exclaimed with admiration, and he was the Master of a sect.

A demon beast daring to boldly appear in a mass of humans proved that there was an extremely terrifying power backing it up, otherwise it would have been captured and tamed long ago.

In the previous Allstar Meetings, there were no lack of demon cultivators participating in it. Moreover, there were some demon cultivators that had subdued human experts to become their slaves in history, so the Flamist Sparrow speaking like this didn’t cause public wrath.

“This stupid bird is really asking for a beating. If I knew earlier, I’d have plucked off all his feathers. Let me see how he would dare be complacent after that.” Chen Xi was both angry and amused when he saw this scene.

Ya Qing and the others chuckled in succession. This Flamist Sparrow obviously didn’t know who Chen Xi is, otherwise he wouldn’t dare speak like that no matter what.

“Idiot! If you want to fight Chen Xi, then get through me first!”

“Hmph! Demons really have an exaggerated opinion of their ability. You want to fight Chen Xi? I, the Brightray Sect’s Wang Daoxu will be the first to not allow it!”

“Feathered animal, you’re rather interesting. It wouldn’t be bad to capture you to be my pet before I defeat Chen Xi.”

Right when everyone was surprised by the Flamist Sparrow’s arrogance, three voices that came from different directions sounded out at practically the exact same time, and then three figures had already torn through the sky towards the Flamist Sparrow.

The movement techniques of the three people were agile and swift like a bolt of lightning, causing them to arrive at almost the exact same time. At the instant they descended to the ground, they were instantly recognized by everyone that was present at the scene.

“The eastern sea’s Jadepool Celestial Isle’s Hua Mobei!”

“The Brightray Sect’s Wang Daoxu!”

“The Zhou Clan’s Fourth Young Master!”

Everyone was instantly in an uproar. Never had they imagined that these three people would actually do the same thing without prior discussing to suppress the arrogance of this Flamist Sparrow for the sake of Chen Xi.

Chen Xi never imagined that this scene would appear as well, and he couldn’t help but rub his nose and say to himself. I never imagined that after parting ways in the Goldlake Meeting, all these people still remember me.

“Hmph! There are actually people standing up for Chen Xi. They’re truly foolish!” In the distant crowd, Lin Moxuan who wore black clothes laughed coldly without end. Shockingly, the Nine Cauldron Immortal Sect’s Xiao Linger, the Dragonshark Isle’s Liu Fengchi, and the Skycave Mountain’s Man Hong were by his side.

All these people had suffered a great loss at Chen Xi’s hands in the depths of the Oceanic Desert, so they naturally felt extreme disdain when they saw this scene, and they’d even decided that if they had a chance to meet Chen Xi in the Allstar Meeting this time, then they would surely bash Chen Xi properly!

“That young man is Chen Xi?” In a corner of the crowd, Huangfu Changtian stood with his hands behind his back as he asked indifferently.

“Yes.” Huangfu Chongming replied with an expressionless face, and he was truly unwilling to mention this detestable fellow before his older brother.

“He was able to escape the encirclement of you, Qing Xiuyi, and the others in the Oceanic Desert, obtain 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting, and even survive the Blacksun Pavilion’s assassination. This kid’s strength really can’t be underestimated.” Huangfu Changtian evaluated, and then a wisp of a cold and grim expression suffused his eyes as he said indifferently. “Father spent a great amount, yet was helpless against him, and it’s all because of the difference in status between them was too wide and being afraid of offending the Violet Thistle Bai Clan. But all this doesn’t affect me in the slightest. I’ll make him obediently hand everything over in the Allstar Meeting this time.”

“Eldest Senior Sister, no matter what, you must give that kid a fierce beating during the Allstar Meeting this time, and it’s best if you cripple his cultivation!” In an extremely far away restaurant was two men and a woman seated at a table by the window, and it was Qing Xiuyi, Pei Zhong, and Xue Chen.

The person that spoke was Xue Chen, and he could be said to hate Chen Xi to the bone. Not only did Chen Xi seize a Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat Inner Core from him, his Magic Treasure was forcefully seized by Chen Xi in the Oceanic Desert. Suffering successive losses at the hands of Chen Xi caused the hatred in his heart to obviously be exceedingly deep.

Qing Xiuyi covered her face with a sheer cloth, causing others to be unable to see her appearance clearly, she wore a plain dress, and she had a delicate and tall figure. She just turned the crystalline and translucent wine cup in her hand and didn’t say anything when she heard this.

“Eldest Senior Sister. Could it be that you’re able to swallow the resentment from all those years ago?” When he saw her remain silent, Pei Zhong couldn’t help but speak out from the side.

Qing Xiuyi stood up abruptly and glanced towards the Nine Dragon Sacrificial Altar in the extreme distance before slightly stopping on the tall figure in the crowd, and then she withdrew her gaze and said indifferently. “There’s no need for all of you to say anything further. I naturally know what to do.” As soon as she finished speaking, she’d already left trippingly.

Pei Zhong and Xue Chen looked at each other and felt that their Eldest Senior Sister’s attitude seemed to be slightly strange.

In the crown, Chen Xi seemed to have noticed something and glanced towards the restaurant in the extreme distance, and he just happened to see an agile figure flash before his eyes and vanish.

Could it be that it was her? Chen Xi was stunned, and he was already almost 80% sure that the figure from before was probably Qing Xiuyi.

“Dammit! You're all going to join up and bully me again. I’m not fucking playing with all of you anymore. I’ll wait to fiercely bash up all of you shameless humans during the Allstar Meeting!” Right at this moment, the Flamist Sparrow let out a sharp cry and shouted out before its figure transformed into a wisp of crimson lightning that swiftly vanished without a trace, and its speed was swift beyond compare.

Everyone felt extremely amused when they saw this. This Flamist Sparrow has a terrible mouth, but has an extremely intelligent mind. It knows that two fists are unable to go against four, so he fled decisively.

After this incident, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to stay here any longer, and he just intended to leave when a clear voice suddenly sounded out by his ears. “Uncle!”

Chen Xi’s figure froze as he turned around swiftly, and he saw that at the side of the distant street was Fei Lengcui holding little Chen Yu in her arms while they both waved at him. Besides that, Daoist Wen Xuan, the Profound-vision Old Turtle King, the Nine-tailed Fox King, and the other members of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect were behind her.

Moreover, Du Qingxi, Duanmu Ze, and Song Lin were shockingly amongst them.

Instantly, Chen Xi was stunned when he saw so many familiar faces that he hadn’t seen for a long time.

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