Chapter 365 – The Capital

Three days later.

Chen Xi’s group entered into an expanse of boundless land.

This piece of land was boundlessly vast with ancient and lofty mountains, and when they went deeper into this piece of land, Chen Xi noticed to his shock that the heavens and the earth of this luxuriant and vast expanse of land was suffused with an ancient aura, the elements were in chaos, and the workings of the heavens were obscured, causing it to be exceedingly profound.

It was as if they’d instantly arrived at the primordial era a million years ago, luxuriant and ancient, and it caused one to involuntarily arouse an ancient and distant feeling.

“This expanse of land has existed since the primordial era. Supposedly, there’re 3,000 Dragon Veins residing beneath the ground and protecting Silken City by suppressing its karmic luck.” Ya Qing spoke seriously, and she was filled with reverence towards this ancient land.

Wang Zhenfeng nodded and chimed in. “It’s indeed so. Karmic luck is beyond profound, yet really exists, and it encompasses both the workings of the heavens and the fate of everything. The reason the Darchu Dynasty stood towering in the cultivation world for countless years without facing annihilation was because of the karmic luck suppressed within the 3,000 Dragon Veins. Supposedly, the Master of the eastern sea’s Mistwater Pavilion once said that unless a great disaster that threw the three dimensions in chaos occurred, it was utterly impossible to affect the foundation of the Darchu Dynasty.”

Karmic luck?

Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his head. The strength of his soul was extremely formidable, as it spread out through this expanse of ancient land, he faintly seemed to have heard the sound of a group of dragons roaring in unison with a roar that shook the heart, and even his soul seemed to feel deeply oppressed.

Moreover, Chen Xi noticed that after they entered this expanse of ancient land, the cultivators they encountered on the way had solemn and serious expressions. There wasn’t a single one that made clamorous noise, and even the low sounds of conversations weren’t present.

They just flew forward silently like this, and in next to no time, they arrived at the central area of this ancient expanse of land.

This area was extremely special, the long and continuous mountain ranges in all directions were like dragons that were guarding around here, and their heads and tails were joined together before converging at the center.

An extremely vast and ancient city stood atop these mountains that were like a group of dragons and suppressed the myriad of mountains beneath it, and it bathed in a dazzling divine light that was like smoke as it revealed supreme grandeur.

When looked at from afar, the city was like a supreme god that stood towering in the heavens and the earth, and it possessed the heavens and the earth as it looked down upon the beautiful mountains and rivers.

This was the Capital of the Darchu Dynasty — Silken City!

The curtains of the Allstar Meeting this time would be drawn upon here.

This city that was suffused in divine lights and protected by a myriad of mountain ranges had stood eternally here for countless years, and even Earthly Immortal Realm experts had to restrain themselves and not dare act wantonly here.

When they were another 50km from Silken City, Chen Xi squinted his eyes to look towards the distance, and he was already capable of seeing the magnificent sight of the buildings within Silken City. Moreover, at the center of the city was an extremely lofty and enormous Immortal Palace.

This palace was almost 30km in height and connected directly to the nine heavens, and its entire body emitted a variety of divine lights. These lights were golden, crimson, silver, azure, violet…

The various divine lights illuminated the heavens and the earth, and it descended throughout Silken City!

Ya Qing rose her head as ripples arose in her eyes, and she muttered. “That is the residence of the current Emperor Chu — Silken Palace. It’s 27km in height. It’s the symbol of power and influence in the entire Darchu Dynasty, and it’s also the supreme existence in the hearts of the cultivators in the entire cultivation world!”

“It’s indeed magnificent.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration as well.

“Of course. Silken Palace is a true Immortal Artifact. Merely the Artifact Spirit has already lived for innumerable years. Not to mention an Earth Immortal Realm expert, even a Heavenly Immortal would be unable to break through the defense of Silken Palace.” Wang Zhenfeng replied casually.

A true Immortal Artifact!

Chen Xi suddenly came to an understanding, and then he recalled his own Buddha’s Pagoda. Would it be able to possess a might like the Silken Palace after it’s repaired?

“Let’s go. The Madam has already arranged for a residence for us in Silken City. It wouldn’t be late for us to go sightsee and tour the city in detail after we arrive there,” said Ya Qing with a smile.

Their group didn’t hesitate any longer and flew out to quickly arrive before Silken City.

So many people!

Dense amounts of people were everywhere within their fields of vision. The people were either riding Magic Treasures, sitting in treasured carriages, or mounting beasts, and they emitted multicolored flowing lights as they moved while rubbing each other’s shoulders and following each other’s steps.

But the atmosphere was extremely quiet without anyone making noise or conversing, and everyone lined up obediently as they entered the city in an orderly manner.

The reason was extremely simple, before the lofty and enormous city entrance that was 3km in height was an Earthly Immortal Realm expert. Even though he just sat at the side of the entrance with his eyes closed and in meditation, the terrifying aura he emitted was like an ocean that deterred everyone, causing everyone to not dare act rashly.

This is only the southern entrance. Supposedly, Silken City possesses 16 entrances. If there’re Earthly Immortal Realm experts there as well, then wouldn’t they amount to a total of 16? The hidden resources and reserves of Silken City is terrifying indeed! Chen Xi couldn’t help but exclaim endlessly with admiration as he looked at the Earthly Immortal Realm expert that seemed very ordinary, and he obtained deeper understanding of the strength of the Darchu Dynasty’s Imperial Family.

After they entered Silken City, the aura of the city underwent a change again. It was bustling and seething with excitement, streams of wagons and carriages, a hubbub of voices, and shops that were numerous like the trees in a forest stood on the clean streets that were wide like a public square, causing it to be flourishing to an otherworldly level.

“Silken City! I’ve arrived!”

“I must amaze the world with a single brilliant feat and soar in the skies during the Allstar Meeting this time!”

“I’ve finally awaited the Allstar Meeting that’s held every 100 years. I must cut a striking figure and at least allow everyone in the world to know my name.”

The hot blood of some young people that had just arrived at Silken City was boiling, and they yearned to become renowned during the Allstar Meeting.

All along the way, Chen Xi’s group had heard these types of voices on more than one occasion, and at the same time they chuckled in their hearts, they started to sense the atmosphere of competing in the air.

“There’re so many experts of the young generation, and their cultivations seem to be strong.” Yun Na exclaimed with admiration.

“Many people have specially rushed over here from all over for the sake of participating in the Allstar Meeting. Think about it, when so many geniuses are converged in a single city, the amount of them would naturally be enormous, to the point of being shocking.” Yan Yan explained. “Not to mention, the Allstar Meeting is held every 100 years, and it shook the world every single time. The top powers from the various areas and all over the Darchu Dynasty would escort their geniuses here to participate.”

During these past few days, Silken City was more bustling as the days passed, and the number of cultivators grew more and more numerous, so it naturally seemed to be extremely flourishing and prosperous.

A young person that was participating in the Allstar Meeting could practically be seen amongst every 10 or so people, amongst every 10 young people was a genius, and amongst every 10 geniuses was an extraordinary genius that was capable of drawing the gaze of others.

It wasn’t going too far to say that geniuses were numerous as dogs, and experts were everywhere.

“Let’s go. Fortunately, the Madam has arranged a place for us to stay, otherwise I’m afraid we wouldn’t even be able to find an inn.” Ya Qing smiled.

There was an expanse of buildings that seemed like a circular forest, with ancient trees that towered into the skies, luxuriant plants and flowers, artificial mountains and flowing streams, and pergolas on a lake. It occupied an extremely vast area, and only a figure like Madam Shui Hua would be able to obtain such a residence in Silken City.

But obviously, it wasn’t just Chen Xi’s group that was staying here.

Not long after Chen Xi’s group entered into this expanse of buildings, an extremely luxurious treasured carriage exited a courtyard with a single door at the side, and it was pulled by a few terrifying ferocious beasts. There were even many guards with ferocious and heavy bearing following both before and behind it.

The screen of the treasured carriage was made from jade stones that were strung up together, and it was difficult for it to conceal the scene within the carriage. There was a single young woman sitting there upright, she wore a bright yellow embroidered robe, black hair that was curled high above her head, watery eyes, white and glittery skin, natural beauty, and her entire body emitted an extremely exalted aura.

“Eh! Big Sister Ya Qing.” The young woman unintentionally glanced over and cried out with pleasant surprise when she saw Ya Qing. As she spoke, she’d already walked down from the treasured carriage and towards Chen Xi and the others.

“Princess.” Ya Qing was stunned when she saw the young woman’s appearance clearly, and then she bowed hurriedly.


Chen Xi, Yun Na, Yan Yan, and Wang Zhenfeng were stunned as they looked at the young woman that wore a bright yellow embroidered robe. They slightly didn’t dare believe that they’d just entered Silken City, yet had encountered someone from the royal family, and it was even a Princess!

“How many times have I said it, don’t call me princess, just call me by my name.” The young woman was obviously extremely happy from seeing Ya Qing, and her cherry lips curled up slightly as she spoke with a grin that carried a trace of a playful and cute feeling.

“Alright, calling you princess makes me feel extremely awkward as well.” Ya Qing smiled and seemed extremely familiar with this young woman, and then she asked with surprise. “What’re you doing here?”

The young woman grinned. “I’m naturally here to participate in the Allstar Meeting. The Silken Palace is too boring, and I don’t like it there. So I begged aunty to bring me here.”

Ya Qing broke out into laughter. “It looks to me like staying here is more convenient for you to go out and play.”

The young woman stuck out her tongue and chuckled. “I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide it from Big Sister Ya Qing. Enough of chatting, I heard Qing Xiuyi is already at Silken City, and I want to go see exactly how formidable this woman is.”

“Don’t act rashly. Otherwise your aunt will probably suffer the scolding of your Imperial Father.” Ya Qing was stunned and hurriedly instructed her when she saw the young woman actually wanted to go look for Qing Xiuyi.

“Don’t worry. The Allstar Meeting is about to begin. If I pick a fight with her now, then it wouldn’t be satisfying even if we did.” As she spoke, the young woman had already sat back within the treasured carriage and waved to Ya Qing before leaving. As for Chen Xi and the others, she disregarded them like air from the beginning until the end.

Not long after the young woman left, Wang Zhenfeng seemed to have thought of something and cried out in surprise. That, that… That wouldn’t be the youngest daughter Emperor Chu dotes on the most, Huangfu Qingying, right?”

Chen Xi had vaguely guessed this as well, yet didn’t dare confirm it. Especially when he heard that Qing Xiuyi had actually arrived at Silken City long ago, a wisp of a complicated feeling gushed into his heart, but he quickly suppressed it forcefully at the bottom of his heart.

Yan Yan and Yun Na were extremely curious about the identity of the young woman from before as well, and their gazes looked towards Ya Qing.

“Even though the current Emperor Chu possesses many children and grandchildren, yet he only has a single daughter. Who else could she be? Only with her identity would one have the qualifications to stay in Silken Palace.” Ya Qing smiled.

“It really is her!” Wang Zhenfeng slapped his thigh and praised. “Only a woman with a bearing like hers could be equal to Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing.”

Chen Xi immediately recalled something the current Emperor Chu had said. Amongst the young talents in the world, if one were to speak about extraordinary women, then there were three that weren’t inferior to men. The first is the Whitecrane Sect’s Qing Xiuyi, the second is my daughter Huangfu Qingying, and the third is the Mistwater Pavilion’s Zhen Liuqing.

Obviously, in the eyes of Emperor Chu, these three young women were the most outstanding amongst the female cultivators of the Darchu Dynasty’s younger generation!

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