Chapter 366 – Nine Dragon Sacrificial Altar

Everyone let out a wave of exclamations of admiration when they found out that young woman from before was Huangfu Qingying.

“I wonder how Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing looked like. I truly can’t wait to see them.” Wang Zhenfeng shook back and forth with a yearning expression.

Ya Qing glanced at Chen Xi with a strange gaze and said, “I don’t know about Qing Xiuyi, but I’ve met Zhen Liuqing. Mmm, she’s very good friends with Chen Xi.”

Instantly, both Yun Na and Yan Yan were slightly dazed. Zhen Liuqing is a good friend of Chen Xi’s? Isn’t this fellow’s fate with women too good?

Even Wang Zhenfeng revealed an expression of envy.

Chen Xi didn’t think anything of it and shook his head. “Once the Allstar Meeting begins, all of you will surely be able to see Miss Zhen, and she isn’t as mysterious as all of you imagine. Even Qing Xiuyi…isn’t as sacred and inviolable like all of you imagine.”

Want Zhenfeng instantly said with shock, “You’ve seen Qing Xiuyi as well? Could it be that the both of you are good friends as well?”

Chen Xi frowned and slightly regretted mentioning this young woman that caused the feelings in his heart to be extremely entangled.

“Let’s go see the place we’re staying in. We’ve already journeyed for an entire day, so let’s rest first before doing anything else.” When she saw Chen Xi wasn’t willing to mention Qing Xiuyi, Ya Qing laughed right away and helped him out of the predicament.

In a small courtyard.

The small courtyard was quiet and clean, and it even possessed fairly complete facilities like a pill refinement chamber and equipment refinement chamber. 

Chen Xi briefly sized up his residence and felt extremely pleased. There was less than half a month of time before the Allstar Meeting, and it was really not bad that he was able to obtain such a quiet place to cultivate with concentration.

Right, it’s time to let Mu Kui out as I’m already in Silken City now. Not to mention an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, even a Heavenly Immortal Realm expert would probably not dare commit crimes, so I don’t have to worry about any danger appearing. Chen Xi thought in his heart and recalled Mu Kui who was still within the Buddha’s Pagoda.


A ray of light flashed and Mu Kui had already appeared within the room, and he sized his surroundings up with slight bewilderment. When he saw Chen Xi, he suddenly became excited and bowed as he said, “Master, you’ve finally let me out. Otherwise, I’d surely be bored to death in there.”

“You’ve advanced to the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm?” Chen Xi nodded and noticed to his shock that the aura emitted from Mu Kui’s body seemed to be much stronger. Besides that, Mu Kui’s eyes glowed brightly, and he possessed a heavy bearing.

Obviously, Mu Kui had always been cultivating bitterly without dallying in the slightest during this period of time in the Buddha’s Pagoda. Otherwise, he would absolutely not be able to advance in cultivation by a stage in this short period of less than half a year.

“Yes.” Mu Kui scratched his head and chuckled endlessly. Being able to leave the Buddha’s Pagoda and see Chen Xi once more had obviously caused him to be exceedingly happy.

Chen Xi was able to understand Mu Kui’s feelings, and his heart couldn’t help but feel warm as he said with a smile, “This is Silken City. We’ll go tour the city tomorrow and see how flourishing this magnificent Capital is.”

“Silken City?!” Mu Kui said with great delight. “Based on the time, the Allstar Meeting is about to begin. At this moment, Silken City is probably already filled with seas of people and experts that are numerous like the clouds.”

Chen Xi smiled, and then his brows raised as he seemed to have thought of something. He hurriedly raised his hand and made a gesture, causing a while light to flash into appearance, and then the palm sized Bai Kui who possessed snow white and fluffy fur and was like a small white colored lion appeared within the room.

After he entered the cultivation world of the central plains, Bai Kui had already been kept within the Buddha’s Pagoda, and it had already been almost an entire year since then. If it wasn’t for Mu Kui, Chen Xi would have almost forgotten this little fellow.

“Aowu!” As soon as Bai Kui appeared, he glared and showed his teeth at Chen Xi while howling, and his clear and pitch black eyes were filled with resentment, causing Chen Xi to feel extremely guilty in his heart.

He hurriedly withdrew a large pile of treasures that were coiled with the aura of treasures. They were Magic Treasures plundered from his enemies, spirit herbs he’d gathered in Gloom Forest, spirit materials… He placed all of them before the little fellow.

Sure enough, when he saw so many treasures, Bai Kui’s eyes suddenly glowed as drool flowed down his mouth, and then he pounced towards the pile of treasures and started gulping down with large mouthfuls while stretching out his claw to make a cooking gesture to Chen Xi. It seemed as if he was saying. ‘Make me another sumptuous meal and I’ll forgive your offence.’

Chen Xi naturally couldn’t refuse. He picked a few tens of types of spirit materials Bai Kui loved eating the most from within the Buddha’s Pagoda before setting up the wok and cutting board, and then he started cooking.

In next to no time, a tempting fragrance suffused the entire room and drifted out to the entire courtyard.

“Oh, so fragrant!”

“It’s surely Chen Xi’s who’s cooking. I and Big Sister Yan Yan have tried his cooking, and it’s even more tasty than a spirit chef.”

“Yes. Even though he isn’t such a good person, the dishes he cooks are tasty indeed.”

“What? Brother Chen knows how to cook as well? My god! Could it be that he relied on his culinary skills to obtain the hearts of so many beauties?”

Ya Qing, Yun Na, Yan Yan, and Wang Zhenfeng’s voices sounded out from outside the courtyard, and they seemed to have been drawn by the tempting fragrance that overflowed from the courtyard and let out a wave of praise.

Chen Xi was stunned. We’ve just split up not long ago, so why have they gathered together again? Even though he thought like this, he still opened to door and welcomed them in.

As soon as they entered the room, Ya Qing was instantly drawn by the delicacies on the table, and her eyes were bright and glittering as she praised. “What a sumptuous table of delicacies. There’re vegetables, meat, soup, desert, spirit fruits, fine wine… Eh, what’s this little thing? It’s actually eating the food on the table!”

She suddenly noticed that a small beast that was like a snowball was leaping about on the table while eating voraciously and with great delight, and it was eating to its heart’s content.

“This is a…pet of mine, he’s called Bai Kui,” said Chen Xi with a smile. Even though Bai Kui was an infant Pixiu, yet his appearance was extremely alike to a tiny lion. Moreover, he was only the size of a palm. According to what Ji Yu had said, unless this little fellow reached adulthood, otherwise, ordinary people would be utterly unable of noticing that this was the auspicious beast, Pixiu, that was renowned in the world during the primordial era.

When he heard the word pet, Bai Kui who was eating a beast bone on the table couldn’t help but raise his small head before emitted a displeased growl, but he quickly buried his head in the food once more.

“Eh, such a small white lion? So cute!” Ya Qing arrived excitedly before the table and embraced Bai Kui as she stroked the little fellow’s head, and her eyes had narrowed into two crescents as she was extremely fond of Bai Kui.

“This is a glutton. He’s being embraced in the bosom of a beauty yet is still gnawing the bone in his hand without letting go…” Wang Zhenfeng secretly broke out in cold sweat.

The bone was gnawed to the point it seemed as if it was polished, and then Bai Kui forcefully struggled free before leaving the soft and fragrant embrace of a beauty without the slightest reluctance and impatiently pounced towards the delicacies on the table.

“Relax, relax, Big Sister will feed you herself.” Ya Qing smiled broadly as she sat before the table and held a chopstick while feeding Bai Kui, and she frequently poured a cup of fine wine for him drink, causing her to seem warm and considerate. 

“Let me take a look at this little fellow as well. Ah! His fur is so soft, and it’s so comfortable to touch.”

“Is he a small lion? There doesn’t seem to be such a small demon beast in the world, right?”

Yan Yan and Yun Na surrounded over as well. They curiously took various delicacies to tease Bai Kui as they chattered without end, and they were extremely fond of the little fellow.

Actually, it wasn’t the fault of the three women, and it was because the little fellow was too cute. He was palm size, completely fluffy, and had a pair of clear and pitch black eyes, causing him to be extremely lively and cute. Coupled with Bai Kui being a primordial auspicious beast, he innately caused others to feel intimate towards him, and this is why he was able to enjoy this type of special ‘fortune’.

Wang Zhenfeng’s eyes went red when he saw this scene, and he wished for nothing more than to transform into Bai Kui and enjoy the treatment of being served by three peerlessly beautiful women. Oh, but in this way, wouldn’t I become an animal?

When he thought like this, Wang Zhenfeng instantly discarded the lewd thoughts in his heart.

“Could it be that all of you have come because of something?” Chen Xi asked.

“Yes. As long as one has entered Silken City, one naturally must pay a visit to the Nine Dragon Sacrificial Altar. We’ve come over to invite you to go have a look at the Nine Dragon Sacrificial Altar.” Wang Zhenfeng nodded.

Nine Dragon Sacrificial Altar!

Chen Xi instantly recalled that a sacrificial altar that had existed since the primordial era stood in Silken City. As long as a cultivator entered Silken City, then all of them would pay a visit to it. Because according to legend, it was left behind by the numerous gods in ancient times and was the key to suppressing the 3,000 Dragon Veins, and it had once been tainted by the sacred blood of numerous divine dragons.


Silken Palace.

Within the vast and magnificent palace that was filled with a sacred aura, there were rows of black armored warriors on the left side and rows of officials in luxurious robes on the right, and all of them were standing solemnly.

At this moment, the throne in the center that had nine dragons on it was empty.

These over 1,000 warriors and officials waited just like this, yet their expressions didn’t show the slightest impatience.


Suddenly, an enormous path opened up in the sky. Divine rays of light gushed out as multicolored lights suffused the air, and it was like the phenomenon that appeared for the grand arrival of a god.

But in next to no time, all of this vanished. Shockingly, there was a black robed man sitting upright on the throne with nine dragons.

This black clothed man’s long hair hung loosely behind him, his appearance ordinary, yet his eyes had lightning flashing and the alternating of the sun and moon appearing within it, and it revealed a boundlessly vast and majestic sight. Everywhere his gaze passed, it seemed as if it could penetrate the world and pierce straight into the depths of one’s soul.

Peerless power and influence!

The hearts of the warriors and officials in the palace shook endlessly, and then they immediately fell to their knees and shouted in unison. “Your Majesty!”

Shockingly, this black robed man was the current Emperor Chu — Huangfu Zhongling.

The Darchu Dynasty’s possessed a vast territory and abundant resources. When the southern territory, northern barbaric lands, eastern sea, and central plains were added together, they covered an entire 50 million kilometers, and countless cultivators and sects resided and cultivated here. As the sovereign of the Darchu Dynasty, Huangfu Zhongling could be said to be supreme and possess monstrous power and influence!

“I called all of you together today for a single matter. I’ve said before that after the Allstar Meeting ends, I want to open the Dragon Transformation Pool that has been sealed for a thousand years to congratulate the young people that are ranked in the top 10.”

“Presently, there are only a few more days before the Allstar Meeting. I’ll be entering the Dragon Transformation Pool’s grounds during this period of time to open the seal on it, so I’ll pass over full authority to arrange the Allstar Meeting this time to all of you.”

“All of you must remember to act according to the rules of the Allstar Meeting. If anyone oversteps the rules, then execute them!” Cold bolts of lightning shot out from the black robed Emperor Chu’s eyes, and even though his voice was calm and low, his words were like thunderclaps that shook the depths of the hearts of everyone.

“Yes!” The warriors and officials fell on their knees in unison once more, and then they received their orders solemnly.

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