Chapter 364 – Minor Incident

Chen Xi was enraged!

That ancient treasured vessel was given to him by the Profound-vision Old Turtle King and had accompanied him for many years. Even though it couldn’t be said to be a formidable Magic Treasure, yet it was cozy and comfortable. Moreover, he’d left many memories within it, and this was its most important aspect.

He originally intended to find the time to refine this treasured vessel once more and increase its defensive ability. In that way, it would be able to accompany him all along his path of cultivation. Never had he imagined that the treasured vessel would be burnt into nothingness in an instant, and it transformed into ash that vanished without a trace!

At the instant that he witnessed this scene, no matter how composed Chen Xi was, a strand of rage couldn’t help but arise his chest couldn’t. An undeserved disaster like this was something he absolutely couldn’t forgive!


The heavens and the earth shook as a chaotic flow of air surged. He Lianjun and the Flamist Sparrow were locked in battle and were utterly unable to pay attention to everything in the surroundings.

The man and sparrow fought endlessly, causing the surrounding area of 5,000km to become their battlefield, and they utterly didn’t care how much destruction their battle would bring to the living beings that lived in the heavens and the earth and what sort of rage it brought to Chen Xi.

There were numerous cultivators heading to Silken City, and there were also many cultivators passing by this area. These cultivators were rather displeased in their hearts when facing this sort of unbridled actions that only cared about personal pleasure and not the fate of others.

But due to the strengths of He Lianjun and the Flamist Sparrow being too ferocious, no one dared go forward to stop them.

But Chen Xi dared. Moreover, he didn’t go to stop them, but to fiercely bash these two fellows up so as to vent the rage from losing his treasured vessel.


Sword howls spread out like the tide and caused the heavens and the earth to shake.

Boundless sword insight that contained pure and fierce Slaughter Dao Insight transformed into a sword light that was over 30m long before slashing down towards the two of them!

The terrifying might of the sword and copious sword insight instantly broke apart this chaotic battle and forced both He Lianjun and the Flamist Sparrow to have no choice but to split up temporarily.

The strength of a single sword strike actually possesses such might! Some cultivators that stopped in the distance revealed shocked expressions as they exclaimed endlessly with admiration.

“Who is it that actually dares to interfere in the battle of this Young Master? Could it be that you want to go against this Young Master?”

“Audacious! What bastard did this?”

He Lianjun and the Flamist Sparrow exploded into rage. They were fighting in a heated battle and to their hearts content, and both of them felt that they would be able to kill their opponent in the next moment. Never had they imagined that this sword strike would forcefully break apart their battle and force them to have no choice but to stop fighting temporarily, and they simply hated this outsider who suddenly interfered in the battle to the utmost degree.

Both of them raised their eyes and saw a young man in azure clothes holding a sword while flying over.

“It’s you?” He Lianjun recognized Chen Xi and was slightly astonished, and then he frowned with displeasure. “Fellow Daoist, what’s the meaning of this? Could it be that you want to join forces with this feathered animal to go against me?”

“My ass! Do I fucking need someone to help me?” The Flamist Sparrow cried out repeatedly as it glared angrily at Chen Xi. “I knew that all you humans are evil. So you want to join forces and fucking bully me? Do you think I’m afraid?”

Both of them indicated strong displeasure towards Chen Xi’s actions of disturbing their battle. If it wasn’t for Chen Xi’s sword strike from earlier that was truly slightly terrifying, their attitudes would probably be even more domineering.

Chen Xi flicked the body of his sword as he said calmly, “Both of you are wrong. I won’t help any one of you. I’ve merely come to give you both a beating.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he’d already charged over, his figure swift like a shuttle with the Talisman Armament that was imposing like a bolt of lightning, and he instantly arrived before He Lianjun and slashed down.


This fellow’s sword move is indeed slightly formidable… He Lianjun’s pupils constricted and didn’t dare dally to stretch out his hand and withdrew a jade fan that contained oppressive spirit energy within it, and then he flipped his hand before smashing the fan towards the Talisman Armament that assaulted him.

This jade fan was called the Mountainriver Fan, and it was a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure passed down within the Illusory Beast Sect. The surface of the fan had mountains and rivers laid out both horizontally and vertically, and they flickered with a rosy glow. The 12 ribs of the fan were covered densely in profound talisman markings, and with an opening and closing movement, it was capable of forming a light barrier that possessed both offense and defense. Coupled with the Dao Grade martial technique, Mountainriver Fan Technique, that he’d cultivated, it was extremely formidable.

It was really like this in reality. He’d relied on this jade fan to fight all the experts of the northern barbaric lands’ cultivation world’s younger generation, and he’d never suffered a single loss.

As far as He Lianjun was concerned, Chen Xi’s strength was indeed worthy of being taken seriously, yet it was obviously impossible for Chen Xi to defeat him.

But the following scene caused his expression to freeze.


The fan and sword collided, the Talisman Armament was unharmed, whereas numerous cracks had appeared on the fan from this collision, and there were even two ribs of the fan that had broken! This caused He Lianjun to almost not dare believe his eyes.

But he didn’t have the time to think about it at this moment. The terrifying sword insight that came from the sword shook him to the point his palm went numb, and it was like he suffered an enormous mountain pressing down upon him, causing him to have no choice but to dodge to the side.

Dammit! This fellow is really a companion of that feathered animal! He actually destroyed my Magic Treasure! He Lianjun was aggrieved, and he was angered to the point his eyes almost sprayed fire. Fortunately, he’d prepared an even more formidable Magic Treasure for the sake of participating in the Allstar Meeting. Otherwise, merely this incident would cause him to have no choice but to put his life on the line to fight Chen Xi.

Uh… What’s going on? Could it be that fellow isn’t a companion of the feathered animal? He Lianjun just intended to counterattack when he glanced over and saw Chen Xi had already abandoned him to turn around and attack the Flamist Sparrow, and Chen Xi’s sword moves were fierce, swift, and not the slightest bit inferior to the sword strike Chen Xi slashed at him.

Moreover, at this moment, he noticed to his shock that the Flamist Sparrow that fought him equally was obviously slightly unable to withstand Chen Xi’s attacks and started fleeing in all directions.

He’s actually so formidable!

Where did this fellow come from? Why have I never heard of such a figure?

He Lianjun’s expression had already become solemn as he took Chen Xi to be a great enemy in his heart.

“How can this be possible?! Your speed is actually swifter than mine! Hey, hey, why’re you plucking my feather!?” The Flamist Sparrow cried out endlessly as its figure moved like a crimson bolt of lightning to fly about endlessly in the heavens and the earth with a speed so swift that only a wisp of fiery red brilliance could be seen.

It was swift, yet Chen Xi was swifter. Coupled with the Kan Sword of Water Chen Xi executed with the Talisman Armament, it was fine and woven together to a watertight state and seemed like a sword net that locked the Flamist Sparrow in this area, causing it to be unable to escape.

Seizing this opportunity, Chen Xi didn’t hold back in the slightest to start plucking the feathers on this feathery animal, and for a time, fiery red feathers drifted through the sky in copious amounts, causing the nearby He Lianjun to be dumbstruck once more.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop plucking them. Killing me is just a thought away, but why’re you humiliating me like this? How exactly did I offend you? GOD DAMN IT! My gorgeous feathers!!” The Flamist Sparrow danced about in midair in an extremely sorry state, and having his feathers plucked repeatedly by Chen Xi caused him to be angered to the point he almost fainted.

How could he have imagined that he’d just left the Earthflame Sea and hadn’t even flaunted his prowess in the cultivation world, yet he’d encounter a ferocious expert that plucked his feathers as if he was taking something out of his pocket?

“Why? Because the battle you caused earlier destroyed my treasured vessel. How will I vent my resentment without plucking your feathers?” When he felt his rage had been almost completely vented, Chen Xi finally stopped. He didn’t have a great enmity with this man and bird, so he wouldn’t go to the extent of exterminating them.

“You plucked my feathers just for that lousy vessel?” The Flamist Sparrow cried out with a sharp voice, and its voice was filled with displeasure.

Chen Xi glared, instantly terrifying him to the point he didn’t dare say anything further, as he was worried that Chen Xi was fiercely pluck another circle of his feathers. That would be too great of a loss of face, and it was simply a humiliation to the utmost degree.

Could it be that he destroyed my Mountainriver Fan because of that treasured vessel that was destroyed? He Lianjun glanced at the Flamist Sparrow whose feathers were uneven and had a miserable appearance, and he couldn’t help but shudder and cry out in his heart. Fortunately! Fortunately, I’m not a feathered animal, otherwise, if my feathers were plucked in front of everyone, it would simply be no different than being stripped naked. That would be a great loss of face!

“Alright, both of you can continue if you want to fight.” Chen Xi patted his hands together before turning and leaving, and he left so elegantly and without the slightest hesitation.

The man and bird glanced at each other before grunting coldly in unison, yet they didn’t mention the matter of battling again.

After they were beaten up by the ferocious Chen Xi, both of them understood that there were indeed experts as numerous as the clouds in the Allstar Meeting this time, and they could absolutely not afford to let their guard down like this again.

As for their battle, it wouldn’t be late to carry out the battle during the Allstar Meeting.

The man and bird quickly re-adjusted their mentalities before turning and leaving to flash towards Silken City. Before they left, both of them glanced towards Chen Xi as they were extremely curious. Who exactly is this fellow? Isn’t his strength a bit too ferocious?

Before they departed for Silken City, He Lianjun and the Flamist Sparrow’s strengths had obtained the praise and evaluation of their seniors. Not to mention being the best, but at the very least, they would be able to look down upon many and would surely be able to be ranked in the top 30 of the Allstar Meeting, and if they went all out, they might even be able to be ranked into the top 10.

But Chen Xi was instead capable of suppressing them. Doesn’t this mean that his strength is already sufficient to strive for the top 10?

Even though the man and bird disliked each other, their thoughts were exactly similar, and both of them had a rough estimate of Chen Xi’s strength. This estimate caused them to feel shocked, and even until they entered Silken City, they were still unable to recover from it.

“Let’s go. We should be close to Silken City.” Chen Xi swept his gaze towards the distance.

Ya Qing, Yun Na, Yan Yan, and Wang Zhenfeng nodded repeatedly, and a trace of shock still remained on their faces. Chen Xi’s actions from before were truly too ferocious, and it caused them to be flabbergasted.

This minor incident passed just like this.

Their group departed once more to flash towards Silken City.

The closer they came to Silken City, the more cultivators Chen Xi and the others saw, and almost the entire azure sky was covered in streaks and flying Magic Treasures of various colors and appearances. There were even numerous treasured carriages on the ground that were dashing forward like the tide.

Amidst these people was no lack of formidable geniuses that were well known in an area. All of them possessed unique bearings, either dignified and imposing, elegant and handsome, or charming and cold. All of them were at their prime, dragons and phoenixes amongst men.

But even more of the people were cultivators that had headed to Silken City to watch the event. After all, the Allstar Meeting this time could be said to be rare in a thousand years and had gathered a storm, and no one would miss such an opportunity.

Some seniors of sects and clans brought their disciples along with the hope of relying on this opportunity to stimulate the hearts of their disciples to seek the Dao and allow them to learn some beneficial things from the battles. 

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